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Parliament walkout
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85 comments on “Daily Review 11/11/2015”

  1. weka 1

    Incredibly brave and strong action by opposition women MPs in parliament today as they stand and speak as survivors of sexual assault and call for Key to withdraw his comments and apologise. The Speaker throws most of them out of the house.

    Video and transcripts


    https://youtu.be/T42I9jM9vS0 (starts at 10 mins, but the before that is Carter dancing on the head of a pin about what constitutes offense for the house).

  2. weka 2

    James Shaw spoke later in the day about the quality of leadership from the PM and statements he thought the PM might also like to stand by. He then goes on to read out multiple quotes from PM’s words supporting and praising the former MP for Northland.

    Shaw goes on to talk about issues from the past day and that people need to be careful about living in glass houses and throwing stones.

    • I feel very uncomfortable about this and I think raising the issue in this way is really just reinforcing Bills point in his post.

      • weka 2.1.1

        Not sure what you mean marty, can you be more specific (which issue? there’s quite a few on the table at the moment).

        I don’t think this detracts from the human rights issues on Christmas Island, they’re still being discussed as well.

        • marty mars

          The northland issue and the connecting of key to an ex MP and that this somehow connects with his statements and inactions on the detainees.

          • Tracey

            Surely it pertains to key saying he doesnt back sex offenders… when he didnt sack worth for sexual harrassment and didnt remove a former MP as chair of law and orfer when under a serious cloud?

          • weka

            hmm, I don’t think he’s making a connection between Northland, Key and Christmas Island. He’s making a connection between what Key did yesterday in using rape as a political weapon and the loss of confidence in the House. Also, that Key’s leadership is severely lacking. He’s suggesting that because of those things that the House will continue to experience disorder.

            Although he is saying that Key did this yesterday to distract people from the mess that the government is making in dealing with the Christmas Island issue. Not sure what is wrong with naming that.

            • marty mars

              What does the glass houses reference mean? That key shouldn’t throw accusations of being friendly with ‘certain people’ because he himself is tainted by being ‘close’ to them. If it means something else -please enlighten me.

              Personally I find that whole line uncomfortable – and as I said, I think it adds weight to Bills position in his post.

              • Tracey

                He is surely saying that someone who has not only supported a sex offender but put the person charge of an inappropriate committee cannot accuse others of being patsies to sex offenders?

                And Key himself relied on the suppression to perpetuate his attack and misrepresentation.

                I dont quite follow your objection to Shaw’s line on this?

                • weka

                  I also don’t yet understand marty, and I don’t get the reference to Bill’s post, where I thought he was saying that the rape and murderers stuff was irrelevant and Labour shouldn’t have bought into it because it affected the humans rights aspect of people on Christmas Island. I don’t get how that relates to what Shaw has done today, but am interested.

        • arkie

          I agree, the PM has chosen to derail, and James Shaw is bringing it back on track. How can anyone now say they are confident that Key has respect for Human Rights?

        • Anne

          Agree with weka. There are several issues on the table and this is one of them. It is appropriate it be given an airing now. I woke at the crack of dawn this morning seething with rage. Rage that a prime-minister could be so brutal, callous, vindictive, arrogant, ignorant and insensitive all at the same time. But I’m glad it’s happened because many people may finally wake up to the reality of John Key.

    • arkie 2.2

      Ah, the Streisand effect. Clearly something Mark Mitchell is not aware of.

      • left for deadshark 2.2.1

        Mark M is an idiot, an that vid of this arvo will point out that fact, I take back what I’ve said about the new co leader.

  3. weka 3

    Russell Brown ‏@publicaddress

    So *none* of the New Zealanders on #ChristmasIsland are murderers or rapists. Prime Minister says he won’t correct or apologise.

    This is not of course to say that there aren’t some bad men on the island. But it appears Mr Key was simply making shit up yesterday. #rpt

    Source for the previous is Gower on 3 News, and Prime News. Kinda the same source, but …

    “But one of the realities of human rights is they’re called human rights because everybody has them. There aren’t different rights between people in detention or people not in detention. Certainly in the context of New Zealand, the Commmission is concerned about the human rights of everyone, including people in detention or people charged with criminal offences.”

    Chief Human Rights Commissioner Paul Rutherford

  4. heather 4

    I am ashamed of the Key’s behaviour, his arrogance shows no bounds. He is completely out of his depth with Human Rights issues, suggest he does not know what it means. The refugees and asylum seekers on the hell hole of Christmas island have been forgotten in this sideshow.
    He has gone around his media traps and whipped up a show of support for his outdated thinking. This man must go.

  5. Gangnam Style 5

    More insanity from the land of the free, http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/melissa-click-death-threats-mizzou-journalism-school_56424266e4b0307f2caf39b2 black studens have been asked to stay away from campus because of violence threats & groups of white teens have been going around threatening black students. Watching it unfold on twitter, some terrified people out there. http://www.thedailybeast.com/cheats/2015/11/10/mizzou-tightens-security-over-threats.html

    & from twitter “KKK on campus throwing bricks at dorm windows. HOW ARE THEY GETTING SO FAR?!?!? Seriously, do we have policemen serving in this city please?”

  6. Ad 6

    Rugby World Cup and the Royal visit is just so Last Week.
    Key has really blown it – at minimum with the media.

    • Tracey 6.1

      Well he made some of them look foolish. You know how they hate that. Til he flashes his smile at them again…

    • BM 6.2

      Jesus, you lefties live in your own little universe.

      I have never seen such a disconnect with reality.

      • Tracey 6.2.1

        Key lied BM. No rapists or murderers amogst the kiwis on Christmas Island. The disconnect is yours. This guy makes you act like a fool. Have some self respect.

        • sabine

          just leave em be, tracy. I don’t even think they believe what they say, they just want the attention.
          We might as well be posting recipes or gregorian chants 🙂 and that could be fun.

          • Tracey

            Good point.

            I quite like some Gregorian chants…

            • sabine

              you might like this

              Kali Yuga by Krishna Das

              good chanting yoga for a happy heart and a peacefull mind.


              • Tracey

                this video does not exist? Are you making an existentialist joke? 😉

                • Sabine

                  this funny it even has a play button where i am. is this a standard thingy magingy that i don’t understand. ? go Krishna Das Kali Yuga on Youtube. its good for the heart and mind. especially in testing times like we live in.

    • mickysavage 6.3

      Yep I think the dead cat strategy has its limitations, like people will look at the dead cat and think “what sort of unfeeling moron would put a dead cat on the table?”

  7. Paul 7

    A cheerleader for the National Party.

    Democracy is under pressure in this country under merchant banker Key.

    • maui 7.1

      A dark day in parliament, yes the country is run by the old boys club which offends half the population when they feel like it. I wonder if the female nat mps felt anything as their female opposites walked out… anything at all.

      • Jenny Kirk 7.1.1

        Probably not, maui.
        When I was on the North Shore City council I was astounded at just how out-of-date and sexist the male Nat councillors were, and how the women Nat councillors just seemed to accept it. That was in the 1990s. I shouldn’t think much has changed since then, and of course, under Key’s so-called leadership, they all would have gone further back into the dark ages.

  8. Gangnam Style 8

    From Twitter “Some of the detainees on Christmas Island are there for driving convictions much like minister Steven Joyce”

  9. Jenny Kirk 10

    I am outraged at the comments made by Hoskings (back from the dead unfortunately) and the young woman beside him on Seven Sharp tonight about the NZ soldier from Afganistan war Ko (whose surname I forget). This is the first time I’ve watched the Hoskings Show (it was a mistake, I thought I was going to be watching Story), and I now understand people’s dislike of it.
    So much so, I sent a strong message to TV1 – using language I don’t usually use in public. NZ has reached a new low with the PM’s examples to follow :

    Your dollybird and Mike Hoskings on Seven Sharp tonight said/and agreed with each other that there must be something else behind the story of the NZ decorated Afghanstan War soldier detained in an Australian detainee centre, for him to be there. The implication – if not the actual words they said – were that there was more to the story than had been stated and the NZ soldier was obviously guilty of some crime which is why he’d been detained. That is an outrageous implication – and the words from your ditzy blond and Hoskins were very clear that was the implication, and potentially defaming. You need to apologise to the NZ soldier for that potential defamation, and do it right away. This was a disgusting piece of so-called “journalism” to watch and listen to. You all should be ashamed of yourselves : you’re all as bad as the PM, scraping the shit barrel. Please acknowledge that someone high in your heirachy has read my message. Thank you. Jenny Kirk.

    • Anne 10.1

      “Story” opened with the MPs who walked out today. Each one briefly told their individual stories of rape and abuse. Afterwards Du Plessis-Allan and Garner agreed they were brave women. I was surprised and pleased and so will email TV3 tomorrow and offer my thanks to both of them.

        • Jenny Kirk

          Thanks for the link, Weka. Finally got to see/hear the Story I wanted to.
          Very brave of those women MPs to speak out like that. I hope ShonKey is starting to feel ashamed of himself.

      • RedLogix 10.1.2

        I was out of the loop today and when I get back – this astounding debacle has happened. The story has gone global:


        Frankly I’m lost for words right now.

        • weka

          crikey the comments though.

          • tracey

            Like this one, which speaks to a point redlogix has made, namely that we are NOT in a partnership with Australia… well we are in a Teeaty of Waitangi kind of a way with NZ being Maori in this scenario.

            ” BeigeDahlia
            2h ago
            8 9

            One of the major points overlooked here, is that, yes Australian’s and NZer’s have free movement between the two countries to work etc. However in 2001 Australia put NZers on a special category visa, and now it is all but impossible for NZers to get a pathway to citizenship there. The deal also cuts access to many benefits, no matter how many years of tax a kiwi has paid. Russell Crowe has protested this very poor treatment of NZers in Oz. So now we have the situation where one woman has lived in Oz all her life, schooled there etc, has 3 small children to an Aussie man, and is being deported because of a very minor drug offence. Australia also dumped on our doorstep without notice a poor tetraplegic man, who had also committed a very low level drug offence related to pain relief…he has absolutely no family here in NZ. It is disgusting. As the holder of an Aussie passport, who has lived in NZ since I was 6 months old, had full education, student loans etc, occasional benefits, and my NZ born child is treated like all the others (unlike Oz-born children born to NZers in Oz), I find it really really appalling.”

          • miravox

            “crikey the comments though.”

            Heh – I used the links from your comment here on that thread. The Human Rights Commissioner clarity was required, I thought.

            • weka

              good for you! I was going to comment because so many people were saying that the article didn’t make sense, but then the comments were disappearing downpage so fast yesterday that I couldn’t keep up.

        • tracey

          Carter says he didn’t hear Key’s comments clearly at the time… when you listen to the exchange, he yells “order” pretty quickly, as though he was tuned in.

          Most telling is his view that it is not the member that must be offended for him to act, but the House.

          In other words the House is not offended by a PM making light of sexual abuse for the purposes of political point scoring, and thereby offending every victim of sexual violence within and without the House. THIS is what is making NZ unsafe under this Government. An insidious slide toward machoism and the accompanying denigration of the vulnerable

      • Tracey 10.1.3

        It must be due for the chop?

        • left for deadshark

          Their be nothing left at this rate, TV 3 that is, oh maybe Blacklist, (arr…which I’ve never watched).


    • Macro 10.2

      Interestingly – it appears that the soldier in question formed part of Keys bodyguard whilst he was in Afganistan! Key obviously doesn’t feel the same obligations towards his minions as he does for himself!
      “Haapu spent five years putting his life on the line for New Zealand and was awarded three medals for his service in abroad. He was even employed as one of John Keys bodyguards on a tour of Afghanistan.”


    • Ergo Robertina 10.3

      Way to massively miss the point Jenny. Not only were you complaining about the two decade old sexism of male Nat politicians in a comment above, but the essence of the detainee story is the fact people retain their human rights when they have done wrong.
      The same principle extends to people you disagree with or dislike. The fact you started your complaint with ”dollybird” means no-one is going to take your complaint seriously anyway.

      • Jenny Kirk 10.3.1

        Yep – I shouldn’t have used the term “dolly bird” but I couldn’t remember her name. I also stated I used language I don’t normally use in public, nor do I usually denigrate women but this young woman was blatantly denigrating someone whom she knew nothing about.
        As to the substance about which I complained – this NZ soldier under detention for committing NO crime at all was the subject of blatant speculation by both Hoskings and his female co-host to the point of defamation. Just disgusting. I’ll be interested to hear what TV1 has to say about it.

        • Ergo Robertina

          Yeah, that’s why it’s a shame your complaint won’t be taken seriously.
          I heard Street and Hosking suggest there was more to Ko Rutene’s detention, and it seems part of the propaganda war that stepped up today. The dirty PR isn’t working though, as enough people can see through it.

          ”I shouldn’t have used the term “dolly bird” but I couldn’t remember her name.”
          Goodness me.

  10. weka 11

    Looks like National are removing democracy yet again. This time it’s the Environmental Protection Agency, which has turned down two mining applications. The committee that decides is chosen by the agency and after lobbying by the industry National now wants to replace that with government appointees. Come on NZ, how much more blatant does this have to get?



    • sabine 11.1

      it gets that blatant and then some more.

      what are we to do, print flyers with the news and print them to lamp posts? t’was done before, can b e done again.

    • miravox 11.2

      So these developments are too risky for the organisation set up by NAct to facilitate the approval of developments that can adversely affect the environment?

      Turned down by a committee chosen by NAct appointees. These applications must be pretty bad, or the appointees are just not on the right page.

      They have scientists on the committees – better change that for the ‘right’ sort of lawyers …

    • Tracey 11.3


      Remember the Confederate Dollar during the American Civil War? How it had value, and then one day it was just a freaking piece of paper worth nothing at all?

  11. Graeme 12

    Nathan Guy on the Farming Show today (Radio Live I think, I don’t normally bother with it, but it was on at the lunch where I was working today). Breathtaking arrogance, when asked about irrigation in North Canterbury, all he could do was talk about what a great time he had at the World Cup and running the New York marathon. It didn’t go unnoticed by the hosts.


    • Tracey 12.1

      Ah yes North Canterbury. That well known region for droughts… where people chasing money decided to convert to Dairy (which requires regular water…

      • Graeme 12.1.1

        Have a listen to it. It’s not a about Guy bending over for the NC farmers, but the arrogance in the way he told them to get fucked and go broke.

        This was on a show that’s directed at the nats core constituency…

        Third termitis….

        • Tracey

          I also have a vague memory this show refused to have Cunliffe on again after he said that in the circumstances (womens refuge audience) of male over representation on reported domestic violence perpetration he was sorry to be a man

  12. whateva next? 13

    Dividing the nation as usual, what a statesman, what a PM, whataguy

  13. Gangnam Style 14

    Canada one, New Zealand nil.

  14. sabine 15

    and can we get back a bit to daily business

    • miravox 15.1

      Outrageous that this is daily business, rather than exceptional.

      Great cartoon.

    • whateva next? 15.2

      perhaps Paula could lead by example, and live in one of the statehouses being declined…….on a “job seekers benefit, for a year or so, until it is sold that is.

  15. ianmac 16

    Interesting that Labour MPs clapped when told that Hitchens and Little will appear before the Privileges Committee. They believe that it will allow them to justify their criticism by showing the bias/incompetence of Carter.

    Unless they are forbidden to do so of course. Guilty without a trial?

    • Tracey 16.1

      Is the Speaker going to haul the PM before the PC on the basis that he deliberately misled Parliament (cos no one gives a shit if he misleads the people) by suggesting there were murderers and rapists amongst the kiwis on Christmas Island? (rhetorical)

      I hope BLiP has been updating as he goes along cos the lies are coming thick and fast these days.

    • whateva next? 16.2

      they might end up on Christmas island if the way things are going!

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