US right vs 12-year-old

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A week or so ago President Bush vetoed a bipartisan bill that would have dramatically expanded children’s health insurance in the US. He claimed the bill was too costly, took the program too far from its original intent of helping the poor, and would entice people now covered in the private sector to switch to government coverage.

12-year-old Graeme Frost appealed to President Bush to sign the bill – he’s now being mercilessly attacked by the political right. They’ve even gone as far as to post his address details online.

14 comments on “US right vs 12-year-old”

  1. Lee C 1

    Not dissimilar to the way Bill English’s kid was used for cheap political point-scoring over here recently.

    Odious stuff.

  2. Lee C 2

    But seriously, won’t the increasingly emotive situations, see an increase in the use of the young to make political points/

    It begs the question:

    Should it be allowed? ie. should we explicitly legislate against using the young to deliver political messages?

    Recently a study showed that Primary School kids in threUK were stressed overworked and celebrity obsessed….
    It is surely our duty to try and preserve the very fleeting childhood years, and keep the very young out of the cess-pool for as long as we can?

  3. Tane 3

    But Lee, wouldn’t you see that as a restriction on freedom of speech?

  4. The Sprout 4

    that’s really nasty

  5. Lee C 5

    Well Tane in my world view for you it would, because you evidently haven’t surpassed the emotional maturity of a twelve year old if that last comment is anything to go by.

  6. Tane 6

    Lee, I’m just asking a question. If think there is a valid democratic reason to restrict the use of children in political campaigning, then don’t you think there might be valid democratic reasons for some of the restrictions on campaign spending in the EFB?

  7. Robinson 7

    Lee – steady on there girl, the kid commented on a policy that affected him and his peers. While I’m sure there was a stunt-like quality about it I figure it’s only fair that people affected by policies (or vetoing of policies) have the right to speak out on their own behalf without facing a barrage of intimidation and abuse. Oh and please don’t use you tired “but what about the EFB” line on me.

  8. illuminatedtiger 8

    National will be doing this when kids come forward to complain about them privatizing the health system.

  9. Robinson 9

    Hey Tane – how’s it going bro? It’s good to see Lee over here eh? I really like her sense of humour (and her sense of morality). Seriously. I’m still waiting for our dinner date though.

  10. Tane 10

    Back off ‘sod, she and I had a good thing going over at Kiwiblog. Whyd’d you have to go and fuckin’ muscle in like that?

  11. Robinson 11

    Yeah at Kiwiblog Tane ‘cos I’m banned – you moved in quick after I was thrown out didn’t you . judas.

  12. Robinson 12

    Shit, sorry bro we shouldn’t let a woman (no matter how funny) get between us. She’s your bro I hope you’re happy together? Bros again?

  13. Nih 13

    D4J is a woman if you can get him on his stomach long enough. Well, like a woman. Bam! I’d hit it.

  14. hinamanu 14

    Bush is so obvious

    He wants trillions for war and nothing for US citizens

    He’s a bare faced monster and murderer of innocents

    war criminal

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