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Who says cancel culture is a bad thing?

Written By: - Date published: 8:32 am, January 28th, 2021 - 84 comments
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It may be that we have heard publicly from John Banks for the last time.  If so this will be a good thing.

The man harbours rather extreme racist views and has not improved with age.

Decades ago Metro Magazine called him the most culturally unsafe person in New Zealand.

He once said that “[i]f Polynesians aren’t urinating in the streets in public they’re punching someone in the head”.  In 2011 he said “[i]f we continue the bankrupt response of just paying young Polynesian, young Māori men in South Auckland, the dole to sit in front of TV, smoke marijuana, watch pornography and plan more drug offending and more burglaries, then we’re going to have them coming through our window regardless if we live in Epsom or anywhere else in the greater Auckland”.

He is also homophobic and vehemently anti abortion as well as environmentally regressive.  His six years as Auckland mayor were highlighted by his destruction of the consensus to build light rail back in 2001.  Imagine how different Auckland would be if he had not done that.

Magic Radio for some strange reason brought him back for a show to fill in for Peter Williams.   Williams is hardly a paragon of rational virtue, his climate change denying rants being well known.  Some older men seem to get more stupid and more strident at the same time and this is a potent mix.

Yesterday in response to a racist rant by a caller Banks joined in and talked about Maori having a “stone age culture” and warned about Maori coming through people’s bathroom windows.

The response was swift.  Twitter kicked into gear and later that day Vodafone, Kiwibank and Spark suspended advertising on Magic.  NZ Cricket said that it was “disgusted and appalled by an indefensibly racist exchange between a talkback caller and host John Banks on MagicTalk Radio yesterday. NZC has contacted the station to both ask for an explanation and express its dismay over comments completely at odds with our values and culture. Should strong action not be taken NZC reserves its right to review its relationship with Magic Talk”.

Banks issued an apology for saying something that could have been “misconstrued as racist“.  When giving an apology the catholic in me says give a proper apology.  Do not say something that suggests that everyone else misinterpreted what you said, especially when it was blatantly racist.

To those complaining about cancel culture all that I can say in response is that this is the perfect case where it has provided very desirable result.  We should no longer tolerate racism.

84 comments on “Who says cancel culture is a bad thing? ”

  1. Tiger Mountain 1

    Has “Banksie” deteriorated with age, or had plateaued at his normal level of filth, and just got sprung due to further public exposure?

    What an unpleasant reminder of his years of anti Pasifika and homophobic bigotry. Non existent helicopter flights to Dotcom’s mansion, a custom car park on the ratepayer for his Bentley and Harley, late night cruising around K’Rd, it all comes back, refusing to acknowledge his own son in a legal case…

    He has paraded hate for decades, and still has a market, if a diminishing one in the third decade of the 21st Century. I heard his old mate “Hone” Carter on RNZ this morning, and Carter has actually improved a little as FNDC Mayor, but not “two cheques” Banks. At least we had the satisfaction of his humiliation in the contest for first supercity Mayor, and may this be his final ignominy.

  2. gsays 2

    Commerce permeates this Banks issue.

    A commercial decision to have the outspoken has-been back on the airwaves as he will deliver ears to the advertisers.

    A commercial decision to discontinue the relationship.

    Where is the scorn for Media works for tolerating, enabling and funding product that is a little bit too racist again ?


    Banks is a tragic relic, Mediaworks is a far more insidious powerful entity.

    • tc 2.1

      This is what you get with the self regulation Collins allowed as we all know it suits the right to have this type of action in the market.

      Media can pretty much do as it pleases without consequences which Dirty Politics showed.

  3. Robert Guyton 3

    "…as well as environmentally…" what?

  4. AB 4

    Which form of cancel culture is worse:

    • right-wing hacks being tossed off the air because they say shitty things that will offend the listeners and advertisers, or
    • left-wing voices never being heard because their opinions might clash with the commercial interests of the owners of media platforms and their advertisers

    The latter of course has been around for decades (cue Chomsky and Herman), whereas the former is relatively new and has got people excited, even spawning the phrase 'cancel culture' to describe it.

    Double standards much?

    • Incognito 4.1

      Personally, I’m always dismayed about some left-wing voices trying to cancel other left-wing voices for various reasons; it tends to get quite feral and personal 🙁

      • AB 4.1.1

        Civil wars are always the most vicious.

      • Forget now 4.1.2

        I think there has to be some care to differentiate between the different forms of Cancel Culture, Incognito. It's a rather flexible term that means different things to different people, and impacts different people differently. Particularly with the rise in anonymous (or pseudonymous) internet fora where the Cancelers can snipe from near perfect concealment until they themselves transgress to the point of themselves being cancelled (and outed and doxed).

        The promise of cancelling was that it would give power back to those who had none, and bring justice to prominent abusers. It's; in a way, the 21st century version of the guillotine: The bringer of justice. The people's avenger. But also; like the guillotine, it can become a sadistic entertainment spectacle. And I want to make the case that well:

        We do have a teensy bit of a; reign of terror, situation here, gorge{ous}

        While I do earnestly recommend that everybody watch Natalie Wynn's magnum opus, I get that; the feature length movie duration (of a 100 minute singleperson Youtube video), may put many off. Even synopsizing it would take considerable comment space. The important part for the current discussion is around the; 1 hour, 13 minute mark where she equates the presentday phenomenon of Cancelling with what was last century called Trashing as described in a 1976 Jo Freeman article:

        What is "trashing," this colloquial term that expresses so much, yet explains so little? It is not disagreement; it is not conflict; it is not opposition. These are perfectly ordinary phenomena which, when engaged in mutually, honestly, and not excessively, are necessary to keep an organism or organization healthy and active. Trashing is a particularly vicious form of character assassination which amounts to psychological rape. It is manipulative, dishonest, and excessive. It is occasionally disguised by the rhetoric of honest conflict, or covered up by denying that any disapproval exists at all. But it is not done to expose disagreements or resolve differences. It is done to disparage and destroy.


      • Obtrectator 4.1.3

        “Personally, I’m always dismayed about some left-wing voices trying to cancel other left-wing voices for various reasons; it tends to get quite feral and personal”

        That's why Franco won the Spanish Civil War. The two main left-wing factions put so much time and effort into the contest as to which of them would reign supreme after the inevitable (to them) victory over the Right, they lost sight of the need to actually defeat the Right first.

        • RedLogix

          they lost sight of the need to actually defeat the Right first.

          If your goal is to defeat the people you have to live with – you are assured of a miserable life.

        • Popliteal Fossa

          That is not at all why Franco won the Spanish Civil War. He won with the support of many thousands of professional troops and top-end military equipment from Germany and Italy,. This mean he could often fight battles with an advantage of 3 or 4 to one in term of troops, and an incalculable advantage in terms of equipment. The infighting between anarchists and communists in the Republican ranks was quite insignificant by comparison.

  5. bwaghorn 5

    Yip we need to run these shit bags out of town .

    They infect there listeners with their disease.

    • Nic the NZer 5.1

      Most of the listeners appear to have identified the racism very effectively. Many then contacted the radio station and advertisers promptly.

      Do you know anybody who was infected?

      • mac1 5.1.1

        Sometimes the infection is already there, but receiving nourishment and approval, is seen as the healthy norm.

        • Nic the NZer

          Your suggesting a large number of Banks audience are thinking his behaviour seems to be a pretty good idea for them to emulate?

        • bwaghorn

          Yip I occasionally lunch in the presence of a wealthy oldy who has talk back going all the time occasionally the facade slips and the poison she injests leaks out all over the place.

          • Nic the NZer

            A quiet dottage, cruelly marred by availability of talkback radio.

            • Phil

              Both my Mother and Mother-in-law are avid listeners to talkback radio, in part, I assume, because they are retired living alone and it's nice to have the companionship of human voices. They're both worldly and smart women.

              Nevertheless, the amount of fearmongering bullshit they consume from the radio (especially during the Covid lockdown) is breathtaking and terrifying.

        • mac1

          One person alone can give approval to another so that they both feel vindicated. My comment referred to the deluded thinking they are the norm no matter how much actual approval.

          When the approval giver is a noted personality, a former Mayor and Cabinet Minister, then that adds credibility to the credulous.

          How many of Banks' audience agreed with him for me is not the issue. I hope it's not many. But, as the recent election showed, a majority of Kiwis saw through the bullshit expounded by such as Banks.

          What is important is that Banks got called, and sanctioned.

  6. Stuart Munro 6

    It all depends who it is trying to silence, and what is objectionable about what they have to say. As a general rule, punching down is not appropriate.

    It gets complicated by those persons who repeat the fictions of a Trump, Putin, or Xi. Though often ignorant and disempowered, letting them operate as catspaws does nothing for civic discourse. Does it count as silencing Trump, which would be punching up, or silencing his disempowered dupes which would be punching down? In those instances a criterion of untruth might be helpful – when they lie they're better silenced – when they find a kernel of truth we are obliged to tolerate them.

  7. Andre 7

    What is the difference between cancel culture, which seems to be viewed as a bad thing, and just arseholes getting (correctly) told their arseholery is not welcome, which is surely a good thing?

    • Nic the NZer 7.1

      The difference is the extra step when the reasonable persons actual statements, behaviour or arguments are missconstrued (or problematized) so they can be called a racist, sexist or other kind of bigot or 'tankie' and subsequently cancelled.

  8. woodart 8

    cancel culture ,virtual signalling, bloody nonsense. keep it simple. the All Blacks have a simple rule, no dickheads. I have organised and run a few gigs where alcohol and other substances were involved, at the start of the night , it is made clear to ALL, no dickheads, misbehave and you are thrown out the gate. never had a problem, no fashionable phrase or buzzwords needed, no handwringing whether this is an attack on someones political views. .

    • Forget now 8.1

      So you are the dictator of; who is, and who is not, a dickhead then, Woodart? Cancel Culture and Virtue Signaling are not the same thing. Arguably this is more a case of VS than CC, in that it was the companies who pulled their advertising; because they didn't want to be smeared with this slime, that really caused Banks' firing. But it's not like Tragic Talk didn't know exactly what he was when they hired him. On radio, the ads are the Content; the programs are the Fill.

      Banks interrupted the caller, saying “just a minute, your children need to get used to their stone-age culture because if their stone-age culture doesn’t change, these people will come through your bathroom window”.

      Always with the coming through the windows (also phrasing)! And sure; people complained on twitter, but that was free advertising for the demographic the station was cultivating. But there's no point in the business having an audience, if they can't flog them stuff.

      Where do rapist ruggers fall in your definition of dickheads? Have we never had a problem, or do we choose not to see the problems we do have? Because the prospect of watching a bunch a sweaty lads in tight shorts mudwrestling doesn't seem worth that to me.

      • woodart 8.1.1

        if you have to ask whether a rapist is a dickhead, then you would be put out the gate. as an adult, you should know what behaviour is acceptable, and when you go into someones private property, then yes, they are the dictator and do decide what constitutes being a dickhead. go to a pub, concert, etc, and behave badly. see how quickly you are shown the door.

        • Forget now

          We are discussing a radio broadcast, so is that one private property or not? The frequency is leased by the government, yet the receivers are on the listeners property. Banks was ejected from the broadcaster's property for making the advertisers look bad by association, and the person phoning in from their property had to see their; presumed idol, toppled, for agreeing with their rancid views. However many things happen that aren't on private property and still the police and other governmental agencies can enforce laws on both, if not always consisitantly. Cops trump bouncers.

          Anyway, you were the one who chose to introduce rugby players as moral exemplars. However, it is strangely difficult to secure rape convictions against them, and even when that happens; they are welcomed back to the fold after sentence served. Though they are not people that many Aotearoans would want to see representing us on an international forum. Christian Grey even shares a name with the notoriously abusive arsehole in a poorly written, and researched, series of books that has done lasting harm to the kink community.


          Which, to me, is a really bad look, and reason enough to avoid the sport that I used to play in school (only the 3rd 15, but at the time my school was the rugby club fielding the most teams in the province). During which time, I saw the top team members afforded a certain informal license for any transgressions at events on private property. I just wish that I had had the courage to be the dickhead who called out some of the sexual assault I witnessed then. But one's loyalty was to the team and school; so I chose not to see, thought I mistook the situation and didn't interfere; no one in authority would have listened anyway.

          Looking back, I am deeply ashamed of the cowardice of my former self.

  9. Janice 9

    Banks would be a good fit with Brash, Bassett and Hide. I wonder why he wasn't asked to join them?

  10. Ad 10

    Are the left just more polite?

  11. Peter 11

    From Herald: "I also made some generic negative statements about Māori people and practices that could have been misconstrued as racist. And I apologise for that, it's not my intention. I'm not racist. I'm not racist," said Banks.

    "Banks next spoke, he said "your children need to get used to their stone-age culture, because if their stone-age culture doesn't change, these people will come through your bathroom window".

    Put that together with the history above. Banks thinking and saying he isn't racist shows his dumb and ignorant he is.

  12. McFlock 12

    "Cancel culture" is as close to democracy as capitalism gets.

    Advertisers pay to be associated with individuals who will get advertisers sales.

    Making it clear that association with someone can only be negative in one's opinion leaves the capitalist to recompute cold calculation: do I get more money from this association than it costs me?

  13. Cancelled:

    r/WallStreetBets for challenging the hegemony of Wall St, pumping up GameStop, and screwing over hedge funds with short positions.

    Feminists like Abigail Shrier, Ani O'Brien, Rachel Stewart, for speaking out about the rights of women and girls, under attack by a faux "left" social media movement that happens to have massive corporate sponsorship.

    Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning

    Jeremy Corbyn, Bernie Sanders (vilified by the MSM, not just insane RW media) because they spoke out for the people against the corporations.

    Be careful what you wish for.

    • Forget now 13.1

      Feminists are not one single monolithic entity, in fact many trans-people consider themselves feminists too, though other people who call themselves that may not agree. Gerlich may be free to speak, but that does not mean that others are obliged to provide her an uncritical audience when she says things like:

      "Transgenderism is a predatory and authoritarian neo-liberal ideology."

      The corporate sponsorship of Pride month is certainly a fraught issue: Gatekeeping vs Appropriation. But when it comes to such dodginess, I find the Heritage Foundation's connection to the LGB Alliance's (note absence of; T+) founder; Bev Jackson, to be particularly troubling:

      In the 10 months since it launched, the LGB Alliance has been plagued by fierce opposition from the LGBT+ community for its campaign against the rights of transgender people.

      Criticism has grown more vocal as a string of revelations about the group in the first half of 2020 revealed its connections with neo-Nazis, homophobes, and anti-abortion organisations in the US.


      I guess being imprisoned for leaking information about (alleged) war crimes is a form of cancelling, that's a bit of a stretch though. Thanks you for using her current name, though we are getting a bit far away from the OP Banks firing topic now…

      If you want to continue this discussion, Roblogic; OM may be a better forum.

      • roblogic 13.1.1

        Thanks for the link to Renee's talk, very informative. But linking GC feminists to neo-nazis?! lol. There are serious matters at stake, partisan devotion to ideology doesn't justify shutting down questions & limiting academic freedom.

        • McFlock

          If "cancel culture" were actually a thing that "silenced" people, you wouldn't be able to link to a publication that moans that a book currently available on amazon is being "cancelled".

          I mean, I'd be happy if John Banks never received any media attention or broadcasting or writing or speaking work ever again. But the odds of that happening are exceedingly slim.

          The main issue seems to be that some "cancelled" folks who once had a mainstream target market now have a niche market of bigots (of one flavour or another).

          • roblogic

            There's more going on than Banks-style ignorant bigotry.

            • McFlock

              And everyone I kicked out of a pub or function was just harmlessly having a good time and doing nothing wrong. If you only listened to their version of events.

              • roblogic

                Yes it's certainly easier not to have annoying voices of dissent. Cancelling people won't make inconvenient facts go away though.

                • McFlock

                  I note how you managed to link to three more "annoying voices of dissent".

                  "Cancelling" people does not appear to stop them addressing their target audience, or audience members from finding people with whom they agree. As you have repeatedly demonstrated.

                  cf: my first paragraph at

          • Nic the NZer

            Of course your views are undoubtedly well read, and you are not miss representing any of the wealth of literature available to that niche market of bigots.

            • McFlock

              If they had been cancelled or silenced, there would not be a "wealth of literature".

              • Nic the NZer

                Lol. Yes, I was asking your expertise in bigotrature not about its availability.

                • McFlock

                  I had nobody in particular in mind, even if roblogic seems to have a fixation on one particular social conflict.

                  The textbook example would be David Irving, a respected historian with an encyclopaedic knowledge of the minutae of Third Reich bureaucratic memos, who progressively outed himself as a denier of the Holocaust and ended up doing speaker slots for far-right groups.

                  The people who still want to listen to him or read his books can do so. But only specific groups of people wish to do so.

            • Forget now

              No; Nic, you're getting confused – that's not McFlock…

              “Miss Representing” is my Drag name; for when I get all dolled up, of an evening!

        • Forget now


          Do you know the Aotearoan trans; suicide rates, and median income? Those are serious matters to me!

          The comparison was not of; all transphobic feminists, to neo-nazis. But rather:

          [T]he Heritage Foundation, an ultra-conservative think tank of anti-LGBT+ lobbyists that, according to the New York Times, has furthered its right-wing agenda by staffing the Trump administration…

          {&} the Witherspoon Institute – another conservative US think tank that opposes abortion and same-sex marriage.

          {Link above @ 13.1}

          However, if you really want to get into a TERF war, then we should take this over to OM. Unless you are a moderator; I am not sticking my mouth on that hornet's nest again!

          • roblogic

            I don't want a war, just acknowledgment that women like Ani or Rachel have lost their jobs and been harassed, threatened and cancelled, and slurred with words like TERF for speaking out about their sex-based rights. It's a stain on the woke left and puts the lie to claims of tolerance and diversity.

            • McFlock

              A journo lost their job? In this economy? Shocking. If their content sold subscriptions, they'd still be there.

              • roblogic

                A fairly typical incredulous response, sadly.

                • McFlock

                  Looked up Stewart. She quit. Apparently "freedom of speech" means forcing others to publish what you write, I guess.

                  But you're missing the point – these mainstream media outlets are corporations. Sociopathic capitalistic institutions. Their structure is designed to suppress any individual's ethical framework and simply pursue profit.

                  If people wanted to read a particular work, no matter how pointless, crude, or offensive, a functionaing media company would publish it. It would make money. Just as many companies retain loathsome individuals and make payoffs with NDAs, because they feel they make more money with those people in the company than if the loathsome were fired.

                  "Cancel culture" is simply people clearly stating that they will not give money to something they don't like.

            • Forget now

              Still off topic to the Banks firing I see, roblogic. But once again:

              You may be free to speak, but that does not mean that others are obliged to provide you an uncritical audience.

              Also, I've heard that; TERF, was a response to previous; TIM & TIF, belittlements (Trans Identifying Male & Female; respectively), which I actually thought were pretty good – in a passive aggressive kind of way. But they just didn't stick as tightly as the rejoinder did. A textbook case of being able to dish it out, but not suck it up.

              Personally, I regard referring to transphobes as; TransExclusionary Radical Feminists, as being a bit off target. Some may indeed be; Radical Feminists, but most are; conventional bigots who believe they are entitled to dictate what others do with their bodies, but prefer to woke-cloak their arseholery. Jackson's involvement with; The Heritage Foundation &; The Witherspoon Institute, is clear evidence of that to me.

              Anyway; I'll see you over on OM if you want to continue this. This shit frankly bores me these days. After the first couple of dozen times of; trying to explain subtle distinctions to those who think I am incapable of knowing my own mind, you realise that they're not worth the effort.

              I am not going convince you, you are not going to convince me; so why are we wasting everyone's time with this aside to the OP? Have the last word if you want it so desperately.

            • Tabletennis

              Thank you roblogic.
              I'm not surprised by the comments to your contribution, there are clearly still a lot "Banks" in the NZ society.
              If standing up for women's sex based rights (as protected under the sex discrimination act) is considered bigotry by some, then it’s no surprise they also hold the believe that womanhood is simply the act of putting on a dress and some lipstick and that ANY-BODY can do so and be legally a women.

              You can’t build trans acceptance on denying women their own identity as a sex based class that differ from males of any gender expression.
              Male to female trans people are valid MALE diversity and need words, sports, spaces and advocacy that reflect that, rather than colonising another groups.


              p style=”margin-left:96px”>

    • Tabletennis 13.2

      Thank you Roblogic for your contrition to the cancel culture.
      "No self-respecting women should wish or work for the success of a party who ignores her sex"

      Cancel culture in female sport, ignoring sex, safety and fairness.
      • In 2018, before the USAPL changed their rules, JayCee Cooper, a trans powerlifter, set records in women's bench press after only having powerlifted for a year.
      • In 2018, trans cyclist, Rachel McKinnon, took first among the women at the UCI Masters Track Cycling World Championship.
      • In 2017, transgender weightlifter, Laurel Hubbard, set master's world records and won the Commonwealth Games in Australia.
      • In 2014, transgender pro MMA fighter Fallon Fox beat Tamikka Brents, giving her a concussion and broken orbital bone.

      The truth is everyone knows that it’s wrong to let male people play women’s sport. We all know it’s unfair and unsafe and excludes women.

      It’s common sense but no one is allowed to say it.


  14. Castro 14

    If only first nations people had used cancel culture to repel European and other colonists… just call them racists and watch them turn tail… Christ, imagine if the Nazis had screamed racist when met with opposition,,, they might have got the whole world…

  15. Adrian Thornton 15

    Micky Savage, “To those complaining about cancel culture all that I can say in response is that this is the perfect case where it has provided very desirable result.”….wrong .

    Anyone on the Left who is a cheerleader for censorship and its ‘desirable results’ is either completely ignorant of the history of the struggles of the Left or, what is more likely, have just not realized that they have slowly over many years shifted from once being Left (or Left leaning) to now being some sort of Liberal Centrist (which, for some reason, they can’t just acknowledge), and so just through force of habit still call themselves Left…because to think that allowing people and/or organizations to be arbitrarily cancelled and that the same won’t very soon happen (is happening now!) to the Left is short sighted in the extreme.

    In this age when all the main means of communication and all our finances are on line, and are held in the hands of private Corporations, to cheer on cancel culture, that happens without any over sight by these unaccountable monopoly’s is fucking mind boggling…but I guess if you are a Centrist then in your own mind you have nothing to fear, because all this censoring will never effect the status quo…and that is now you and your ideology.

    Martyn 'Bomber' Bradbury cancelled from RNZ


    'Facebook shuts down major left wing group in Britain"


    "Facebook And Twitter Limit Sharing 'New York Post' Story About Joe Biden"



    "Twitter has purged left-wing accounts with no explanation"


    ‘Facebook Purge’: List of Some Deleted Accounts on Left & Right"


    And finally your cancel culture seems to be very subjective, notice that the anti Putin poster boy Alexey Navalny who is regularly interviewed and/or lorded by The Guardian, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, Washington Post etc and our very own RNZ is a outright racist…haven’t seen him cancelled by Twitter, Facebook or deplatformed by YouTube…now I wonder why that is, any suggestions there Mickey Savage?

    Here is his outrageous racist diatribe in Russian a translated link is below it…



    Dictator vs. democrat? Not quite: Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny is no progressive hero


    We have laws in New Zealand specifically to deal with racism and racist comments on air…if you have a problem with Banks comments (as you should) then lay an official complaint to the The Human Rights commission and his employer.

    The Human Rights commissionRacially offensive comments


    • Castro 15.1

      Yep… Liberal Centrists AT BEST… Right-wing Neo-fascists, more like

    • Tiger Mountain 15.2

      Well put Adrian. I recall during the US Presidential Primaries a number of centrist Standard commenters and posters could not even bring themselves to support Bernie Sanders policy points such as universal healthcare!

      They were mired in the punditry, the process, and that “Bernie could never win”. So what, is universal healthcare desirable or not? Dishonest whimps.

        • Adrian Thornton

          That was a very perceptive comment, I agree with nearly all of your points, though I am not sure what 'radical activist voices' you are referring to within the Democratic party?, surely if there is any new movement or direction from the usual course that the party in on, the lobbyists dictate that?

          You where quite right about underestimating Trump as well, if it hadn't been for Covid Trump would have rolled over the Dems without a murmer, probably even would have won if he had just got a $2000 cheque out before the election.

          • RedLogix

            Personally I never saw Sanders as 'radical'. In my book he's a middle of the road social democrat who would barely raise eyebrows most other places. He would slot into the NZLP caucus with barely a blip.

            But while TeamBiden's win is a welcome relief from the head-banging Trump, we shouldn't forget just how very, very narrow the Democrat win was. If it hadn't been for COVID many people think Trump would have romped home.

            As for ‘radical activist voices’ – it’s no secret I don’t much like the variety of identitarian woke movements and causes that swirl around the periphery of the American left, and nor do the silent majority of US voters.

            And that remains a big problem for the Democrats; they have power, but largely because it was gifted to them unearned. What they do with it next is going to be interesting.

            • Adrian Thornton

              "it’s no secret I don’t much like the variety of identitarian woke movements" I don't care for many of them either, but I do believe that their voice on the Left is blown right out of proportion…mainly from snake oil salesmen like Jordan Peterson and his crew, who also get people upset and uptight by the non-existent ‘cultural Marxists’ what a and ridiculous term for crying out loud!..still it’s made him a millionaire so I guess it’s worked for him.

  16. In Vino 16

    Coming in late – my ten pence.

    Historically, we as a species world-wide came through the stone age, the bronze age, and then the iron age, and now the 'your phone is smarter than you are' age.

    Technically, it is true: Maori were chipping stone and wood to make tools, but they were not melting and forging metals.

    The problem is that 'stone age' has become an insult, and was being deliberately used as an insult on this occasion, and silly old Banks went along with it.

    That is Racism.

    I would say that Maori were indeed stone-age before the arrival of Europeans, but their society was well advanced in other ways.

    Maybe the Waikato was invaded by Grey because the Maori there were showing that a successful production of agriculture in economic terms was being achieved by a communal group with no private ownership… Well, that could not be allowed to happen, could it?

    That stone age society was not totally limited by not having melted and forged metals.

    But Banks and his radio hateback man don't get any of that. For them stone age equals primitive equals insult. Dumb.

    They have got the silencing they deserve just in reaction to the stupidity of what they said.

    We don't need new hate speech laws when our public opinion is already good enough to silence idiots like these anyway.

    • Forget now 16.1

      Pounamu is a wonderful stone!

      But we do need new hate speech laws. Because the application of the law is (in theory); even-handed and consistent, and at least produces a written record more permanent than a twitter thread.

      You can't rely on cancelling to solve society's problems; you can't even rely on cancelling to solve the problems in cancel culture.

  17. georgecom 17

    some stone age mentality from Banks

    if he was making the observation that some technology maori had prior to european arrival was stone age he might have been on firmer ground

    but Banks used it in a pejorative way

    the bloke needs to get his thinking out of the stone age

  18. Pat 18

    Banks has always been a dick…and yet he has managed to get himself enough votes to be an MP for 21 years and been elected Mayor of Auckland , twice….and not that long ago.

  19. Maurice 19

    Many confuse "Neolithic" with "Neanderthal" and cries of racism; white privilege; white supremacy etc. etc. tend to indicate the belief in inferiority – perhaps?

    • Forget now 19.1

      Europeans, especially from the north of that peninsula/ continent are likely to have a greater proportion of Neanderthal DNA than Polynesians (more Denisovan contribution from extinct Homo Sapiens subspecies, due to Asian migration pattern origins). Rather than; inferiority, or superiority, I find it more useful to think in terms of fitness for (changing) environment.

      But if you can interbreed to produce non-sterile offspring (whether you choose to, or not), then you are biologically the same species.

  20. Sanctuary 20

    I took a brief look at that blog Brash and Hide etc have set up and it is a bit sad. Hide is a covid denier but worse, like John Banks these men are all now relics from another time. They've been left behind and it is probably time to retire to enjoy the garden, their families and sitting outside a cafe playing checkers.

    The hardest thing ever, it seems, is for a boomer to let go and gracefully retire from the field.

  21. Reality 21

    Sanctuary, it does seem some who have been public figures find it very difficult to move aside and let the next generations take over. They so often end up looking irrelevant and out of touch with the world as it now is. They want life to be as they knew it in the 60s, 70s, 80s, when there were some very entrenched nasty attitudes.

  22. Tricledrown 22

    Just new terminology for political correctness.

    Civilization is moving foward and changing some want to live in the past .

  23. McFlock 24

    Seems to me that there's a lot of noise fropm people who have been "silenced".

    I would have thought that it would follow the form of person does thing -> uproar -> never hear from or about person again.

    Only one who seems to have done that (other than notable sex offenders) is Tony Veitch (not the commenter here, but the partner-bashing 3rd rate broadcaster). Even then, he was employed for five years or so before eventually pissing off to Bali.

    Most other "cancelled" folks still seem to have a fan base they play to.

  24. Lee 25

    Boohoo, please harden up those whining about cancel culture like it's the latest meme that just started happening. This is nothing new and has been around for thousands of years in many cultures across the world and happens when some idiot in society does something idiotically stupid or dangerous that lets down the entire group. Really there's something really flawed and wrong with your notion of free speech if your think it's ok to spew hateful crap into some strangers face walking on the street, make how to kill yourself step by step guides to primary school children online on youtube, burn crosses on someones lawn, or spew racist crap on tax payer publicly funded radio, or make death threats on a social media platform that you don't own. Free speech is NOT absolute, there are consequences. I also have a right to tune this crap out of my life if I want to.

  25. roblogic 26

    Pulitzer winning journo on Cancel Culture…

    • Muttonbird 26.1

      Yeah, nah. While I didn't read all of it, the thesis seemed to be that because someone once stood up to prevailing thought in defence of tolerance and was cancelled for it, we should now allow people to stand up against tolerance and not cancel them for it.

      That and the old, "you need to listen poor right wing people and understand them more, otherwise it's your fault if they riot".

      How about just make the system provide better for everyone?

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    Attorney-General David Parker today announced the appointment of three new District Court Judges.    Two of the appointees will take up their roles on 1 April, replacing sitting Judges who have reached retirement age.     Kirsten Lummis, lawyer of Auckland has been appointed as a District Court Judge with jury jurisdiction to ...
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    Government announces list of life-shortening conditions guaranteeing early KiwiSaver access The Government changed the KiwiSaver rules in 2019 so people with life-shortening congenital conditions can withdraw their savings early The four conditions guaranteed early access are – down syndrome, cerebral palsy, Huntington’s disease and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder An alternative ...
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    The Labour Government will invest $6 million for 70 additional adult cochlear implants this year to significantly reduce the historical waitlist, Health Minister Andrew Little says. “Cochlear implants are life changing for kiwis who suffer from severe hearing loss. As well as improving an individual’s hearing, they open doors to ...
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    The Local Electoral (Māori Wards and Māori Constituencies) Amendment Bill passed its third reading today and will become law, Minister of Local Government Hon Nanaia Mahuta says. “This is a significant step forward for Māori representation in local government. We know how important it is to have diversity around ...
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    The Government has added 1,000 more transitional housing places as promised under the Aotearoa New Zealand Homelessness Action Plan (HAP), launched one year ago. Minister of Housing Megan Woods says the milestone supports the Government’s priority to ensure every New Zealander has warm, dry, secure housing. “Transitional housing provides people ...
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  • Second batch of Pfizer/BioNTech doses arrives safely – as the first vaccinations take place in the...
    A second batch of Pfizer/BioNTech vaccines arrived safely yesterday at Auckland International Airport, COVID-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins says. “This shipment contained about 76,000 doses, and follows our first shipment of 60,000 doses that arrived last week. We expect further shipments of vaccine over the coming weeks,” Chris Hipkins said. ...
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    1 week ago
  • $18 million for creative spaces to make arts more accessible
    The Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage Carmel Sepuloni has today announced $18 million to support creative spaces. Creative spaces are places in the community where people with mental health needs, disabled people, and those looking for social connection, are welcomed and supported to practice and participate in the arts ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • Moriori Claims Settlement Bill passes first reading
    Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations Minister Andrew Little today welcomed Moriori to Parliament to witness the first reading of the Moriori Claims Settlement Bill. “This bill is the culmination of years of dedication and hard work from all the parties involved. “I am delighted to reach this significant milestone today,” Andrew ...
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    1 week ago
  • Government action reduces child poverty
    22,400 fewer children experiencing material hardship 45,400 fewer children in low income households on after-housing costs measure After-housing costs target achieved a year ahead of schedule Government action has seen child poverty reduce against all nine official measures compared to the baseline year, Prime Minister and Minister for Child Poverty ...
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    1 week ago
  • Entries open for the 2021 Prime Minister’s Education Excellence Awards
    It’s time to recognise the outstanding work early learning services, kōhanga reo, schools and kura do to support children and young people to succeed, Minister of Education Chris Hipkins says. The 2021 Prime Minister’s Education Excellence Awards are now open through until April 16. “The past year has reminded us ...
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  • Jobs for Nature benefits three projects
    Three new Jobs for Nature projects will help nature thrive in the Bay of Plenty and keep local people in work says Conservation Minister Kiri Allan. “Up to 30 people will be employed in the projects, which are aimed at boosting local conservation efforts, enhancing some of the region’s most ...
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    1 week ago
  • Improvements to the Holidays Act on the way
    The Government has accepted all of the Holidays Act Taskforce’s recommended changes, which will provide certainty to employers and help employees receive their leave entitlements, Workplace Relations and Safety Minister Michael Wood announced today. Michael Wood said the Government established the Holidays Act Taskforce to help address challenges with the ...
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    1 week ago
  • NZ’s credit rating lifted as economy recovers
    The Government’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and faster than expected economic recovery has been acknowledged in today’s credit rating upgrade. Credit ratings agency Standard & Poor’s (S&P) today raised New Zealand’s local currency credit rating to AAA with a stable outlook. This follows Fitch reaffirming its AA+ rating last ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 weeks ago
  • Speech to National Remembrance Service on the 10th anniversary of the Christchurch earthquake
    Tena koutou e nga Maata Waka Ngai Tuahuriri, Ngai Tahu whanui, Tena koutou. Nau mai whakatau mai ki tenei ra maumahara i te Ru Whenua Apiti hono tatai hono, Te hunga mate ki te hunga mate Apiti hono tatai hono, Te hunga ora ki te hunga ora Tena koutou, Tena ...
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    2 weeks ago
  • Government reaffirms urgent commitment to ban harmful conversion practices
    The Minister of Justice has reaffirmed the Government’s urgent commitment, as stated in its 2020 Election Manifesto, to ban conversion practices in New Zealand by this time next year. “The Government has work underway to develop policy which will bring legislation to Parliament by the middle of this year and ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 weeks ago
  • New creative service aims to benefit 1,000 peoples’ careers
    Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage and Social Development Hon Carmel Sepuloni today launched a new Creative Careers Service, which is expected to support up to 1,000 creatives, across three regions over the next two years. The new service builds on the most successful aspects of the former Pathways to ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 weeks ago