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156 comments on “Open mike 23/08/2022 ”

  1. DB Brown 1

    Imagine folks who make pledges like this taking up places in local schools, councils, utilities, etc… because that's EXACTLY what they're doing in the USA right now. And our local mob are learning from them – fast.

    Beware the rise of Christo-Fascism.

    • Jenny how to get there 1.1

      Coincidentally 2022 marks the one hundred year anniversary of Mussolini's March on Rome.

      Thank Goodness, that unlike Australia or Italy we don't have an unelected regent who could over rule our elected law makers and put the protesters in power.

      March on Rome

      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      The March on Rome (Italian: Marcia su Roma) was an organized mass demonstration and a coup d'etat in October 1922…

      ….When fascist demonstrators and Blackshirt paramilitaries entered Rome, Prime Minister Luigi Facta wished to declare a state of siege, but this was overruled by King Victor Emmanuel III. On the following day, 29 October 1922, the King appointed Mussolini as Prime Minister, thereby transferring political power to the fascists without armed conflict. [1][2]

      • Blazer 1.1.1

        As for over ruling elected lawmakers….the experts at that are the…C.I.A.

        Iran and Chile are two good case …studies.

      • DB Brown 1.2.1

        These mega-churches preaching prosperity gospel are 'godsends', campaign funds (divine missions and all that) and megaphones for right-wing politicians. Massive audiences. And they in turn provide judges, laws and tax free windfalls to appease the churches.

        It's corrupt AF really. Add the white supremacy in and it's plain evil.

        DeSantis seems to be the new most dangerous useful idiot. I'm sure it's you who pointed that out a while ago. His anti-woke law was just dog-whistling the church (that pledge in the OP specifically has a pledge against 'wokeness', f'n ridiculous Q-level crazy m'f'ers).

        Trump now seems entirely expendable to these good christian folks. Finding it hard to raise a tear.

    • Tony Veitch (not etc.) 1.3

      Jeepers, that sort of one-dimensional crap frightens the life out of me.

      For God's sake (I'm not being ironical) people, read candidate bios thoroughly and get out to vote – to make sure such demented half-wits don't get elected to any body in this country.

    • PsyclingLeft.Always 1.4

      The action is organised by a group associated with Destiny Church.

      Its leader Brian Tamaki is expected to announce that he is forming a new party he hopes will draw votes from a number of anti-government groups, including those which are against Covid-19 public health measures and vaccine mandates.

      Show me..the MONEY !

      • PsyclingLeft.Always 1.4.1

        Wellington mayor Andy Foster told Karyn Hay on Lately that police and council wanted to be prepared in case anything went wrong today, but he did not expect that would happen.

        "Brian Tamaki and the Destiny Church have said what they intend to do, and they usually stick to what they say they will do."

        "Usually" ? ! Well, thats ALLgood. lol

      • Bearded Git 1.4.2

        One of my kids is on the train into Wellington and he says there are loads of Tamaki protestors going to the demo.

        • PsyclingLeft.Always

          Hi BG. If like you (I think)….your Kid will know…and how to stay Safe. Best !

          • Bearded Git

            He is 28….but thanks.

            • Shanreagh

              There is a Mussolini look-alike demagogue raving on at the demo, waving arms etc……oh its Brian Tamaki in his life of Brian where he does imitations of hateful creatures of the past.


              PS I did not go to the counter protest. Bad feeling still about what may happen.
              Watching the protest and there are two women who have gradually moved one of those big green plastic bollards away from where it joins the concrete. No doubt waiting for the sign to push it completely and storm onto the forecourt.

              • Barfly

                If it was in Auckland – I would be there for the counter protest as soon as I could get my boots on.angry

                • Shanreagh

                  You're braver than I am then.

                  • PsyclingLeft.Always

                    Shanreagh…I can tell, (I think) by your earlier are Brave alright.And I remember you from earlier protest..helping with clean up etc. Good onya.

                    • Shanreagh

                      Thank you. smiley

                      The cleaner-upperers had a limited amount of work as officials were not keen about sending volunteers onto the actual protest grounds from a health perspective for fear of glass, rubbish and general unmentionables, the pong during the protest was terrible.

                      They encouraged us to clean up around the streets where we live so we did that.

                • PsyclingLeft.Always

                  And me also ! Onya matey. Respect !

                • alwyn

                  Were you a skinhead in your younger days?

                  Get people on the ground and then kick the s**t out of them? Why else would you need to get your boots on?

                  [Not funny to accuse another commenter of being violent towards others, now and/or in the past. Read the Policy about joking about violence and this includes tar & feathers and lynching. This is your warning – Incognito]

            • PsyclingLeft.Always

              Myself have Kid that age. They still your Kid in that you care. Allgood : )

        • alwyn

          It is good to see that Brian's mates are doing their best to limit climate change by using public transport rather than cars.

          Lots of Labour MPs were turning up for the ceremonial lynching of their erstwhile colleague in taxis. None of this sharing vehicles with the hoi polloi for them.

          Well I saw two of them in separate taxis and I'll admit I am extrapolating. Probably off the same flight from Auckland of course.

          • Nic the NZer

            By ceremonial lynching your saying Dr Sharma will only be let out of the front door of parliament today?

            • alwyn

              Don't you think they will tar and feather him first?

              Then he can steal the quip from Abe Lincoln.

              “I feel like the man who was tarred and feathered and ridden out of town on a rail. To the man who asked him how he liked it, he said: ‘If it wasn’t for the honor of the thing, I’d rather walk.’”

              • Nic the NZer

                If you were invited to go down in history like Abe Lyncoln (quipped), wouldn't you accept?

              • Nic the NZer

                Well thats a bugger for your furtive imagination. He's some how managed to wipe the tar and feathers off with a damp cloth before giving a press conference by now.

                Probably needs an indepent report into modern asphalt quality.

          • observer

            the ceremonial lynching of their erstwhile colleague

            And there's the prize for the most ignorant, obnoxious analogy of the day.

          • Barfly

            "Lots of Labour MPs were turning up for the ceremonial lynching of their erstwhile colleague in taxis."

            Heh if it was National….actually I dunno would the country have enough limousines for them?

            • alwyn

              Just the one member of the National Caucus gets to use a limo.

              About 25 of the Labour MPs have a Limo on call at all times. Plus a free self drive car of course.

              Now what was your point again?

            • Robert Guyton

              There aren't that many of them, Barfly – thank Gaia!

              • alwyn

                I suspect Gaia may be a fan of Limo's Robert.

                There was a case in Wellington over the weekend that seemed to illustrate that fact. A slip out in Eastbourne affected two vehicles owned by one family. Their Tesla was half buried and left immovable. Their Ford Ute (a Ranger by the look of it) was shunted out into the road but didn't seem to be nearly as badly damaged as the EV was.

                Perhaps Gaia likes big Utes rather than EVs?

                • Robert Guyton

                  Your use of specific examples to prove a generality is …

                  …impressive, alwyn.

                  I'm sold.

    • roy cartland 1.5

      I remember Richard Dawkins warning of a "fascist Christian theocracy" in some of the wackier sectors of US society (The God Delusion). Even he didn't suppose it would become this serious and/or mainstream so soon.

      What do you call this horrifying new phenomenon? Aha: ChrISIS! (You read it here first!)

    • Francesca 1.6

      And they say Dugin's mad

    • Stephen D 1.7

      Via the Bulletin, interesting read from a Washingtom Post journalist about how to report in the current climate.

      "So my prescription — and it’s only a start — is less live campaign coverage, more context and thoughtful framing, and more fearless straight talk from news leaders about what’s at stake and why politics coverage looks different. The latter could take many forms: editors’ notes on stories, columns written by news directors and posted prominently on websites, public appearances, and more."

      • alwyn 1.7.1

        That is about the way that Stuff operates these days. They don't inform us about what the candidates say or do. They tell us what they want to happen and why their favorites are the only ones that anyone could possibly vote for.

        Frankly I would much rather hear from the candidates themselves.

        • Robert Guyton

          There's a website that displays all candidate profiles with their thoughts and declarations, alwyn – go there!

  2. Anker 2

    so incredibly sad to hear of the passing of Margaret Urlich. Too young.

    she was an incredible talent.

    third talented women we have lost (with associations with Australia) in the last couple of weeks.

    my sincere condolences to her friends and family

  3. Adrian Thornton 3

    For those of you out there following the constant and seemingly unending stream of Liberal hypocrisy…here is a good one that needs to be remembered during the upcoming Brazilian elections…

    So as we all know, Glenn Greenwald is persona non grata in the fine minded circles of MSM liberal press and its like minded public readers/listeners….thinking RNZ/The Guardian/Washington Post etc here…and variously described on this very site by regular commentors as “Putin’s puppet, Right Wing, Carlson lap dog” etc etc…

    Yet, Greenwald, who I might add does not describe himself as ‘Left Wing’, has without a shadow of a doubt, done more tangible good for the actual Left Wing /Antiwar movement than any Liberal rag has over the past half a decade or more.

    Just his incredibly brave reporting in an extremely hostile environment on the outrageous illegal imprisonment of Lula da Silva alone, leading directly to his release, therefore Luls’s ability to run in the upcoming Brazilian elections (which Lula is leading) is by itself more important and more effecting to Left Wing politics, possibly (if Lula is elected) the fight against climate change than anything the entire Liberal press has managed to achieve over the past couple of years combined…yet Liberals and the Liberal press will still hate on him…which actually says more about Liberals and their politics than it does about Glenn Greenwalds.

    Lula holds lead as Brazil’s election campaign officially begins

    Lula: no need to fell a single tree to boost Brazil farm output

  4. joe90 4

    The character behind the Christo-Fascist conservative mob that stacked the US Supreme Court persuaded a donor to give him the proceeds of a US$1.6 billion corporate sale. Tax free.

    A US$1.6 billion slush fund to outspend the opposition for years to come.


    WASHINGTON — A new conservative nonprofit group scored a $1.6 billion windfall last year via a little-known donor — an extraordinary sum that could give Republicans and their causes a huge financial boost ahead of the midterms, and for years to come.

    The source of the money was Barre Seid, an electronics manufacturing mogul, and the donation is among the largest — if not the largest — single contributions ever made to a politically focused nonprofit. The beneficiary is a new political group controlled by Leonard A. Leo, an activist who has used his connections to Republican donors and politicians to help engineer the conservative dominance of the Supreme Court and to finance battles over abortion rights, voting rules and climate change policy. (nyt)

    • Adrian Thornton 4.1

      And yet it is Biden/Democratic Party strategy to actually fund and boost some of those same ultra Far Right Republicans over more moderate Republican candidates, some who are even pro choice….

      Democrats have been boosting ultra-right candidates. It could backfire.

      Democrats spend millions on Republican primaries

      "John Gibbs, who defended a notorious anti-Semitic troll banned by Twitter, got over $400,000 in ad dollars. Pennsylvania state Sen. Doug Mastriano, who compared gun control to policies under Nazi Germany and shared an image saying Roe v. Wade was “so much” worse than the Holocaust, got more than $800,000. Maryland state Del. Dan Cox, who has associated with QAnon conspiracy theorists, got $1.2 million. And Illinois state Sen. Darren Bailey, who pushed to evict Chicago from the state, got $35 million.

      National Democrats, party-aligned nonprofits, and some of their candidates have together spent millions to elevate the most extreme positions of far-right candidates in races in Pennsylvania, Illinois, Colorado, and Maryland, and it’s a strategy that’s divided party operatives. The total investment this cycle was over $44 million as of last quarter, according to an Open Secrets analysis."

    • Muttonbird 4.2

      Reminds me of the Wright family funding of Plunkett’s The Platform here in NZ.

  5. Blazer 5

    What's new ….pussycat!-just hope no one decides to identify…as..a mouse…could be..issues.

    Furries Australia: Year 8 Melbourne private school girl identifies as a cat | — Australia’s leading news site

    • Sabine 5.1

      If you have to affirm as otherwise you might be breaking the law, why not. Just don't forget to put out a litter box, some catnip, a few treats and a small serving of raw meat. After all Cats are carnivores, and also allocate lots of free time for grooming, education is i guess secondary for the cats and all the other kids.

      In the meantime in NZ. You don't like the sex that was 'assigned' to the fruit of the birthing bodies womb? Go legally change the 'assigned sex' to what ever you seem fit.

      • Blazer 5.1.1

        The question that has stumped scores of academics='what is a woman',has been answered by Martina Navratilova='an adult,human,female'.


        • Sabine

          this has got nothing to do with anything.

          This is about adults assigning shit to children, changing legally their sex marker on official documentation and so on.

          Scenario. A child called John in a crowded place gets lost. The police to start a search for John. Now John is dressed in blue jean, t-shirt and has short black hair and 6 years old. As per their birth certificate they are a boy.

          Now John did not actually get lost but got abducted. John in now somewhere locked up in a house with some adults. Police comes knocking on the door, asks have you seen John? And the person answering the door states, no boys here, just a girl, Jane. Jane is dressed in blue jean, t-shirt and has short black hair and would be considered a girl if examined by a doctor. The cops leave. Jane is later found in a small woods. The copper who asked the people is devastated because they did not knew that John was a trans identified girl, and thus had no chance to correctly identifying Jane as the lost child John.

  6. Ad 6

    Hard to figure how much more perfect a storm Europe could face:

    – War, worst in 80 years

    – Drought, worst in 1,000 years

    – Heatwave, worst in 500 years

    – Energy shortage

    One dare not utter the phrase 'karmic colonial revenge' since it all lands on the backs of the poor and of animals.

    And it looks like we are in for the third El Nino in a row.

    • In Vino 6.1

      La Niña, I think.

    • Sabine 6.2

      But but the economy must grow, and surely if you buy an E-car you can feel all non colonial and exempt from the karmic colonial revenge'.

      I do like the hungerstones in the Rivers of Europe. You know what they show? that these levels have been reached before, and people survived and continued on. Also they are good forewarning to those that care about omens and signs in order to prepare.

      • Robert Guyton 6.2.1

        You like the hungerstones?


        • PsyclingLeft.Always

          At least it wasnt the Hunger Games?

        • Sabine

          I grew up with these hungerstones and have seen some of the inscriptions myself whilst a child in the 70 during a big drought in 1974, and later. And you know what, all the rivers have them, they all come with warnings and if you live in a society where the old has value you can find also the 'must do' instructions.

          From below

          While they are the marker of hunger and strive, they are also a time capsule to let us know that human kind has been there and survived.

          And above all i like the fact that history ryhmes and the current and future generation will also learn to survive and adapt and ad its own verses. The young ones mostly will live, the old will wither away and die, and such is nature. So yes, Robert, i take great comfort in that knowledge. Its the sound of nature.

          • Stuart Munro

            The hunger stones, and perhaps the Nilometer represent the guidance of previous generations, urging caution so that we may not have to endure unprepared the calamities of our time.

            NZ rivers could use a few hunger stones, though of course you'd never see them for the slime, and our elected representatives would ignore them in favour of whatever implausible explanation big dairy invents. Dairy donates – rivers do not.

          • Drowsy M. Kram

            'Survive' framing is bang on – (some) humans will survive. Remarkable really that such a clever and (on the face of it) successful species could foul spaceship Earth in the geological blink of an eye.


            Even those political leaders who accept that 'we' are causing the looming catastrophe will neccessarily adopt an increasingly survivalist focus as reality bites. Hunger stone 'alarms' will not change behaviour – BAU ho!


            And finally… burn, baby, burn
            Stuart Kirk, global head of responsible investing at HSBC Asset Management, told a Financial Times event: “Who cares if Miami is six metres under water in 100 years?

            Nothing much, too late.

            The night we lost the war on climate change
            The real problem, he [President Carter] told America about its unrestrained fuel consumption, was our failure to plan for the future, or to take energy conservation seriously.

            Some of these efforts will also require dedication, perhaps even some sacrifice from you,” Carter told Americans in February 1977 about efficient use of resources. He stressed “cooperation and mutual effort.


            • Sabine

              'some' humans have always survived, hence why we are here to actually have conversations about these things.

              The 'hunger stones' are a reminder of those that came before us and what they endured. And in the best case they are a reminder that we are not so much different from them, and that it can happen to us too. And yes, why should we not start carving dates and warnings into our river stones for future generations? Maybe our elders were less selfish then we were.

              • Drowsy M. Kram

                Maybe our elders were less selfish then we were.

                More resilient (had to be) – this iteration of civilisation is now too bloated (albeit beautiful in parts) and fragile to survive what it has wrought, imho.

                We cannot adapt our way out of climate crisis, warns leading scientist

                Katharine Hayhoe, chief scientist for the Nature Conservancy in the US and professor at Texas Tech University, said the world was heading for dangers unseen in the 10,000 years of human civilisation, and efforts to make the world more resilient were needed but by themselves could not soften the impact enough.

                People do not understand the magnitude of what is going on,” she said. “This will be greater than anything we have ever seen in the past. This will be unprecedented. Every living thing will be affected.

                The messages that survived civilisation's collapse

                What's our message – BAU; keep calm and carry on? Better than nothing?

    • Poission 6.3

      Third La Nina.

      In 1976 with the third La Nina in the UK there was a significant heatwave (persistent) long drought,followed by a wet and cold winter .

      A large scale economic crisis was under way,with high inflation,high energy costs,strikes,uncollected rubbish and unburied bodies and a significant wealth destruction due to high debt and interest rates.

      Callaghan had to go with bended knee to the receivers (aka IMF) Citicorp is forecasting 18.6% inflation for the UK suggesting little has changed.

      The deep cold event in the SH is statistically significant in July,with effects from the Hunga-Tonga volcano underway,and starting to show in the NH.

      • Ad 6.3.1

        Nice Tweet but not much sign of cooling here.

        3rd season in a row of no Ruapehu snow.

        Ohakune is just stuffed.

        • Poission

          Its 10hpa ie Stratosphere where cooler temperatures reduce vertical dissipation and effect weather patterns in the troposphere (amplify the sign).

          • aj

            Cooler at 10hpa a consequence of warming troposphere apparently, not the other way around. Can't find link.

        • Sabine

          Let them pivot to something else then ski tourism, which btw is not good for the environment.

    • Cricklewood 6.4

      Wenn du mich siehst, dann weine (“If you see me, then weep”), links to the guardian

      Pretty amazing historical records of low water emerging worst in 500ish years now.

  7. tsmithfield 7

    I think it is a given that Labour will expel Sharma from the caucus.

    But, if Sharma's objective is to inflict as much damage on Labour as possible as it seems to be, should he resign to force a bi-election?

    As I understand it, it is a seat that Labour is likely to lose, and would also keep the issues bubbling away. Thus, he could potentially cause Labour the embarrassment of losing a seat, and would probably keep on getting media attention commenting on the issues. Especially if he choses to run again as an independent.

    • Ad 7.1

      Labour has 65 MPs currently.

      They won't enforce the Party Hopping Act.
      They’ll just allow him onto the bench as an Independent. Unloved by all, career ruined.

      Labour could afford a dozen to join Sharma and function happily.

      Just a year to go though.

      • tsmithfield 7.1.1

        Yes, I don't expect that Labour will try and force the issue. But as I understand it, Sharma could choose to resign himself. In that case, I don't think there would be any option but to hold a by-election, so long as it is more than six months from the end of the government term.

        His career as an MP is sure wrecked. But he obviously has other strings to his bow. So, won’t be a huge loss for him.

        • Bearded Git

          What and leave a well paid cushy job that will continue for the next 16 months?

          Given that Sharma has shown that it is all about him and his interests, not a chance.

          • tsmithfield

            He is a medical doctor. I expect he could probably earn a lot more away from parliament than by staying in it. So, he could easily decide to resign out of spite.

          • Jimmy

            Sharma is one of the few Labour MP's that would almost certainly earn more out of politics.

            • Ad

              He's about to find out.

              • tsmithfield

                Looking at this type of situation without a political slant on it, I think the cause for this type of situation relates to why they decided to give up a good, high paying career to go into politics where they probably earn less.

                To do that, someone would need to have high ideals and a belief they could make a difference. Perhaps the brutality of politics, and how little they are able to actually contribute is a shock to people with that outlook, and the are just unable to cope with the environment.

                • Ad

                  That is so incredibly sweet of you.

                  The Greens have musterers rather than whips, yetwhen it came to performance management their own rules said you could knife your best player without blinking an eye, so they did.

                  It was just three months ago that Ardern finally did a reshuffle after the removal of Wall, Fa'afoi and a few others. Clearly it was too little too late for a few.

                  Everyone finds a way to make their own peace with $170,000 a year.

                  When Clair Szabo was making the calls to all her MPs in April and May they all had a good idea of who was still up for the fight for a seat, who could just go to the list, who was retiring, it wasn't hard to see trouble.

                  The loud water-gurgling sucking noise from the polls is going to pull down the drain about 25% of Labour's MPs and they all know it. So the scramble for the list and the safest of seats has begun in earnest.

                • solkta

                  Who says that he had any expectation of getting into Parliament? Hamilton West was a National seat for four terms before this one. Sharma contested it in 2017 also and lost by 7731 votes. Sue Moroney ran for the second time in 2014 and lost by 5784 votes. Sharma may have wanted to just fly the Labour flag and perhaps raise his own profile.

            • Robert Guyton

              But he'd have to earn it.

  8. Peter 8

    The Wellington weather has let us down again. I was hoping for storms plus.

    • Bearded Git 8.1

      Sod all people (Stuff says 1000) attending anyway Peter.smiley

      • Robert Guyton 8.1.1

        Those Tamaki was able to press to attend.

      • Sabine 8.1.2

        Yep, that is now upgraded to 2000+ as the pictures tell different tales.

        • Robert Guyton

          A nation-wide protest, calling all supporters from Reinga to Bluff, peopled mainly by adherents to a cult, could only muster 2 000?


          • Sabine

            its better then 1000


            • Robert Guyton

              Twice the number – good turnout for the launch of a doomed-from-the-start political party.

              Confusing though, for Brian's minions, who will be scouring the voting papers for the Eftpostel's name.

            • Robert Guyton

              From the protest; bull-horn wielding "whip":

              "When I say***, you say***

              (Crowd – ***)

              When I say ^^^, you say ^^^

              (Crowd – ^^^)

              When I say $$$, you say $$$

              (Crowd – $$$)

              When I say ###, you say ###

              (Crowd ###)

              And they have the temerity to call us "sheep" 🙂

          • pat

            It was only 3 trucks from Buff if I recall correctly Robert.

            • Robert Guyton

              And they stopped when they got to Invercargill (or Gore) I believe 🙂

              Powerful message.

              • pat

                And yet it led to a 3 week occupation of Parliament grounds (not to mention other sites)…I would have thought that your previous incorrect dismissal of such action may have caused pause for thought….apparently not.

                • Robert Guyton

                  I dismiss such cobbled-together attempts to damage democracy, out of hand. This time around, the convoy (from this end of the country) was a crock.

                  • swordfish


                    The Tamaki Religious Cult … the Green Upper-Middle Pakeha Woke Cult … the Maori ethno-nationalist Cult … none care too much for liberal democracy, majority sentiment or fundamental human rights.

                    Each grounded in a remarkably crude & distorted worldview … all 3 valorize & sacralize an elect group … all 3 guaranteed to viciously scapegoat & make swathes of innocent people suffer.

  9. Jenny how to get there 9

    Russia finds their Horst Wessel

    Alexander Dugin issues a statement that only the defeat of Ukraine will avenge his daughter's assassination.

    Russia Calls for Revenge Over Car Bomb Attack on Darya Dugina

    Alexander Dugin’s message, urging Russia to achieve a complete victory to avenge his daughter’s death, was broadcast by Russian state television.

    • Francesca 9.1

      Dugin is hardly the influential mastermind our news attempts to convey In Russia he's a total has been, kicked out of Moscow University because he's too radical.This act of terrorism that killed his daughter will no doubt rally Russians behind him though .For a time.

      He has never met Putin and has never held a public position of any stature, the west loves him because he is Russia's version of Alex Jones

      By 2017, Dugin was openly critical of the president — in an interview that year, he derided Putin for holding an incoherent worldview: “I think that even he doesn’t understand what he’s saying because now he’s a liberal, now a conservative; now he’s for sovereignty, now for globalism, and now against globalism.” As of 2022, Dugin has no personal or professional links to the Kremlin. “Those who think that I stand on the periphery of power are correct.” Dugin stated a few years ago. “I have no influence. I don’t know anybody, have never seen anyone, I just write my books, and am a Russian thinker, nothing more. I write books, somebody reads them.”

      • Stuart Munro 9.1.1

        Well, other writers consider his influence appreciable, including Dugin himself.

        And, Putin made Foundations of Geopolitics required reading for the Academy of the General Staff of the Russian military. The book has been compared to Mein Kampf.

        The assertion that the two have never met is speculation – the writer simply does not know.

      • Jenny how to get there 9.1.2


        23 August 2022 at 1:50 pm

        Dugin is hardly the influential mastermind our news attempts to convey In Russia he's a total has been….

        What are you trying to imply here Francesca?

        That because Dugin is a total has been, he best serves Russia as a dead martyr?

        Even better if his daughter is martyred, so Dugin can remain a living martyr with a platform to push pro-war, extreme Russian Nationalism and imperialism?

        ….Mr. Dugin has been one of the most visible proponents of the idea of an imperial Russia at the helm of a “Eurasian” civilization locked in an existential conflict in the West.

        A leading advocate for the conquest of Ukraine, he recently has urged the Kremlin to escalate its assault.

        Ms. Dugina espoused many of her father’s views, appearing regularly on state television to promote the idea of an imperialist and aggressive Russia. Although she was not well known in Russia beyond ultranationalist and imperialist circles, she also played a role in building ties between Russia and Europe’s far right….

      • gsays 9.1.3

        I listened to a clip of this 'philosopher' pontificating on truth.

        Truth being one of the fundamentals of philosophy it was an underwhelming and immature angle he came from. He basically said truth is reliant on someone believing something. He came across more as a political propagandist than a philosopher.

        FWIW the definition of truth that works for me is 'that which does not change'.

    • joe90 9.2

      Solved. Although I did expect the assassin/s to be discovered in a safe house decorated with framed portraits of Zelenskyy, wearing Saint Javelin T-shirts and in possession of explosives and a 1975 map of Moscow.

      But tbf, she did bring her cat.

      • Jenny how to get there 9.2.1

        To avoid suspicion Natalia Volk and her accomplice posed as a mother and daughter. In reality Natalia Vovk is a highly trained assassin skilled in bomb making and her accomplice is a midget disguised as a 12 year old girl.

        Only an idiot would believe a mother would bring her 12 year old daughter along on a dangerous hit job.

        The FSB have released a description of a tall brunette who bears an uncanny resemblance to Lara Croft accompanied by a 12 year old girl. The FSB have advised the public that the pair not to approached as they are both considered to be armed and dangerous highly trained top secret Western assassins. (The dermal filler in the older woman's lips prove her guilt as an agent of the decadent West).

        Unfortunately the highly distinctive pair were able to slip past our vigilant border guards into Estonia. All is not lost, undercover FSB agents in Estonia armed with novichok tipped umbrellas have been alerted to be on the look out for the pair.

        • Jenny how to get there


          The National Republican Army (Национальная Республиканская Армия) is an alleged underground partisan group of Russians inside Russia working towards the violent overthrow of the Putin regime.

          Ilya Ponomarev, a former member of Russia’s Duma who was expelled for anti-Kremlin activities, has identified the group as being behind the assassination of Russian propagandist Darya Dugina in August 2022, and “many other partisan actions carried out on the territory of Russia in recent months” [1].

          The purported NRA manifesto states: We declare President Putin a usurper of power and a war criminal who amended the Constitution, unleashed a fratricidal war between the Slavic peoples and sent Russian soldiers to certain and senseless death. Poverty and coffins for some, palaces for others – the essence of his policy.

          We believe that disenfranchised people have the right to rebel against tyrants. Putin will be deposed and destroyed by us!…

          Take your pick.

  10. observer 10

    Sharma expelled. Gives press conference afterwards (will be up on various media soon), and at one point sort-of apologises. Remarkably, he claims that when he wrote his original piece for the Herald, he expected the PM to do his bidding the next day, and was surprised when that didn't happen. Clueless.

    When pressed to give the worst examples of him being bullied, he again tells the story of the America's Cup event when he was kept waiting, and a reporter suggests that might be "disrespectful" but hardly "bullying". Again – that was the worst he could come up with.

  11. observer 11

    The People's Court is in session.

    Gotta love their total lack of self-awareness. In the Ardern "dictatorship", the limp-wristed liberal courts allow basic rights like the accused having lawyers, innocent until proven guilty, habeas corpus, etc.

    But not the freedom-lovers …

    “The 'people’s court' is about to commence,” the speakers at Parliament declare. Chants of 'guilty' can be heard from the crowd. (NZME live updates)

  12. Incognito 12

    MiB are in town; where’s my Neuralyzer when I need it?

    • DB Brown 13.1

      This issue has a lot of the locals absolutely furious – and feeling helpless against the Tories uncaring callousness. Mentioned class action lawsuits to a couple of SNP and scot celeb profiles searching for answers… I hope the idea caught on.

      Tourism operators on the entire English coastline, parents, and environmentalists should all band together and SLAM the bastards for every penny they're worth.

    • pat 13.2

      Regardless of the party, without the expertise, public acceptance and resource allocation the same problems exist….get rid of the politics and start talking pragmatics,

      • roblogic 13.2.1

        Politics and getting the message right are 100% necessary, before a sod gets turned. Practicalities such as money and planning depend on it

    • JO 13.3

      yes A great, upsetting, unsurprising article, dense with shocking detail.

      Here's another about two men who set out to solve the crimes on the Windrush River and embarrassed the big water companies mightily, not that they cared to admit it – it's long, dense with fascinating detail and human action, reads like a very good thriller.

      A tide of effluent, broken laws and ruthless cuts is devastating the nations’ waterways. An academic and a detective have dredged up the truth of how it was allowed to happen – but will anything be done?

      Hammond, a retired professor specialising in machine learning, arrived here two decades ago, and delighted in the variety of wildlife he could see in his garden: voles, otters, deer, foxes, badgers, grass snakes, lizards, swans and ducks, as well as chub, barbel and grayling swimming among the long fronds of the water-crowfoot as it swayed over the gravel beds. Kingfishers perched in the willows. It was only in 2013, when he gained a new neighbour – a keen angler and retired detective superintendent called Ashley Smith – that he realised something was wrong with his Cotswolds paradise.

  13. Roy Cartland 14

    I thought works leaders were admonished for partying? Like the Finnish PM?

    Different for the Aussies? How? Why?

    • Stephen D 14.1

      He’s male, she’s female. Misogyny at its best.

      • roblogic 14.1.1

        The Aussies shat on their best PM in my memory, Julia Gillard

        The FARCwits at Parliament have a big chip on their shoulder about JA

        Women have only had full human rights in the western world for 50 years or so, it may be an historical anomaly given the sordid history of our species

  14. newsense 15

    Ahh the Herald- remember the Woodstock in Wellington?

    Their link describing the protest goes all Republicans remembering Jan 6 crossed with the Rainbow Connection. Or maybe the Uffindell dorm. In the business section for some odd reason. Perhaps down to the people funding it on the qt.

    It’s not only that the next election is guna be for democracy as we know it, but also it is guna be so cringey.


    Dreamers, schemers and believers: The original riotous Wellington convoy protests

    leadin thingy:

    What a riot: Some were wild and young and free, others were old and angry and crazy.

    Link to whatever is there. Premium like. Headline unchanged for now.

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    The Government has announced a series of immediate actions in response to the independent review of Kāinga Ora – Homes and Communities, Housing Minister Chris Bishop says. “Kāinga Ora is a large and important Crown entity, with assets of $45 billion and over $2.5 billion of expenditure each year. It ...
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  • Pseudoephedrine back on shelves
    Associate Health Minister David Seymour is pleased that Pseudoephedrine can now be purchased by the general public to protect them from winter illness, after the coalition government worked swiftly to change the law and oversaw a fast approval process by Medsafe. “Pharmacies are now putting the medicines back on their ...
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  • New Zealand-China Business Summit
    Tēnā koutou katoa. Da jia hao.  Good morning everyone.   Prime Minister Luxon, your excellency, a great friend of New Zealand and my friend Ambassador Wang, Mayor of what he tells me is the best city in New Zealand, Wayne Brown, the highly respected Fran O’Sullivan, Champion of the Auckland business ...
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  • New measures to protect powerlines from trees
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    "On the 27th of March, I sought assurances from the Chief Executive, Department of Internal Affairs, that the Department’s correct processes and policies had been followed in regards to a passport application which received media attention,” says Minister of Internal Affairs Brooke van Velden.  “I raised my concerns after being ...
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    Attorney-General Judith Collins has announced the appointment of three new District Court Judges, to replace Judges who have recently retired. Peter James Davey of Auckland has been appointed a District Court Judge with a jury jurisdiction to be based at Whangarei. Mr Davey initially started work as a law clerk/solicitor with ...
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  • Unions should put learning ahead of ideology
    Associate Education Minister David Seymour is calling on the Post Primary Teachers’ Association (PPTA) to put ideology to the side and focus on students’ learning, in reaction to the union holding paid teacher meetings across New Zealand about charter schools.     “The PPTA is disrupting schools up and down the ...
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  • Craig Stobo appointed as chair of FMA
    Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister Andrew Bayly today announced the appointment of Craig Stobo as the new chair of the Financial Markets Authority (FMA). Mr Stobo takes over from Mark Todd, whose term expired at the end of April. Mr Stobo’s appointment is for a five-year term. “The FMA plays ...
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  • Budget 2024 invests in lifeguards and coastguard
    Surf Life Saving New Zealand and Coastguard New Zealand will continue to be able to keep people safe in, on, and around the water following a funding boost of $63.644 million over four years, Transport Minister Simeon Brown and Associate Transport Minister Matt Doocey say. “Heading to the beach for ...
    1 week ago
  • New Zealand and Tuvalu reaffirm close relationship
    New Zealand and Tuvalu have reaffirmed their close relationship, Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters says.  “New Zealand is committed to working with Tuvalu on a shared vision of resilience, prosperity and security, in close concert with Australia,” says Mr Peters, who last visited Tuvalu in 2019.  “It is my pleasure ...
    1 week ago
  • New Zealand calls for calm, constructive dialogue in New Caledonia
    New Zealand is gravely concerned about the situation in New Caledonia, Foreign Minister Winston Peters says.  “The escalating situation and violent protests in Nouméa are of serious concern across the Pacific Islands region,” Mr Peters says.  “The immediate priority must be for all sides to take steps to de-escalate the ...
    1 week ago
  • New Zealand welcomes Samoa Head of State
    Prime Minister Christopher Luxon met today with Samoa’s O le Ao o le Malo, Afioga Tuimalealiifano Vaaletoa Sualauvi II, who is making a State Visit to New Zealand. “His Highness and I reflected on our two countries’ extensive community links, with Samoan–New Zealanders contributing to all areas of our national ...
    2 weeks ago
  • Island Direct eligible for SuperGold Card funding
    Transport Minister Simeon Brown has announced that he has approved Waiheke Island ferry operator Island Direct to be eligible for SuperGold Card funding, paving the way for a commercial agreement to bring the operator into the scheme. “Island Direct started operating in November 2023, offering an additional option for people ...
    2 weeks ago
  • Further sanctions against Russia
    Foreign Minister Winston Peters today announced further sanctions on 28 individuals and 14 entities providing military and strategic support for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.  “Russia is directly supported by its military-industrial complex in its illegal aggression against Ukraine, attacking its sovereignty and territorial integrity. New Zealand condemns all entities and ...
    2 weeks ago
  • One year on from Loafers Lodge
    A year on from the tragedy at Loafers Lodge, the Government is working hard to improve building fire safety, Building and Construction Minister Chris Penk says. “I want to share my sincere condolences with the families and friends of the victims on the anniversary of the tragic fire at Loafers ...
    2 weeks ago
  • Pre-Budget speech to Auckland Business Chamber
    Ka nui te mihi kia koutou. Kia ora and good afternoon, everyone. Thank you so much for having me here in the lead up to my Government’s first Budget. Before I get started can I acknowledge: Simon Bridges – Auckland Business Chamber CEO. Steve Jurkovich – Kiwibank CEO. Kids born ...
    2 weeks ago

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