Famous liars

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10 comments on “Famous liars”

  1. toad 1

    And Steven Joyce has just been caught out by Gareth Hughes lying about Rena.

  2. Afewknowthetruth 2

    Tony B Liar: Weapons of Mass Destruction. It’s nothing to do with the oil. The British economy has never been stringer.

    The Shrub: We’re here to free the Iraqi people. Without this package the US economy could collapse and millions of people lose their jobs. Drilling in Alaska will promote the environment.

    The Clown: I sold Britian’s gold at a the right time and at a good price.

    O’Bomber: I will berng the troops home. I will close Guantanamo. I will create millions of new jobs. I am an Irishman. I am an American.

    Mafia man: There are no connections between my businesses and what I do in government. She was over 18.

    Miracle woman: These actions will result in a stronger Germany and a stronger Europe.

    Winnie the Pooh: The Asia Crisis will have no effect on the NZ economy.

    Actually, it is hard to think of any world leader, or even any local politician, who does not lie fairly continuously.

    Building a brigher future. Sure!

  3. happynz 3

    Your list of porkies told by various ‘leaders’ are interesting. However, are you suggesting that Obama isn’t American? Dude, if that’s your take, your credibility will take a big hit.

    • Afewknowthetruth 3.1

      You missed the point. When visiting Ireland O’Bomber declared himslef to be an Irishman. When in America he went to great lengths to declare himself an American because so many people qustioned his ancestry. (The US invaded and occupied Hawaii just over a century ago; Hawaii is not really a part of the USA, it just hasn’t escaped yet.

      Everything O’Bomber says is a lie, just as with all the other criminals and clowns who are leaders throughout the western world. O’bomber will say anything to stay in power and deceive the people. I am an American, I am not an American -whatever suits the occasion.

      • felix 3.1.1

        I don’t know about the history of Hawaii but as I have no reason not to believe you lets just pretend I do.

        Are you saying that a Hawaiian citizen doesn’t have a right to stand for the presidency of the country that invaded and occupies theirs?

        What kind of f@scist shit is that?

      • Brett Dale 3.1.2


        You says leaders of the western world are liars???

        Yes and Im sure the leaders of socialists/communist countries, are known for their human rights records and integrity.

        its all about political idelology here and not human rights with you guys.

  4. The library sections in Richard Nixon’s presidential library have recently been updated:
    “Abuse of power.” “The cover up.” “Dirty tricks.”

    Oct 1960 – July 2008
    Randy Pausch professor of computer science and human computer interaction was passionate when it came to the truth. He left man kind three words “tell the truth” and said if he could leave three more words, they would be “all the time.”

  5. http://www.scoop.co.nz/multimedia/tv/business/57462.html

    It’s an amazing piece of footage. It shows Key in the very uncomfortable position of having to explain himself – and you can tell that he’s covering up a lie. He’s lied and has been caught out; his facial expression, tone of speech, and body language gives him away.

    I think that the Left have discovered a new meme for John Key: liar.

  6. Top right you have one great world leader.
    Bottom left you have a liar.
    Top Left you have a guy who was made to look better by his son.
    Bottom Right you have a Prime Minister who is going to get a second term.

  7. afewknowtheturth

    You just hate Obama because he is American, heck an american could find the cure for cancer and you guys would bitch about them.

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