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Chris Trotter has a new blog. Good to see he’s left those creeps over at and gone out on his own.

I don’t always agree with Trotter, in fact at times I find him infuriating, but he’s a smart guy and always worth a read. Welcome back, Chris.

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15 comments on “Trotter back blogging”

  1. gingercrush 1

    Ooh very interesting. I wish him well. Will read it but I doubt I’ll comment on his blog simply because it’d be sad to lose him. Not sure what happened to him as of late. But I recall the day Labour delivered its budget with the “Working for Families” plan. Trotter appeared on the TVNZ budget special and made some very sensible remarks into how Labour could have delivered this differently. You could tell he leaned left but he was nicely balanced. He was in favour of Labour’s general ideas but critical in the delivery. Its that approach that he used to engage readers, an area I think the current blogosphere is largely lacking. If he moves again to exploration of issues and engages again in substantive issues. The blogosphere will be better for it.

  2. Left those creeps????

    How old are you, Tane?

  3. I see posts on Chris’s blog only appears after being approved, pretty gutless way of blogging if you ask me.

  4. gingercrush 4

    ^ And you wonder why he chooses to moderate replies.

  5. Tane 5

    Brett, I suspect he had his bit of biffo on his last blog and decided to try a more low-key approach. You should take a look at some of the filth and abuse he had to put up with over there – I don’t blame him.

  6. I never really read his old blog, but hes Chris Trotter, surly he has had worse yelled at him across the street.

  7. insider 7


    Some of his posts/columns were pretty abusive so he may have reaped what he sowed. Look at the ones on uppity Maoris making choices.

  8. Tane 8

    insider, fair point.

  9. Carol 9

    I am glad to see Chris’s blog is being heavily moderated. I don’t always agree with him, but he is a left commentator that provides content of substance and raises important issues, whatever you think of his views or his way of saying it.

    But it was frustrating to see how much his posts became inuandated with right wing vitriolic responses, that seemed to often swamp any useful left wing discussion. Look at his last post. It is still getting a continual stream of right wing, punitive comments, spinning the same old lines. Strange, seeing as the right-wing parties are actually forming the government.

  10. Chris’s new blog is intended to be more reflective, as he explains at length in the first post. As he puts it, “I intend Bowalley Road to be a much quieter, and certainly a more respectful, place.”

    My own experience suggests that it’s not too hard to maintain a civilised discourse with such an approach. But in the meantime I think that it’s probably prudent for him to moderate, until people adjust. This is assuming that he can keep up his more “ruminative” style

  11. Billy 11

    I was banned from his last blog for asking a question about why someone else had been banned. So I am glad he’s left those facists. Wonder if there’s a story there.

    Chris does seem to be taking the electoral defeat particularly badly. Spoilt teenager badly.

  12. Tim Ellis 12

    I think it’s good to see him back blogging, and hope that Chris does stick to making things more civilised and reflective. I really do think that in the main, the comments section reflect the content of the blog itself. Chris got a lot of flak on his last blog, and I was one of the people severely criticising him, but I think the criticism he got was well-deserved.

    Chris splashed onto the scene, attempting to make as much noise as possible. I think he deliberately chose targets to get as much attention as possible. His early posts railing against IdiotSavant, for example, were purely flame.

    His subsequent posts, justifying corruption (we needed to do it to keep the Right out, so that’s okay), suggesting anybody who didn’t like Labour should leave the country, attacking anybody who did leave the country to pursue other economic opportunities as “treasonous”, attacking the Right generally (everyone who votes for National is scum!), expressing nostalgia towards old-style union thuggery and violence, and then railing against the Maori Party–all these approaches, in my view, did the Left no favours.

    I look at some of the writers here at the Standard. Some of them tend to write thoughtful, insightful posts that stimulate civilised debate (Dancer, and mostly Irishbill, for example). Other posters tend to stimulate division and antagonism by making wild, ridiculous observations based on extremism and hyperbole (I won’t mention who). I think Trotter almost invariably fell into the latter category of writers.

    I hope he has learned the lesson and matured.

  13. Felix 13

    “but hes Chris Trotter, surly he has had worse yelled at him across the street”

    Cheers Brett, just about spat my coffee. 😀

    Good to see Trotter has figured out that he doesn’t need an “Executive High Commissioner Blog Producer In Cheif” to do this stuff.

  14. randal 14

    bret dale
    creeps are creeps however old they may be
    just having money and being over twentyone doesn not disqualify you from being a creep
    good onya tane
    call a spade a spade

  15. Good to see he left – blogging on a site alongside that fringe right wing nutter is bound to give one a headache.

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