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Protesters angry at Key’s attack on democracy

Written By: - Date published: 7:47 pm, June 9th, 2010 - 79 comments
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The Press reports John Key was greeted by angry protesters at the South Island forum in Christchurch tonight. About 100 people waved placards protesting the undemocratic dismissal of the regional council by the Key government.

Prime Minister John Key was greeted by angry protesters as he arrived for the South Island Forum in Christchurch tonight.

Over 100 gathered outside the Isaac Theatre Royal on Gloucester Street, many waving placards protesting the dismissal of Environment Cantebury councillors earlier this year.

One protester jumped on the roof of the Prime Minister’s car shortly after he arrived at 6.45pm.

The young man badly dented the roof of the car as he jumped up and down shouting: “You can’t drink money, you can’t drink s***”.

He was quickly pulled off the car by police and handcuffed

Key undemocratic behaviour will cost him. He is starting to look more and more out of touch.

79 comments on “Protesters angry at Key’s attack on democracy ”

  1. r0b 1

    It’s worth following the link and watching the video. The protestor who jumped on Key’s car certainly made his point. RIght wingers will go all faux outrage on the damage to precious “property”, but the car’s trampled roof is much less of an affront than Canterbury’s trampled democracy and environment.

    • comedy 1.1

      If only to reconfirm why one should never visit the village of the damned.

    • starboard 1.2

      I hope they take the next 5 years dole payments off that loser to pay for the damage to the beamer …he shoulda been in bed anyway…

    • Bored 1.3

      Youthful exhuberance….oh to be young again. Hope they have a whip around to pay the fine.

    • big bruv 1.4


      Can I come and jump up and down on the roof of your car then?

      After all, I am still livid at the way Labour legislated to remove the right to free speech when they were in power.

      Or is it only acceptable when the vandalism is committed by Labour/Green supporter?

      • r0b 1.4.1

        After all, I am still livid at the way Labour legislated to remove the right to free speech when they were in power.

        If Labour had in fact done that, then yes BB you’d be most welcome. But since, as usual, you’re full of shit, then I guess not.

        • big bruv


          Hit a raw nerve did I rob?

          It must be hard work attempting to defend the indefensible.

          BTW, let me know where you car is parked, I want to jump up and down on it anyway as that is my right according to you lot.

  2. bobo 2

    I guess he can put his dented limo on trademe for some charitable cause… any vid clip of this? looks awkward but entertaining.

  3. felix 3

    Love the way Key smiles and makes chit-chat as if nothing is going on around him when everyone knows very well how much he loves being popular, being the centre of (positive) attention.

    It’s so obvious that behind the smile he is acutely aware of his surroundings and what they mean.

    Doesn’t he ever have an honest reaction to anything?

    Tick tock, John. Tick tock.

    • coolas 3.1

      “Doesn’t he ever have an honest reaction to anything?”

      Apparently not. It’s part of the psychopath profile is it not.

      All kudos to the young bloke who stomped the car. Well done. This will rattle Key and hopefully encouraged others to take action because talking aint working.

  4. key already knows hes lost chch

    • gingercrush 4.1

      When did Key or National win CHCH. They’ve always voted the left except for Ilam.

  5. Bill 5

    Did that cop just assault the car jumper? Looked like it to me.


    Nice to see what might be democracy stirring again. That the protesters look so ‘normal’ or middle class should have Johnny Boy and his troupe shitting themselves. When Jo average hits the streets it’s a massively different ballgame than when those who are unfairly termed as ‘the usual suspects’ do.

    Oh, I did see one or two of the ‘the usual suspects’ in there looking quite unobtrusive, which is all the better ’cause that means people from disparate constituencies are coming together and no-one is seeking to lead others by the nose. Maybe.

    I just hope they all sat down afterwards and put some effort into building or extending and strengthening networks rather than just disappearing into the night or whatever.

    • big bruv 5.1

      “Did that cop just assault the car jumper? Looked like it to me. ”

      I hope so.

      • Marty G 5.1.1

        big bruv loves that unrestrained power. It makes him feel like he’s a real man.

        looked like reasonable force to restrain him to me though.

  6. IrishBill 6

    I’ve not seen anger like that at a middle-class political protest since the 90’s.

  7. vto 7

    woooooeeeeeeee….., glad I did not go as latent out of control tendencies may have come to the fore.

    good protest

  8. ianmac 8

    Was that a Christ College scarf the young man was wearing?
    I can see the Nact reaction will focus on the car jumping. Pity.
    Is this the first time for Key to see a crowd protesting against him?

  9. 100 Protestors, is that all??????, so some jackass jumped on a car, why would be people go nuts about that.

    • Kaplan 9.1

      Don’t you worry your self about it Brett. Just keep your fingers implanted firmly in your ears and tell yourself everything will be fine, there are no protesters, everyone loves john… rinse and repeat.

    • vto 9.2

      Hey dumbass, what would you think if the govt allowed a bunch of moo cows to shit in your water tank? serious question, believe it or not. has already happenned to the Dunsandel people. Got an answer that is credible?

      • vto 9.2.1

        actually dont bother answering brett, i just checked your website.

        • comedy

          You two both from CCH……………. it really is the village of the damned !

          • snoozer

            Step right up folks! It’s rightie versus rightie versus rightie!

            • vto

              Is that because we are not stuck in an ideology mrs snoozer?

              One thing true ding about Key is when he says ‘whatever works’. (in moderation of course)

  10. Christchurch has the safest water in the country, we have had the safest water for decades, are tyhat parniod that you think we are goign to get suick because National is now in charge?

    Do you have an answer that is credible.?

    • vto 10.1

      ha ha what a joke. we never communicate again i think is best.

      • Brett Dale 10.1.1

        Apart from the last two posts my blog, has had no political posts for ages, its mostly sport. Im sure you enjoyed the lastest post though.

        Okay then vto, seeya.

    • Marty G 10.2

      Ecan isn’t just for Canterbury either.

    • Draco T Bastard 10.3

      Still holding on to your delusions there I see Brett. I’ll spell it out for you reeeeealll simple like so that you can, maybe, grasp the problem.

      When cows shit in the water the water is no longer drinkable.

      • Brett Dale 10.3.1

        But we are not at that stage, Im sure the problem will be dealt with no matter who is in government.

        • Lanthanide

          You know that poem about “when they came for the jews, I did not speak out, because I was not a jew”? Yeah, well Ecan is like that.

  11. Hateatea 11

    Christchurch water has been safe because it has been taken from deep, ancient aquifers that are now close to collapse and, of course, are not being replenished with pure uncontaminated water.

    What are you going to bleat when the water you have to drink is as contaminated as some of the Canterbury water supplies are?

    Just because ‘I’m alright, mate’ applies to you and those who can afford to purchase bottled water, doesn’t mean that everyone else has it so good.

    captcha: dues

    • Brett Dale 11.1

      I disagree that we have a serious problem and judging by only 100 people turning out, most of chch will agree with me.

      • Hateatea 11.1.1

        Environment Canterbury is responsible for an area hugely larger than Christchurch City. Other places have serious water quality and quantity problems right now.

        Don’t look at it as most inhabitants of Christchurch being happy with their lot but rather that most are unaware of the relatively imminent threat to their quality of life and the very real threat to the quality of life of hundreds of thousands of their fellow New Zealanders.

        So many people in this country do not comprehend yet the very real threat that is posed by our attitude to water quality and quantity issues.

        captcha: dry (does this have a sense of humour or what, LOL)

      • Mutante 11.1.2

        @ Brett:

        Science doesn’t agree with you and that’s based on evidence and not the opinions of barely articulate jack-asses with no grasp of cause and effect fortunately.

        CAPTCHA: Science, would you believe it…

        PS: Love your blog.

        “The hare they shown for the USA over the weekend, is sad”

        Those bastards. Showing their hares in public. Not rabbits, but hares. They’ve gone too far.

      • starboard 11.1.3

        exactly…rent-a-loser mob…and the language comin outta that grannys potty mouth…she shoulda been at home knitting..

        • felix

          Nah it’s a bunch of ordinary kiwis.

          You’re just showing how out of touch you are.

          And drunk.

          And stupid.

          Are you John Key?

          • starboard

            working and paying tax Felix…unlike your lot…lying around with hand out demanding more…

            [lprent: I’ve been doing some long hours recently with both work and campaigns out of work. So I don’t take kindly to idiotic generalizations like that. Looking at your comment stream I can’t see that you add anything to the debate. Piss off, don’t come back again. If I see you around under any name, I’ll be feeding you to the anti-spam bot to help educate blogs worldwide about how much of a tosser you really are.]

            • Michael Foxglove

              “lying around with hand out demanding more” – Keep making accusations like that and you can take your trolling comments elsewhere.

              • starboard

                And drunk.

                And stupid.

                ..accusations like these you mean Mike..

                • Michael Foxglove

                  I mean accusations that everyone who’s a liberal is lying around with a hand demanding more. Especially when I’ve been up for hours working. I’m not in the mood for your ridiculous trolling and generalisations.

          • toad

            Drunk? Maybe Tim Groser, Felix.

  12. illuminatedtiger 12

    What kind of a brain dead moron can walk away from that without any reaction whatsoever? Certainly gives my Martian theory more credence.

  13. Some people dont react to idiots.

  14. I’d hate to wake up and find out my water now has chlorine in it. This could happen with Nationals new version of ECAN. Waters given to unsustainable dairy while the price is hiked for ratepayers. People are already feeling the pinch with GST rises, unneeded ACC levies, health and education cuts.

  15. Jum 15

    Don’t forget to attend the day of action outside your council offices on Saturday 12th June from noon to 2pm to protest water privatisation by foreign owners thanks to this greedy government.

    There must be something really valuable promised the politicians of this government, that it is willing to risk its political capital so soon in its first term.

  16. tsmithfield 16

    I see the ecan commissioners have just reduced the size of the intended rates rise for Canterbury residents. Thats sure to win them a lot of enemies. NOT.

    • IrishBill 16.1

      Grasping at straws there I see tsmith.

    • Marty G 16.2

      “after trimming $7 million in spending, including dropping 1000 Christchurch homes from its Clean Heat programme.”

      “The biggest single saving is $2.3m on bus contract tenders in Christchurch and Timaru.”

      “Other savings include $125,000 by not holding council elections this year and $150,000 through the Government’s new legislation for ECan that stops appeals to the Environment Court. ”

      So, how about that. Savings don’t grow on trees. To cut spending Ecan has cut investment in healthy homes, public transport, and democracy.

      Who would have thought that a bunch of rightwingers appointed by a rightwing government would make spending and tax cuts its priority?

  17. The people of Canterbury are extremely concerned about their rights to a democratically elected council and their right to protect their water from large scale development of water storage and irrigation, due to weakening of water conservation orders (like ‘national park’ status for rivers that were legally recognised as being ‘nationally outstanding’).

    An OIA found that Key, Brownlee and Carter were behind plans to push irrigation and water storage, and that they considered water conservation orders and council processes as ‘blockages’ to development. they then systematically went about getting rid of such ‘blockages’ (sound familiar? national parks?). http://www.forestandbird.org.nz/what-we-do/publications/media-releases/forest-bird-uncovers-government-plan-push-irrigation

    On Sunday 13th June, the Dean of the Cathedral (who is concerned about the ‘unease’ amongst the people of Canterbury on this issue, and their feeling of helplessness), is hosting a gathering “Reflections on Water” in the Square. The people of Canterbury are invited to come and show their concern, and a cairn of riverstones will be built in the square to highlight concerns.

    There will be a series of speakers and musicians, including Robin Judkins (Coast to Coast), Brian Turner (Poet Laureate 2003-2005), Lydia Bradey (first woman to scale Mount Everest without oxygen).

    If you’re in Canterbury and concerned about this, please join us there.

  18. vto 18

    morning rant before disappearing for some oceanic delights…

    I see the irrigators are to appeal against ecan user-pay charges for monitoring their farms and irrigation.

    Fucks sake – they take our water, then they have their cows shit in our water, then they expect the rest of us to pay for checking it………….

    I mean, how much further out of touch can farmers get? I truly find it mind-blowing this entire matter. The anti-farmer sentiment continues to build.

  19. Adrian 19

    Nicely spotted Ianmac,, shit if ex Christ’s College boys are turning on the Nats, it is time for them to start worrying.

  20. Brett 20

    I like the idea that was floated about drilling through the Southern Alps and tapping into the lakes in Fiord land and the West coast.
    Could solve a lot of problems as you could use this water for irrigation/power generation which would create less stress on the existing waterways.
    I can’t remember the name of the University professor that came up with the concept but from what I remember he really knew his stuff and according to him was totally feasible.

  21. comedy 21

    No Maoris or Polynesians in the protest ………….. is there an unwritten rule in the protest groups in Canterbury not to have any darkies in the mob ?

    • snoozer 21.1

      brett’s going to be all upset at you. You see he’s so unracist he doesn’t even see the colour of people’s skins.

      And I’m surprised you’re able to make out the ethnicity of each of the protestors from low quality footage in low light of just part of the crowd.

      Wish I had your amazing powers.

  22. Reality 22


    [lprent: An idiot troll. Read the policy about trolls and try to learn how to debate without the stupid phrases. ]

  23. tc 23

    In true Muldoon tradition the NACT will look at the protest as a symbol of their decisive, tough leadership and it’ll harden their resolve to dick with democracy even more…….bok tour naybody ?

  24. syrup 24

    thats not a Christ’s College scarf, its St Andrews you heathens

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