Slack on our craven human rights record

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David Slack is on fire this morning with his take on our craven human rights record – in the form of imagined NCEA questions:

David Slack: You have two hours, starting… Now

Question 5.

Using the words ‘craven’, ‘supine’ and ‘cynical’, analyse how New Zealand raises human rights issues with Saudi Arabia and Australia.

Question 7.

The attached piece of writing is the transcript of a press conference given by a New Zealand prime minister.

Find three examples of evasion.

Find three examples of dissembling.

Find three examples of a non sequitur.

Calculate the percentage of the press conference that is complete bollocks. You may use these two Australian 50 cent coins to help you.

Go read the full piece on Stuff for the rest. As usual satirists / cartoonists are doing the best political commentary in NZ…

24 comments on “Slack on our craven human rights record”

  1. Sabine 1

    thanks for the chuckle. it was needed.

  2. ankerawshark 2


  3. This is a pretty solid poke in the eye for Key and others who can’t find empathy for the stand taken by the women MP’s.

    “And it must be hard for Key to look at film of New Zealanders on Christmas Island without getting upset. There they are, lolling around in shirts-off weather, enjoying brilliant sunshine and sand and all the free time in the world. Don’t people know how much it costs to get that in Hawaii?”

  4. srylands 4

    The fact that you post this rubbish today is a poke in the eye for hundreds of dead and injured in Paris.

    Last time I checked, both Australia and New Zealand were ranked in the top tier of countries for civil and political rights.

    There is no issue here. Perhaps you could now descend into an essay on pony tail pulling to trivialise the dead and injured who you show no empathy towards at all.

    • proud poppy wearer 4.1

      What else would you expect for the standard.

    • Hanswurst 4.2

      What are you doing posting here? Shouldn’t you be out saving Parisians with nothing but your bare hands?

    • ianmac 4.3

      The crushing damage done by USA bombing Iraq was far far worse than damage done in Paris. 10s of thousands of innocent civilians were maimed or killed in Iraq. By your logic srylands you could say that the damage in Paris was fine because Iraq was so much worse.
      Or because Key is a terrible leader/PM/person it doesn’t matter because there are far worse politicians than he is, like Assad for instance.

    • Petertoo 4.4

      Australia doesn’t look to flash in this report on human rights:

    • Sabine 4.5

      should you not address your post to the NZ Herald instead of the Standard.

      It was the Herald that run that pieces after all, the Standard is just re-posting for some light and entertaining reading.

      • tracey 4.5.1

        Wow @ the numer of righties flocking to run their lines this morning… we should all feel flattered.

        Hw quickly they used the deaths of those in Paris to try and stifle disourse here, while invoking greatest democracy rhetoric and no hint of irony

        • Sabine

          i do wonder if they get Sunday rates, or if they are paid standard minimum wage. Cause clearly they are not worth more.

          also did you see that?

          • tracey

            Will look now.

            We certainly had an apparent influx these past few days od people not wanting to counter the post claims with actual facts… just distraction and nastiness

            • Rawsharkosaurus

              That’s how you can tell John Key’s focus groups tell him he’s in trouble: his fifty-cent army have been busy little beavers over the past few days.

          • tracey

            Read it. It is everywhere and while people seem to have this vague acknowledgement but not necessarily any comprehension of what means to have been a victim

            Boag has a selective nastiness that she seems to be able to turn on and off. A paticularly scary trait i think.

            • sabine

              i truly believe that if every ‘victim’ or rather survivor of sexual abuse would come forward there would be quite a few that would honestly be surprised as to how many there are, and how normal it is.

              It is in fact so normal, that we condition girls to ‘prevent themselves from getting raped’. That in itself already shows how sad society is in its dealing with this particularly heinous and cowardly crime.

              They would be even more surprised to learn that for many girls and boys the abuse begins well before puberty and by the time these kids reach puberty has been normalised by the girls and boys.

              They would be even more surprised to learn that for many of the abused going to the police would not even be considered, as they have so little faith in the police. That too is one of those sad statements about society. That the ones that are supposedly there to help and protect are not perceived as helpful or protective, but in fact are seen as supporters of the ‘rapists and child molesterers’ – re. Roast busters, Malaysian Diplomats etc etc etc etc.

              They would be really surprised to learn that maybe the survivor is their mother, or grandmother, or an uncle, or a cuzzie, or a girlfriend. Oh how surprised they would be if they choose to listen instead of saying its normal, its ok, it happens to all the little girls and grown women and boys and man.

    • ankerawshark 4.6

      Srylands we have a post on Paris.

    • Smilin 4.7

      Surface mail

    • Lanthanide 4.8

      Something bad happened somewhere in a country that we have some cultural ties to.

      We better shut down and stop working for the rest of the week…

  5. ianmac 5

    Anyway David Slack has summed up the disaster of Key’s fickle populist dark nature so well. Can we fault David’s analysis?

  6. Smilin 6

    A good laugh with the connection to our dumbed down education system

  7. Grindlebottom 7

    I like that. Very funny. I smiled. Why shouldn’t I?

    John Key smiled telling the opposition they supported rapists and murderers. The twit.

  8. Pat 8

    I followed the link to the full article as posted above and have to say it brought tears to my eyes……I wasn’t laughing.

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