Auckland Super City and the American Revolution

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“No taxation without representation” was the slogan of the American revolution. American colonists felt deeply aggrieved that taxes were imposed without their involvement and without proper democratic representation. Colonists expressed their feelings by tarring and feathering tax collectors. They were so aggrieved that they went to war over the issue.

ACT leader Rodney Hide is responsible for ramming through legislation establishing the Auckland “Super City” and for the shape of the planned structure. The ACT party received a tiny 3.65% of the party vote in the 2008 elections, however, it has been enabled to control the structure and direction of New Zealand’s largest city and economic powerhouse.

The Herald reports that much of the power in the new Super City will be held by council controlled organisations. These organisations will be responsible for approximately 75% of Auckland services and their unelected directors will have free rein to make important city decisions. The organisations will have no obligation to consult and no responsibility to the public if things go wrong. The existence of these powerful organisations will deny the people of Auckland fair democratic representation and water down the power of the elected mayor.

War is not an appropriate response to this dictatorial imposition; however, it is to be hoped that Aucklanders will not have forgotten who is responsible, for giving them rates taxation without proper representation, at election time.

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6 comments on “Auckland Super City and the American Revolution”

  1. tc 1

    Nat’s promised no major asset sales but that’s like asking a labrador not to eat too much…’s the compromise to big business, sellout the queen cities assets and if it gets too toxic we’ll dump ACT and blame Wodney.

    There’s some free space in the front section of the herald for Hide/joyce/carter to make it appear ‘rational’ and ‘accountable’….democracy not so much under attack but A-bombed into unrecognisable pieces.

  2. Lew 2

    See also Chris Trotter‘s latest, which employs the same framing.


  3. randal 3

    according to ‘red’ hooton on rnz this morning it is possible to have democracy and have private ownership of council assets.
    is there anywone out there who can explain what he means by this?

  4. Zak Creedo 4

    I’d normally stay out of this sort of issue, but reading a link today has me ask a question related well is this an entirely American notion.?

    Seems a writer to the editor of the Gold Coast Sun was talking about the gold card scheme whereby kiwi pensioners get to ride public transport free between set times of the day. Howse about, she asked, the same for Brisbane etc.

    Reply from the guy running this new section of the paper began:

    In All major cities in Australia, public transport is managed by the State Governments, rather than local councils.

    So my question: is this the more likely top organisation of transport entities in future Auckland, these appointments being stage one of a several part structural change.. or mebbe even a fall-back position for National should the existing politicals fail.?

    Of course if I’ve gotten the wrong end of the stick here the link I’d say holds some pretty interesting stuff for you guys

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