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Tony Milne responds to National Party blogger, David Farrar’s recent post on push polling.

Tony points out that any push polling undertaken during the last election was most likely a three way affair between the National Party, the Exclusive Brethren and conservative political consultants Crosby and Texter.

National have repeatedly tried to distance themselves from this scandal, but the evidence suggests otherwise.

Below is Senior Exclusive Brethren leader Neville Simmons being interviewed on ABC’s 4 Corners. He tells us very clearly that Brethren participated in phone canvassing only where National Party MPs “requested services”.

8 comments on “Push polling”

  1. BeShakey 1

    DPF’s post almost sounded a little bit like ‘push pig-fucking’. Kinda like putting out a press release saying ‘The Standard wishes to distance itself from any accusations that DPF is a pig-fucker. While he may very well have engaged in bovine love making, we have no evidence of that, and don’t believe his penchant for animal buggery in any way reflects upon his political activities as the National party’s chief blogger’.

  2. Seamonkey Madness 2

    So this:
    “Many of the questions involved the interviewer reading out statements by Key and asking if she felt less inclined to vote for National after hearing these. And by contrast there were lots of positive questions involving statements about the Labour Party.

    sounds like National is doing the (not technically) push-polling?

    Pull the other one!

    And BeShakey, pig = porcine, bovine = cow.
    Although I can see that the ‘red mist’ of being told something other than ze party line might have descended, and left your logic faculties at a loss.

  3. Pascal's bookie 3


    Did you follow the links?

    Are you voting to change the government?

    If they said “no” or “unsure” they went on to say

    Did you realise that (insert Labour MP name here) voted to legalise gay marriage, and voted to legalise prostitution for 12 year olds?

    What’s that all about? Perhaps DPF could use an example of what push polling technically is.

    ooh look! there’s one from the last election!

  4. BeShakey 4

    Seamonkey – I apologise for my lack of animal fucking expertise.

  5. outofbed 5

    Has DPF gone to India to scope Call centres ?:-)

  6. Peak Oil Conspiracy 6


    I really have to pull you up on this:

    Tony Milne responds to National Party blogger, David Farrar’s recent post on push polling.

    The Standardistas have been particularly sensitive about alleged links to the Labour Party. So why use the phrase “National Party blogger”? Where’s your specific evidence that DPF is paid by, or has some other arrangement with, National for blogging services? The most you can say, I think, is that DPF is a National Party member.

  7. ak 7

    Disgraceful. How dare you accuse National of “pushing” themselves when their every utterance irrefutably confirms the converse.

    [lprent: ok that got a belly-laugh from me… Maybe we should start a contest for the wittiest subtle comment]

  8. george 8

    Abit off topic but i was at the Chinese new year celebration at Northcote where John Key was speaking.In his speach he mentioned the year of the rat.
    In the year of the rat people born in the year of the rat are celebrated.They are seen as fortunate,good looking,lucky.
    For John Key he likend them to a “few rats he knows in Wellington”The audience were dumb struck.Reminds me of his comment about liking Indian culture,he likes their food.

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