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34 comments on “Daily Review 12/09/2017”

  1. ‘Uncontacted’ Amazon Tribe Members Reported Killed in Brazil – The …

    Absolutely despicable.

  2. And this is why you don’t vote Labour:

    A New Zealand Labour government will still want to be part of the stalled Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal but only if it allows for foreigners to be banned from buying existing homes, opposition leader Jacinda Ardern said on Tuesday.

    Still not listening to the people of NZ and putting in place what business wants rather than what the people want.

    “It is an agreement we want to be part of, but we also want to maintain our ability to legislate under our laws to protect what is an overheated housing market,” Ardern said.

    And the only way we can do that is to remove ourselves from all FTAs.

    • Yeah certainly sounds iffy , I was under the impression Little was generally against the TTPA thing not so long ago…

    • lurgee 3.2

      She was a very poor on Morning Report when Espiner was asking her about new coal mines and Greens in cabinet. Kept refusing to give yes / no answers, or even a proper inbetween reply.

      Sounded awfully like a politician.

      • Hanswurst 3.2.1

        Yeah, well I hate to break it to you, but she is one. Labour is a centrist party that lives or dies on being able to form coalitions with any of a number of options. Providing an unequivocal answer would be simplistic, stupid, and saddled with an unacceptably high probablility of ending up being wrong. Nothing in the answer changes the simple and obvious fact that the way to vote for no new coal mines is to vote Green.

        • lurgee

          Point is that people will be less interested in her if she behaves and sounds like a typical politician. Her best asset up till now is that she hasn’t appeared to be just like the rest of them. The more she does, the more likely people will stop thinking they’ll vote for Labour.

          It would have been perfectly simple for her to say, “No, I can’t give you a guarantee there will be no new coal mines,” instead of waffling about it not being part of her vision for the future of New Zealand, or whatever it was she said.

          Ditto, Greens. How difficult is it to say, “If we coalesce with the Greens, then I expect they will have a cabinet minster.”

          It isn’t like they aren’t making plans for just that eventuality.

  3. ScottGN 4

    Norway’s Conservative governing coalition has claimed a narrow victory in that country’s elections

  4. billmurray 5

    Re; latest News hub poll,
    The Greens and the MoU are standing in Labours way.
    The MoU is a pox on Labour.
    If Labour hope to improve and win, then the MoU must be discarded by Labour, NOW.

    • No, it’s the only the MoU that will see Labour and Greens win.

      We haven’t had a single party with an outright majority of the vote since 1951. It’s only MMP and coalitions that have given us given us governments with an actual majority of voter support for a long time.

      We’re not going to see any government without a coalition.

      • billmurray 5.1.1

        Draco T Bastard,
        Wanna bet ?.
        I know it is late, but IMO the Greens are the anchor on Labour.
        Labour would surge without the MoU and the Greens.

        • Draco T Bastard

          Or we could see an even greater drop in voters as even more people don’t have a party to represent them.

          Why do you insist that I shouldn’t have a party to represent me?

          Because I can assure you, Labour doesn’t.

          • Macro

            Labour certainly doesn’t represent me either – and hasn’t for at least 30 years.
            Labour obviously represents B M, but Labour is a noose around the Green’s neck, and are standing in the way of progress. They have no ideas as to how to properly tackle rising GHG emissions – wanting to retain an ineffectual ETS. They are only tackling Homelessness and Poverty in NZ around the edges, and have no ideas wrt to dealing with the continued degradation of NZ’s biodiversity, nor stopping the destructive extractive industries which have a devastating effect on NZ’s environment.

            • Draco T Bastard

              Yep but people are voting for them because they won’t really change anything and so they can continue on as if nothing has changed. That’s why business has come out in support of them – they know that Labour will continue with the same failed ideology.

        • Robert Guyton

          Surge, SURGE, I tells ya!

        • lurgee

          Labour would surge without the MoU and the Greens.

          You think the Greens are going to dissolve themselves two weeks before an election to help Labour?

  5. ianmac 6

    Remember Bryan Bruce on Tv3 tonight 8:30-9:30.
    “Who owns NZ now?”
    The housing crisis.

  6. AsleepWhileWalking 7

    My baby, 19yrs, voted today.

    No idea who for but she said she was most concerned over housing and I know it wasn’t National. Proud of my little muffin.

  7. Ad 8

    Just at David Parker’ s water presentation in Wanaka.

    Real grumpy farmers here, but his slide show on rivers and farming is outstanding.

  8. Andre 9

    Gotta say, that’s a flattering image of English that the Herald is using on the poll story. When I first saw it I thought GAHHH, they’ve brought Bannon over.

  9. ianmac 10

    Watching Bryan Bruce on Tv3 now. Crikey. English/Joyce will be furious. Bryan’s program exposes the disastrous lack of Government action which Canada and Australia and UK took especially in relation to Rich folk buying Visas with big investments. Why are House prices so high? Watch him and weep. English will rubbish him tomorrow of course.

  10. Graeme 11

    So National negotiated a FTA with Korea that allowed Koreans to buy property here, but allowed Korea to restrict our right to buy in Korea?


    “The New Zealand-South Korea Free Trade Agreement was signed two years ago, after five years of negotiation.

    Ms Ardern said South Korea and Australia had both retained the right to stop foreign buyers and New Zealand should too.”


    • Pat 11.1

      National couldn’t negotiate a foreign buyer ban like the Australians….it is their only economic plan….a plan that they have no intention of unwinding and a plan that will ultimately crash the economy….fuck wits.

  11. millsy 13

    I should have known this would happen as soon as the farmers started sqeauling like stuck pigs.

    Doesn’t look good now.

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