Few sandwiches short of a picnic

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This, I swear, is a complete and unedited press release from Roger Douglas.

A Recipe To Grow The Economic Cake -Hon Sir Roger Douglas
Thursday, May 14 2009

Yield: An equitable serving for all

2½ cup Productivity
1½ cup Fiscal Responsibility
1 cup Sound Infrastructure Investment
6 eggs Full of Savings
3/4 cup Free Trade
6 tablespoons of Choice in Health and Education
2 teaspoons of Skilled Migration
1 teaspoon of Government

Ingredients for Icing
9 tablespoons Tax Cuts (more to taste)
7 oz sweet Economic Freedom

• Preheat economy oven
• Combine all ingredients liberally, taking care to restrain the amount of Government as too much will prevent the cake from rising and will create a bitter taste.
• Take a laissez-faire approach to cooking time, avoiding the temptation to adjust the settings.
• Once the cake has cooled, apply icing liberally.
• Enjoy the extra large servings Bon Appetite!

• If you want a smaller cake as Labour delivered, increase Government expenditure, restrict trade, increase taxes and introduce Government central planning.

I know what you’re thinking. I’m thinking it too. It’s sad to see a formerly razor-sharp mind slipping – he’s forgotten the key bit: ‘serve on the backs of the poor’.

20 comments on “Few sandwiches short of a picnic”

  1. vto 1

    ho ho ho bwilliant

  2. The Voice of Reason 2

    Let them eat cake!

  3. inpassing 3


    do I take it your laissez faire renders the concoction overbaked more than half-baked… ?

  4. Quoth the Raven 4

    It’s a bit rich for someone from Act to criticise Labour on central planning considering the centralisation they’re supporting in Auckland. Or just the fact that the dottering old statist works in central government.

  5. Pascal's bookie 5

    It’s still fewer stupid than his plan to simplify the tax system by establishing a parallel one that people could opt in to.

    If the Nat’s really wants to be doing the cutting of the wasteful spending they should have a look at what ACT is producing with that funding from their coalition agreement (pge3)

    Whatever happened to that funding, anyone heard? Has it been handed over? If so, who paid it? Parliamentary services? Ministerial? PM’s office?

    Perhaps English could appoint a purchase overseer to have a wee lookie at the outputs.

    In any case it’s a fuckin rort. It seems to be for research outside of any ministerial responsibilities, and above what they can get as MP’s. How is that not taxpayer funding of the ACT party? Or is it National party funds? Which makes it seem to be a flat out bribe of the “you give us dosh, we give you C&S” variety. All very murky maties.

    But anyhoo, if the ACT’ies can’t get funding to do their own damn research they should hold a bloody cake stall. But like Key, I wouldn’t Douglas near the kitchen.

    • gingercrush 5.1

      Isn’t that the same deal that Labour struck with the Greens though?

      • Pascal's bookie 5.1.1

        I don’t know ginger, is it?

        From memory the Labour Green deal was basically a few policy tidbits in return for abstention on C&S.

        I don’t recall any extra-constitutional ‘leadership council’ deciding the terms about an unspecified amount of money from unspecified sources being given to the Greens to contract some research to find out what they think.

        can’t see anything like that, but I may have missed it:


  6. QoT 6

    Oh that’s just sad. Someone on the ACT team thinks they’re being really, really cutting-edge on this one.

    • cassidy 6.1

      In fairness to Roger that would be quite cutting edge writing for the 60s.

  7. Nick 7

    Has anybody noticed Rodney Hide looks more and more like Benito Mussolini every day. This looks very much like a Benito recipe too….Rodders has however lost a lot of weight, perhaps Wodga’s copies of Benito’s recipes are unpalatable….

    • cassidy 7.1

      I completely agree Nick. At this point the only difference is that Mussolini was ultimately brought to justice. Perhaps history will repeat itself?

      • vto 7.1.1

        history always repeats itself. which is just as well and a bit of a bummer …

  8. He forgot many important ingredients such as

    Weekends where you improve yourself
    Community contributions
    Study of the classics
    Walking in the bush

    It is strange but with his ingredients you get a rather flat lopsided cake. Add in the above and things start to look a lot better.

    • Daveski 8.1

      He also forgot to mention that you could always sit back, bitch about the people in the kitchen, but then demand your share of the cake 🙂

      • Lew 8.1.1

        Daveski, when those in the kitchen look like they might end up burning the house down, complaining that they should get out and piss off seems a perfectly reasonable thing to do.


  9. “history always repeats itself. which is just as well and a bit of a bummer ”
    … The first time as tragedy, the second as farce.

  10. ak 10

    It’s like a Farside cartoon for the blind: “Surprised at his reincarnation, Adolf decided to try stand-up.”

  11. ak 11

    Publishing op for some young entrepreneur here: “Oxy morons: a cringing chronology of right-wing humour”

  12. jarbury 12

    Maybe Roger got lost in the cook-book section of the parliamentary library?

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