Dream of sliding to work?

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playground.jpgGoogle have just opened a new European engineering headquarters in Switzerland, according to a report from the BBC:

“Dotcom companies were defined by beanbags and pizza but Google, a company that came to prominence after the bubble had burst, has taken that image to a whole new level.

Meeting ‘pods’ in the style of Swiss chalets and igloos, fireman poles to allow easy access between floors and a slide to ensure that people can get to the cafeteria as quickly as possible are all part of a design…”

If you have ever dreamed of working in an environment that looks more like a grown up version of an early childhood education centre than your conventional office, along with free meals, then this is the place for you! (Watch the video!)

And bizarely NZ gets a mention in the article, when it goes onto explore the different research going on within the company. Google Trends is a new feature which allows users to compare various seach terms:

“It has thrown up some fascinating facts. A comparison between Coke and Pepsi shows that in New Zealand people are more likely to search for Coke while in Turkey and India, Pepsi dominates.”

Well who would have known that? I prefer the idea of sliding to the cafe myself.

4 comments on “Dream of sliding to work?”

  1. ape08 1

    This is so boring… where’s that old tos.er Irish Bill? At least he normally has something us younger socialists can get our teeth into… this is cr.p!

  2. out of bed 2

    ape 08 have you a problem with your keyboard ?

  3. infused 3

    They have been doing this from the start. We have adopted one of their policies. That is to give  of their working week to working on their own projects to staff.

  4. infused 4

    Ok, it screwed that up. Meant to say 10 percent of the working week.

    Ok, I’ve had to refresh captcha about 50 times to get one I can read :/

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