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Spotted on Labour’s “Grassroots” supporters’ site.


12 comments on “Priceless”

  1. Nick 1

    Why does she have a red rosette on?

  2. gobsmacked 2

    From the Herald today:

    Yesterday, Ms Lee said the reason she didn’t want the media at the launch of her campaign was that it came on the back of a “bad week” and she wanted the event to be one where she could talk to her supporters away from the cameras and reporters.

    “It was quite hard for me and it had also been hard for my supporters as well, with all the bullshit in the media,” she said.

    Well that does it – I’m not voting for a potty mouth! 🙂

    But quite a revealing comment – Lee still thinks she’s the victim, not the author of her own misfortune.

    Also revealing …

    Ms Lee, a journalist originally from South Korea, was expecting strong support from overseas-born electors, who make up 40 per cent of the electorate – but Mt Albert resident Ganesh Muneer says many Indian voters have turned against National for “shafting” its 2005 and 2008 candidate, Ravi Musuku.

    “Ravi would have given us Indians a representative in Parliament,” Mr Muneer said, “and I think National did not do their sums right when shafting him for their Korean candidate, who is already in Parliament.”

    What, you mean there’s no Asian block vote? They’re not all the same?Quick, somebody tell the rest of the media …

  3. Chris G 3

    And point out the assumption that she would get strong support from overseas-born electors…. As if that would be a defining factor?

    Not to mention the 40% overseas born Must include British born, Australian born etc people… so its a slightly skewed number. Why would they have some natural affinity to a Korean born MP?

    Damn stupid journos.

  4. edoze 4

    A poor photoshop effort.

    You fail!

  5. Principessa 5

    Nothing photoshopped about this. Just drive down Dominion Road- I saw it today. Hilarious.

  6. Julie 6

    That’s me in the pic and this is NOT photoshopped all edoze. You could see it for yourself-176 Dominion Road. You FAIL edoze.

  7. Phil 7

    Melissa should pass on their contact details to Mike Williams, he might be able to use them to bust Key and his dealings with… oh, too late.

  8. edoze 8

    Hey im just a lil old bloke and just like your guys, i am only trying to spread mis-information.

    Isnt that what politics is all about?

    Remove the mis-information, give the facts and whammo – consensus . . . well maybe.

    But really who the hell wants consensus when politics is so much fun right?

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