The whalers are coming

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The Dom reports today that the Japanese whaling fleet has ben “spotted steaming towards the Ross Sea” – part of our territorial waters.

They’re presumably coming here having had their activities in Australian waters declared illegal last week.

The Greens have just just called for the government to get involved.

Labour’s Steve Chadwick has said she’s “concerned about the fleet’s movements” and that she’s “strongly opposed” to Japan’s whaling here. Valuable sentiments but we agree with the Greens on this – it’s time to back up the talk with some action.

As a country we have a proud history of standing up for the things we believe in and there’s little doubt that the public would back sending a stronger message to the Japanese whalers – a visible demonstration of our opposition to their activities.

I reckon it’s time to put our money where our mouths are.

The Aussies sent an observation vessel.

The Greens want to send a “contingent of New Zealand identified multi-purpose navy ships”.

Both ok, but I was thinking something more along the lines of Captain Nemo’s Nautilus.

15 comments on “The whalers are coming”

  1. Kimble 1

    Leftie clearly advocating violence.

    You guys shat your pants when a picture of Minto’s house was put on a blog, claiming that putting it up their was a threat of violence.

    But right here you are openly advocating the murder of human beings. Hypocritical much?

  2. all_your_base 2

    I almost feel sorry for you Kimble.

  3. Did Heather tell you to post that a_y_b?

  4. Lisa 4

    Oh my Lord, this site is not proposing too ask Mr Bush and the real nuclear-powered USS Nautilus roaming the oceans to intervene in proceedings on behalf of the whale’s ?

  5. Kimble 5

    “I was thinking something more along the lines of Captain Nemo’s Nautilus.”

    How would you read that?

    And just LOOK at that picture! What do you think that 1,000 words of a boat exploding is saying?

    Whenever a rightie does anything, you scream your little heads off that they are all about violence. But when a leftie expresses a desire to see actual violence visited upon people he doesnt like yo usay, oh he never really meant it.

  6. all_your_base 6

    Blubblerboy – I’m flattered that you think that anyone would see fit to employ me in the beehive but the answer is ‘no’ – nobody asked me to post it. Strange concept ‘independent thought’ isn’t it?

    Lisa – I think you’ll find that nuclear power is about as popular here as whaling is, just ask Dr Brash.

    Kimble (again) – I take it back. I’m sorry for those *around* you.

  7. Matthew Pilott 7

    As I understand the RNZAF already has an orion patrolling down there, there was a news story that indicated one of ours was checking the scene out.

    From NZHerald:

    The Japanese whaling fleet has moved into New Zealand’s search and rescue area, raising concern after a fatal incident last year.

    A Royal New Zealand Air Force Orion spotted the fleet travelling towards the Ross Sea, a bay of the Southern Ocean in Antarctica between Victoria Land and Marie Byrd Land.

    So some of our armed forces are already keeping an eye on the situation.

    We haven’t taken delivery of the offshore patrol vehicles yet but both the frigates are in port.

    I’m guessing a call for violence would be a pisstake, but nonetheless if a navy vessel is available, I would endorse it going down – to keep official eyes on both sides to the dispute.

    This season was always going to get ugly eh!

  8. AncientGeek 8

    This is just part of the more global problem of over-fishing. Look at this article, if you want to get an idea of what the problem looks like.

    The classic example of the NE Atlantic cod fishery collapse and the NW Atlantic herring fishery collapses should warn us to be really conservative in estimating fish stocks and recovery time. Not to mention the orange roughy fishery collapse down here. All of those fisheries had fishery control plans. All of them failed to prevent the collapses.

    What does that have to do with the japanese pirate fleet?

    The cod and herring fisheries lasted a *long* time. For instance the Newfoundland cod fishery has been operating since the 16th century, and the herring fishery in the north sea operated since the 13th century. The collapse of both the fisheries coincided with the development of trawlers and factory ships that could operate well outside nationally controlled limits. Effectively these areas were providing the spawning and feeding grounds that were sustaining the fisheries.

    Currently we have one agreement controlling a ‘fishery’ in international waters – the one on whaling. The japanese in particular have been violating it with a callous disregard for the agreement using an obviously spurious ‘scientific research’ argument. This sets an extremely bad example for future agreements to protect fishing stocks in international waters.

    Personally, I think that we should start treating the japanese whaling fleet as potential pirates. There is international law on how to deal with piracy and the right to inspect ships for suspicion of piracy. Lets start using them. Let that be the example to guide future agreements.

  9. AncientGeek 9

    I forgot to put in a link on the international piracy law. Just needs a reinterpretation to cover indirect economic damage in much the same way that the Japanese reinterpret scientific research.

  10. Santi 10

    The real pirates are the deranged Greenpeace people who boarded the Japanese ship.

    I forgot they are greenies and also in cahoots with socialist Labour. Kind of minor pets, since they roll over when Clark orders it and vote accordingly.

  11. AncientGeek 11

    Santi: was there a point in that rant?

    If there was, then I cannot see it. I can’t actually see a correct statement of fact in your comment.

    As I remember it, it was two people from the Sea Shepard’s who boarded the Japanese whaling ship – yep see here. They may face charges from the Australian courts for boarding the ship. However bearing in mind that there is a ruling from an Australian court that whaling is illegal in Australian waters, I’m sure they will argue that they were doing what any concerned citizen was doing; attempting to prevent a crime happening.

    I don’t think that the Green party (who I think you were talking about as ‘greenies’) are “minor pets”. From memory they have a confidence and supply agreement with the parliamentary Labour party. That leaves them able to vote whatever way that they want on most bills, and from my green friends who argue with me at every turn, I understand that they vote a lot against government bills when they disagree with them. This allows them to exercise pressure to change bills.

    So I’d have to conclude Danti, that you are rather delusional or ill informed, or simply repeating something you don’t understand. Would you care to enlighten us which it is?

  12. We shouldn’t rule out delusional and ill-informed. My bet’s on that one.

  13. AncientGeek 13

    I couldn’t possibly comment.

    For some reason my comments get moderated a lot. Probably because I use simple robust language to describe what I see and believe. I definitely have to avoid the Idio… word and others. I’m still puzzled by the moderation on the over-fishing one above. Possibly Pirat…

  14. AncientGeek 14

    One thing that the web is really good for is to hyperlink. I misspelled Santi’s handle as Danti. That god me thinking about Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy in particular, the circles of Hell in the Inferno. I’m always surprised whenever I reread this about how the nature of sin has changed in society over the years. Also the sheer brutality of some of the punishments that Dante envisaged.

    It is pretty clear what area that the people who over-fish and hunt whales are in – the 4th circle – “They include the avaricious or miserly, who hoarded possessions, and the prodigal, who squandered them.”. I can’t think of anything more wasteful than destroying ecosystems for nothing more than a short-term gain. This is what Niven and Pournelle in their updated version of Inferno calls Wasters.

    Be interesting to figure out what ring and borgia that troller’s and moronic commenter’s belong in.

    Umm if anyone needs a laugh some time – get hold of Niven’s short story
    Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex. ‘Larry Niven details the problems that Superman would face in having sexual intercourse and reproducing with “a human woman designated LL for convenience”, using arguments based on humorous (yet logical) reconciliation between physics, biology and the abilities of Kryptonians as presented in Superman comic books.’

    I’m not surprised that “In 1986, the essay was reposted onto Usenet; this led to what is thought to be the very first online report of copyright violation.”.

    Looks like the story is on-line here – enjoy.

  15. AncientGeek 15

    Jumping back to an older post. I was browsing around to see what had happened to the whaling fleet.

    There was a good clear description on a greenpeace blog post . The part that intrigued me was about the japanese public:-

    Most of the people who read this blog are well aware of the issue of whaling. Most of the people in Japan are not. Greenpeace activities in the Southern Ocean rarely get reported in Japan, unless they are done so in a negative way. But we are starting to see changes in the last year and more attention is being given to the issue in Japan.

    I had a look around some of the press statements done here and in aussie by the japanese. I think that Sara is correct – they just don’t understand what it is that the fuss is about.


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