Another #Keyfib about Kiwisaver

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Looks like we have another entry for BLiP’s ongoing series of Key Fibs.  This post will not need many words.

Stuff reports that on May 25 John Key told Parliament that the budget cuts to Kiwisaver would not make any difference to the numbers enrolled.  In particular:

“[T]he removal of the $1,000 kickstart contribution will not make a blind bit of difference to the number of people who join KiwiSaver,” Key told Parliament on May 26, claiming the statement was derived from “the formal advice from the Inland Revenue Department”.

Yesterday’s Treasury dump of papers included the advice from the IRD to the Government about Kiwisaver.  The IRD paper included this advice on the likely effects to Kiwisaver providers:

Lower numbers of KiwiSaver members (particularly among the self-employed and children) and therefore lower revenues from fees and/or a greater number of dormant accounts (if affected individuals stop contributing)”.

Can anyone reconcile these statements?  I have tried to but I cannot stretch the language sufficiently.

Another example of a #Keyfib?

42 comments on “Another #Keyfib about Kiwisaver”

  1. Marty 1

    Probably easier for the media to start publishing articles about Key when he tells the truth. That way there’s more space for international news.

    • aerobubble 1.1

      Key is smarmy, voters can overlook, even like smarmy if they believe Key is successful and his economics make them look successful. The rub off effect. Smarmy is in, TV presenters who do smarmy are on the rise, smarmy reality TV, and smarmy news, all on the rise. And that’s how it is before we get sick of smarmy, in fact need to vomt smarmy to move on from smarmy.

      • Smilin 1.1.1

        This is what passes for culture now, we have most of our free thinking intellectuals caned because they might lose their jobs in the universities if they speak out against the govt and show the politicians up as the totalitarian shyte they are and so we get tabloid journalism sponsored by the taxpayer as main stream news

    • Keith 1.2

      The truth from our PM would be excellent material for an X File episode!

  2. infused 2

    Who actually gives a shit. Just make it compulsory for everyone to be enrolled. See how easy that was to fix?

    • mickysavage 2.1

      Arn’t you worried your PM may not be telling you the truth?

      • dukeofurl 2.1.1

        It wasnt just brain fade where Key – actually make that his apologists since he nevers admits a mistake- will later correct, but he claimed it was ‘IRD’s advice !

        Just reading a book on the naval armaments race leading up to WW1, and Asquith when making a speech in parliament about the number of battleships to be built that year , made a mistake about a naval ship that wasnt a battleship, so they had to add that to the number built.

        • mickysavage

          Mistake? He could at least have the decency of showing some uncertainty rather than insisting that he is right.

      • Lanthanide 2.1.2

        So long as the PM is doing things he approves of, he’s quite happy for the public to be mislead.

  3. fisiani 3

    Workers are still joining Kiwisaver every week.
    Rich babies are no longer being signed up to get a free $1000 from the taxpayer.
    That’s what it means.

    • dukeofurl 3.1

      Rich babies still get government contrib if they put in up to a certain amount. So try again

      • fisiani 3.1.1

        Not True. The only government contribution was abolished.

        • One Anonymous Bloke

          From 1 July 2011 the Government will pay 50 cents for every dollar of member contribution annually up to a maximum payment of $521.43

          Oh look, Fisiani’s full of shit. Again.

          • dv

            No, in this case half full, as you have to be 18 to get the tax repayment.

            • fisiani

              Correct . Rich babies get nowt from the taxpayer as i said.

              • mickysavage

                So fisi how do you feel about the PM telling fibs? I note you have missed the point of the post even though not many words were used.

          • Wensleydale

            I think the phrase “talking colostomy bag” is appropriate.

    • Lanthanide 3.2

      “Rich babies are no longer being signed up to get a free $1000 from the taxpayer.”

      Neither are “poor babies”.

      • Wensleydale 3.2.1

        I don’t think Fizzy cares about poor babies. It’s the rich babies that really matter.

  4. dv 4

    The problem is that can you trust any govt not to change Kiwisaver again – NO

    How about this – compulsory enrolement

    Next financial crisis- opps need to take some /all of the kiwisaver funds

    • Lanthanide 4.1

      Confiscating kiwisaver funds would require a law change. They are private property, no different from a regular bank account.

      • dv 4.1.1

        SO what.
        There is a law that allow the banks to confiscate a % of saving if the bank is in trouble passed last year.

      • Colonial Viper 4.1.2

        They are private property, no different from a regular bank account.

        Sure, its your money until times are bad and it suddenly isn’t. “Bail-ins” in other words.

        • Chris

          That’s right. All this “tax payer’s money” shit. Is hilarious. Okay then, fisiani, if the tax payers don’t like paying for something why don’t they just stop paying for it? Surely it’s as simple as that? If it’s “tax payer’s money”? Aren’t we talking about money that belongs to “the tax payer”? Isn’t that’s what “the market” is all about? Oh, no, that’s right. It’s government money, eh? A tax payer can’t do anything more about how government spends its money than the next tax payer. That’s because the money doesn’t belong to the tax payer, eh? Right. Got it.

  5. Hateatea 5

    We were going to enrol 3 children aged 6, 11 and 12 in kiwisaver with a view to kickstarting their future. They and the country will be the poorer for this change.

    Never mind the trust fund children, these are children at the opposite end of the spectrum with no expectation of parental support.

    Shame on this short sighted government.

  6. adam 6

    And Now the Prime Minister of New Zealand

    “Meep meep, meep mow, meep maw meep, meep meep!”

  7. BLiP 7

    “Fibs”?? – My fat, hairy arse – they are LIES, I tell you, LIES, all of them!!

    Anyhow, looks like John Key will have to face the music sometime soon, Grant Robertson has just laid a formal complain against John Key for “misleading the House”.

    Bit fucking cheeky of Robertson though, if you ask me. It was Metiria Turei that caught John Key in yet another of his endless stream of lies when she asked this question . . .

    . . . still, stealing thunder from the Greens is pretty much SOP for the Pepsi and Coke main political parties we have. National Ltd™ is claiming credit over the place for extending the Greens’ home insulation policy into the rental market. [sigh]

    • peterh 7.1

      And already they have printed the wet bus ticket

      • Chris 7.1.1

        That’s right. Keys will say none of it was deliberate and that’s it. And Carter won’t let it go the committee, simple.

    • mickysavage 7.2

      Yep I tend to understate things BLiP. Agreed Robertson should have left it to the greens but as long as someone does it.

  8. Neil 8

    Why the fuck is the people of nz letting Key get away with all these fucking lies, I for one are sick & tied of the bullshit that emanates from Keys gob on a daily basis. The list of Keys lies has gone way over 200 by now, a quick google search reveals all the bullshit this shyster Key is foisting on the people of nz & what is worse is they are believing him. What I really want to say about Key cant be said in public as it will get me arrested.

    • Colonial Viper 8.1

      because Kiwis dont see any credible political alternative to John Key’s National Party.

    • Chris 8.2

      Saying what you think about keys in public won’t get you arrested. It’s saying publicly what you (and plenty of others) want to do to keys that might. So…what is it you want to say about keys?

  9. Peter 9

    I don’t understand why you are all getting upset about Key lying, They all do it every one of them that’s why they are politicians there all fucking liars and can’t be trusted.

    • Colonial Viper 9.1

      Kiwis deserve more from their PM. There are some decent MPs with integrity out there. Key is not one of them. Use your judgement.

      • Robert Atack 9.1.1

        Sorry CV there isn’t one decent politician, if you think there is please name them, and give me their ‘decent’ answer to the question of how Kiwi Saver can keep growing in the light of economic, and environmental collapse.

        Decent, meaning truthful ? or dressed appropriately ?

  10. dv 10

    It was such a vacuous lie.
    All he needed to say was yes we expect some reduction in join ups.

    AND to say he had the advice from the IRD- actually its 2 lies Blip

  11. Peter 11

    I agree that Kiwis deserve more they just wont get it. When was the last time you sore a Labour MP with real passion, who would fight tooth and nail for the working class who would be an MP even if it did not pay a wage who would call a spade a spade who would call the PM a liar and get thrown out of the house time and time again and take the whole party with him. Then you would see the news papers sit up, they need somebody to rock the boat.

  12. Weepus beard 12

    It’s the drunken decision making, as if thought up at 5:30 in the morning, which typifies this government’s operational style.

    Just today, the exclusion of the public in the environmental consultation about the Sky City Convention Centre by a govt appointed three person board.

    It’s really scary.

  13. Graeme Stanley 13

    Kiwisaver Fib is just tip of Iceberg Stuff eh?.Its not until you read and appreciate The “Dirty Politics” of Nicky Hagers book and my latest read June 2015 North and South Article on Carrick Graham that you get to understand the underhand and deceptive politics poisoning our democracy.And we gullible Kiwis lap it up.Will we ever see integrity and ethics restored?

  14. As far as kiwi Saver goes they ALL fib
    You can not have infinite growth on a finite planet, this sponge we have been sucking from these past 10,000 years, going at light speed in the last 30 …. is dry.
    I guess if half the planet is on fire, and the other half is covered in ice, the global average hasn’t gone up, so all is good.
    Keep those deposits up, and bang out some more kids.

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