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Jon Stewart had a good piece last night on why we shouldn’t just trust the economic and financial “experts”.

People deserve better from the media than the dehumanising econo-speak about ‘soft labour markets’ and housing ‘corrections’ that dominates our Business pages, so it’s good to see Jon poking a bit of fun. Fox News also gets a well deserved kicking:

Full clip at Comedy Central.

13 comments on “Daily Show on financial news”

  1. Sam Dixon 1

    ‘Like the top of a baby’s skull’ – brilliant

  2. Lisa 2

    Yes it was funny and I enjoyed it .
    Thanks Tane .

  3. Kimble 3

    Yet more anti-economist hate speech from the left.

  4. forgetaboutthelastone 4

    no no no Kimble:

    those were examples of anti-left hate speech from economists.

  5. andy 5


    that was just showing up the left wing media complex for its PC spin, and it was funny…

  6. forgetaboutthelastone 6


    – it shows up the right wing media complex for its anti-PC spin. how could you two get it so wrong?

  7. AncientGeek 7

    Gotta say – that video is very very funny… The pundits lines with Jan Stewarts commentary sound really daft and very superficial.

    Looks like I didn’t look back in the posts far enough. Thanks for the laugh Tane.

  8. Maia 8

    Hey the writers strike is still on, and these segments are written by scab labour (probably John Stewart scabbing on himself, but scabbed labour nonetheless).

    The writers are on strike because they’re not getting a share of internet revenue. To link to advertised supported on-line clips written by scab labour isn’t solidarity.

    I’m sure it’s hilarious, and would love for writers to win and the Daily Show and the Colbert Report to stop being scab TV.

  9. Tane 9

    I understood Stewart and Colbert had reached a separate deal with their writers. They’ve also run numerous items supporting the strike and Stewart has been reported as continuing to payi his writers while they’re striking. I could be misinformed of course – feel free to chuck me a link if you’ve seen a different version of events.

  10. Maia 10

    I’ve tried to post a long response to this, I guess it’s been eaten in the spam filter. If you can filter it out, great, delete this. The basics is that it’s David Letterman who has a deal with the writers. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are going sans writers and the shows are still being picketed. This means that many people won’t appear on their shows.

    I haven’t put any links, because i think it might have been the number of links that blocked my previous post. But Deadline Hollywood Daily and United Hollywood have good rundowns (by searching for Jon Stewart you can get the details about these shows).

  11. lprent 11

    Maia: It is set to put comments to moderation if they have more than 2 links.

    This is an anti-spam setting that I was looking at last night. Blog spams characteristically have click through link’s and usually can never be satisfied with just one. It doesn’t seem to me to be required with recaptcha in place.

    I’ll look at the implications of removing it.


  12. r0b 12

    Lynn – that would be great. That limit is a PITA at times.

  13. admin 13

    Set to 10. We’ll try it like that for a while and see what happens.

    Found this backlink (ie linking to us). Three Point Turn is in the blogroll as being Left at kiwiblog and Right at The Standard.

    Maybe we need a Centre.


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