Stick to Acting

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John explains how what he said was taken out of context, and he outlines his views on climate change.

20 comments on “Stick to Acting”

  1. roger nome 1

    heh – he captures jonkey’s fake, smarmy swagger perfectly. Loved it. 10/10.

  2. ben 2

    Great job on the Taito Phillip Field coverage.

    In case you missed it, he is the former Labour MP recently convicted for corruption.

    • Bright Red 2.1

      He’s just come over here to repeat what Farrar told him to say. He missed the two posts on the night of the convicton. He doesn’t know what more needs to be said. He’s just here because Farrar’s post told him to be.

  3. roger nome 3


    That was ages ago, and he was fired, remember? It’s just not that interesting.

  4. roger nome 4

    oh – couldn’t help but think of this song when watching that video.

  5. Rex Widerstrom 5

    “Winston was a bit like a Westpac customer. He had no idea where his money was coming from, so he just kept travelling and spending”.

    That is by far the best line to come out of the whole affair and it’s a year later! This is brilliant stuff.

  6. You mean that’s not actually John Key?

    LOL. Great stuff. Love the fake smile.

  7. lprent 8

    Damn. Left my tag on it….. Should have been The Standard

  8. infused 9

    lprent, stick to being a sysadmin/coder.

  9. mike 10

    That guy looks more like Chris Carter , you know – the traveller with the modest eating room mate who stormed out of the presser this arvo

  10. psychotherapist 11

    More ad hominem quality analysis form Te Standard

    • Luxated 11.1

      The right seem to have a new phrase at the moment, pity Farrar failed to explain what it actually means isn’t it?

      You see an ad hominem argument is one where instead of debating the issue you attack the character of the person opposing you (playing the man not the ball if you will). The thing is the issue here is John Key, its not something he’s trying to debate therefore its not ad hominem as it IS debating the issue.

      Also, its called satire, look it up.

      p.s. I seriously doubt anyone at The Standard actually made this as it would surely say so? One presumes its just a link to something which was considered amusing.

      • psychotherapist 11.1.1

        No, its playing the man not the ball in this case quite clearly, which is exactly what you are resorting to,

        • Luxated

          The issue being John Key’s lack of tact (at best) therefore John Key is the subject of the debate in question.

          Oh and discrediting your knowledge of the term ad hominem is completely relevant when discussing the term don’t you think? Therefore not in and of itself ad hominem.

  11. lprent 12

    Yep. It is something released on YouTube. It is amusing. I suspect it is a comedian having some fun. However I thunk that he has a career fof whatever short time we have key as pm for.

    Some of the right on this thread could do to learn how to laugh.

  12. Ianmac 13

    At least there does not seem to be the malice that was directed towards Helen last year.

  13. the sprout 14

    he’s getting very good at capturing Key. Catherine Zena Jones, excellent.

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