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I’ve been thinking about the concurrent crises we face – peak oil, climate change, and tightening food supply – how the limits to growth are starting to hit us and how, each reinforcing the other, they constitute the major challenges to our collective welfare in the years to come. I’ve been thinking about how we need to respond, now, while we can, to these dawning emergencies. I’ll be writing on these topics on days to come.

I’ve also been thinking about what the Right has in store for us this year. The basic game plan is obvious because it’s what they have done every time they have been in power, indeed it is why the parties were established. That plan is to ensure ever larger wealth for those who hold the most wealth by protecting their interests, weakening restrictions on their exploitation of resources – natural resources and labour, and weakening work rights so that the power advantage of capital inherent in capitalism is enhanced meaning worse pay and conditions for workers. Since we are going to be in recession we are going to have a smaller pie to divide among more people and those who own the capital will be in a position to ensure their slice keeps getting bigger. I’ll be writing more about that too.

But, for now, I put to you a puzzle that has come up a surprising number of times over my break and for which no-one has been able to postulate an adequate explanation. Except, perhaps, the one below. Why is that we are beset by ever more of these bloody decorative pillows?


Actually, here’s another puzzle I came across, arguably, a more troubling and perplexing one:


Why is the pie, and only the pie, anthropomorphised?

16 comments on “Pillow talk”

  1. Paul 1

    it’s a burger …. but that doesn’t answer your question

  2. Graeme 2

    Paul beat me to it – definitely a burger with the fries!

  3. Yeah, everyone I’ve shown that picture says its a burger but I still think it’s a pie. Probably not worth arguing over too much.

  4. Ray 4

    Well does that not say everything we need to know about you Steve

    Every body else thinks/knows it is a burger (with legs) but you still think it is a pie

    Apply this to the problems you see all around us and hey look at this they all disappear. Now I know that is a little silly but maybe just maybe they are not as bad as you hope

  5. Lombear 5

    Perhaps its because the burger/pie was once a living creature (unless its a tofu burgerpie) … perhaps… I too have wondered about the cushion fetish some people have, sure I’m not opposed to the odd, well placed, cushie but to cover a couch 2 deep in them hints at some kind of disorder, possibly consumeristic in nature.

  6. It’s a burger. I remember seeing this. mmm burger

  7. Whatever it is Steve, burger or pie, if it tastes good, the Greens will very soon call for it to be banned!

    Happy New Year 🙂

  8. Mr Magoo 8

    I am not going to feed the trolls and thus you are beneath further comment…probably under a bridge somewhere…with high colesterol.


    The burger is walking away from the fries because they were cooked in animal fats and thus the combination would have been severely detrimental to any customer as he is already loaded. His patty is already 30% sat fat alone not to mention mayo. The fries come from a lower grade of potatoe stifling the job prospects in terms of the quality of eatery he can sit in – he has a mortgage on his buns to think about. If only he could afford the bacon and egg upgrade he would not need fires to be a complete meal!

    Sorry, what was the question??

  9. PFraser 9

    It’s a pie and it’s off to throw itself in someone’s face.

  10. r0b 10

    Why is the pie, and only the pie, anthropomorphised?

    Clearly the artist was pie eyed.

    I’ve also been thinking about what the Right has in store for us this year.

    As you said, in general terms the plan is as it ever was, more pie for the rich. In specific terms however, for dealing with the current economic crisis, they appear to have no plans at all, indeed they appear to be incapable of planning. That’s the really scary part.

  11. Matthew Pilott 11

    The plumes coming off the top of the burger are clearly from cigarette smoke, same wisps as that off the cigarette from the first pic.

    The fries tell the burger off for smoking (what are the four random shapes near the fries? Seems to be an inarticulated expression of rage to me), and the burger walks away in nicotine-wreathed shame.

    Happy ’09 all.

  12. Rex Widerstrom 12

    Why just hot food? Clearly the makers of this sign haven’t witnessed the mess I can leave behind after eating salad drenched in dressing. Fellow diners are well advised to don either a wetsuit or wet weather gear.

    Would they rather someone ate a ripe mango on their bus than a box of chips?!

    And why is “coach” capitalised? Is it in fact not referring to a bus at all, but to the eponymous “Coach” of some sporting team or other? In which case it would seem that people are being particularly unmindful of his personal space, covering him with ash, dribbling their booze on him and spilling their food on his nice new uniform.

    These puzzling questions aside, it’s good to see you’ve started the year as you mean to go on, Steve… reaching a conclusion opposite to that held by the majority, defending it regardless, then claiming it isn’t worth debating and wasn’t actually the point, anyway 😉

  13. Rex Widerstrom 13

    Oh, and never mind what the right has in store this year… it seems there is much, much worse to come in the future.

  14. Ari 14

    Umm, dawning crisis? It’s more like early morning now- we can see what’s going on, but trying to convince the zealots that noon is on its way (and that’s why things are getting brighter and hotter) is pretty hard 😛

  15. twisted 15

    As previously mentioned, the BURGER has had a fight with the chips. However i think its bailing to get a drink and have a smoke.

  16. Ivan 16

    Some great burger/pie conspiracy tales here, but I have a much more mundane solution: it was the best clipart of a pie they could find (I think there’s a whole series of things with legs stuck on them). Plus, the person who made the sign probably thought it was funny, because that’s the kind of thing that people who look for clipart would think.

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