John Key to Report on All Whites Game?

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So John Key is going to get to fly over and see the All Whites at the World Cup. Maybe he could do a match report for Radio New Zealand whilst he’s there.

There are 2 major sporting events that our nation is involved in this year. The World’s biggest sporting event by far, the Football World Cup, features New Zealand for the first time in 28 years. Can Radio New Zealand afford to send someone to cover this major story for our country? No. The Commonwealth Games will feature a host of New Zealand sportsmen and women in a wide variety of sports, and it’s being hosted on the sub-continent for the first time? Can Radio New Zealand afford to send someone to cover this major story for our country? No.

It’s not like it’s because Radio New Zealand don’t like sport. They’d like to have a reporter cover the East Coast, but Jonathan Coleman has told them a Gisborne-based reporter is too much of an extravagance, as he insists on cutting into their already woefully under-funded budget. Are you listening over there in Anne Tolley’s electorate? Not only do you have an incompetent minister to represent you, cutting your education budgets; but she represents a party that doesn’t think your views should be covered by the media at all.

So maybe the PM could go on Radio New Zealand to cover the All Whites – as he seems to be too scared to defend his own record in a public intellectual debate on Morning Report. No he’d rather be soft-soaped by ex-National candidate Paul Henry on the Breakfast couch, or have a chat with the towering intellects on right wing talkback.


18 comments on “John Key to Report on All Whites Game?”

  1. I stopped caring about radio when I stopped caring about TV. Ages ago. Let it die.

  2. Adders 2

    Not such a good idea having Pinot-Key-O cover the game on radio. Even if it was possible to understand what he was saying, no-one could be sure that it was true.

    “Noo Zillland on the ball, moving forward, go the working hard Kiwis, good move out to the right, hope they capitalise, playing it short now, the opposition are getting the runaround, nice cross centre-right, and it’s there! Completely out of reach of the ordinary bloke loafing around with the gloves on. What’s that? Noo Zillland are in white? Oh. Sorry about that.’

    (anti spam word “match”)

    • ianmac 2.1

      But if he reported on National Radio it would count on top of his 3 appearances so far this year two of which were also while overseas. But would he understand the game being not very sporting errr sport minded?

  3. tc 3

    The all whites and sideshow john are actually a good match…….overhyped, a long time coming and woefully out of their depth at international level.

    Like Sideshow they’ll be over achieving if the make a single point.

  4. kriswgtn 4

    Maybe he should seek residency there and stay

    See how long he lasts

  5. Craig Glen Eden 5

    I was looking forward to the world cup and watching the All Whites. The thought of seeing the smile and wave gimp is really quite a downer. Go the All Whites any way.

    I wonder if Key will get a photo op with Mandela? God knows he has no shame so I wouldn’t be at all surprised myself if he did.

  6. Fisiani 6

    Bit slow on the uptake about the Prime Minister going to South Africa. Eh? 90 minutes of watching football and hopefully a bit more. Catching up in the down time with leaders of our trading nations. Priceless.

  7. ghostwhowalksnz 7

    Cheer and wave !

  8. Lazy Susan 8

    Maybe Benny Basher Paula will get him on a shanty town tour to discover what level of benefit could support the average family. Also some fresh ideas for the future of state housing.

    • prism 8.1

      LS Wandering off thread – you just reminded me about the housing for poor Filipino people designed by NZ architect Ian Athfield? about three decades ago. Paula could look at those and while she is in USA pop over to Arizona where they have some great little initiatives in housing homo sapiens who they don’t care about. Just perfect to dish up here for the same category.

  9. Jum 9

    I don’t want JKeyll anywhere near Radio New Zealand, the only reasonably objective communication distributor in New Zealand.

    • ianmac 9.1

      Jum. The point is that for JKeyll to front up and answer questions on important issues and the supplementary questions would show just how clever he is and what a good grasp he has of the implications of policy. I wonder why he doesn’t appear on Morning Report, or Nine to Noon, or checkpoint?

  10. He should go over, hopefully he can meet other world leaders and talk trade.

  11. Fisiani 11

    Football on radio when its on TV…… WTF.
    The depths some will here will plumb to bag JK realy shows the scratch marks at the bottom of the barrel.

  12. JacksSmirkingRevenge 12

    Go All Whites! Football is awesome

  13. Lorraine Merito 13

    Might as well get excited about the A W’s – there’s not much else on offer at the moment but we can do without John Boy!!

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