Daily Review 19/07/2018

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30 comments on “Daily Review 19/07/2018”

  1. adam 1

    30% are casual racist, so the rest are full time…

  2. Anne 2

    Jacinda Ardern’s doodle has proven quite portentous on the world stage.

  3. BM 4

    Interesting bit of art by Ardern.

    We go round and round going nowhere, has Ardern lost her enthusiasm for politics? will we see Andrew Little as the PM very soon?

    • McFlock 4.1

      lol you wish.

      • BM 4.1.1

        The only way you can take that drawing.

        The great left hope is throwing in the towel and staying at home.

        Oh well it’s not a complete loss there’s always Andrew Little 😀

        • McFlock

          ok, which drawing:

          “The Political Cycle”?

          Because it’s funny, but also true.

          What you are hoping indicates a malaise and boredom with the role, I suspect, is actually a recognition of a process that is iterative in one sense but not really a cycle. Her government is a strong contrast with what existed previously, a single bold stroke to lighten a turd-shaded canvas. The path covers much of the canvas, always coherently connected to its previous position while covering both new ground and revisiting previous points from a new angle as the government assess each situation as it is (rather than clinging to a longing for the past), and the entire piece is firmly positioned towards the left.

          Abstract it may be, but it shows a powerful determination to a long journey, rather than a small squiggle that would also have sufficed. Truly, and inspiring work.

          Also: artistic interpretation is always a bit of a laugh 🙂

        • fender

          That’s the only way you want to interpret the picture.

          Others may see many cycles in an upward progression if beginning the eyes travel from the bottom.

          • Anne

            In my view Jacinda just grabbed a felt tip and drew a whole bunch of circles then sat back and looked at it wondering what people would read in to it.

            Her soh levels are high.

            Personally it looks to me like half a cabbage.

            • fender

              It resembles a coiled length of rope, i.e. there’s two ends, so to me it’s many cycles on a continuum.

              Reminds me of many Colin McCahon Koru joined together, kind of.

          • AB

            Yeah. I think that’s a good reading. Over the long term there is progress, even though as individuals we have to live through depressing reversals.

        • One Two

          The pointlessness of ‘political cycle’…

          So very appropriate..

          • CHCOff

            Politics is a natural means to dynamic self-government but it is not self-government itself, and left to it’s own devices will always move towards giving away the societies’ liberty.


        • cd

          “The only way you can take that drawing”

          Observe the mental gymnastics in motion.

  4. JC 5

    Today is the fifth anniversary of the implementation of the policy under which all people who travel by boat to Australia to seek asylum are detained indefinitely on Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island and Nauru.

    The policy had undermined Australia’s credibility as a leader in human rights, as a leader in our region, and as a leading multicultural country ….


    • corodale 5.1

      So embarising that they are our closest ally. With friends like this, who needs whiskey?

  5. joe90 6

    Trevor Noah on why Nelson Mandela’s birthday is still a BFD in South Africa, and around the world.

  6. mac1 7

    The telling thing about this drawing is whether you go from the top to the bottom. Or from the bottom to the top.

    Which is more comfortable? Which is more satisfying?

    Made up your mind?

    Well, if you go from to bottom you are continually making left turns. If going from bottom to top, then you’re following a line that is continually making right turns.

    A political circle all right. Which way do you prefer to follow it?

    It’s actually a political bias indicator, far faster than a fifty question test. Very clever diagnostic tool.

    • Anne 7.1

      Is Jacinda left handed?

      • mac1 7.1.1

        That’s an even simpler diagnostic tool? There is also where you part your hair, how you fold your arms (as you are doing right now!), and how you cross your legs, how you squint and which is your blind eye, and best of all if and how people sneer when you tell them you were a (insert party name here) candidate.

  7. JC 8

    Waimea Dam Doomed!

    In case you missed it …. Budget Blow out of$26 M looks to scuttle further intensification of Golden Bay …


    How Sad! Too Bad!

    • Prickles 8.1

      And those of us in Tasman are delighted. It wasn’t going to lead to intensification of Golden Bay (too hard to get the water over or through the marble mountain) but the people of Golden Bay were expected to help pay for it. The only ones who were going to benefit were a handful of irrigators on the Waimea Plains.

      Many of us are all but dancing in the streets. Kempthorne and King need to be shown the door.

      • Philj 8.1.1

        The Mayor and his mates should honourably resign, as they have wasted $10 million ratepayers dollars promoting a scheme the public did not want. I hope the Council listens to the public and not dictate to them.

    • Robert Guyton 8.2

      Unless the Provincial Development Fund…

  8. JC 9

    Watch this space … “The Minister Responsible for Pike River re-entry, Andrew Little, has signed off on plans which outline several re-entry options into the mine.”


  9. mg 10

    Ah, but growth in consumption of a finite planet is anything but circular.

    It goes rev-up, inflection, plateau, collapse.

    How many politicians are brave enough to address that?

    Because it’s the only game in town – everything else is marking time.

  10. corodale 11

    Something about anti-semitic. Oh, like but he was semitic, The mind boogles, but not really.

  11. Philj 12

    The Mayor and his mates should honourably resign, as they have wasted $10 million ratepayers dollars promoting a scheme the public did not want. I hope the Council listens to the public and not dictate to them.

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