Christchurch schools for sale

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I feel kinda stupid for not seeing this coming:

Charter schools on the cards for closed Christchurch schools

Sites left vacant by Christchurch school closures could be in demand for charter schools or apartment complexes.

The Government’s school shake-up will leave 14 surplus school grounds in the city with a combined rating value of $51.8 million, including land value of $9.8m. …

Local Valuers’ Institute head Wilson Penman said the sites would make good campuses for charter schools, or language schools and private tertiary colleges displaced from the central city.

Right, so, these schools, which according to the Nats don’t have the student base and/or are too quake damaged to keep running, are going to be sold off for purposes including – charter schools.

I think that there are going to be some school communities that are a little bit pissed off by this.

16 comments on “Christchurch schools for sale”

  1. Kiev 1

    Ideal land to be re-used as infill suburbs perhaps ?

    Oh wait, the article also says that, would would of thought to have selective quoting.

    ‘Two apartment developers active in Christchurch said the properties were on their radars.

    Gary Gordon of Legacy Group said the possibility of buying some of the schoolgrounds “definitely came to mind” when he heard of the closures.

    Legacy has previously built 68 apartments in Salisbury St and 47 on the site of the old Caledonian Hotel in St Albans.

    “I’m sure some of the schools would be good to develop; they are typically large on land and about the right size,” Gordon said.’

  2. It is in the Tory born to rule manual. Never waste a good crisis …

  3. Dv 3

    so they are going to get lotsa kids there so will have to open more schools!!!

  4. veutoviper 4

    Question 8 in Question Time this afternoon relates to this – if Turei is able to get a straight answer from Parata ….

    METIRIA TUREI to the Minister of Education: Will the Education Amendment Bill allow private businesses to set up charter schools on the sites of closed state schools?

  5. vto 5

    National will get hammered next election in this town.

    Nobody likes lying dirty cheats, especially when their cheating and lying so very directly affects their children.

    They are nothing but scum.


    • Colonial Viper 5.1

      It’s like the NATs are going out of their way to try and lose this election. Bizarre behaviour.

  6. Private Baldrick 6

    Why can’t they be used for growing more turnips.

  7. Phaedrus 7

    This may bring interesting results:

    One to watch: Question time today (starts at 2pm)
    METIRIA TUREI to the Minister of Education: Will the Education Amendment Bill allow private businesses to set up charter schools on the sites of closed state schools?

  8. Molly 8

    If the justification is true (which is unlikely) and land is made available in the middle of Christchurch for new suburbs, surely the most innovative approach would be for the EQC and CERA to come up with a plan to relocate all those currently on red-zoned land, community by community.

    1. No extra money needs to be found to purchase land
    2. Cuts out the middleman and reduces the cost to affected homeowners
    3. Allows existing communities (who have supported each other in times of crisis) to create a new home and community (and support each other in times of recovery)

    Before the naysayers come out in force, a non-profit housing group in Canberra is working with the government to build affordable-housing communities on old school sites (closures there are due to a change in population demographics). If they can succeed, under development competition to provide a percentage of affordable housing and rentals – you would think that the starting base of low to no cost land would give communities a good start.

    • vto 8.1

      The New Zealand government should have done a land swap with those red-zoned right from the start. That would have been the most fair and apt way of dealing with the problem.

      Gerry Brownlee decided not to do that because, get this …. the New Zealand government is not a land developer and the free market is the best way to sort out these types of things and he did not want to interfere and distort the property market….

      but then, get this ….

      Gerry Brownlee then went straight out and made the New Zealand government one of the very biggest land developers in the whole entire country by buying up and developing all the land for the blueprint and the frame around the CBD, thereby completely and utterly interfering with the property market and tossing the free makret straight out the window….. all for large private property owners in the CBD, driving up land prices to save their mates property values….

      It was and is the biggest fucking con in the country.

      fuck the people
      save the rich.

      Brownlee is scum for this deception and lie alone.

      The school site debacle should highlight this con all over again

      • Molly 8.1.1

        The school site debacle should highlight this con all over again

        Yes, it should. If it was to be discussed, a focused Christchurch residents lobby group might be a start – they have all the human interest stories our MSM seem to need, and a low/no cost proposal.

        What more would John Campbell need?

        • tc

          Permission from his masters which is unlikely, he may throw a few punches but don’t hold for your breath for a relentless focus on the truth.

          There is ample material and opportunity yet strangely they never perisit on any single issue to open up a gaping wound and have a good prod around with sunlight.

          • Molly

            … I agree, it was a slight tongue-in-cheek reference to Campbell Live, which I can’t bear watching for the same reasons….

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