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The world needs more Izzy Cooks and fewer Heather Du Plessis-Allans

Written By: - Date published: 10:42 am, September 26th, 2022 - 92 comments
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Just when you thought that talk back radio could not be worse there has been a recent incident where Heather Du Plessis-Allan basically bullied a young woman who wants to make the world a better place.

Here is what happened. The sneering and laughing is jarring and should be in a perfect world career ending.

As Darien points out this is sneering and cynical.  Fancy laughing at a 16 year old who wants to make the world better because she went on holiday overseas with her family.  And to all of the right wingers who jumped in on twitter I hope you realise that you have just made a whole lot of young people more determined to achieve change.

Young people cannot win it seems.  The right has mercilessly attacked Greta Thunberg and accused her of hypocrisy even though her attempts to reduce her carbon footprint has been extraordinary.  Any time someone tries to achieve change they argue that it is futile.

The motivation must be to undermine efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  There is no other possible explanation.  Why should any of us do anything because someone who says we should do something wears clothes made in China or some variant of that.

Heather’s gocha moment must have come from trawling through Izzy’s social media.  How low can you get.

Izzy’s mother Rose Cook has replied.  From the Spinoff:

On Friday evening, I listened in horror as my 16 year old daughter had a phone conversation with someone who appeared to be bullying her, laughing at her, and talking over her. As soon as she got off the call I demanded to know who the hell was speaking to my child in this way.

My daughter is Izzy Cook. She’s one of the main leaders for School Strike for Climate in Wellington and is their media contact. She has had some experience with dealing with the media, but she wasn’t prepared for Heather du Plessis-Allan.

Commentators like du Plessis-Allan don’t give a shit about climate change. They don’t care that Arctic ice is melting at four times the expected rate, or that we are seeing more and more extreme weather events killing and displacing people across the globe. No, as du Plessis-Allan is fond of reminding us, it’s the economy that matters, not our planet. These sorts of commentators use ad hominem arguments and “gotcha” moments for point-scoring and discrediting their opponents. We saw it when Mike Hosking opined that Greta Thunberg is “the world’s most annoying kid” and when Duncan Garner said she was “too dramatic” to take seriously. It’s a common tactic used to deflect from the climate crisis, instead of focusing on the actions that we need to take in a rational, reflective manner. They seem particularly keen to go after our youth, whose future is most at stake.

Rose also points out that Izzy is a vegetarian, uses public transport and buys second hand.

Rose’s conclusion says it all:

Our young people are genuinely terrified about the world they are inheriting. That is what matters.

Heather du Plessis-Allan became a mother this year. I hope that no-one ever speaks to her child the way she did to mine.

I could make disparaging comments about Heather’s understanding of the issue.  She thinks that we will not be able to stop climate change, that we only emit a small amount anyway and that it is up to China and India to solve the issue.  Not only is she stupid but she is clearly also a free loader.

Shame on Heather Du Plessis Allan.  And all strength to Izzy Cook.  We need more people like Izzy, preferably in positions of power, especially in the media.

92 comments on “The world needs more Izzy Cooks and fewer Heather Du Plessis-Allans ”

  1. Anne 1

    Well here's my response to Heather Du Plessis Allan:

    You self serving, callous bitch! If that is your modus operandi to a 16 year old young lady who does not have your skills and experience in broadcasting, then we all now know the true nature of yourself. IzzyCook is worth a thousand of you!

    Anyone know HDPA's email address? I should like to send the above direct to her.

    • Finn McCool 1.1

      One thing the Left is famous for is a lack of humour, and a sense of irony. This young lady wanted to protest about climate change- fine. Heather gave her a hard but valuable lesson regarding naivety and hypocrisy. The reality is many people on protest marches are just there to make up the numbers; look cool and be 'with it'. Their grasp on why they are protesting is sometimes tenuous at best.

      I was given a similar lesson when Michael Laws was a talkback host. He made a factual mistake on a topic he was talking about. I emailed him to point out his mistake. My email relied on him understanding and relating the caveat I had made clear was part of my email response. He read my email out, minus the caveat, and said '' the nutters are out in force today.'' Lesson well learnt.

      My suggestion to you Ann is, shelve the hyperbole. Someone learning a hard lesson isn't a reason for you to go off your rocker. In fact Izzy should consider herself lucky she received a old school lesson. She would never get that lesson from the School Of Perpetual Wokeism. I do feel sorry for Izzy. However, I also understand life is very, very unfair. Sometimes we have to swallow foul tasting medicine to make us better.

      • DB Brown 1.1.1

        Actually, if some people weren't complete shits the rest of us wouldn't have to 'learn hard lessons' at all. We could use our energy, not to deflect the advances of attention whores and simpleton shits, but to get on with the important stuff – like saving the world.

        But we've given carte blanche to some absolute cunts, and everyone pays for it.

        • Finn McCool

          Quite true. It's the age old conundrum of idealism v reality. Of course all of us vacillate between the two depending on our opinions and worldview.

          • Hanswurst

            It's the age old conundrum of idealism v reality.

            Not really. It is perfectly possible for Izzy Cook's ideals to be valid and necessary in a world where fools like du Plessis-Allan are a reality.

      • Anne 1.1.2

        My suggestion to you Ann is, shelve the hyperbole. Someone learning a hard lesson isn't a reason for you to go off your rocker. In fact Izzy should consider herself lucky she received a old school lesson…

        You small brained misogynist creep.

        I don't think your low-brow opinions should be permitted on this site.

        • weka

          tone down the abuse please

        • Finn McCool

          ''You small brained misogynist creep.''

          It seems moderation isn't in operation here. So because I pull you up on your over the top hyperbole, I'm straight away a misogynist creep? What a piss poor excuse for a debate.

          ''I don't think your low-brow opinions should be permitted on this site.''

          Have no worries, I quit. I came here expecting more. Apart from a few posters who understand the dire situation Labour is in, far too many like you are in an alternate universe. Good bye. Good luck. And don't forget to feed the cat.

          • weka

            I'm a moderator and I just asked Anne to tone down the abuse.

          • KJT

            You actually started it, Mr McCool.

            With a depressingly familiar attitude to women and youngsters who dare to speak up.

            BTW. Whether someone uses air flights, or not, has no relavance to the accuracy, or not, of their stance on AGW.
            Duplicity Allan, like so many of our ignorant shock jocks posing as Journalists, is bent on deflection and bullying, not informing the public of facts.

      • Drowsy M. Kram 1.1.3

        One thing the Left is famous for is a lack of humour, and a sense of irony.

        The Left” you say. That's simplistic – laughably so, imho laugh

        The Psychological Roots of Humor’s Liberal Bias [2019]
        It then advances a key proposition: that irony is a particularly complex and ambiguous form of humor that requires a comfort with ambiguity and motivation to engage in complex cognitive tasks and hence is favored by those on the left. Also included is a consideration of the logic and spirit of improvisation, to which ambiguity is central. Finally, the chapter offers an exploration of the language, humor, and policies of President Donald Trump as a case study in cultural conservatism that is notably noncomic.

        Your Brain on Politics: What Neuroscience Reveals about Political Orientation and Sense of Humor [2020]
        This information could facilitate more effective communication among groups of varying political views, something that seems increasingly pressing in the tense, highly polarized political environments seen in the United States. After all, if two groups struggle to agree on a satirical comedian’s political alignment, something as complex as healthcare policy would benefit from a more psychologically informed dialogue.

        They all laughed when I said I wanted to be a comedian. Well, they're not laughing now. – Monkhouse

        • Anne

          One thing the Left is famous for is a lack of humour, and a sense of irony.

          Yes. I had a giggle at that one too.

          • Finn McCool

            ''You self serving, callous bitch! ''

            Yep, a giggle factory you are. I thought you had Heather mixed up with a Irma Grese.

        • DB Brown

          I made a (frugal but sufficient) living from comedy in NZ – at least till I got sick of comedians.

        • mikesh

          She is going to regret what she said until her dying day, if she ever lives that long.

      • RP Mcmurphy 1.1.4

        that has to be the shabbiest excuse I have ever read anywhere for anything. The world is in a climate crisis but the dinosaurs hooked on energy have yetg to meet their waterloo.

  2. Peter 2

    Du Plessis Allan and Farrar have seen a weakness, a gap to attack. And they're in like rabid dogs. They're not going to take the victim round the back of the shelter shed and beat them, they're going to drag them out into the the glaring light.

    Children of Du Plessis Allan and Farrar, I hope the nastiness your parents display doesn't come out to grasp you. I know that should anyone else dare visit the same sort of treatment on you they will will go crazy defending you and seeking to wreak vengeance on whomever does it.

  3. Robert Guyton 4

    I'm out of step with comments here, having faced this issue in person, several times, during my efforts to have the council declare a climate emergency, as well as when I was taking part in the climate protest march, lead by students.

    The challenge is going to come up. "You are a climate-hypocrite because…"

    Own it. We all are. Almost everybody is. Izzy is.

    Izzy should have been expecting the challenge. Everyone spoken to or interviewed about their climate activism should be prepared, with a "Yes", then a reasoned explanation for why it's impossible not to be and what efforts you are making to minimising your personal climate footprint.

    Izzy's advisers should have been on this. Every person who ventures out and speaks about the need for others to change their behaviour, must be prepared and confident in their response.

    Du Plessis Allan and Farrar are bound to say what they say, as are scores of others who can spot hypocrisy a league off.

    Don't fall into their snare. Don't rant at them when they spring it.

    Deal with it.

    So, you see, I don't support attacking the messenger; not when the carrier of the message is a young person, nor when they are old crocks like Farrar et al 🙂

    • Molly 4.1


      As posted below, a good mentor system would be a solution to this issue.

    • mickysavage 4.2

      I agree with you to an extent but …

      Du Plessis-Allan's behaviour could not be expected although the line of questioning could.

      And how do we have a reasoned debate about climate change if this sort of attack is being mounted. Du Plessis-Allan and co are part of the problem. They may exercise their right to freedom of speech to try and undermine a young woman trying to save the world. We should use our right to freedom of speech to call this sort of behaviour out every chance we get.

      • weka 4.2.1

        Du Plessis-Allan's behaviour could not be expected…

        really? I would have thought this is the kind of things to expect from her.

      • Robert Guyton 4.2.2

        At the time I wrote my comment, I hadn't listened to Du Plessis-Allan's mocking faux-laughter with which she deprecated her young guest.

        She already knew the answer to her gotcha question, yet laughed spitefully, unconvincingly and at length at her apparent "amazement" at the young girl's "hypocrisy".

        Fully staged, designed to malign.

        Cheap shot.

        Mind you, she brought a great deal of attention to an interview that would otherwise have passed largely unnoticed.

  4. Stuart Munro 5

    Duplicity Alien has pretty well shot her bolt – she's become a Perigo.

  5. Molly 6

    A young woman with the accepted role and responsibility of media officer, is being inadequately supported by adults who praise her for her status but do not mentor or support her in the realities of that position.


    Izzy works incredibly hard to mobilise a voice for youth on the climate crisis. TVNZ’s Breakfast and RNZ’s Checkpoint both interviewed her on the day of the strike. In the weeks prior, she’d published press releases and personally dealt with the council and Fulton Hogan, taking strategic and difficult decisions to make the strike happen. Izzy does all this on top of her school work and a part-time job, often working late into the night. Parents will understand that watching your teenage child drive themselves this hard is distressing, but there comes a time when they have to be allowed to make independent choices.

    The line of questioning was foreseeable. This is a consequence of not being prepared.

    1. Posting on social media could have been avoided, even if the flight could not.
    2. A statement on air travel could be:

    "As a young person, who is not fully independent, some of my decisions are made by others. As this changes, my decisions as an adult will consider the impact on the environment of flights.

    Unless the impact of air emissions on climate change have been resolved, I'll then be making my own choices to reduce or eliminate my air travel.

    Until then, we have to consider ways to mitigate the effect of air emissions on the climate, including…."

    There are adults that should be supporting this endeavour – where are they? I understand Rose Cook’s concerns, but this is a heavy load that her daughter has taken on. The mechanics of this media officer role are doable for a 16yr old, the exposure and accountability are not.

    The irony here is that Izzy didn’t even want to come. She wanted to stay home and study and hang out with her friends. She’s a teenager! But, selfishly, I insisted, because I wanted to spend this time with her.

    The irony here is that Rose Cook, wants the wider population to show more respect for her daughter's views than she did. Because time apparently could not be spent in NZ together (when the unsaid truth is that she wanted to go to Fiji with her family, Izzy's views be damned).

    A mentor system is needed here.

    • Robert Guyton 6.1

      Kinda what I was saying, Molly.

      It's too, too easy to shoot down oil, coal, plastic etc. protesters.

      Smart (and true) responses need to be formulated by supportive, experienced strategists, then shared widely with those who wish to protest.
      Edit: on top of that, reactive, emotionally-fired attacks on Du Plessis Allan, Farrar et al. do further harm to the “movement”. Sure, they’re unpleasant meanies, but entering the fray, their fray, with them, is self-defeating. They’ll exploit the woke reactions to the max and their followers will cheer them even more loudly.

      Learn the lesson, fix the vulnerability, get back out there!

      • Molly 6.1.1

        Yes, I read yours after I posted mine. (Because I am a slow poster, it wasn't up when I started. Laptop is old, and mostly using an onscreen keyboard… one key at a time…)

        I hope some seasoned mentors do step up to assist. The benefits for such as Izzy would be immense, and the effectiveness of the organisation as a whole would improve.

        • Belladonna

          Even without media training, simply joining her school debating group would help. That kind of flexible thinking on your feet quick riposte response is exactly what school debating is all about (as well as having likely responses thought out and ready to go) AND learning to argue against your beliefs (you learn a lot from playing for the other team).

          Most of the senior school debaters I've heard would have wiped the floor with HDPA with that line of questioning.

          Plenty of our politicians are veterans of schools debating – including Ardern.

          I'd also recommend losing the nickname (you can keep your own identity for friends and family) – but HDPA used it to make you sound like a 5-year-old. Don't give away handles to the opposition.

          • Molly

            Not really suggesting media training.

            Glib and polished responses are a corporate public relations approach.

            Activism strategy is different.

            Practised sincere from the heart responses to obvious – and not so obvious – challenges will have more impact than deflection.

          • lprent

            Rather unreasonable to be good at many things at once if you're only 16.

            After all HDPA at whatever advanced age she is at clearly has absolutely no understanding of climate change issues. But she has been doing media and interviews for longer than Izy has been alive.

            Your implicit argument that a 16yo should do debating rather than spending time understanding science isn't exactly tenable either. After all that appears to be exactly what HDPA has clearly done. Good with her tongue – but is a complete simpleton about understanding anything substantive. Either in law, science, or even politics.

            Clearly wasted a lot of time learning how to be a stupid arsehole instead.

            Which is probably why she picked a 16 year old to try her 'debating' skills out on. Besides HDPA was clearly just being a complete bully after a cheap laugh.

            • Anne

              Worked in broadcasting for five years lprent. Admittedly it was a long time ago, but expect it's even worse now. As an audio operator at AKTV2 (remember it?) I came into direct contact with all the presenters and TV hosts and one thing stood out… most of them had an over inflated opinion of themselves. The public were referred to as "the peasants" and the belief in their superiority was not confined to just those in front of the camera. They frequently threw their weight around in the belief the world owed them a living.

              That is the background which culminates in them often behaving like spoiled brats when they are out and about among us peasants – or in this case talking to them on the phone. I witnessed it a few years back in a shop and people would be surprised to know the identity of the culprit, but won't reveal [her] name here.

        • mpledger

          Of course, it would then defeat the purpose of what it is. It's all about the students doing it for themselves, for something they care about. If they are going to get adults to do lead it all then it might just as well be an adult led organisation.

          She should have been interviewed with respect and consideration and the point could still have been made. But grounding her into the dirt was the point because then it allows other people to treat her like shit as well – and going by twitter there are some really nasty people about.

          • Molly

            "Of course, it would then defeat the purpose of what it is. It's all about the students doing it for themselves, for something they care about. "

            Then our perspectives differ.

            I assumed it was about raising awareness and encouraging public discussion about climate change.

            You refer to it as if it was an NCEA Achievement Standard on activism.

            • mpledger

              Perhaps because that is the level these students are working at.

              • Molly

                But they are not in a school environment.

                They are taking up available space in the media for speaking about climate change.

                Adults can mentor and/or support them without overwriting their voices, but helping to discern how to do adequate preparations for interviews, direct energy and organise.

                This reduces the likelihood of a repeat experience, and improves their skillsets accordingly.

                • mpledger

                  But you are trying to turn them into something they are not in order to suit your beliefs about how climate change activism should look. Now do you see why it's a good idea not to let adults be involved?

          • weka

            Of course, it would then defeat the purpose of what it is. It's all about the students doing it for themselves, for something they care about. If they are going to get adults to do lead it all then it might just as well be an adult led organisation.

            Providing mentoring, resources, support isn't adults doing it all and leading everything. It's supporting young people who are still finding their feet and way. Pretty brutal to expect 16 year olds to know how to do everything themselves.

            • mpledger

              I think it's brutal if adults like HDPA don't treat them with respect. The demonstrations were organised for students by students – they took ownership of it because it's something they cared about.

              If adults get involved then it's just another argument for hypocrisy. "You say this is about what students are concerned about but you're really just a front for XYZ organisation who were involved with all the meetings beforehand."

              If we require that only the people with enough social and financial capital to have media training before they can demonstrate then it severely limits who can do it.

    • Anne 6.2

      Well said Molly (and Robert). She was thrown in at the deep end unprepped in advance.

      Nevertheless, no reasonable person would expect an experienced radio host to treat a very young woman in such a manner. If nothing else, it has demonstrated HDPA's appalling ignorance and lack of maturity.

      As for Farrar… based on historical evidence, would anyone expect anything else from him.

      • Molly 6.2.1

        Listening to the interview, without forewarning, I could anticipate where it was leading. As I believe most others could.

        I am not a fan of Heather du Plessis Allan. I thought that her laughing was somewhat staged, but it was the laughter that any sixteen year old might experience when their earnestness is not accepted as the only reason for credibility. I thought she could have been much harsher and was not, on account of Izzy's age.

        Reality is, I don't expect HdPA to act in any other way.

        I would expect those who care about the organisation, and Izzy, to be in place supporting them. Not taking on the roles, but mentoring those within them. THOSE adults have dropped the ball here.

      • Belladonna 6.2.2

        If nothing else, it has demonstrated HDPA's appalling ignorance and lack of maturity.

        Not really. NewsTalkZB radio is the bastion of gotcha journalism. It's HDPA's job. Nothing to do with her knowledge base or personal maturity.

        • Johnr

          HDPAs programme is not news nor talk. It is a propaganda ego trip for her and almost sober.

          If you ring or txt with a slightly different view or even a point for consideration you will disappear into the ether. She is not alone in this trait on zb they do not condone debate that doesn't follow their narrative

    • weka 6.3

      Completely agree, on all points.

      If one is going to fly and be a climate activist, you have to have a way of standing up and talking about this to make it make sense.

      I've been trying to write a post about the climate strike last week and got stuck because the thing that stood out was how poorly organised it was compared to the past. This is understandable given covid and the collapse of SS4C in Auckland, but it led my thinking to where are the adults? Where is the support?

      It also puts another context out there for the WCC telling SS4C they needed to pay a transport management fee if they marched and SS4C deciding to not march the streets but just to rally at Parliament, because they couldn't afford it. Rather than saying, no, we have a right and will march, traffic is not our responsibility and in a democracy people don't pay to protest.

      Now I'm imagining middle class parents giving advice to not march (because of middle class values) and this ties in with it's ok to fly to Fiji. Whether that's true or not is secondary to the impression that has been left in the vacuum alongside this interview. And we're in a PR war right now, the most urgent one of any of our lives.

      I agree that HDPA was an arsehole, and probably bullying (haven't listened to the whole interview), but I think adults are failing teens again by focusing on HDPA's moral failings rather than giving out messages of fuck no, this is how you stand up to the likes of her, get up on your feet and let's organise for next time.

      Kids Izzy's age are going to have fucking hard lives and building resiliency and strength matters. We should be teaching them that, not expecting the right to be kind because the right are going to fight for the death cult until the bitter end.

      • Poission 6.3.1

        Kids Izzys age will have hard lives because of the covid constraints in education,a significant destruction of the non productive sector ie the white collar middle class during the economic downturn,and a inability for independent thought (which is apparent due to coupling or groupthink) the herd problem or consensus.

        Some cross fit runners,out for a run past a restaurant in Brazil,is a good example of herd behaviour.

        • weka

          the more I see things like that vid, the more I think we're getting close to collapse. I agree about the increasing problem with lack of independent thought (along with intolerance of dissent and opposing views). These are not good signs.

          I'm less bothered by the education stuff. If I had teenage kids at this point in times I'd be encouraging them to not go to tertiary study from high school unless they were very clear about pursuing a career where that mattered eg med school (and even then I'd encourage some time between school and uni). Taking on huge debt is a very risky given the shit coming down the pipeline, better to go out and get some skills, life experience, and work experience.

          Kids Izzy's age are going to have to deal with food shortages, having a degree or even a career isn't high on the priority list.

      • Molly 6.3.2

        Agree, with your points.

        As an aside, went to the first SS4C in Auckland, with my children. Organisation and messaging were both poor. At the time, thought experienced activists (or their advice) were needed. But they were just getting started, so gave them the benefit of doubt.

        • weka

          They got good numbers and their social media was relatively good. Looks like lots of adults have given up because of the pandemic, not surprising the teens are struggling too. Impressive that they've picked it up again.

          • Molly

            There's a generation of activists that limit activism to social media, press releases and performative acts.

            While good as part it's unsustainable as a whole for most.

            • weka

              that's why SS4C has been so good, seeing people on the streets again.

              • Molly

                Yeah. It could've been. The only thing that seemed to be keeping the crowd together, was the knowledge they had all taken Friday afternoon off school.

                Adult mentors supporting – doesn't mean they take over the messaging – just give them advice about where to pay attention and put energy to improve outcomes.

                The stuff article posted (twice) below is indicative of providing little practical worth. Another recital of how expected – and sexist – comments were received, and how terrible that was. There was an indication of worthwhile advice about to be forthcoming when Mia referred to systematic change being needed.

                Unfortunately, that was not followed up on by suggestions, or any offer to help out.

  6. AB 7
    1. If you believe in nothing, you can never be a hypocrite.
    2. If you believe in nothing that is contrary to your self interest, it is easy not to be a hypocrite
    3. If you believe in things that are contrary to your self interest, it is hard not to be a hypocrite.

    But which of these 3 positions represents a moral life?

  7. Tiger Mountain 8

    Robert Guyton is right in the sense that anyone that ventures onto the filth fest that is talk back, needs to have solid replies and attitude for the likes of Ms “yarpie” DPA. They are not your friends Izzy and will not treat you with even a tiny quantum of decency. Farrar, Hosking, Soper and the rest are mouths for hire whose paymasters want nothing less than “blood” in the form of crushing activism in all forms.

    It is such a pathetic line though–“Greens should swim & cycle” rather than fly to events or for family reasons. Greta Thunberg certainly fronts up in the personal travel stakes–recall the uncomfortable racing yacht trip to get to USA that time–but not everyone has that support available to them. We live in a world in transition, the old not gone, the new not yet fully here, to paraphrase Gramsci. It is just cheap shot-ism to criticise a young person for travel unless excessive. Many under 50s as COVID showed, feel it is their right to roam the globe by plane, whether others agree or not.

    Lets view it through a right wing lens…
    –all meat eaters should slaughter, disembowel & butcher animals they eat
    –war mongering world leaders and MPs should have to carry arms and fight on the front lines of armed conflicts they start or endorse
    –Libertarians into a small state must hire their own personal security force (no Police support for them)

    • Anne 8.1

      "It is just cheap shot-ism to criticise a young person…" yes

      It is almost beyond cheap when an experienced older person plays that bully girl game with a 16 year old on a public forum. All 16 years olds are vulnerable because they have not had time to learn how to handle the likes of radio host bullies.

      I expect, from personal experience, that Izzy Cook has had the stuffing knocked out of her. It will take time to regain her confidence but she sounds like a strong young lady and she will get there.

      • Tiger Mountain 8.1.1

        Battle hardened Newstalk “shock jocks” I guess have little idea, or could care less whatsoever about qualities such as sincerity and empathy.

        It is fair enough for journalists to point out apparent inconsistencies to interviewees to elicit a useful response, but in a respectful tone–not treating the subject as a punching bag for the delight of boneheaded listeners.

        Jacinda did not give Hosking a miss for nothing.

        • Anne

          "Bone headed listeners. " Perfect.

          Have not tuned in to that station for 20 plus years. The stupidity – it hurt.

  8. woodart 9

    shoutback radio is the natural home of bullies, and those who look on others bullying as a chance to avoid same .

  9. observer 10

    Reminder that HDPA does think that Izzy Cook is a child, so even by her own measure she is publicly bullying a kid.

    There is a counter-argument that a 16 year old is really a young adult, and should take adult responsibility, but HDPA has previously said that they should not be allowed to vote, so clearly she does not think so. Protect the kids, attack the kids?

    Confused at best, hypocrite at worst.

    • Belladonna 10.1

      If HDPA truly thought that Izzy was a child, she would not be interviewing her on a controversial subject.

      Izzy clearly wants to be seen as, and taken seriously as, an adult.

      Sadly the white knight response from her mother has firmly reduced her to child status again. I wonder if Rose had permission from Izzy to write that response?

      • observer 10.1.1

        If HDPA truly thought that Izzy was a child, she would not be interviewing her on a controversial subject.

        She would not? Because she would have said to her producer "I am not sure about this, I don't think this is the right thing to do, I am concerned that this might breach my professional and ethical standards that I hold so dear"?

        Obviously not. She would interview her because she (and/or her producer) felt like it. Because they could. That is all.

        • Belladonna

          Do you have evidence that HDPA regularly (or even occasionally) interviews children?

          • observer

            Weird response. I also have no evidence that she eats penguins, or doesn't.

            But we have the evidence of this interview. You claimed that we could rely on HDPA's judgement. Obviously that is nonsense.

            • Belladonna

              Equally weird response.

              My contention is that HDPA is treating Izzy as an adult (by agreeing to interview her) – and (as pointed out above by multiple commentators) – Izzy should have been prepared for the 'this is why you're a hypocrite' topic to be raised (it always is).

              AFAIK, HDPA doesn't do the 'feel good' interviews with kids ('my puppy rescued me from drowning', or 'fire crew make lonely 5 year old's birthday memorable')

              Do you think Izzy is a child? And should journalists therefore never critically interview 16-year-old activists?

  10. higherstandard 11

    Slow news day.

  11. mary_a 12

    Go Izzy Cook, a young woman of strength and commitment, wanting to make the world a better place for all humanity, particularly for the likes of HDA's childrens' generation. Hold your head high Izzy, you do us proud.

    As for Farrar and Molloy … festering swamp rot of the filfthiest order, the pair of them!

  12. The world needs more Izzys, shock jocks like Heather dPA not so much.

    Whether Izzy was venturing into adult subjects or not she is a teenager feeling her way about topics and passionate about some causes. She did not deserve the way the interview was framed.

    Shock jocks like dPA focus on beating people down and messenger shooting rather than illuminating causes. She knows no better in her interview technique.

    The big take from this for me is that getting ones message across is laudable. You don't have to take the first cab off the rank who wants to interview you. When I was that age I was similarly passionate but similarly twitchy about rude people who did not let others have their say. A bit of guidance about HdPA would have given me pause had I not heard of her before.

    As a society we owe nothing to the likes of HdPA. We owe nothing to Farrar. These are not the lights shining in darkness. These are the ones who see a light and shotgun it out, who fire guns into the road signs so we cannot see the warnings they convey.

  13. Mike the Lefty 14

    It probably goes without saying that to be a successful talkback host on ZB Newstalk you have to have to be right-wing, a narcissist, have an imagined intellectual superiority to those you listen to your show and constantly surround yourself with sycophants.

    • tc 14.1

      Also not be bothered about truth or fairness as they get in the way of that morally superior high ground her and other shock jocks believe they can shit on others from.

  14. observer 15

    Here's a quick test of your moral compass. The prize is a job at Newstalk ZB.

    One 16 year old violently assaults a smaller, younger child. Another 16 year old gets on a plane.

    Which one do you attack in an interview? Which one do you make excuses for?

    They're both kids. Or not. Your call.

    • weka 15.1

      Personally, I see unnecessary flying as an act of ecological violence. Robert nails it about, we have to talk about all our hypocrisies. We also have to stop pretending that flying isn't a big deal. It is.

      • KJT 15.1.1

        We all have to live in our world, as it is, not as we would like it to be.

        The hypocrisy of Libertarian right wing mouthpieces accepting tax payer funding, for example.

        • weka

          We all have to live in our world, as it is, not as we would like it to be.

          What does that mean? I mean, I'd love it if people lived in our world the way it is and took the climate/eco emeorgency seriously.

      • In Vino 15.1.2

        To my mind, there is no hypocrisy in travelling on a plane that was going to fly regardless. No benefit accrues to the environment unless the plane is stopped from flying. Once it flies, the damage is done, and the extra fuel burnt because of one person is negligible.

        Righties like HdP are often stupidly simplistic with such accusations of hypocrisy, and deserve to be ridiculed for it.

        Hypocrisy comes about only if you individually burn extra fuel, like driving your car instead of biking. Until there is enough public pressure to reduce plane flights, I see no hypocrisy in travelling on plane flights that are going to occur regardless. Causing an extra flight to travel would be grounds for accusation, but Izzie's plane was travelling come what may.

        It is in fact hypocritical of HdP to accuse Izzie of hypocrisy when she herself is not actively opposing such flights.

  15. "Dear NZME Managing Director.

    Do you consider that bullying in any form to anybody is acceptable?

    If no will you resign?

    If yes will you sack HDPA?"

  16. observer 17

    HDPA's apologists really should read this. Find out who is lined up alongside her, and how they behave (spoiler alert: they behave despicably):


    • Anne 17.1

      From the link:

      "Some adults will just never take students seriously"

      Mia Sutherland… its not so much they don't take you seriously, that is just a cover. The real reason is they feel threatened by you. You have knowledge and understanding they don't possess. They have to put you – and others like you – down at every opportunity. That makes them feel they have maintained dominance over you.

      The questioning of the state of your mental health is as old as Adam and Eve.

      I was taken down that road 30 plus years ago. My basic crime: I was vehemently anti the proliferation of nuclear weapons and I was a Public Servant. The tactics they used back then is the same only in different formats. Technology was not as it is today.

      Stay strong all of you and know that there are many thousands of oldies like me who are on your side!

  17. fender 18

    NarcissistZB is truly the pits, surprised they're into talking about fossil fuels at all. Heather-Stupidity-Allen would be better qualified to discuss fossil-fools like her grandfather that she married.

  18. Mosa 19

    " We need more people like Izzy, preferably in positions of power, especially in the media.

    Yes while we have a PM who makes bold statements like referring to climate change as " our generations nuclear free moment " and then does nothing concrete to address the current climate emergency unlike her predecessors who stood up and defied the western alliance with our own independent position and laws despite the intolerable pressure on the Lange government and our departure from the ANZUS alliance.

    Adern and her ministers and MP's are complicit in achieving didley squat in our nuclear free moment and have lost the opportunity to be taken seriously by Izzy's generation.

    • Thank you for an excellent read Incognito.

      • Incognito 20.1.1

        Well, I didn’t write it, of course, but you’re welcome wink

        I have just seen the same link in an earlier comment by observer but the piece has a time-date stamp of 07:41, Sep 27 2022, which is a little odd – I checked my daylight saving settings and they seem to be correct!?

  19. Blazer 21

    'lefties never pay their way'.. Molloy.. ex mayoral candidate, ex bankrupt.. owed IRD circa 400k…and DB 500k.

  20. nzsage 22

    Duplicity Allan is incapable of exhibiting a modicum of empathy… just like most right-wingers.

  21. Once I stood outside NZ Parliament for 100 consecutive days hoping for a Declaration of Climate Emergency. You really had to prepare yourself for those who try to undermine you – for example, just because I wore a pair of plastic sunglasses, clearly a product of the oil industry, I was a hypocrite, and so on. This is just a cheap shock jock tactic that takes away any form of meaningful conversation about the real issues at hand. In the Izzy Cook interview, HDPA clearly knew what she was doing. Recently I was contacted by NewstalkZB for a “guest opinion”, I flatly refused, as I don’t wish to be publicly disembowelled any further. Young climate protestors, take note.

  22. Jimmy 24

    She wasn't bullied. HDPA even said she thinks she has 'a brilliant future' and may talk to her again. Even Izzy herself said the Fiji trip was 'pretty ironic'.

    Imagine if Izzy had been interviewed by Susie Fergusson who asks tough questions.

  23. that has to be the shabbiest excuse I have ever read anywhere for anything. The world is in a climate crisis but the dinosaurs hooked on energy have yet to meet their waterloo.

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    New and existing housing initiatives are being brought together to improve home ownership for Pacific people said Minister for Pacific Peoples, Aupito William Sio. Fale mo Aiga: Pacific Housing Strategy and Action Plan 2030, launched today, is the Government’s targeted response to the housing challenges faced by Pacific Aotearoa. Minister ...
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  • World’s first algae-based local anaesthetic another step closer to reality
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