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Network On Net has an explosive post detailing the bullying attacks on Principals who disagreed with Anne Tolley – particularly over the controversial National Standards.

A sample:

What is incontrovertible is that unpleasant things happened, indeed, are still happening to certain principals, seeming to involve Whale Oil, editorial offices of newspapers, the ministry, and the education review office. The connection between these groups is supported by some evidence but more is needed for definite conclusions to be made.

A number of the principals on the ‘hit list’ (my designation) to whom I spoke said, that given the speed with which some emails hit Whale Oil’s site, they were certain their computers had been broken into. In 2011, for instance, Pat Newman set a trap to confirm his suspicions, sending an email to six people he knew, who would under no circumstances pass information on to Whale Oil – and Whale Oil was on to it in a flash. As well, readers will be aware that Whale Oil (who else would it have been?), sent a false email with a false IP, under the name of Marlene Campbell, to the Comments section of my site. I suspect, to later send a comment that would cause her damage.

As for the ministry and Whale Oil, there was an interesting convergence between Whale Oil and the ministry to do with Brent Godfery and Pembroke School, August, 2011. A fono on the education of Samoan children was taken away from Brent’s school (would you believe?) because of the school’s opposition to national standards. Whale Oil was on to it immediately in brutal fashion; but so was an ominous follow-up from the ministry. A pattern was about to unfold.

Pembroke had a commissioner landed on it. Brent and the board of trustees had already confirmed that with their protest stand against national standards made, they would now unreservedly comply with the regulations. But to no avail, years of unrelenting ministerial vindictiveness, financial cost, and disruption to the education of children followed. Even when the commissioner concerned said that all was good, it always had been, of course, the ministry refused to move.

The purpose of such state bullying was to cast a pall of fear over New Zealand primary schools.

The link was now established – get criticised by Whale Oil, and constructive dismissal, resignation would follow, or commissioners called in.

Some of Whale Oil’s attacks on principals were prefaced with the disclosure that the information that formed the basis for the attacks came from the tipline – the tipline was a euphemism on Whale Oil’s site, a bit of an in-joke, for information provided by the government.

But it’s worth reading all of it.

Meanwhile in the UK the Tory/Liberal coalition have introduced free hot school meals for all kids 4-7 in UK schools.  If they can do it, why can’t we?  We guarantee our kids some good nutrition and aren’t hungry and can learn, and it’s way more efficient than all those parents making lunches each night…

34 comments on “TolleyOil?”

  1. Clemgeopin 1

    The issues raised in that article are extremely disturbing and so very nasty!

    We can not ignore this and let our country and democracy be so undermined.

    I think we definitely need a high powered independent three member judicial review/commission to go over all these and other so far publicised serious allegations to make these dodgy political, bureaucratic and ministerial crooks answerable for their methods and behaviour.

    It does not matter which political party you support, but the issue here is far more important than one’s political allegiances. We should not let this slide quietly under the carpet.

    • blue leopard 1.1

      “It does not matter which political party you support, but the issue here is far more important than one’s political allegiances. We should not let this slide quietly under the carpet.”

      +100 Absolute excellent point

      • Tracey 1.1.1

        Agreed. I am appalled at those who think this is ok, like Dunne who labels it muck raking without reading it

        • blue leopard

          Oh dear, did Dunne really say that? These people just get worse and worse. There really is no delineation between truth and falsehood or accuracy vs made-up-shit for them, is there?


          • Tracey

            “.The political divide between Left and Right over Nicky Hager’s Dirty Politics scandal took centre stage in a candidates debate held in Wellington’s strategically important Ohariu electorate.

            When questioned about the ethics and integrity of politics in the book’s aftermath, incumbent MP Peter Dunne, the UnitedFuture leader, said he would not read it and labelled it “muckraking”.

            It was a sentiment that drew the biggest cheer from the 150-strong crowd at Johnsonville’s Malvina Major Retirement Village yesterday, the large majority of whom were residents.

            Dunne was backed in discounting the book by National candidate Brett Hudson, who said it was “simply scaremongering” and a deliberate attempt by Hager to derail National’s election campaign, which focused on job creation, better pay and a strengthening economy. “

        • Anne

          They think it is ok Tracey because they have their eyes closed and their hands over their ears. I am seeing it happen with relatives. They won’t read the book. They won’t read about it in the newspapers. If I dare bring the subject up they shut me down. They don’t want to know the truth. They’re not tied to a particular party so why the denial? I know why. All bar one of them voted National in the last two elections and they can’t face up to having been proven wrong. Pathetic… and I’m not far off telling them so.

  2. blue leopard 2

    Thanks for the post, Bunji.

    What a dreadful state of affairs.

    I am really pleased that these things are starting to be exposed and discussed.
    There is now hope that these dreadful conditions get addressed.

  3. CnrJoe 3

    you might be interested in this

    followed by
    Last week I wrote in reply to Anne Tolley’s “Yes, of course, we give publicly available statistics to anyone who asks — media, unions, bloggers and individuals who contact us. I didn’t realise that was sinister!” — with:

    “Crikey Minister. So defensive? ‘Publicly available statistics’ were they? So you know exactly when and what Slater asked for? While you are so forthcoming — please tell us, what were these ‘publicly available statistics’ and how were they used by Whale Oil Beef Hooked?”

  4. emergency mike 4

    More evidence of the WhaleSmear culture rife in our govt’s cabinet. That culture is the responsibility of John Key.

    • McFlock 4.1

      that’s the biggee – so far they’ve largely managed to pretend that tolley was the only one routinely using slater, with key minimising his own (or his office’s? It’s difficult to tell these days) interactions.

      If Tolley was using him too, that makes the barrel look bad, not just a single apple.

  5. disturbed 5

    If you vote for Tolley you get this.
    More proof NatZ specialise in mistruth.

    Anne Tolley lied again at a public meeting in Gisborne last Tuesday evening.

    We were told today that when a group requested her to reopen the rail service to reduce our reliance on oil, as rail uses 5 to 9 times less fuel to move 1 tonne a km then trucks, Anne tolley said the rail was not used prior to the washout 30 months ago.

    This was a direct lie also from her, as she was party to proof the freight had doubled the year before, and confirmed in a BERL report.

    So if you vote for Tolley you will never get the truth served.

  6. My god politicians spinning the truth, who would of thought. Next I will be told we can’t trust car salesman. Concentrate on big picture if you try to analyse the 100pc veracity of every political statement you will be disappointed

  7. tc 7

    So Tolley was competent at something after all, we finally know what it is.

    Phil and Kate are looking positively saintly about now up against what’s remaining.

  8. disturbed 8

    Reddelusion said,
    “Concentrate on big picture if you try to analyse the 100pc veracity of every political statement you will be disappointed”

    If this means no politician tells the truth? o/k but we know this one personally.

    Bullshit is the polite response to you.
    See unlike Reddelusion we actually know Tolley quite well and been involved with her since she was Deputy Mayor of Napier city.

    Suppose you will say now, “Oh she has been out saving the country,” bull Shit.

    More like avoiding the hard yards, and like so many others getting others to cover their backs.

    Learn this please.

    “Actions speak louder than words.”

    She like all puppet masters, they will not meet with any community group as she is not interested in working with communities.

    We sent her 54 emails for help over five years and she never answered one.
    She is a hollow politician Reddisullussion

  9. philj 9

    Yes, I think there is an unwillingness/embarrassment among some previous National voters to admit they have been conned. Understandable, but will they ever learn? The media are the real gorilla in the room that have let NZ down. They are complicit.

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