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In celebration of what would have been Bob Marley’s 70th birthday …

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31 comments on “Daily Review 31/07/2015”

  1. mickysavage 1

    Despite Slater filming his attack on the Labour Party crippled website the Police are not going to be taking any action. They have to be fecking joking …


    • pipalbany 1.1

      and … Police had previously dismissed a complaint by Matthew Blomfield that Slater had illegally accessed a computer hard drive to get emails and personal information used for blogposts ”

      Does that lay at these these two tired memes to bed?

      • mickysavage 1.1.1

        Are you saying Blomfield has no reason for complaint? It seems Slater is desperately maintaining he is a journalist so that relevant evidence is not presented. But this current decision is atrocious.

        • pipalbany

          I’ve no doubt that has every right to complain, however the Police, in this instance have made a decision that seems to conveniently ignored often and repeatedly.

          As to the latest decision perhaps the question was wrong, or poorly worded. Based on what I’ve read it seems the right answer to the question asked.

          • Mark

            Can you read. Ask mommy to put you to bed. Its way past your bedtime and paygrade and this conversation is for adults not fuckwits like yourself. Unless section 249 and 252 have disappeared from the crimes act, Slugfuck is as guilty as you are fucking stupid.

        • Anne

          And what makes it even more suspicious mickysavage is the contrast in the responses to the two complaints of hacking involving Slater.

          1. Slater lays a complaint about the hacking of his computer by rawshark.
          Within 3 weeks the police spend 10hrs searching Hager’s home and remove all his computers and files on specious grounds.

          2. The Labour Party lay a complaint about Slater and Ede hacking their computer. Not only do they NOT conduct a search of Slater’s or Ede’s home, but they produce a report which is obviously a blatant white-wash.

      • Anne 1.1.2

        Has anyone else noticed the weird pseudonyms these one-off trolling rwnjs use on this site?

        • pipalbany

          Really? One off, as you wish. This of course from a LWNJ?

          • Mark

            Strange how whenever something like this breaks we suddenly have an influx of right wing fuckwits like yourself. The names change but the script never does.

    • Anne 1.2

      Let me repeat what I said on O.M. but with one proviso:

      The police are covering up for Slater. Claim he and Ede committed no offence when they hacked into Labour’s computer system. Slater’s going to demand an apology from Little.

      Geez… I hope Little ridicules him and tells him where to get off in the strongest of language.

      The proviso: they’re not protecting so much Slater but JOHN KEY AND HIS OFFICE.

      I’m going to use stronger language ms. I call it bloody disgusting. I wouldn’t even rule out interference from some quarter on this one. But of course the police will deny it.

      • Anne 1.2.1

        Actually I’m so disgusted I think I will write a letter to the police and tell them what I think of them. Can anyone advise me who to send the letter to… ?

        • pipalbany

          I’d suggest perhaps R.T. Drew DS who’s name is on the letter to Mr.Parker might get you somewhere.

          • Anne

            @ pipalbany

            Well, I accept your response is genuine so say thank you for the advice.

      • Draco T Bastard 1.2.2


        The police seem to be operating at the behest of the National Party.

    • maui 1.3

      Media publishes story last thing on a friday too, what a coincidence…

    • infused 1.4

      How can it be illegal when the website was publically open.

      And lol attack… crippled website… jesus.

  2. swordfish 2

    Bob Marley’s 70th (had he lived). My Mum’s 85th.

    She’s been a Labour Party member since joining the Junior Party towards the end of WWII. Occassional Party activist and (local-level) Trade Unionist. Strongly sympathetic to the Palestinian cause since the 1948 War (when, as an 18-year-old Wellingtonian, she managed to read between the (media) lines and recognised Israel’s ethnic-cleansing for what it was), long-time member of CND and HART, took my brother and I on anti-Vietnam War demonstrations from as early as 1965 (when I was still a wee swordfish in nappies), marched to Save Lake Manapouri in the early 70s and against the Springbok Tour in both 76 and 81. Along with other Pakeha (mainly of a progressive bent), learnt Te Reo at night classes in central Wellington in 1949.

    She’s voted Labour all her life with one exception – in 1951 she was so unhappy with Nash’s equivocal stand on the lockout that she cast her first ever vote for the Communist candidate.

    She also, incidently, witnessed Savage, Semple, Lee etc opening the first State House in Miramar in 1937.

    Just about to pick up my parents for a celebratory dinner.

  3. Draco T Bastard 3

    Banking inquiry: decision to issue guarantee ‘indefensible’

    “In simple terms this is a way of packaging up mortgages into an asset and selling them on to a new layer of investors, who agree to pay a percentage of the nominal value of the loans in return for an agreed interest so that their money can be lent on again for new mortgages,”she explained.

    “It is ingenious in its way, as it is a system that seems to offer limitless working capital for a lending institution. But there is nothing to stop the new investors selling on their asset at a profit, and so on ad infinitum.

    “Viewed that way it has the look of a pyramid scheme, and all depends on the original mortgages continuing to be serviced, and becoming more expensive for the mortgagees.

    And that’s pretty much how the entire global banking system works. It’s a scam, pure and simple.

  4. pipalbany 4

    I was intrigued that in this interview KDC claims to have given up with MEGA and is working on a new version

  5. Karen 5

    It is not Bob Marley’s birthday!!! He was born on 6th February (Waitangi Day).

    However, I’ll definitely raise my glass in honour of Swordfish’s Mum.

  6. Tautoko Mangō Mata 6

    The Intercept has a good article on money in US politics.

  7. Tautoko Mangō Mata 7

    “US spies on Japan trade talks: WikiLeaks”

    “Australia is receiving secret US intelligence on Japanese trade negotiations, according to newly published WikiLeaks documents.”

  8. Reddelusion 8

    Shock horror scandal countries are spying on each other, who would have thought

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