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Open mike 30/06/2019

Written By: - Date published: 7:00 am, June 30th, 2019 - 41 comments
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41 comments on “Open mike 30/06/2019 ”

  1. reason 1

    “Israeli investigations are no better than Saudi investigations,”


    What I’m really asking is why the killing of one Arab journalist is more equal than the killing of other Arab journalists? Why, for example, is the fate of Jamal Khashoggi, a friend and colleague of many of us, of infinitely more pressing importance than the fate of Yaser Murtaja?

    The first clue is that Yaser Murtaja was killed in Gaza. The second is that he is one of 15 reporters or camera crew, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists, killed by Israeli fire since 1992, two of them last year. Shooting at reporters in Gaza has become so routine – four more were wounded by Israeli bullets between May and September 2018 – that western newspapers and television scarcely bother to record their suffering.

    bewildered wayne and others get a easy run as our media keeps us uninformed … hacked the usa elections for instance ?

    “I’m not sure people are aware now how much Netanyahu dictates American policy. Anything that is decided now – UNRWA [the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine], all the cuts – it comes from Israel. Trump couldn’t care less. You think he knew what UNRWA was before? Racism is now politically correct.”

    UNRWA, created in 1949 to provide short-term relief for Palestinian refugees after the 1948 Arab-Israeli conflict, runs schools, hospitals and social services in five areas including the West Bank, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria.

    "It is largely propping up Gaza, subject to a total blockade by air, land and sea since 2007." https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/may/15/1-million-face-hunger-in-gaza-after-us-cut-to-palestine-aid

    As a persistent critic of Israel and the wickedness of its colonial land theft and its vile treatment of the Palestinians, I find myself curiously at odds with Levy – not so much because of his condemnation of journalists, but of his plate-glass shattering of the Israeli window. Would Israeli readers really be more interested in the death of an Israeli dog than the slaughter of 20 Palestinians? Are they as poorly educated as Levy claims?

  2. Ad 2

    Looks like all New Zealand is going to get all winter is weak subtropical systems.


    It may not be climate change, but it's a pretty weird, warm, dry winter.

    • Sabine 2.1

      it has been a weird warm dry summer. but hey we are not in a drought be cause somewhere somewhere its a. cold and b. it drizzles.

      its all good.

      • Ad 2.1.1

        Winter is where the water tables and hydro dams get filled.

        If it doesn't happen in winter, it gets really bad in spring for that "it's all good" stuff like electricity production, tree growth, and grass growth.

        • Sabine

          i know, i visited quite a few of them a few years back and it was dodgy then, and now its down right scary.

  3. johnm 4

    Subject: worsening climate change. Content: Northern hemisphere being badly affected this year.

    BLACK BEAR NEWS 6.28.19 Disaster Upon Disaster

    • johnm 4.1

      European Sauna: A Profoundly Serious Heatwave: Part 2 of 2

      A packet of air sitting over the Sahara Desert gets rapidly warmed up by the relentless heat of the Sun in a cloudless sky, with single digit relative humidity (dry) conditions, and 50+ C temperatures. Transported northward by the stuck jet stream ridge, it crosses the rapidly warming water surface of the Mediterranean Sea where it reaches relative humidities of 70 to 80%. Saturated with water vapour, it continues northward guided under the jet stream ridge to cover vast areas of Europe with unbearable temperatures (reaching 45.9 C) and high humidities. And it is only June; what will July and August be like?

      • johnm 4.1.1

        Artifex Optimus

        Artifex Optimus 8 hours ago

        I live in Madrid. This is hellish. You can't get out much during the day, and the heat during the night makes sleeping a very hard thing. Add all the air conditioning exhausts going out in the street, and take into account the fact that most of Madrid is cement and alquitranate streets that retain a shitload of heat during the day, making nights too hot, while they release all that heat accumulated during the day. I'm getting really freaked out, if these conditions were to become semi permanent, like Paul is saying might happen, this city will not be habitable in the near future.

        Hanns Jürgen Hodann 2 hours ago

        Thank you for this excellent explicatory video. I live in Zaragoza, Spain, where we had 44° C at 5 o`clock this afternoon (Sat 29th June) – going outside feels is like stepping into an oven! This video provides me with a much better understanding of what’s going on and helps me to appreciate the potential seriousness of the heatwave affecting presently Europe.

        Veronica Harris 9 hours ago

        The Sahara Bubble is sitting over France. How long will it stay? And Yes Paul you are right with these tempretures and everything stagnating, no movement of the jet streams, we are in for a hot summer. Fires, drought and crop failure. I can't go outside. It is too hot. I don't even think the weather channel has got the tempreture right, they say it is 39 degrees, but it feels hotter. Oh my lord. It is terrible. Thankfully the humidity is low 43%. But then that can cause forest fires. Fucked if you do, fucked if you don't. Catch 22. x

        ValhalaFiveSix 13 hours ago

        This is like one of those Sci Fi movies like day after tomorrow, They are saying the Beer in German beer gardens is going thermal before peoplle can get drunk.

      • johnm 4.2.1

        Trent Black

        Trent Black 2 hours ago

        Everybody gonna die soon. We need food water and a reasonable temp to survive. The change in the jet stream changes our climate. It will dry up your water (India) flood other places (mid West USA). Heat waves will kill the plants and wet bulb cook humans. And it will only get hotter. Methane is being released. Sure it is only 100x more powerful for 10 years but 10 years is all it needs. I used to wonder if it would hit 90f in the summer on Ohio. It rarely did. Now i wonder what days are not gonna hit 89 to 90f. My tomatoes have grown like a hyper weed. It rains everyday too. Droughts and heat waves are all over the globe right now and breaking records. We just broke the world heat record at 161f. Cars and roads melt and no power for you. No air conditioning. Most all plants will die at 145f. It is still June. Wait till there is algae in your water supply. You will not last a week. And you are dead. Algae is growing all over the place now.

        Joey Crikey 2 hours ago

        AND climate change is JUST starting to ramp up! Consider what is happening now, is happening with ice still in the Arctic. Once the Arctic ice goes, which may be this year but certainly not many years from now at this point, the jet stream will be REALLY messed up, if it exists at all. Paul Beckwith did a recent video about entire summer seasons of heatwave weather. Can you imagine that? THAT will cause climate refugees which Europe definitely does not want. What happens when the Europeans are the climate change refugees? Please someone tell me I am wrong!

    • Anne 5.1

      Sounds like she might be a bit of an attention seeker to me.

      I await my summons from Netsafe. sad

        • Anne

          Oh gawd… too much to go through with a fine tooth comb, but I did note the word used to describe her at one point – attention seeker.

          Maybe some of those things did happen to her but it was unlikely to be intelligence agencies. I don't think they go around threatening individuals and their children – especially in NZ. There are a lot of thugs and weirdos out there and since she invites publicity then she has to expect consequences.

          • xanthe

            This brings into focus the way that an Assange industry has developed and the efforts of players to corner this market and drive others out of it. ..and then monetise it and build personal reputation to leverage off. just another product to these players

  4. adam 7

    Big ups to Stormzy.


    I think it truly funny when the entertainment pages give better coverage to a topic than the MSM news.

  5. Morrissey 8

    Bye bye, Biden and Buttigieg.

    And good riddance to the pair of you.

  6. A 10

    I love how this gesture uplifts different groups/religions (both the givers + receivers + those who hear about it). Thanks!


  7. A 11

    Pls excuse the caps I got excited. I still hold hope for world peace.


  8. Muttonbird 12

    Peters tearing strips off Bridges here. What fun.

    Peters calls (the campaign against the UN global migration pact) a "campaign of fake news and misinformation".

    "It was international – and here you have got a bunch of suckers who fell for it. And now they are threatening me," Peters says.

    Peters says there are too many connections to the far right – deliberate or not – for Bridges to continue as leader of the Opposition, and he's calling on him to resign.

    "Bridges was allowing a bunch of neo-Nazis in Austria to reflect his opinions and now he is part of a campaign to get someone murdered in our country," he says.


    • Sabine 12.1

      Sellner himself told Newshub he wasn't running a "disinformation campaign".

      "On the contrary! It was an information campaign, by several right wing parties & myself," he said in an online message.

      They didn't target New Zealand, but he said: "we have sympathisers all around the world."

      well maybe its time to stop calling them 'lone wolfs' and start calling them 'organised mass murderers"

    • Fireblade 12.2

      The death threats made against Winston Peters by the far-right is obviously very serious, but it's a stretch for Winston to link National and Simon Bridges to those threats, just because they oppose the UN Global Migration Compact.

      Then again, National urgently removed the petition from their website and then told lies about who removed it and why, so they can't be trusted to tell the truth. Maybe the Nats were lobbied and received a "donation" to run the petition.

      • Muttonbird 12.2.1

        Agree the Nats and Bridges didn't make those threats directly but they are part of the movement those threats issue from, and their actions have emboldened the extreme-right.

        This isn't a coincidental one-off nutter threatening a politician. It's him, and the Christchurch Australian murderer, the alt-right, Southern and Molyneux, Jordan Peterson and the incels, and Sellner and his fake news identarian crowd.

        National under Bridges bought into all that in a deliberate strategy to attack the government and gain votes. Now it's time for them to withdraw from it and apologise.

        They already tried to scrub their involvement and rewrite history in the emotional junior staffer scandal. Now it’s time to apologise properly.

        • Gosman

          And if they refuse to do so? Should they be forced to do so?

          • Muttonbird

            What do you mean "forced to do so"? They can't be forced but they should serious consider it.

            Otherwise they should expect to be called out for aligning with extreme right wing groups. Voters will then decide.

  9. Abba Lerner 13


    [You appear to be a first-time commenter here so welcome to the site. When you provide a link, it is expected and common courtesy that you briefly explain why others should click on it. Repeated failure to do so will attract the attention of moderators on and of this site – Incognito]

    • joe90 13.1


    • Dennis Frank 13.2

      Works as a tutorial. Ends well (`don't worry about socialists or Socialists, we've got em under control'). But I question whether recycling such twentieth-century reasoning is any more than a waste of time. Having a state monopoly of the means of production is merely a euphemism for making private business illegal. Without folks who start businesses, wealth doesn't get created, so the economy dies on the vine.

      Having been anti-business myself in the distant past, I realise the general ignorance of the social function of businesses is caused by the failure of the education system to provide children with the facts of life. Obviously teachers have to brainwash kids with crap instead, to defend their class interests.

      If the cowboy economist were to extend his logic re govt provision of value to the people, and suggest kids get taught all the goods govt provides everyone in return for taxes paid, I'd support him. But the idea that teachers could become fit for purpose is too radical still.

  10. ObserverTokoroa 14

    "Peters says there are too many connections to the far right .."

    'The far Right" is a cuddily phrase for 'The Worldwide political Murderers'

    No one of right mind should be tied up with poltical Murderers, and National here must get in and clean their shit up immediately!

    It is strange that National ratbags, according to recent reports (which I have lost track of) continue to have access to Goverment Papers without due process or permission. It will not be a problem if I am wrong. Will it Simon Bridges ?

    But I sincerely think there should be be a determined effort by our Security Bodies to Rip through National and report on their connections with far right Groups and their access to Government Information. Also Report on whether our Security Staff knew in advance of the Slug into Winston Peters.

    For Instance, and In brief, who got a far right missile into Winston Peters – as Reported by Journalist Paddy Gower. just several Hrs ago. Peters is being monitored very effectively by exceedingly evil Far Right Murderers.

    But not unfortunately, by Our Security Staff, and Police. I wonder why !

    • Gosman 14.1

      Are you suggesting the government should direct the security services to investigate the main opposition party?

      If only the government had people like you in positions to influence these sorts of decisions. I would so very much like it if they did do that.

      • Observer Tokoroa 14.1.1

        Hi Gosman

        I would certainly direct all sectors of Parliaments Security Staff to Take you through your rubbish.

        Also the Police.

        Because you are clearly calling for The National party and its Trolls to destroy Winston Peters with Right Wing Murder.

      • KJT 14.1.2

        Why not. They have been investigating the Alliance and later the Greens.

        Many more genocidal extremists, in National, than the former two.

        Fair's fair.

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