Xero doesn’t like being on the receiving end

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Xero used to fund hate for hire blog Whaleoil via advertising, because “we like to support the sunlight of good challenging discussions”.

Turns out that they aren’t so keen when the “good challenging discussions” are turned on them. Matt Nippert – Xero boss withdraws advertising from Whaleoil.

Rodney Hide has confirmed he was probably behind a series of Whaleoil posts attacking Xero that led Rod Drury to suspend advertising on the controversial blog. In response to the latest in a series of Whaleoil posts critical of Xero, Drury said had cut advertising spending on the site over what he claimed was a campaign being steered by Hide.

“I’ve been a long time reader of Whaleoil and we even used to advertise here as we like to support the sunlight of good challenging discussions. (I turned that off yesterday after your misguided Hide campaign and it now appears to be open season on us.)”

So it’s different for Xero when they’re on the receiving end. Not impressed. Maybe others who still advertise on that blog would like to ponder.

16 comments on “Xero doesn’t like being on the receiving end”

  1. Hayden 1

    I think Xero need to do more work on their “Apply for Bankruptcy” module before targeting the average Whaleoil fan.

  2. NZJester 2

    Slater has had no problem biting the hand that feeds him in the past and I’m sure he will do so many times more in the future. I would like to say I feel sorry for someone receiving the nasty sting of the Whaleoil website, but as they sound like they have been quite happy with the contents of the sites nasty backstabbing nature till it was turned on them I just can not bring myself to fell sorry for them.

    As I said in my comment on yesterdays open mike;
    “I guess if you lay down with wild dogs, don’t be surprised if you get up covered in flea bites or get bitten a few times!”

  3. Lucy 3

    This is one of the reasons I have resisted going to Xero – they are an unethical organisation that will fund right wing people to get what they need. Another reason is they so far have not turned a profit which makes them and the data they hold ripe for someone even less ethical to pick up and use!

    • Tracey 3.1

      And yet when people here describe some right supporters as being hypocrites and unable to withstand criticism we get told we are (fill in the blank).

      Frankly Xero have just outted itself as a classic bully. Attack others under the veil of free speech and then run crying whenever someone criticises them.

      That a so called top CEO regularly reads that site, let alone considers it shining a ligh on discussion is frightening.

      Slater does more in the dark than he does in the light.

  4. whateva next? 4

    If a company advertised it’s integrity, paying a living wage and paying taxes in the country it is selling in, i would be queuing at the door….too easy.

  5. Tiger Mountain 5

    the filth pump of a blog that Slater oil runs can turn on on anyone, which his opportunist customers seem to discover eventually, mind you his Israeli pay will see him through, tories come and go but Mossad is forever

  6. Saarbo 6

    I understand that Drury sold a heap of his shares recently, locking in profit from a sinking ship I guess.

  7. Esoteric Pineapples 7

    I was talking to someone in business the other day who surprised me by saying the Xero product was inferior to its competitors.

    • Craig H 7.1

      The joys of being first mover… Others can release an improved product.

    • Tracey 7.2

      The people I know who use it say the opposite.

      I dont go to WO, in a nutshell what has Rodders being writing under his pseudonym?

      • veutoviper 7.2.1

        The WO posts re Xero are pretty much summed up in Nippert’s article linked to in the post above.

  8. Tracey 8

    Interesting observation up there ^^^^ by Lucy. If the CEO has quite low ethics then how safe from a backdoor bidder is all that data Xero holds?

  9. veutoviper 9

    After Matt Nippert’s Herald article ran, there was some Twitter action between Nippert, Drury and Slater with Drury Tweeting that ” had a good chat with Cam. Peace broke out.”

    So it remains to be seen whether Drury/Xero will continue to ban advertising on WO long term.

    Other related Twitter conversations included this one where Drury states that “I think companies should be apolitical and encourage debate”

    And this one where Drury says “We advertise on networks which hit most of the highly traffic’d network sites. We are not religious and encourage debate”.

    Like this one!

    • Tracey 9.1

      This hard to follow. Does Drury like debate or not… I hope he got independent verification of the traffic WO claims before spending money

  10. Wainwright 10

    Typical Kiwi bloke – thinks its all just a laugh when other people are on the receiving end but can’t handle the jandal when he’s in the firing line.

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