Seymour is dancing with the stars

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What is it with ACT politicians and the dancing with the stars programme.  Don’t they have enough to do like carry the hopes and aspirations of the right wing in Parliament and attack beneficiaries and sell off stuff?

But ACT politicians are creating an unfortunate reputation for being obsessed with dancing with the stars.  First there was Rodney Hide.

Hide received notoriety by surviving as long as he did although there was a rumour that ACT operatives were multi voting to ensure that he stayed in the competition despite a lack of actual talent.

But it could not last for ever and he was eliminated after physically dropping his dance partner.

And now David Seymour has also signed up for the competition. From Stuff:

David Seymour says he was accused of dancing once, but he was just trying to get to the other side of the room.

The ACT leader will perform on Dancing with the Stars (DWTS), a new reality television show on Three.

He’s one of the first two contestants to be announced, along with reality TV star Gilda Kirkpatrick.

Seymour said he had to begin training immediately, “because I’m probably the most disadvantaged person in New Zealand when it comes to dancing ability”.

“When you cross a politician with an electrical engineer, I don’t know what you get, but it certainly isn’t dancing ability.”

Seymour said it was important to let the taxpaying public know his first priority was being MP for Epsom, and his second was leading the ACT Party.

However, he believed he could find time in his weekly schedule to compete in DWTS, which was expected to take about 15 hours a week.

“Turns out there is a ‘beat’ in music and that there are ‘steps’ you have to learn before you dance. I am terrified,” Seymour said.

“On the other hand, there’s nothing like overcoming a fear and the charity I’m supporting is very dear to my heart. So, to borrow someone else’s line, Let’s do this!”

The politicians I know well are driven and determined to make the world a better place.  Joining Dancing with the Stars would be an indulgence none of they would entertain, especially those who lead parties.

Seymour’s decision shows his commitment to New Zealand politics.  And what a poodle party ACT is.

33 comments on “Seymour is dancing with the stars”

  1. David Mac 1

    Rodney’s appearance on the show and a bright yellow blazer have become his political legacy.

    “Rodney Who?”
    “You know, the guy that dropped his partner on the dancefloor”
    “Oh him”

    Currently Seymour’s is ‘The Charter School Guy’. Maybe he’d prefer to be remembered as the ‘Cha-cha-cha chap’.

  2. R.P. Mcmurphy 2

    dancing with the stars. he has been dancing with the truth for so long he can pussyfoot around anything.

  3. David Mac 3

    Dancing with the stars = A spacewalking astronaut with a broken tether.

  4. AB 4

    How does the DWTS scoring system work?
    Is it possible for one contestant to gift all their points to another? If so, then David may do rather well. Is Paul Goldsmith entering?

  5. David Mac 5

    Tamati Coffey had the right idea. Work really really hard at learning the skills, win the competition, then get into politics.

    • patricia bremner 5.1

      Yes, but Tamati is truly talented in lots of areas. He also had success on other TV shows. He is personable and truly likes people. No comparison with the “add on”.

  6. Don’t they have enough to do like carry the hopes and aspirations of the right wing in Parliament and attack beneficiaries and sell off stuff?

    I’m pretty sure that you’ll find hobnobbing with famous people is in the right-wings hopes and aspirations. It’s why John Key came out with the “She’s hot” line about whomever it was.

    They really are actually that shallow.

    The politicians I know well are driven and determined to make the world a better place.

    Well, right-wing politicians are more concerned about who their seen with and how much money and power that they have. Everything else? not so much.

  7. Stuart Munro 7

    If only Seymour were learning to dance for his own pleasure or that of his partner, instead of a tawdry attention seeking ploy, he might grow as a human being.

  8. Incognito 8

    Politicians thrive on attention and publicity. Air-time, screen-time, presence on social media, etc. They announce leadership contests on Twitter. They pose for magazines such as Woman’s Weekly and Vogue. They’ve always loved to pose (or photobomb) with the rich & famous: Queen Elizabeth, Obama, the All Blacks, Lorde. When they pose with an ‘ordinary’ person it is almost always for or turned into a PR exercise; never let a good PR opportunity (stunt) go to waste. The have-beens write columns for the NZ Herald or the National Business Review because they refuse to fade into oblivion and they write outrageous stuff just to get heard and feed their attention deficit; the poor deprived (and depraved). Same applies to so-called journalists who lose their prime slots …

    • patricia bremner 8.1

      So true Incognito. There is always an exception, but it isn’t “That guy Seymour”

  9. Philg 9

    This is a joke right. Please confirm.

    • Incognito 9.1

      No joke – that would require a healthy sense of humour – it will be a cringe fest, which makes for compulsory viewing, of course. It will be Fifty Shades of Dismay on the dance floor and still people will watch it; the worse it is, the better …

  10. OncewasTim 10

    Is the hoily talented, most eggsepshnull NuZullner Joolie Krusty exec producing this year?
    It’ll be a real tribute to our nation’s modern day kulcha.

  11. KJT 11

    “Dancers object to being associated with empty headed bimbo”.

  12. Tanz 12

    Oh, good on him. It’s no different than Ardern posing for endless photo shoots. He is easy on the eye and a great debater. Act are awesome, and no worse than the Greens re blind support to the mothership party.

    • McFlock 12.1

      lol “endless photoshoots”.

      How many photos were in the Vogue article?

    • Philg 12.2

      Tanz, u r awesome. I find See More a bater of another sort. ” Act are awesome and no worse than the greens” U r comedy gold!

    • Oh, good on him. It’s no different than Ardern John Key posing for endless photo shoots.


      See, unlike John Key and other RWNJ leaders who (and the RWJNs who believe them) think that the photo-shoot is more important than policy, Jacinda Ardern hasn’t been posing for endless photo shoots.

  13. Pete 13

    C’mon let’s be positive, the people of Epsom will love it, their boy starring on TV and all.

    If he dances on the programme with the same finesse he dances down the hypocrisy line his rivals should withdraw now.

  14. Thinkerr 14

    have to give him credit for getting out there and doing something in front of the nation that he obviously knows he isnt good at. That’s never easy, and most of us turn our backs on those ‘opportunities’.

    That said, there’s some messages here:

    1. Someone, behind the scenes has told him to lift the profile of ACT by going on the show. Someone who knows it didn’t do Rodney Hide any personal favours, but was a fillip to the party in darker times. Someone, therefore, who’s thinking beyond Seymour’s political shelf life. Clearly, it isn’t something Seymour would have chosen to lift his own political profile.

    2. Following from 1 this is the start of ACTs campaigning for 2020.

    3. Following from 2 if the party is choosing high profile stunts over getting the ideology/message out, things must be pretty dire. Subconsciously, they know their message will only appeal to a minority, and they know every vote will count in 2020, so they are doing their bit to get the centre-right percentage up any way they can.

    4. They’ve chosen a dumb strategy, if the above is correct. DWTS was one of Hide’s bigger flops. Seymour’s got too much professionalism to don the yellow jacket (and risk looking like a real estate agent or a reject from the Hi-de-Hi tv show) but he’ll be tainted with Hide’s tacky image and clumsy footwork before he walks out on stage. And he clearly doesn’t expect to strike the audience at being a surprise Tony Manero.

    5. But why, if we are told that politics is a high-drain, 24/7 job, does Seymour say he can easily find 15 hours a week for a high-drain dance-off? Not many of us have that kind of time/energy. Maybe not all politicians are suffering the way they say they are? I seem to remember reading a book like that once…

    All of the above is just my random thoughts/opinion.

    Another random thought is, why not cut the shenanigins and combine DWTS and the election campaign. Result would be a political dance-off. Unfortunately, FPP, but at least no dirty tricks. Jane Fonda shows how it could be done, here:

  15. Tanz 15

    Ardern has enjoyed wall to wall MSM coverage since she was appointed PM, back in October. Everytime I am at the supermarket checkout, I see her on the covers of Vogue, on Australian Womans Day, all throughout the Herald, especially the Life section, and we endlessly hear about her and Clark’s personal life, he is also pushing the celebrity factor. So having an Opposition MP go on Dancing on the Starts (considering he is not also PM, and running the country), does not seem a big deal.

    David Seymour is wonderful, and I bet he can dance ala John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. How come it’s okay with the left for Ardern to be promoting herself in Vogue etc, but not for an Opposition MP. What is good for the goose is good for the gander, and he is not all about him!

    • veutoviper 15.1

      … I see her on the covers of Vogue…


      1. The hard copy March issue of Vogue is not yet out although the article etc is now online.

      2. Ardern will not be on the cover of the hard copy as it is Vogue’s policy to NOT put photos of politicians or their spouses, families etc on the cover. They have not done so with Michelle Obama, or any other politicians in the past and have said that Jacinda Ardern will not be on the cover.

      3. Vogue approached JA, not vice versa, as is usual practice.

      Over-exaggeration much; or the need for a visit to SpecSavers, for example?

    • mary_a 15.2

      Gosh TANZ (15) … you really are a bit lost aren’t you? Does one John Key come to mind?”

  16. rod 16

    Shouldn’t be too long before Collins is front page of Vogue magazine, or maybe Adams or Bridges. Then Tanz you will be able to drool over them every time you are in the Supermarket checkout queue.

  17. Grey Area 17

    The Tanzbot is such a parody of a RWNJ. Is this a person or a piece of computer code?

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