Useless ministers wasting our money

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  • That wannabe Crusher Collins. Can’t crush a car. Can’t save money on double-bunking. Tried to do it cheap. Now the bunks need $2.6m repairs. She reminds me of this bully at primary school. Seemed big, impressive, scary. Until we learned he couldn’t tie his shoelaces. Then he just looked like an angry idiot.
  • Private Public Partnerships don’t add up. $6m to set up PPPs for building schools. Then cross our fingers for 30 years and make $800K. Maybe. Tolley’s still keen but we know she can’t add.
  • Frontline teachers can’t get a pay rise to match inflation. But that loser Bennett can fork out thousands for the Children’s Commissioner to commute to Wellington by air. And that preener Ryall is doing the same for an appointed DHB member living in Townsville.
  • A scientist is made Kiwi of the Year. Cool. Key rebrands MRST and FRST as the Science and Innovation Ministry, and cuts $3 million in funding. Not cool. But since when did we need to know science? Let’s just get rich trading money.

5 comments on “Useless ministers wasting our money”

  1. Good stuff. Succinctly summing up why the current policy direction is a disaster.

    And not one mention of hair dyeing or lists of sheilas!

  2. grumpy 2

    Just as well I read your link, otherwise I wouldn’t have seen this;

    “She maintained the botch-up had not cost taxpayers because the double-bunking project came in $28.5m under budget. “The cost of the remedial work is being funded by the savings in the overall double-bunking project budget.””

    Sounds like a well run project under a great minister to me!

    • Deadly_NZ 2.1

      And of course she has never heard of – Do it once, Do it right?? Of course not. but if the Nats didn’t have a jail em all policy then they would not need all these extra beds full of dangerous fine non payers, shop lifters pot smokers and growers, type of crim. Pity you could not add Blue collar thief to that list, but hey, they are running the country.

    • Bazar 2.2

      So were talking abuot ministers wasting our money, when the 2.6 million expense was on a project that came 28.5 million under budget…

      The last point is where they spend less money, if they had increased spending into the science and innovation ministry, i could see your point…

      This almost seems like a reverse psychology national promotion.

  3. randal 3

    welll the national front bench are not the sort that you would entrust anything to that was difficult or required some thought.
    basically they are are just low iq fiddlers given make work to keep them busy and make them feel important.
    as soon as john key figures out how to do all his deals before nov 26 then they are all goneburger anyway.

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