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Daily Review 28/05/2018

Written By: - Date published: 5:33 pm, May 28th, 2018 - 78 comments
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78 comments on “Daily Review 28/05/2018 ”

  1. dukeofurl 1

    NZ farmers already cull 1 mill dairy cows a year.

    Yet we will hear howls of anguish over a possible 150,000 cows for the disease.

    • Kat 1.1

      Jacinda Ardern and the govt has fronted and acted quickly and decidedly. Most reasonable New Zealanders will expect the rural sector to accept the medicine and $16million compensation.

      • dukeofurl 1.1.1

        Compensation will be over $800 mill.

        $16 mill is only’ loss of production’ ie milk

        • Kat

          That lost production compensation is what will go directly to the affected farmers, as I understand it. I may be wrong.

          • alwyn

            I think the a great deal more will go to the farmers, basically to buy the cows that will be destroyed. A milking cow can, apparently, be worth up to $2,000 or so.
            Not that I am an expert on the subject. The only thing I ever learnt about cattle was that no sensible farmer ever turned his back to a bull. I only ever spent any time with school holiday jobs on a farm running sheep.

            • Ed

              It is shameful we treat sentient beings in this way.

              • mauī

                Don’t forget Cowspiracy Ed, that’s good too.

                • solkta

                  I thought Cowspiracy was crap. All that research and the guy didn’t even know the concept of Permaculture.

                • Ed

                  Yes – a good film, but lacks the punch of Earthlings.
                  One of the best vegan films is ‘Forks over Knives.’

                  • mauī

                    Looks great. I like the final line too: “…eating more plant based foods, it’s that simple.”

                    • Ed

                      It is a brilliant film.
                      In the film, The China Study provides incontrovertible evidence that a plant based diet is better for your health.

                      Cowspiracy deals with the environmental argument.
                      And Earthlings catalogues the cruelty and barbarity of the food industry.

                • Ed

                  I recommend you watch the other two.

            • Ed

              The dark side of the NZ Dairy Industry

            • Draco T Bastard

              I think the a great deal more will go to the farmers, basically to buy the cows that will be destroyed.

              And yet we should be charging them for causing the problem.

              • Ed

                Some of them should go to court for negligence and breaking safety rules.

              • alwyn

                “should be charging them for causing the problem”
                You obviously have access to some inside knowledge.
                I didn’t think they actually knew how the disease got here.
                You, if you are blaming farmers, obviously must know.
                Please explain what really happened, and what evidence is there for what you say being true?

                  • alwyn

                    That says that the livestock tracking program wasn’t being observed.
                    It says nothing at all about how the disease got into the country.
                    If you exceeded the speed limit by 10 kph on one occasion on the freeway can we prosecute and jail you for manslaughter because some idiot did the same on a winding country road and killed a cyclist?
                    After all you broke a law.
                    Now please explain. How did the disease get here and was it due to some illegal activity of farmers in general? After all DTB doesn’t appear to want to pay compensation to any farmers.

                    • Ed

                      It certainly spread because of malpractice by farmers.
                      Trials needed.
                      And sentencing.

                    • Draco T Bastard

                      That says that the livestock tracking program wasn’t being observed.

                      And so the farmers were breaking the rules and should be fined.

                      It says nothing at all about how the disease got into the country.

                      That has to do with National cutting funding for biosecurity.

                      If you exceeded the speed limit by 10 kph on one occasion on the freeway can we prosecute and jail you for manslaughter because some idiot did the same on a winding country road and killed a cyclist?

                      No but a charge of attempted manslaughter should probably apply.

                      Now please explain. How did the disease get here and was it due to some illegal activity of farmers in general?

                      How the disease got here is a concern. How the disease spread is also a concern. You’re trying to put all the blame on the former and ignore the latter.

                      But we had rules in place to prevent the spread of disease amongst cattle that the farmers ignored.

                      So, yeah, the farmers need to be charged and fined.

                      After all DTB doesn’t appear to want to pay compensation to any farmers.

                      Damn right I don’t. They’re a major problem across many aspects of society that needs to be dealt with.

      • alwyn 1.1.2

        I hope that eradication works but I don’t think it will. No other country has managed that. They all seem to control the disease though.

        I hope the Government have decided when, and how, they are going to determine that the attempt has succeeded or whether it should be abandoned. We really don’t want to follow the example of the US in Vietnam as shown so vividly on TV recently, where they just kept on and on and on, looking for the light at the end of the tunnel.

        I’m sure that Grant Robertson will be happy though. He will probably take Rahm Emanuel’s advice to heart.
        “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before”.
        I think that Grant will be bringing in about $20 billion a year of new taxes whilst using this as an excuse for another broken promise from the Labour election campaign.

        • Kat

          Comparing M Bovis outbreak control in NZ to the US involvement in the war in Vietnam I suspect you have mad cows disease. And please, get off the tax spin.

          • alwyn

            I wasn’t, as I’m sure you can see comparing the activities as being with the same intentions or morality. You are simply being mendacious in suggesting that I was.
            I was merely illustrating the way that people can continue on a path even if it is not working.
            Eradication is a worthy aim. The Vietnam war certainly wasn’t.

            • Kat

              What about the Boer war, the Korean war, the Iraq war or any other war for that matter. What the hell has “morality” got to do with eradicating M Bovis. This govt is acting to cure a potential epidemic that affects the financial survival of many farmers and a major industry in NZ not go off to some foreign bloody war. And do not accuse me of lying or being deceitful, ever…….unless you have bullet proof evidence.

              • alwyn

                Looked the word up did you?
                While you are about it why don’t you simply read what I say and not try and turn it into something it isn’t?
                As far as war goes I think General Sherman got it right. “War is Hell”.

    • dv 1.2

      And there are 10 m cattle in NZ
      Thus 150k cows are 1.5% of the stock

      • dv 1.2.1

        Again persective

        Animals killed last year
        Cows 934,000
        calves and vealers 1,650,000

        So the 150,000 is low cf to normal slaughter rate.


        • dukeofurl

          dairy cows are just ‘production units’, so are replaced fairly frequently.

          They dont live out their days, its off to the works, mostly hamburger mince.

        • Ed

          By any other name

          Torture, cruelty and mass murder…..

      • Cinny 1.2.2

        “And there are 10 m cattle in NZ
        Thus 150k cows are 1.5% of the stock”

        Bugger there goes my silver lining theory that our ‘greenhouse gases’ will dramatically decline over the next couple of years. Oh wells maybe fencing will improve over said time frame instead.

        Damo is doing a stellar job on this, he’s had concerns about our biosecurity for a long long time.

    • Ed 1.3

      Be the Peace.
      Be a Plant-Based Being!

    • RuralGuy 1.4

      I always equate The Standard trying to discuss rural matters to a bunch of 5 year olds attempting quantum physics. They’ve got absolutely no idea what their talking about but it’s mildly amusing watching them try.

      Seriously, if you can’t figure out the difference between culls and milking herd with high BW/PW (as per the original poster), then you should probably not post as you end coming off as an idiot to the people that actually know what they’re talking about.

      • dv 1.4.1

        Not the point.
        The point was that 150k is 1.5% of the national herd.

        Not that many.

  2. mickysavage 2

    Latest Colmar Brunton

    Labour – 43
    National – 45
    Greens – 5
    NZ First – 4.2
    ACT – nowhere …


    And Bridges is on 12% compared to Jacinda’s 41%.

    • Kat 2.1

      Just proves the budget was a flop…..according to PB & GB. Does anyone in National understand politics or MMP?

      • dukeofurl 2.1.1

        Nationals number after last years budget were unchanged as well- must have been a flop ?

        • Kat

          Are you impressed how National spin it though, gotta give them credit for reworking Goebbels propaganda theories in the 21st century. Have a listen to Hooton on air, he is a master at it.

          • alwyn

            “Goebbels propaganda theories”.
            Bingo. Godwin’s law has struck. You lose the debate for being the first to invoke the Nazis.

      • patricia bremner 2.2.1

        Bennett didn’t feature in spite of her attention seeking behaviour.

    • james 2.3

      “ACT – nowhere …”

      Just as well they generally win an electoral seat then huh.

    • alwyn 2.4

      What are the chances that both NZF and the Green Party drop out entirely at the next election and we revert to a two party Parliament?
      Is the threshold for getting any seats of 5% an entrenched part of the Electoral Act? On these numbers I can see the otherwise doomed minor parties crashing through an amendment to get rid of the cut-off point.

      On the other hand, if Seymour wins that dancing program he is in I can see a massive rise in ACT’s popularity. If he wins I am sure that ACT will take a huge leap upwards and might, just might, reach the 1% level. Well perhaps 0.8%. 1% is probably a bit far.

      • mauī 2.4.1

        I don’t know what are the chances we are visited by aliens tomorrow?

      • Exkiwiforces 2.4.2

        NZF, remains me of a good stayer at Melbourne Cup or the NZ Cup (the trots) at some stupid odds to win trailing at the rear at the final bend and winning by half a length in the end.

        Anyone writing of NZF at this stage of the game is a fool, just like the fool who put a hundred on the nose for the good stayer to win.

      • AB 2.4.3

        What are the chances that both NZF and the Green Party drop out entirely at the next election and we revert to a two party Parliament

        Approximately NIL

    • Anne 2.5

      It needs to be remembered that the well known axiom which used to be trotted out regularly by past media:

      budget and policy announcements take at least two months to filter through to the general public so changes in political fortunes based on them are never instant

      are conveniently forgotten by today’s bunch of mediocre media commentators.

      Neither do these med. med. commentators ever point out the facts about MMP:

      a) the centre right to far right have effectively only one political party to vote for (plus a tiny lunatic fringe led by Seymour) while the centre left to far left have three parties to choose from.

      Therefore the appropriate comparison to make is the National Party (on the right) has
      blah blah points and Labour, Greens and NZ First (on the left) have blah blah points.
      In this case : The right have 45%. The left have 48%. The left are 3% ahead. But of course that’s being honest and doesn’t fit in with the right leaning agenda plus a healthy dose of media ignorance.

  3. adam 3

    Great interview with fact checking by Abby Martin. Colombia and the possible (almost real) collapse of the peace deal with FARC. Interestingly still hundreds of labour leaders, social activist and community leaders being murdered in Colombia by the right. Video just over 18 minutes long.

  4. ScottGN 4

    The numbers across the various polls are starting to look quite resilient. Labour/Greens in government with a bare majority (as is typical of MMP) and National falling short. NZFirst just below the threshold (who wouldn’t back Peters to bridge that 0.8% shortfall in the Colmar Brunton?) and everyone else (who even remembers the Maori Party these days?) irrelevant.

    • alwyn 4.1

      “starting to look quite resilient”.
      Hm. You did notice did you that in this poll, just like the Reid Research one, both the Green Party and New Zealand First went down? Even now they are both on the verge of extinction. How much further do you expect them to drop in the next couple of years?
      Personally I expect them to follow the example of all the minor parties we have had who went into Government with either National or Labour. They will vanish in exactly the same way that all the others have done. The only question will be whether their voters switch before the election, and their votes will matter in 2020, or whether the few remaining faithful will cling to the party corpses and the votes will be wasted.

      • In Vino 4.1.1

        Maybe the case with NZ First after Winston goes, but never the case with the Greens. They are different, and are at their nadir now. They will only rise, much to your disappointment. Greenpeace and Greens are a powerful movement – nothing like the shallow base of ACT, Maori Party, NZ First, etc. You heard it first from me, Alwyn, and I think this one is more predictable than the weather.

  5. Ed 6

    We have been lied to.

    ‘Russian MoD: Missiles Shown By MH17 Investigators Were Decommissioned After 2011’


    • Brigid 6.1

      Thanks for that Ed.
      Interesting, not surprising though.

      • One Anonymous Bloke 6.1.1

        The Kremlin’s Shifting, Self-Contradicting Narratives on MH17.

        They can’t even lie straight in bed.

        • Draco T Bastard

          Instead of presenting a firm, singular theory of the incident that led to the downing of MH17

          As if having a single narrative is a Good Thing™ in an investigation to find the truth.

          Lies are coordinated, the truth never is.

          • One Anonymous Bloke

            When the person with the shifting narrative fabricates “evidence” – by misrepresenting the dates of satellite photos, for example – what does that tell you?

            • Draco T Bastard

              It tells me that they’re lying.

              But then so does having a single narrative about what happened from the get go.

    • One Anonymous Bloke 6.2

      Well done for spotting that the Russian MoD are lying.

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    Applications have opened for the Pacific Suicide Prevention Community Fund as the Government acts to boost support amid the COVID delta outbreak. “We know strong and connected families and communities are the most important protective factor against suicide and this $900,000 fund will help to support this work,” Health Minister ...
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    As a result of the Delta outbreak, driver licences, Warrants of Fitness (WoFs), Certificates of Fitness (CoFs), vehicle licences (‘regos’) and licence endorsements that expired on or after 21 July 2021 will be valid until 30 November 2021, Transport Minister Michael Wood has announced today. “While this extension won’t officially ...
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    Minister for Women Jan Tinetti today announced a $2 million community fund that will provide support for women and girls adversely affected by COVID-19. “We know that women, particularly those who are already vulnerable, are disproportionally affected by the kind of economic disruption caused by COVID-19,” Jan Tinetti said. ...
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  • Next phase of support for Fiji’s COVID-19 response announced
    A further NZ$12 million of support for Fiji’s COVID-19 response has been announced by Foreign Minister Hon Nanaia Mahuta today. The package builds on previous tranches of assistance Aotearoa New Zealand has provided to Fiji, totalling over NZ$50 million. “Fiji remains in a very challenging position in their response to ...
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    2 weeks ago
  • Robotic asparagus harvester aimed at addressing industry challenges
    The Government is backing a $5 million project to develop a commercial-scale autonomous robotic asparagus harvester, Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor announced today. The Sustainable Food and Fibre Futures fund (SFF Futures) is contributing $2.6 million to the project. Project partner Robotics Plus Limited (RPL) will build on a prototype asparagus ...
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    2 weeks ago