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We were emailed the Mount Victoria Supplement a while back but I forgot to post it. It’s, um, it’s extraordinary. A good Sunday read, download it.

15 comments on “The Mt Victoria Supplement”

  1. outofbed 1

    twas amusing

  2. Ianmac 2

    Wicked! I think that some people really believe things like “since the antismacking came into force good kids are becoming out-of-control menaces!”

  3. deemac 3

    some people clearly have too much time on their hands…

  4. Quoth the Raven 4

    Superb. Remember to tell the right wingers it’s not real. Otherwise they may not realise.

  5. An average attempt at satire, not that bad, not that good, I’m guessing a first year University student of a year 12 high school did this?

    Still we more type of this humour in this country.

  6. ‘Still we more’. never was a truer statement made, Brett.

  7. Rex Widerstrom 7

    Unbelievably good. Like the famous “Double Standard” but with more than headlines. My imaginary hat’s off to the writers.

    My favourite line: “Grath McVicar was available for comment but had nothing lucid to say” 😀

  8. lprent 8

    Nah, the best one was in the personals. “Fill my mouth with water if you treat me as a bidet” or something like that. The image……

  9. bill brown 9

    I liked the artist’s impression of a Maori

  10. felix 10

    Still we more type of this humour in this country.

    I reading then and too again, many too and then not sense.

  11. I forgot the word “need” and I don’t seem to have an edit button.

  12. I didn’t find it very clever, bits of it were but bits of it were off.

  13. Tigger 13

    This is pretty great stuff!

    Madeleine – bits of it were off…where? Off work? Off a jetty? Off white?

  14. MikeE 14

    This right winger giggled a little

  15. Felix 15

    MikeE that’s a pretty good tongue twister. Try saying it 10 times as fast as you can.

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