Political pants

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The website Twisted Twee is selling these babies nappies.

The site warns “price fluctuates weekly depending on my swinging political opinion. This week Cameron pants are up.”



8 comments on “Political pants”

  1. Baroness Thatcher with a head full of shit… now that’s novel!

  2. Phil 2

    Am I the only one really REALLY disturbed by the “sucking” look that Gordon has?

  3. Perhaps you wear the Gordon Brown ones inside out?

  4. Robert Owen 4

    You Bastard Mardypants I just spilled coffee all over my Keyboard

  5. Nih 5

    Hey Robert, did you ever find out why you were banned from Kiwiblog?

  6. Robert Owen 6

    Nih ,
    NO I emailed DPF and as yet no reply

  7. Nih 7

    You probably scared him witless.

  8. Robert Owen 8

    “If we wern’t meant to eat meat why did god make animals out of meat.”

    Can’t argue with that (apart from the god bit)

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