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Killed in their pyjamas by father in frenzied attack – before mother-in-law found note.

That’s the headline from an Irish newspaper reporting the murder of a mother and her four children by her husband and children’s father and I’m quietly wondering how many minds quietly accept the reporting as normal and unproblematic.

If your initial reaction carried or carries any hint of a puzzled “And?” as in “What’s the point?”, then really, you could do much worse than read this blog post and its comments.

And if you immediately see the problem, then the linked post is still highly recommended, if disturbing, reading.

14 comments on “Disturbing.”

  1. save nz 1

    Good post. Very tragic, but very good analysis in the ‘this blog post’ link.

  2. Yep very good blogpost – the invisibility of many is chronic.

  3. Thanks for this post, Bill, and I agree with not attaching an image.

  4. adam 4

    Thanks Bill, I found myself reading more of Linnea Dunne’s blogs, a rather insightful blogger.

  5. whateva next? 5

    To think what “Clodagh” was going through in the months leading upto this horrific attack is sobering, I doubt it was out of the blue for her.

  6. Fran 6

    Thanks Bill,

    Sobering, thoughtful and right.

  7. Observer Tokora 7

    . Hi Bill

    . Only David Cunliffe spoke out on behalf of Women and Children in our country.

    He was crucified by The New Zealand Herald and John Key. Also by the Maori Party.

    Women count for nothing with the likes of the mental John Key who not only sets low standards for himself, but disgusting low standards for his followers young and old.

    None of his followers ever chide him.


  8. Leftie 8

    Thanks Bill for this post. The words sad and tragic just doesn’t come close imo. How many articles have we all read over the years where msm have made it all about the perpetrator, and the women victims of violence rendered invisible? Agree with what the other commentators have said.

  9. Ross 9

    Australian writer Murray Bail once wrote a fictional short story entitled ‘The Drover’s Wife’ which sort of relates to this issue. An excellent piece of work.

  10. The New Student 10

    This refusal to be minimised is uplifting

  11. Brutus Iscariot 11

    It might be instructive if instead of simply sniping at the way the article is written, you demonstrate more balanced reporting by rewriting it yourself in an acceptable format.

    That’s what’s generally lacking with this sort of thing – exemplars.

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