Ardern: Setting the record straight

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Watch Jacinda Ardern on the Nats’ nasty negative campaign – and the huge problems for New Zealand that they want to distract you from.

Check it out on Labour’s web site with options to share.

Bonus Michael Cullen!

Bonus Jacinda Ardern at Otago University yesterday.

38 comments on “Ardern: Setting the record straight”

  1. cleangreen 1

    Great to see a quality mind of Michael Cullen involved here.

    Michael Cullen has been the only proven Finance Minister we have had this century.

    Lets do this.


      • cleangreen 1.1.1


        National = Disaster

        Labour crown debt 2008 = $8 billion
        National crown debt 2017 = $96 billion.

        Labour crown assets were in intact in 2008 and also bought back NZ Rail system for $700 million.

        National after nine years since have sold most publically owned assets and still we owe $96 billion crown debt to overseas financial interests and are still piined down to an interest payment annually of $5 Billion a year (interest only) as no debt is being paid off.

        National – financial disaster.

    • tracey 1.2

      The reason National got no traction against Cullen was cos he was doing what they would do. He gobbled up that knighthood pronto too

      • red-blooded 1.2.1

        Cullen was a Keynsian. He put up taxes for the wealthy, invested in long term projects like the super fund and helped NZ to pay down debt while building up employment. He had socialist instincts but also knew how to operate in the international capitalist system (which, by the way, NZ will continue to participate in in coming years). Do you really see no difference between his way of doing things and Bill English’s? If not, time for Specsavers!

        • weka

          He was also part of a government that reinforced poverty for beneficiaries and entrenched bene bashing the culture. It’s not that Labour never do any good, they do, it’s that they won’t take the extra step and make NZ a social democracy. Ardern looks set to work in a similar vein.

        • tracey

          Time to take off your eyepatch. Cullen was kinder than English but perpetuated the mess we have today. Even Shearer berated a guy for painting his roof cos he had a back condition. I know people who get intermittent respite from chronic pain and use the window to do these things, which also prolly exacerbates the back problem.

  2. weka 2

    This is a good, clear explanation but it’s a pity that Ardern has now said that she won’t raise income tax.

    That’s probably shutting the door on a UBI/fixing welfare. I can’t see the problem with raising tax on very high income earners, and she’s basically just committed Labour to not doing that for the next 6 years or as long as she is leader.

    • Stuart Munro 2.1

      I notice she left a window open to go after speculators though. If she hits them hard enough they’ll begin to exit the market – a very good thing.

    • Incognito 2.2

      It begs the question how strong Labour’s commitment was to raising income tax in the first place. As you point out, raising income taxes, or any taxes for the matter, should be part of a larger strategy based on a vision for the future of our country. If you take important key pieces away from the overall package that’s needed then you’re effectively limiting your vision and options.

      • tracey 2.2.1

        I think it shows their first and foremost priority was ridding us of National. How similar they now havre to be to them is the unansweted question.

        Why isnt this a tv Ad? They got oodles of extra dosh when she was appounted, use it.

        • weka

          TV Ad? God forbid 😉

        • Incognito

          Sure, changing the government is priority but you keep your options open while doing so as that would be smart politics. To me, it felt like Labour got frightened and bought into National’s narrative. I’m no politician but could this not have been foreseen by Labour’s strategists?

        • Jane Bloore

          I did see this ad on tv, though cannot remember which channel, and was pleased as I had emailed the Labour Party website begging them to get ads on tv rebutting the National attack ads on Labour’s tax policy.This was before the Party reverted to their original position of leaving any action on taxes to the 2020 election.
          Slightly off the point I saw Jacinda at the University of Otago campus yesterday. She spoke well, and got a positive reaction.

      • weka 2.2.2

        I thought at first she was saying never. But she uses the word never re CGT on family home, and the word ‘not’ re income tax. So I guess technically at some point they could revisit it if the working group says it’s a goer.

        What I’d really like to see is Labour open up the conversation for NZers next year on tax and what is it for and why its a good thing. Like they did with the Future of Work thing last year, but more comprehensively reaching out to NZers. They can still have their working group, but they could democratise it. Otherwise they’re going to have the likes of us criticising them every step of the way, and that’s going to be tedious.

        • tracey

          The problem is the monied classes can fund lobby groups to hit tv and media…

        • Incognito

          I think a public debate or at least public input is essential and not just in the area of tax (reforms?). But it could easily end up being time-consuming talk-fest that delivers no meaningful outcomes. I might be a bit harsh saying this but Future of Work got pushed into the background because of political expediency – very similar IMO to Sir John’s infamous and much-lauded ‘pragmatism’. I sincerely hope that Jacinda/Labour will risk burning some political capital in making a few bold decisions in their first term back in government. This is why it is important to have the right coalition partner(s).

          • weka

            When the Future of Work got put out, the commentariat on TS spend the week basically slagging off Labour. I wrote a post about it but don’t think I ever published it. The person who responded to the FoW proposal directly was a regular RWer and he owned the debate.

            Not our finest hour. Yes Labour did bottle it, but I always think political parties follow the people any way. Their job is to do what the people want not the other way around 😉

            I’d really like to run a couple of projects on TS next year if I am able. One welfare and fixing WINZ, and then on a UBI. Maybe a week long blog festival on each, where people are invited to pitch ideas and everyone else can then build on that.

            • Incognito

              Yes, he/she who sets the narrative and ‘owns’ the debate has the upper hand, also here on TS (even with appropriate even-handed moderation).

              I look forward to more debate on the UBI, etc., as I think it has enormous potential and merit.

              I just read a comment by Simon Louisson who phrased really well the debacle around Labour dropping the ball on the tax debate.

              Lets talk about tax policy

              If Labour wants to be truly progressive it needs to be bold & brave and not scuttle back into protective hiding each time there is a perceived or real danger. If you have real values & vision you stand your ground …

  3. Zeroque 3

    Unsure whether it’s going to happen however by means testing super a government can effectively reduce the amount of tax dollars refunded to the wealthy. I’m unsure how much revenue it would free up and it would depend on thresholds etc.

  4. Rosemary McDonald 4

    Has anyone else had the Jacinda Robot Phonecall? (landline)

    Jacinda saying …”No, don’t hang up….” then launching into pretty much the same spiel.

    I called back the number…and give ’em credit it was not hidden….and got another male robot saying basically if you don’t want to be called, leave a message.

    • cleangreen 4.1

      My wife called our Daughter this morning as she (our daughter) had a landliine just connected this week, and she said she had an automated call from jacinda reminding her to enrol and she was happy to had been reminded.
      Hope this helps.

      • greywarshark 4.1.1

        Have had two from the Greens about my pick for local election. First I didn’t know what I would say and put phone down (negative to non-personal calls) but gave my pick to the second call which might add to their feelings of wellbeing.

  5. cleangreen 5

    Horizon poll out today looks like your wobbly old school National Party will loose if Winston joins up with the Labour/ Green Government as labour & greens welcomed this on TV3 nation this morning Willie & Marama said so, ha ha ha ha!! Anything to get rid of national.

  6. DSpare 6

    Saw this in The Guardian, and it is interesting to see our election reported for the rest of the world who are barely aware of Aotearoa. This description of Ardern wouldn’t have been one I’d have gone with (though I assume it is accurate):

    the former Mormon who once aspired to be a police officer has decided she wants the top job and is working relentlessly to claim it.

  7. Gee Brunnen 7

    Partisan puke site. You can’t unread what your eyes have seen. Have a happy Sunday. Smile…

    [true, but fortunately I can stop other people having to read your hate speech. Permanent ban – weka]

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