Twyford to be smeared

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The severed limbs of National’s Dirty Politics machine are still twitching:

Phil Twyford won’t be intimidated by smear campaign

Labour MP Phil Twyford says he will not be intimidated by an alleged smear campaign that is apparently backed by foreign property speculators.

Labour’s housing spokesman will reportedly be targeted by controversial political consultant Simon Lusk at the 2017 election because of his strong stance on offshore buyers.

TV3’s Duncan Garner said last night he was told Mr Lusk was being funded by “Chinese money” to carry out a “direct mailout” that would focus on the Te Atatu MP.

Screw NZ if there is a buck to be made I guess.

Asked to respond this morning, Mr Twyford said: “I think it’s interesting that foreign property speculators are so concerned to defend the tax-free mega-profits they’re making in the Auckland housing market that they’re willing to hire the National Party’s dirty tricks machine to do their work for them.”

Mr Twyford said he would not by silenced by “this kind of intimidation”.

Well spoken Phil. Forewarned is forearmed, when this grubby card is played everyone will recognise it for what it is. Or maybe, now that it’s been outed on national television, the funders of this enterprise will turn their attention elsewhere.

54 comments on “Twyford to be smeared”

  1. Sabine 1

    So, essentially they are saying that Alfred Ngaro can’t win on his own merits ?
    That is pretty pathetic.

  2. Skinny 2

    Lusk does highlight how inexpensive it can be to run a smear campaign in poilitics, though he failed to mention that inorder to succeed the MSM are only to willing to assist in hatchet jobs against the opposition. As for Garner and his crap A political ‘story’….yeah pull the other one Duncan your not fooling many, your a Tory boy through and through.

    • BM 2.1

      Did Lusk say why he appeared on Garners show?

      If you’re going to do a hit on some one it does seem rather counter intuitive to tell every one about it before you do it.

      • Tracey 2.1.1

        Perhaps. But you have to tell some people in order to arrange it. And people frequently underestimate;

        1. How supportive of what they are doing the person they are tellin greally is; and/or

        2. The inability of human beings to kee a secret. There is a compelling desire by people to share a secret with at least 1 person making them “promise not to tell a soul”.

        3. The level of arrogance and/or stupidty in those with agendas and large egoes

      • Skinny 2.1.2

        Touting for business with free TV adverting. It’s twofold really. Garner is using it to crack Labour thru Nash’s association via business buddies. He sent his puppet Gower to hassle Nash.

        • tracey

          Interesting Skinny. Are you suggesting that far from having a campaign with Chinese backers he is TOUTING for clients so he can run a campaign and charge the clients?

          • Skinny

            The target is as always Labour. Got to laugh they will be trying their hardest to line up Goff and somehow smear his mayoralty campaign. Goff should be too aloof for this, although his ego may get the better of him, that is what Lusk and co will be hoping for. The Tory MSM will probably offer bonuses to Garner, Hosking and their other paid shills to discredit Goff. Garner has already started with his horse crap taxpayers funding Goff to campaign for the mayoralty while stilling being an MP.

        • Trey

          I thought the same thing. Despite all the [r0b: steady on] Party MPs Lusk works with and talked about Paddy Stooge Gower goes after Nash. I am not a Nash fan and would be quite happy if he did bugger off and form his own party where he could wallow in his Blairite bollicks with all the other neo liberals but it really showed Paddys true colours once again.

      • One Anonymous Bloke 2.1.3

        I expect he agreed to appear on Garner’s show because he was somewhat flattered to be asked, and thought it was all going to be a matey hunting trip/interview/puff piece, and let his mouth run away again.

        Something of that nature anyway.

  3. Ad 3

    Twyford has been one of Labour’s two most effective Members of Parliament for the last 7 years, and his luck in getting his ‘Ban Foreign Land Ownership’ Members Bill is a real sweetener.

    Then to have a nice obvious attack by those same foreigners is like a political Christmas gift to him.

    Pile it on Phil, you’re doing a great job!

  4. Stuart Munro 4

    He stuck his head above the parapet and good on him.

    Now we need someone to go after the bully who steals poor kids’ lunch money. Paula is long overdue for what the playground bully gets.

  5. wyndham 5

    Part 2 of the article on Simon Lusk was apparently on T V 3’s Story last night (Nov. 17th.)
    On T V 3 On Demand this morning the whole section on Lusk has been deleted although reference to the segment is made by Garner.
    Anyone got a copy of the original that they can refer us to?

  6. Anne 6

    Take a look at;

    More Rawshark Rachinger Slater stuff

    Well worth setting aside 20mins to read and digest. All of the main players were part of the Dirty Politics saga. Tenuous though it might be, can’t help wondering if there is a link between these revelations and the sudden appearance of the Lusk story on TV3.

  7. savenz 7

    Go Phil!

    • Clean_power 7.1

      Where? After his terrible blunder, down is the only way for Mr Twyford.

    • Chooky 7.2

      +100 savenz…GO Phil Twyford!!!!…Labour may yet get my vote

      It was a real eyeopener…the Garner tv interview ‘pig shoot’ on Lusk ( I dont watch Garner or tv3 but saw this secondhand on the Daily Blog )

      …what a corrupt piece of low down crap Lusk is?

      …if there are people like this Lusk ( friend of John Key ?) running down politicians like Hone Harawira and Twyford for overseas corrupt businessmen …then we really are a Banana Republic and John Key has brought New Zealand to a new low…the sooner John Key is gone the better

      people like Lusk can only survive and thrive in a cultural milieu of Dirty Politics

      • savenz 7.2.1

        Hello over 59,000 migrants in this year alone!

        New Zealand’s Migration Gains (Losses) to July of each year

        Year: Effect of Migration on New Zealand’s Population
        2015 +59,600
        2014 +41,000
        2013 +10,600
        2012 -3,800
        2011 +2,900

        Lower wages, Kiwis can’t afford to buy or rent a house now, how much extra money into the health system, social systems, schools, and so forth supplied by the government to cover the costs of increased immigration? None, in fact reducing in real terms.

        As far as I am aware Phils bill doesn’t even look at migration, the non resident speculation is ON TOP of these figures of resident migrants who will not be effected by the Bill.

        Country Long Term Gain 2015
        India 12,600
        China 8,200
        Philippines 4,500
        United Kingdom 4,000
        Germany 2,800

        • Chooky

          where are the Greens on this?

          …or is it “crude racial profiling”?….to look out for New Zealanders, especially young New Zealanders’ rights to opportunities in their own country?…education, housing , jobs?

          …and their own New Zealand flag?

  8. Tricledrown 8

    One has to ask why Lusk is aloud to hold a gun licence considering his Mental disorder.

  9. weka 9

    The hunting part of that TV3 story is odd. That’s not hunting and it’s not going bush. That’s wandering around in the scrub for a bit and then standing in a paddock and shooting a deer. Not even a clean kill. Hardly the actions of a hard man.

  10. James 10

    So they are going to do a mail out.

    If what they say is truthful – its hardly a smear is it?

    • tracey 10.1

      what are they going to say James? Do tell?

      • James 10.1.1

        I dont know – Yet it was the author of this post that said it was going to be a smear.

        • Anne

          It was Duncan Garner who revealed that Lusk had told him some Chinese businessmen were paying him to conduct a smear campaign against Phil Twyford. A mail-out was mentioned which I presume was going to be sent to his constituents in Te Atatu.

    • tracey 10.2

      Why would they need Lusk to print a pamphlet telling the truth I wonder?

  11. Reddelusion 11

    Why smear twyford, Twyford been Twyford does a good job of that himself. Complete waste of money I say

    • sabine 11.1

      yeah cause Alfred Ngaro is so much of a better job.
      With all the National Money behind him, he still is a thoroughly unpleasant middle aged man that can’t hide just how unpleasant he is.

      I can say that cause I met him, and frankly I would not elect Alfred Ngaro for dog catcher. Mind he would need to put his bible aside before he could catch a dog.

    • Tracey 11.2

      Ask Garner. He is the one publishing the rumour.

  12. Redelusion 12

    Fair enough Sabine so electorate has a hard decision over 2 very poor options, a bible bashing dog baiter over a race baiter

    • sabine 12.1

      Ahhh, useless serial looser Alfred Ngaro who only shows up when there is a free feed at the Trust Stadium. Does not ever show is face lest he would get an earfull about his good mate Honest John and Ms. West Auckland Pullyer Bennefit.
      There is a reason he is only “list” MP for National.

      So they now need foreigners to pay for a smear campaign, cause Alfred Ngaro and his mates in National don’t even have the balls to properly fight, nor it appears the cash to fund their own smears.

      National, never have i met a more pathetic bunch of wannabe’s led by a wannabe.

      National, so very very afraid of Phil “Stoner” Twyford. 🙂 Life is good. So much fun to be had in the future.

      • Tracey 12.1.1

        Nat MPs dont do their own Dirty work. Remember. 😉

        • Stuart Munro

          Yeah well they’re not smart enough.

          • Stuart Munro

            I was looking at a picture of Bill English the other day & realised: This is what a hundred billion dollars worth of stupid looks like.

      • Redelusion 12.1.2

        Agree the next couple of years will be fun, both Nat and labs are full of incompetents, the industry attracts them, unfortunately labour has many more and the rot sets in top done, plus thier broke, if you can’t run a party financially, how do you expect people to back you to run a country

        • Sabine

          Well, i am not sure.

          Look National is awash in money, but no money to support the beneficiaries, no money to feed the kids, no money to house the homeless for a starter.

          Then there is the issue with the debt that keeps on rising, , go have a look at it, its quite mesmerizing to watch.

          Then there is the priority thing about National, like no money to support our sick ones properly – hence they have to go looking for work to get an unemployment benefit but Flag referendums (not one but two! cause National!), no money for our DHB’s which are underfunded everywhere but Hairdryers and giant TV Screens for the Ministry of Steven Joyce ( i have a hard time calling it Ministry of Business and Innovations, its more like the Ministry of Doing nothing and every fart gets paid – but clearly i am biased).

          So to an extend you see I agree with you, I am sure the National Party is doing financially ok. I am a;so absolutely convinced that the individual National MP’s are doing well, especially those that dabble in Housing Investments, Dairy Farm Irrigation in Canterbury, Re-build in Christchurch (our dear Speaker comes to mind), or those that are in the business of exporting artistically carved swamp Kauri.

          It’s the finances of the country that really National are not good with. You could call it incompetence or ‘what is mine is mine and yours is mine too’ attitude. Like, they spend like a drunkard on a fender bender, but no one knows what they heck the bought with it, other then giant TV Screens and Hairdryers. And you and I will spend the next few years paying it back, and if we don’t pay it back your children will – I don’t have any, so at least that is not a worry to me.

          So yeah, National – getting rich and fat on the tax payers dime since ages ago.

  13. Redelusion 13

    Unfortunately Sabine not enough people agree with you only 29pc to be exact. now don’t go and add greens and nzf, for one peters is dead a cert and the sum of the parts of the greens and labour is not the whole, as middle NZ vote with thier feet of potential any tie up The problem you have is that you think middle NZ love jk and the nats, they don’t they just dislike labour a hell of a lot more

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