Wee gripes: 3 of 3

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Business New Zealand and other assorted tossers. Stop calling our country ‘New Zealand Inc’. This is our home. This is where we live our lives and raise our families. It’s not some profit-maximising engine for your shareholders.

40 comments on “Wee gripes: 3 of 3”

  1. Pat 1

    Hey Zet – I found one of those other assorted tossers for you:

    “A New Zealand Inc Approach

    In New Zealand’s broadening relationship with Europe a “NZ Inc” approach is critical if we are going to maximise the potential benefits.”

    Hon Phil Goff
    Minister of Trade

    Speech to New Zealand-Europe Business Council
    20 June 2008


    • Zetetic 1.1

      Your mistake is in thinking I would never intentionally criticise Goff.

      You would have a little heart-attack if you realised you had attacked some behaviour and it tunred out Key did it. Because Key is your hero. A Randian superman. A god.

      Goff can and does get it wrong, in my view, and I don’t have any problem with saying so. Still prefer him to be PM than that other dude – the one whose failed to make any positive changes for the country.

  2. indiana 2

    …but we’re in so much debt already…help us!

  3. Pat 3

    That assorted tosser again:

    “New Home for “NZ Inc” in Los Angeles

    A New Zealand Inc. approach is the driving force behind the opening of New Zealand’s new Consulate office in Los Angeles, says Foreign Minister, Phil Goff.”

    Phil Goff Press Release – 23 Feb 2005

  4. muppet 4

    Of the 100 biggest economic units in the world 51 are countries and 49 are companies. Economics is all pervasive. Business NZ and others are just being upfront about it. I am guessing that 49 is going to increase.

    • stormspiral 4.1

      For ‘economic units’ read FEUDAL LORDS. Think about it, and don’t forget to question the mathematics of informetrics and economic theory, while stepping back carefully and looking at the whole picture, without regard for party affiliations and other politics.

      There’s a big difference between simple mathematics and reality. That’s why weather reports are so unreliable. Seriously.

  5. Rex Widerstrom 5

    Are they really? I hadn’t caught up with that trend.

    And Goff would have less excuse than most because as a former Foreign Minister he got to travel around and must surely have picked up that appending “Inc” to something (other than an incorporated society) is akin to appending “-gate” to an issue, at least outside insular little NZ – it universally implies that the thing is corrupt.

    They’re like little boys who’ve found a yellowing stack of Playboys in the back of a wardrobe and think it’s cool and cutting edge to run round saying “pussy”, without realising it’s changed from being daring to being an apt descriptor of themselves 😀

  6. Pat 6

    Geez this tosser won’t shut up about New Zealand Inc!

    “And in Hong Kong in December I was impressed by our ability – again in contrast to many others – to work as a combined New Zealand Inc operation involving government, industry and NGOs on the same team.”

    Hon Phil Goff
    Speech to University of Auckland Business School
    7 September 2006


  7. Pascal's bookie 7

    Pat, So what?

    I think Zet would say Goff should stop it, and that he’s a tosser.


    Wotz UR point?

  8. Good comment Zetetic.

    Being a country should involve more than pandering to business interests.

    Note to Goff – Stop saying inc!

  9. BLiP 9

    Will it get on your nerves if I continue to refer to the John Key National Party Inc?

  10. Zutroy 10

    I’m curious about your describing those who use the phrase “New Zealand Inc” as assorted tossers.

    Helen Clark used the phrase at a Labour Party conference in 2006


    Also, she used it again here


    and here


    and here


    • TightyRighty 10.1

      strange how zeitec has managed lumped business new zealand and the present and former labour party leaders together.

    • burt 10.2


      You just don’t get it do you – it’s OK when Labour people do it!

      • Inventory2 10.2.1

        Correct burt – they are only tossers when someone in authority (like Irish Bill) says so. Otherwise, they are the best thing since sliced bread 😉

  11. You know these shareholders that you speak bad of, are normal NewZealanders who invests in companies that employ New Zealanders.

  12. ROFLcopter 12

    The fail is strong in this one

  13. Oliver 13

    The term “New Zealand Inc” is heard frequently throughout the public service in Wellington where I work. It’s usually used when discussing how multiple govt agencies can work together to tackle an issue rather than just leaving it to someone else.

  14. randal 14

    it would be ok if only they could make a profit.
    otherwise its New Zealand Red Ink.
    basically they dont care if they make a profit or not just as long as they have captured another human being so they can psychologically abuse them. just a s good if not better than money dude.

  15. Askewed 15

    From memory MED had to come up with the New Zealand Inc concept when Mallard was Minister as the Green-led Buy NZ Made programme was going to exclude so many high profile brands like Ice Breaker for example.

  16. Nick C 16

    Helen Clark, Phil Goff: Tossers

    EPIC FAIL!!!

    • Zetetic 16.1

      Why is that fail?

      They shouldn’t call our country NZ Inc. It’s a wanky, dumb thing to say.

  17. Johnty Rhodes 17

    Zet would rather us say NZ BLOC, just like his commie mates in the old East Europe.

  18. Was this a slow blogging day? Couldn’t find anything else to make the tags John Key and National Party appear even more out of propertion in your tag cloud? LOL

  19. Zetetic 19

    It’ll be obvious by now that I don’t care that Clark and Goff used the term. I still hate it.They shouldn’t have used it.

    But I’ll give you a nice little lesson in logic since we’re here. I wrote:

    “Business New Zealand and other assorted tossers. Stop calling our country ‘New Zealand Inc'”

    Am I asserting the BizNZ and other assorted tossers are tossers BECAUSE they use the term ‘NZ Inc’? No. That does not logically flow from the words. They would be tossers even if they didn’t use the term.

    Am I asserting that anyone who has used the term is,THEREFORE, a tosser? No. No more than I am asserting all tossers call our country NZ Inc.

    Tosserness is a separate quality from NZ Inc calling with portions of each set overlapping.

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