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Open mike 26/03/2021

Written By: - Date published: 6:00 am, March 26th, 2021 - 51 comments
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51 comments on “Open mike 26/03/2021 ”

  1. Morrissey 1

    Annual report on U.S. human rights violations finds the situation as dire as ever

    …. slammed the US' terrible human rights record, which makes its remarks on other countries' human rights situation pure "hypocrisy and double standards."

    In seven major chapters, the 15,000-word report started with the now well-known line "I can't breathe!" made by George Floyd, an African-American, before he died after a white police officer kneeled on his neck, sparking a national outcry. However, the most striking deterioration in the human rights situation amid COVID-19 in the US was due to a failure of governance, the report said.

    The epidemic went out of control and turned into a human tragedy due to the US government's reckless responses, it noted. By the end of February 2021, the US, home to less than 5 percent of the world's population, accounted for more than a quarter of the world's confirmed COVID-19 cases and nearly one-fifth of global deaths from the disease. More than 500,000 Americans lost their lives due to the deadly virus.

    Read more…


    • Macro 1.1

      • Morrissey 1.1.1

        Thanks for re-tweeting that lame non-joke, Macro, but what on earth does it have to do with the human rights outrages of the United States regime?

      • velcro 1.1.2

        You jest, of course? It was a debacle. Biden said he came to the Senate 120 years ago, had a folio of pre-written answers to pre-lodged patsy questions, complete with photos of the journo 'asking' it, so he did not read the wrong answer. Totally avoided the Biden created border tragedy. Zero push back from the few (pre-selected) journos present

  2. Jenny how to get there 2

    1930s German fascism and Qanonism share a common thread, the depiction of their opponents as sexual deviants.

    "….they were sure about one thing: Trump was doing "God's work" to rid the land of "pedos," rapists and sex traffickers."


    Accusations of paedeophilia invoke a visceral response and feelings of disgust, emotions that can impel normaly well adjusted people to commit violent, even unspeakable crimes.
    Hitlers nazis knew this, and exploited it. News reels and propaganda movies of the time depicted Jews as rapists and paedophiles. Making any crime committed against them justifices and almost reasonable by comparison in the minds of followers of German nazism.

    It is unconscienable in the modern age that a US president would compliment such people.

    America and the world don't know what danger they were in.


  3. KSaysHi 4

    Wanted to give a shout out for all those disabled people who are living in retirement villages for indefinite time periods, a depressing and isolating prospect when you move in in your 20s or 30s. Where is their hope? The government who says it consulted widely with disabled has left these people out entirely and has done for years.

    Kianga Ora currently has a measly 3% as accessable properties, with a goal of 15% which is the exact proportion of the population with disabilities. Those in power fail (again) to understand that the general population aren't the ones applying for social housing so 15% is probably half or a third of the demand.

    Even if this were done there is still no consideration to other types of disability that require noise reduction (Aspergers, PTSD, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis…) special lighting, or those who are chemically sensitive. These requests are being treated as minor issues when failing to provide this type of accommodation causes serious harm to the individual involved. Why not just assist these people into buying their own home?

    • Rosemary McDonald 4.1

      Why not just assist these people into buying their own home?

      They used to. Back in the day. I know of a few older 'crips', in the 70 plus demographic, who got State Advances loans to get them into their own home. Many of them were working too. Seems there was greater tolerance of difference in those kinder before-times.


      A new Department of Housing Construction would oversee building and the State Advances, now a corporation, would manage the houses. The initiative formed part of a wider plan to slash unemployment and stimulate the economy. The scheme would:

      • give the jobless a trade
      • boost manufacturing industries
      • raise New Zealand housing standards
      • give tenants a security of tenure equal to home ownership.

      By 1939 state houses were being completed at a rate of 57 each week, and there were 10,000 applicants on the state-house waiting list. The Second World War halted building until 1944, after which whole suburbs were constructed. This included the (garden-city inspired) suburb of Naenae, in Lower Hutt. It was built around a shopping centre, designed to foster social bonding and community life.

      We used to do this housing stuff well. We now have a vast knowledge base for accessible/future proof building and have the capability (and if the will was there the capacity) to build at least the 57 houses that were being built per week back in 1939.

      All would be future proof and cater for all types of families.

      We can do this! (sarcsad)

  4. Anker 5

    oh dear, what a shame! Never mind………..

    I tend to think there is something in the govts new package given how much fuss they are kicking up.

  5. Anker 6

    I do agree that Air bnb is a problem actually and the irony that people like me use air bnb when I travel while families are housed in motels isn't lost on me. Yes a guilty confession on my behalf.

    But it isn't an either or. Lets make it hard for people to invest in property, lets make it really unappealing. And I hope the govt does look at the impact of air bnb on the housing crisis. Andrews petition is not going to gather much momentum if he sticks it to air bnb though. All those property investors won't be pleased.

    • Pat 6.1

      AirBnB is indeed a problem, however my point was to date it has always been played down/dismissed as an issue and the numbers and impact minimised ….now theyre prepared to throw each other under the bus.

    • KSaysHi 6.2

      As long as it's hard to buy existing residental supply I'm down with it. Investors come in handy when building new houses especially given limitations with Kiwisaver.

    • Sabine 6.3

      And lets make Air BNB so unattractive that staying in a lisenced, registered, controlled motel is simply the more attractive option.

      Landbankers like AirBnb, make some money, not have too much hassle with tenants, and then sell.

      • Pat 6.3.1

        And AirBnB will be caught in the new regime….the regime is designed to remove the incentives that are driving the property inflation…ever increasing capital gain….if they are successful in that (and the price to income ratio can be eased) then much of this package could be wound back/modified for the new market conditions.

        The alternative is to allow it continue until bust and wipe out (mainly) recent FHB and recent entrants to the investment market….the smart money will have quit before that happens.

        • aom

          AirB&B and similar short term rental properties should without doubt, be subject to the new regime. That aside, if the property is let for more than 14 days, there is a liability for income tax to be paid. Also, aren't commercial rates also payable in some (tourist) areas? That seems reasonable since the properties are competing with commercial entities such as hotels and motels.

          • Pat

            I understand there are some TA restrictions on Air BnB…though how well enforced is open to debate.

            the main problem is the number of dwellings it pulls from the housing market….its ironic that we allow (largely) unfettered development of AirBnB and the government utilises a huge proportion of motels to house the homeless.

      • Rosemary McDonald 6.3.2

        ….staying in a lisenced, registered, controlled motel is simply the more attractive option.

        You have to get the homeless into alternative digs first.


        “In this time of Covid,” the Porirua motelier said. “It helps us survive.”

        Stuff has spoken to the city’s moteliers after its mayor raised the spectre of an accommodation crunch, with emergency demand trumping rooms for visitors.

        Of the nine accommodation businesses in Porirua identified by Stuff, only one was not taking emergency accommodation.

        Taxes might be part of the answer…but building a shit tonne of houses has to come first. Now.

        • Sabine

          well if travellers again stay in hotels, the air bnbs could be transformed back into rentals.

          or are the homeless now at fault for living in motels and keeping good people in Air bnbs?

    • mikesh 6.4

      AirBnB's are in a different market. They are competing more with hotels and motels.

  6. Ad 7

    I quite enjoyed this one, as a provocation.


    He's such a lover of the tragedean pose.

    If I get an afternoon free I will generate a response.

  7. Enough is Enough 8

    $1B extra tax from removing the interest deductibility


    Who will ultimately pay for that?

    • Sabine 8.1

      tenants, and the tax payer via accom benefit would be my guess.

      • Enough is Enough 8.1.1

        How is it that everyone can see that except Grant and Jacinda?

        • mikesh

          I'm pretty sure they are aware of that possibility. How can they possibly not be? I would hope, therefor, that they will take regulatory measures to ensure that that will not be the case. For example. they could make landlords pay their mortgages themselves, out of their own pockets. After all, it is the landlords' own houses that those mortgages are paying for.

          • Enough is Enough


            Who do you think currently repays the [mortgage] loan?

          • RedLogix

            After all, it is the landlords' own houses that those mortgages are paying for.

            Would you buy a home and then give it to someone else to live in?

            • Drowsy M. Kram

              Would you buy a home and then give it to someone else to live in?

              Yep, if I could afford to then why not – can't take it with me. How about you?

            • mikesh

              Isn't that what landlords do?

              Anyhow you did not specify “homes” initially. It was “houses” that you were talking about.

        • David

          It’s what you get with policy on the hoof.

        • alwyn

          I am quite sure that Grant can see it. I have my doubts about Jacinda though. I think it may just be a little to complicated for her.

          The important thing for them though is to try and look as if they are doing something. It doesn't really matter if it doesn't work. They will just blame the people who own the properties and describe them as "speculators" or suchlike. However they will claim that they are doing something, anything. Just so that they can pretend that it isn't the Government actions that have caused the mad boom in prices. If that gets pinned on them, as it should be, they will be in trouble with the hoi polloi.

          • Drowsy M. Kram

            I think it may just be a little to [sic] complicated for her.

            Really Alwyn? Maybe PM Ardern is a little too complicated for you.

            Of course, for the longest time almost all MPs will have benefited financially from increasing property prices, i.e. it’s in their own best interests to be ineffective.

            • McFlock

              Interesting the wee angles tories still try against the PM.

              Snide remarks and condescension, never based on anything specific. Little hints and whispers about tiredness or intelligence. A little bit more subtle than the habit of calling her "cindy", but a constant gnawing away, trying to sow alarm and despondancy.

              At least Labour are trying to do something to fix housing in NZ. A new habit from the last few decades.

        • AB

          They can see it – but they're not going to move pre-emptively. When it happens, they'll most likely try moral pressure first and then increase accommodation allowances, but not by enough. What they won't do is point out that landlords have a business model that has taxpayers over a barrel – because we aren't prepared to let large numbers of our fellow citizens live on the street. And if that's the case, which it is, it's not really a market in any meaningful sense of the word and heavy-handed regulation of it cannot be construed as any sort of 'market interference'.

    • Jimmy 8.2

      I think the only way they could stop it being passed on to tenants is by imposing a rent freeze.

      • Ad 8.2.1

        If there is sufficient pressure to do so, their next step will be to make rents subject to the Commerce Commission as a regulated price activity.

        As you can see, Ardern moves only when she needs to move, and spends the amount of political capital she needs to spend and no more.

        So if renters want her to move, they need to organise and generate political pressure.

        Simply being right is nowhere near enough.

        • arkie

          Very true Ad.

          My question is how do those groups such as Renters United, get the support or the coverage from the media like investor and landlord groups do, without being cast as oppositional or entitled?

          Is there an ideologically aligned marketing/PR group willing to assist in developing some strategies?

          • Ad

            I'd start by reaching out to the big charitable housing owners. People like Community of Refuge Trust.

            Also the tenant advocate bodies. Plenty of stroppy people there.

            And then bring some people in from cities with rent controls already in operation.

            • Incognito

              John Tamihere from Whānau Ora.

              The Green Party.

              The Māori Party.

              Just for starters …

        • Sabine

          All the homeless people in motels, all teh people on waiting lists for state houses are not political enough pressure? All the years of her and the labour ministers screaming in opposition about the housing crisis, the rental crisis, the homeless crisis is not enough political pressure? Was it all just a show? And here i thought she was PM of everyone in the country and not just those that can afford the lobby the PM. Oh well……..

      • indiana 8.2.2

        I hope those that support introducing a rent freeze also support a freeze on council rates increases, building insurances premium increases, water rates freezes, tradies freezing their hourly rates, a freeze on companies that supplies materials used in repairs and maintenance etc.

        • AB

          If we wanted Councils, insurance companies and tradies to wind up their operations – we might suggest that. But we don't. All business operations are not equally socially beneficial.

  8. David 9

    It would appear a travel bubble, even to a COVID free country, is still months away. And given we had numerous dates last year, then by 31 March this year, not sure I’d believe end of May either. In the words of the deputy PM it’s too definitive.


    • Jimmy 9.1

      Seems to me like they have only just recently started working on the travel bubble due to pressure from public (I know they say there has been lots of work done in the background but I think that statement is too definitive).

      I really think Jacinda wants to delay it as long as possible.

      • Gabby 9.1.1

        What makes you think that?

      • Graeme 9.1.2

        I really think Jacinda wants to delay it as long as possible.

        Well considering the shit fight that's breaking out over the Tasman due to the current case / continuing outbreak in Brisbane, I don't blame her.

        Every State having their own interpretation and restrictions, how is that going work as we try and establish some sort of reliable and predictable cross border travel.

        I know from within the industry that work on opening the border to Australia has been ongoing since last year, but the practical difficulties are huge because every State has it's own rules and interpretations. It may be possible for family visits, where a border closure will be easier to handle, but as a saviour of our tourism industry, don't hold your breath or bet the mortgage on it.

        The Australian government just committed 1.2 billion (AUD) to subsidising domestic airfares to leisure destinations, because Aussies don't want to travel interstate, because they might get stuck, or be around someone with the plague.

        What makes you think they will want to come here, and pay full fare.

  9. Jenny how to get there 10

    Facebook threatens to block the captain of the Evergreen.
    "Block me will you, I'll show you blocked"

  10. Eco Maori 11

    This system has killed my baby boy the eldest at 30 years young.

  11. Eco Maori 13

    Our son tangi is on Wednesday

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