Credit where credit’s due

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You may have noticed that we’ve taken to offering Labour a little unsolicited comms advice of late.

Irish recently told them to get some decent key lines. I asked them (as have many others) to start talking about their vision, and when they do, to keep it simple.

Phil Goff’s latest video (below) looks like a step in the right direction. In it he identifies some priority concerns: Job security, family incomes, youth unemployment. He points out that neither Key’s Job Summit or the budget addressed these needs, then goes on to signal some broad solutions: apprenticeships, properly directed tax cuts and investment in R&D. Best of all? He manages to do it in around 60 seconds, could be a record 😉

With National increasingly looking like it’s in cruise control right at the time that the country needs some action, it’s great to see the opposition getting into gear.

15 comments on “Credit where credit’s due”

  1. Wouldn’t it be more aptly titled “Keeping Goff In Work”?

    As I said in another post, Labour so far reminds me of the Warriors – getting plenty of opportunities but not getting the points on the board. Just like the Warriors, they need to look at both their strategy and their roster.

    With all due respect, I don’t see this as a circuit breaker.

    • Duncan 1.1

      I don’t think anyone is saying this is a circuit breaker, it’s just a bloody youtube video after all. What it shows is that Labour are finally starting to get their shit together with a coherent critique of the Government’s policy and a pointer towards an alternative vision.

  2. Pat 2

    I noticed Chris Hipkins provided the critical comments about the cycleway on TV news. I wonder if this part of a new strategy in response to the polls i.e. get other Labour MPs to provide the criticsm and Goff to provide the positive messages.

    For most of this year Goff has been fronting everything he can, but constant critical comments about the Govt can have the unintended effect of making him look like a bit of a whinger.

  3. Jono 3

    Why is ‘tax cuts’ the first thing that goff says we need to help the economy?

    • Daveo 3.1

      He’s saying properly directed tax cuts. He probably should have been more specific but he’s clearly talking about targeting tax cuts to people on low and average incomes (who’ll actually spend it) rather than the rich (who’ll just save it) like National have.

  4. randal 4

    the NZLP is doing ok.
    this going to be a one term government anyway.
    the thing for blogs like this is to keep looking at the media…radio ritalin…rdaio squawkback and the bombastic idiots employed there and keep calling them and their ideas to account.
    they make a lot of noise and the noo noo head two bob tin pot tories believe them so keep attacking troops.
    stay on the ball.

    • mike 4.1

      “the NZLP is doing ok.”

      Aren’t they though randel. Nats inherit a decade of dept and the worst recession since the 30’s and the opposition are still retreating in the polls.

      Bring on Spring, then economic recovery and labour will be fighting the greens for second spot..

  5. So Bored 5

    Goff should have done the clip whilst riding a bike round and round a Mackers carpark.

  6. Ron 6

    So bored is on to it.

  7. Pat 7

    If Goff wants to get some hits on YouTube, he needs to be doing something to get noticed – like tossing a dwarf.

    Maybe he should resurrect Back of the Y. If he grew his mo back he would look like the host. That would be a YouTube winner – Back of the Y with Goffie.

  8. Daff 8

    Theyre vision is to make all people ingore truth and stop thinking so they would actually belive that crap or that theyre actually going to do much anything.Victory at any cost it is.

  9. mike 9

    Credit where credits due in messages to Labour leader Phil Goff from chief executives.

    “I have no idea what they are doing. No policy. They are just mud rakers.”

    “Ritual bleating about possible privatisations means they exploit the ignorance of some voters whilst not offering any meaningful solutions to our overseas borrowing problems,” says a finance chief. “They dumb-down the debate”

    “Labour was distracted with the Worth affair – forget playing the man and make a meaningful and real contribution.”

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