Quakes and other emergencies

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Aftershocks will continue for months, and there is still a high probability of another big one. Road and rail transport in the upper South Island is massively disrupted for months – at least. And a storm is battering the worst affected regions.

It’s times like this you appreciate our emergency response systems. Huge thanks to everyone who has worked / is working to keep others safe, supplied, informed.

Here’s RNZ with: Quake aftermath: What you need to know today

Stuff: What you need to know – Tuesday

The Herald: Quake coverage: Need to know and Live: Aftermath….

Invaluable last night were RNZ, Civil Defence, emergency services, Geonet and Twitter (#eqnz), and others. We need our emergency services, it’s clear that we’re always going to need them in NZ. They should be funded and supported appropriately.

Update your emergency kits, and be careful everyone…

Update: RNZ fuding see https://fundrnz.wordpress.com/

Update: Chaos in Wellington – check the news…

23 comments on “Quakes and other emergencies”

  1. Hello, I started a petition to increase Radio New Zealand’s funding before the CBB did. I also don’t have the benefit of using Action Station’s database to get signatures. I would appreciate signatures going to my petition: https://www.tinyurl.com/jg9e42t

    • Carolyn_nth 1.1

      Thanks for including my tweet in your post, Anthony.

      Hi Jo, I also signed your petition a while back.

      I got an email today about the Campaign for Better Broadcasting one, hence my tweeting their link. Plus I’ve been a member of the CBB for a few years.

      But the more people see of either petition, is good, I think? Maybe?

      Also, CBB say RNZ is planning to sell its Auckland studio and rent it back from whoever buys it.

      • r0b 1.1.1

        Cheers, my pleasure. And Jo, thanks for the reminder on your petition too! – post updated.

      • Pasupial 1.1.2

        Just signed both petitions. This government hasn’t been particularly responsive to them in the past, but there’s always hope that a future one will take notice. RNZ is indeed invaluable, which is definitely not the same as worthless.

  2. Carolyn_nth 3

    Also, big thanks for all the emergency services and volunteers helping people and services impacted by the quake.

    Some friends in England are sad to see the damage to the area they went whale watching when last in NZ.

  3. I’m sorry for the multiple postings, my comments weren’t showing up at my end. @ Carolyn fair enough, I just need to make people aware of my petition as well or it won’t continue to grow. I mentioned the upcoming asset sales a long time ago.

    • Carolyn_nth 5.1

      I’m glad you’re onto the upcoming asset sales. Needs to be widely known and as many people as possible need to voice their views on that.

      Just another way public service media in NZ is being slowly whittled away.

  4. Invisible Axe 6

    Didn’t 111 go down for 20 minutes because when the building was evacuated someone forgot to switch it over? I reckon we were lucky (again) this time because of the time, not much traffic on the Kaikoura Rd, imagine if that road had the summer holiday traffic, jeeeez.

    Absolutely, our emergency workers do wonderful work, lets remember this next time we hear right wingers moan about firemen getting paid to ‘sleep’ & ambulance workers with their long shifts & under staffing (especially in the regions).

  5. adam 7

    Do we need to crowd fund our 111 service now?

    It seems it was another victim of this governments plan to wreak social services.

  6. weka 8

    R0b, just popping in to say thank-you! for the quake posts. I’ve been busy elsewhere and it’s great to have the links handy to check in with what is going on.

    I agree re CD, and while this is just a feeling, it seems to me like we are better at this now than we were five years ago. I’m particularly in awe of the Canterbury people, many of whom have not fully recovered from the Chch quakes.

  7. Ad 9

    God Radio New Zealand have been just awesome!

    Incredibly dedicated staff to get in there and start broadcasting coverage within minutes of the first quake.

    Amazing people, and thankyou.

  8. adam 10

    It is just me or is this showing up major problems/weaknesses in a just in time economy?

    Silly question, why was not all non-essential work in Wellington and else were hit by the quakes just not stopped?

    Don’t these people trying to do non- essential work, just adds more pressure to a system stretched after years of cuts?

    Well done to all the essential workers (Fire, Civil Defense, Water, etc) and Radio NZ – Great job. Lots of love.

  9. greywarshark 11

    Keeping people informed – two earthquakes within 30 seconds one south east of Seddon one north-east of Kaikoura. Practically same place. 5.7 and 5.9 rated severe. 20-25 km down. 2.34ish.

    Can anyone tell us what is being done for the people in Seddon, if anyone is still there?
    They seem to have been bearing the brunt of the quakes for a year or so. They must need some help and care. What are the authorities doing for them and their children. People have homes and farms and community and can’t just throw up their hands and move away.

  10. Poission 12

    Why did statistics house,a new compliant earthquake building fail?

  11. Carolyn_nth 13

    Wellington does look bad on Checkpoint (Freeview) – also people complaining about poor organisation of Kaikoura evacuation. eg they good have recorded who was waiting for evacuation last night, and had an order based on priority, etc. People complaining about queuing up, then later queuing up again.

  12. James Thrace 14

    I hope all that slip material will be used to build a bit of a tsunami wall along the kaikoura coastline instead of being trucked away and dumped in a hole somewhere…

  13. Jo Bond 15

    Thanks for posting the update for me, r0b!

  14. Kay 16

    I sent Vicky MacKay an email the next day thanking her and her colleagues for the fantastic job the did that night, I had to evacuate (live in a tusnami area) so was really reliant on the RNZ info. My fellow evacuees up on the hill were glued to the radio right through the wee small hours to wait for the all clear to go home and we all agreed what a wonderful job RNZ had done with providing the info.
    I also told her I’d be flipping off an email to Amy Adams about the funding issue. (Do you think if she and Bill get bombarded with enough emails about just how potentially lifesaving RNZ were that night they might reconsider? Probably not but it wouldn’t hurt to).

    I got a lovely email back from Vicky this morning 🙂

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