Glucina Key #ponygate text revealed

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Congratulations to blogger No Right Turn for the complaint and to the new Ombudsman Judge Peter Boshier for deciding that the text from Rachel Glucina to John Key concerning Amanda Bailey, victim of Key’s ponytail pulling, should be revealed.

It is brief but sums up all that is wrong with New Zealand’s media.  It said:

just interviewed the waitress. Piece of work! Massive political agenda”

It was always strange that Key should assert some sort of privilege for this communication. The text shows clearly which side Glucina was on and how she saw statements by the victim as being part of a political attack yet her communication with the Prime Minister as being something completely normal.

The text also makes interesting reading when the content of the press council decision against Glucina is considered.  It was bad enough for Glucina to communicate the contents of the discussion to Amanda Bailey’s employers.  But to make this comment to the person who Bailey had complained about shows a troubling lack of understanding of the morality of the situation.

It is very clear which side Rachel Glucina was on.  And it was not Amanda Bailey’s.

149 comments on “Glucina Key #ponygate text revealed ”

  1. Sacha 1

    Who really believes the PM’s claims that this is an isolated, unsolicited txt rather than part of a conversation? #pffft

    • mickysavage 1.1

      Yep use of “the waitress” is pretty damning. It has to be part of a longer discussion.

      How would Key otherwise know what she was talking about. Clearly she was using shorthand because he knew the context.

      • Et Tu Brute 1.1.1

        Really? I agree with Sacha but that takes it a bit far. Key was in the midst of a brewing scandal and a reporter refers to ‘the waitress’ and you think he wouldn’t know who the waitress was unless the conversation was longer?

        • mickysavage

          You might be right. It will depend on the timing and when the text was sent.

        • Macro

          Yeah right! Anyone with half a brain can see thru this bullshit line mate . It’s clearly part of an ongoing conversation. Like that woman just chose to drop a text to Key?? Bullshit.

          • Sabine

            Like that women just had the phone number of his latest burner phone.

            Is our feckless Leader not known to change his ‘burner’ phone every few weeks,
            yet this Lady had his number.

        • mac1

          I can see the Glucina message in a context whereby she is responding to a request along the lines of “Let us know how you get on” or “Let us know what you make of her”.

          • mickysavage

            Yep timing is important. The timeline looks something like this:

            1. April 22, 2015 the story broke on TDB. The identity of the waitress or her place of work were not mentioned.
            2. Amanda Bailey was interviewed that afternoon.
            3. The Glucina article was posted early the next day.

            Does anyone know how Glucina found out? I am pretty sure the identity of the cafe was not disclosed in the article and the preamble said “[w]e are protecting her identity so she is not punished by her employer or social media victim blaming” (

            So one possibility is that Key told Glucina. If this is the case the suggestion that this was an unsolicited text.

            • Lanthanide

              Another possibility is that the cafe owners knew it was their cafe and their waitress and contacted Glucina. I believe Amanda had complained to the owners about Key before?

              • Sacha

                Also possible the cafe owners had contacted Key/office to let him know how they were handling it, and Glucina was merely verifying.

            • Karen

              Glucina’s brother worked for the cafe owners.

      • Anne 1.1.2

        I wish Amanda Bailey would take this slut woman, Rachel Glucina to court for falsely claiming to be a PR person and who presented as someone who was there to assist Ms Bailey. It was a shocking betrayal of a young woman who was the recipient of prolonged sexual harassment by the PM, and designed to elicit information with a view to destroying her credibility. The effect on Amanda must have been enormous and will still be with her today.

        I agree with you mickysavage. That text indicates there was a conspiracy (yes rwnjs – I said CONSPIRACY) going on behind the scenes and John Key was fully involved. No doubt most of it was verbal of course.

        • Paul

          Key does this a lot I reckon.

          • Anne

            Of course. There is ample evidence over the past seven years. Off the top of my head… the Tania Billingsley comments, the Phil Goff Affair, Donghua Liu affair and of course “Dirty Politics”. His whole political life is one big sinister conspiracy.

            (that ought to get the rwnjs going… 👿 )

            • hoom

              You missed Hollow Men which he was up to his neck in.

              I get the feeling he had similar modus operandi as finance/trader guy.

            • Mosa

              Don’t forget the Mike Sabin cover up and Media Works and Sky City and all the other things he has done that has been covered up

        • Olwyn

          You don’t need a conspiracy if you are playing for the same team, and the text gives solid evidence to something that has been obvious for some time – a media and political class in cahoots to an extent that mocks the integrity of both offices.

        • James

          wow – So far on thestandard today we have had one commenter saying “the sooner ‘whale’ died the better” (or words to that effect).

          And now – it seems Anne thinks its OK to call a woman a slut (even if its crossed out).

          For what its worth I never think its ok to call a woman a slut. But “hey” perhaps Anne can make it a thing.

          Is calling a woman a slut ok if you disagree with their actions?

          • James

            Actually I remember Anne calling another woman a bitch as well – perhaps we are seeing an attitude towards women coming out in her post.

            Of course she used the strikethru font on that as well – so I guess that is OK.

            • Anne

              James had to go back to January to find that one. It was a discussion about Josie Pagani who had written yet another article undermining Andrew Little and Labour. This… from someone who purports to be “from the Left” and a Labour supporter. I call that behaving like a bitch and I’m not afraid to say so.

          • Anne

            If you act like a s**t then…

            Didn’t take long for a rwnj d*****d to respond. 🙂

            • Reddelusion

              You sound very feral Ann, your language does not enhance your arguement, to the contrary you just come across as nasty piece of works 😃

              • Anne

                No Reddelusion but I will always call out those who actually ARE nasty pieces of works.

              • gnomic

                You still appear to be a subliterate idiot. Just so you know. Not that this new information could ever register in the mush you think of as a brain. And don’t hesitate to go away and never come back. I’d call you a clown but clowns are sometimes amusing unlike you.

        • the pigman

          I share your anger, Anne, but there’s no doubt that Glucina was acting as a PR woman and not a journalist.

          A PR woman for Key, naturally.

          • Anne

            Thanks the pigman.
            I have a profound detestation of liars, cheats and hypocritical bastards and bitches. 🙂
            Guess it goes back to having once been on the receiving end of more than my fair share of such people.

            • Reddelusion

              Or alternatively as the old saying goes, it takes one, to know one😀, no malice but your language demeans you

              [Stop trolling – MS]

              • Anne

                How come you don’t direct your disapproval to other commenters here (both from the left and the right) whose language and name calling is way more ‘direct’ than mine? Because it’s OK for males to do it but not females eh?

                • Johan

                  For some Tory Trolls it seems easier to try and discredit someone then to examine the filth that has been organized by Glucina. Shonkey’s ability to tell porkies is not new. I for one am interested in his complete involvement in this sorry mess. I’m certain that ponytail gate will be his downfall.

                • + 1 Amazing how they they anything to divert from the important post. Sad fools. I enjoy your comments Anne and I don’t always agree with them. Keep up the good work.

                • RedLogix

                  It’s ok Anne. They cannot shame you for a legitimate, honourable anger.

        • Herb

          I see conspiracies here I see them there I see them everywhere .
          I see the nice men in white coats and my nice warm white room .
          I see the nice pills the men in white coats give me but I really need some more.

          • Anne

            I have no doubt these men in white coats are doing everything they can but you might be beyond redemption. Keep taking those pills they give you like a good boy.

    • BLiP 1.2

      It would be unwise to believe anything John Key says but, on this issue, I’m tending towards giving him the benefit of the doubt. Given the wider circumstances at the time, I think it is perfectly reasonable to assume Rachel Glucina’s primary contact was someone else – someone like Mark Weldon – and John Key was just copied in. That would explain the apparent “prior knowledge” aspect. Anyway, its all speculation at this stage and, as is typical with when dealing with the John Key Dirty Politics Machine’s “hits”, we’ll probably never know the whole truth. Odd, though, that the content of the text has been released by Media Works.

    • Gristle 1.3

      Key could be right that it was one unsolicited text, but the structure implies previous communication. Maybe she had spoken with him or (for deniability purposes) some greaseball in the pm’s office. Perhaps the OIA request has to be broader.

    • pat 1.4

      nobody….but as we all know it is unlikely to be proved …and Key is an old hand at bare faced lies

  2. ianmac 2

    The Glucina text was as above apparently but what will Key present in this context? I think that he says he didn’t reply to her. Yeah right! He probably got a staffer to do so. Clean hands.

    • Sacha 2.1

      he would normally get Eagleson, Ede and chums to do the dirty work, so he may even be technically truthful in denying a direct conversation. morally, not so much. his mum must be so proud.

    • Whispering Kate 2.2

      No need to reply. The text says it all – “done and dusted” – no reply needed. On that text but its pretty obvious he has communicated with her – it has the naunces of familiarity to it.

  3. cogito 3

    How many others like that from Key’s media puppets?

  4. Macro 4

    If that woman who calls herself a “journalist” had been repeatedly molested by the Prime Minister against her wishes – she would be political too!

  5. Massive

    Political agenda



    • ropata 5.1

      I don’t think RG is intelligent enough (or cares enough) to have a *political* agenda, her career is based on fawning over the glamorous and the powerful, and she knows where her bread is buttered.

      Like a fly, she enjoys buzzing around shit.

  6. Macro 6

    So Key says that this is the only text and he did not respond – I call BULLSHIT.
    This is clearly only the most damaging text he can find I’m sure amongst many. Calling Amanda political so he hopes to divert the attention away from him – Oh dear! he is the victim here – that is how he hopes to play it. Sorry John – your cred is all used up. We can see through your lying and cheating so clearly now. This wasn’t the only message you received and we know it.

    • Grantoc 6.1

      Lots of assumptions leading to a conspiracy theory – any evidence? e.g. “This wasn’t the only message you received and we know it” How do you “know it”? Were you copied in?

      • Macro 6.1.1

        Its as obvious as tits on a bull! Are you really trying to tell me that this was the only communication between Key and that woman who calls herself a journalist? FFS! Key is a liar and a cheat and his first defence is to lie and obfuscate and that is just what he is doing now. He didn’t want to reveal any communication at first – now he has been forced to – he releases only the text that makes him look like the victim – its as plain as day!

        • Grantoc

          I have no idea if this was the only communications between Key and ‘that woman’; and neither do you unless you have evidence to prove otherwise. You are just wildly speculating in the meantime.

          • Macro

            The evidence is in the text, and the known fact that Key is an habitual liar. Also his mo is to always cast himself as the “victim”. He does this repeatedly and it is the first response of the bully “caught out”. He tried to deny any communication, now he just releases one text which calls the true victim a “Piece of work”.
            Anyone who thinks that this is all there is, is completely naive, or blinded by blue tinted glasses.

            • NZJester

              Don’t forget also that as he changes his number regularly,so he or one of his staffers had to give her the number. There is no way for her to just casually send an unsolicited message to the PM.

              • Macro

                Yes very true – which makes it even more likely that there was more. But we will never know. Only Key, that woman, and the phone company will ever know the true extent of the communication.

          • weka

            It’s not wild speculation, it’s an educated guess, one based on understanding context and as such it’s reasonable credible.

          • Jones

            No… rationally speculating.

      • One Anonymous Bloke 6.1.2

        It’s a reasonable assumption that someone who has the Prime Minister’s mobile number (which he apparently changes quite often) – or perhaps the number of a ‘burner’ he used, has communicated with him before.

        She seems to me to be at a ‘Cameron Slater’ kind of ‘matey’ level with him – sharing her ‘insights’ (/sarc), as it were.

        The stench of sleaze and graft that follows the National Party everywhere is nothing to see here, eh Grantoc, or is it Labour did it too! 😆

        • McFlock

          if that were the sole content of the text, how did he know the text was even from her, as opposed to another muckraker?

          Her phone number was in his contact list, otherwise he would have asked who was texting him.

      • James 6.1.3

        Its a typical response by a lot of the commenters on here.

        If its Key – you can make any comment about him or his actions – present it as fact and get away with it.

        If its against “something left” you get people asking for evidence.

        Sadly comments on here are becoming worse than Whale….. from some people.

        • One Anonymous Bloke

          Keep telling yourself that – it’s easier than engaging with the substantive criticism, that’s for sure.

        • ropata

          James, the reasons for such speculation are well founded
          a) the Gnats hide behind OIA and bury evidence
          b) their prior record of nasty little scams/conspiracies/back room deals
          c) John Key is a documented liar

          So one may reasonably infer that there is more to the connection between Key and Glucina than one measly text.

          • Macro

            And not just a measly text – but the one that casts Key as the victim of a Piece of work with a political agenda! So when Key is required to actually show the communication by the Ombudsman (remember he wriggled and squirmed and stamped his foot and refused at first) he or his minders carefully choose the one that casts Key in the best light! Its about as corrupt as you can get. But they don’t see it like that. Then he says that he never responded! As if! As McFlock points out – how did he know who the text was from in the first place?

  7. Rachel Glucina – best summed up by “piece of work, massive political agenda”.

    She who was engaged under false pretences by her employer, who do a political rescue job for her mate John Key .

    • James 7.1

      “Rachel Glucina – best summed up by “piece of work, massive political agenda”.

      Now – that I have to agree with.

      • One Anonymous Bloke 7.1.1

        *adopt David Attenborough intonation*

        …sensing blood in the water, James cautiously disses one of the group…a feeding frenzy is about to begin…

  8. BM 8

    Not a lot to see here, just one person sharing their opinion with another person.


    • good to see you are toeing the company line – #keyherofail

      • McGrath 8.1.1

        Cannot see how this will help the Left. All the public will hear are the words “massive political agenda” on an issue long since extinct.

        • marty mars

          all the yes men/women will be pushing the line – no morals of course #followthedickleader

          • McGrath

            Key was being an ass, not a malicious ass, but an ass nonetheless.

            The Left however butchered a golden opportunity to crucify him by over-cooking the situation severely. History will repeat itself once again when the Left tries to flog this decaying horse.


            • One Anonymous Bloke

              In fact, the Left has noticed that, after the PM’s hamfisted apology, Amanda Bailey found herself being given the Dirty Politics treatment.

              So her story supports the obvious truth: that people who step out of line in the brighter future are prey.

              I say fuck that, and the horse it rode in on. Before things get worse.

            • Sacha

              Please do tell how the situation could have been sauteed to perfection instead?

            • marty mars

              key is tarnished even his crew know it but they are such cowards and greedy turds they don’t care – and when key falls no one will care and THAT will be the fitting fate for the fail that is key #keywho

        • Richard@Down South

          If having a political agenda was a bad thing in NZ, we’d not have John Key and the like… hmmm we may be on to something

        • Puddleglum

          Is that all you would wish them to hear from this?

    • appleboy 8.2

      A journo texts the PRIME MINISTER of New Zealand out of the blue and says”just interviewed the waitress. Piece of work! Massive political agenda”. He has no other correspondence and does not even reply.

      What a load of horseshit this PM peddles every day, and his thicko supporters peddle it here every day.

      Not even a 5 year old would buy “oh just sharing opinions”

      • the pigman 8.2.1

        Yup, political bias doesn’t even come into it. You’d have to be thick as pigshit to accept that narrative.

        Where’s Hooton when you need him? I’d love to hear his take on this.

        • rhinocrates

          Oh yeah, we need a another massively condescending mansplain from him on how women should frame and react to sexual abuse.

      • maui 8.2.2

        C’mon! I often get a single random unsolicited text from journalists I’ve never communicated with before saying they’ve just done an amazing interview, although the interviewee has some strange belief system, and then that’s the last I ever hear of that journalist until the next one messages me. Maybe it’s spam, I’m not sure yet.

  9. dv 9

    That is a very weird text for a first communication to PM from Glucina.

    • Sabine 9.1

      again, who gave her his phone number, or does the PM give his phone number to all jounalists/gossip writers?

      really, who many people does he give his number too, considering that he himself has admitted to changing his phone often and of his use of burner phones.

      So where did Glucina (what a good name for her – She would make a good Walt Disney Villain with that name 🙂 ) , get the number and why would she think she could just send a text like that. No name, no addressing of the PM, just a wee txt between mates.

      A little sexual harrasment nothing to see here, his pulling some poor girls hair is ‘political’, don’t ya know all blokes pull girls hair, just horsing around. Don’t fret little girl, he would not do that if he would not like you.

  10. James 10

    The sad think with the text release – is (I think) that it will be reported that the waitress indeed did have a massive political agenda.

    Which takes away from her legitimate issues.

    Sadly – this is what happens when you get someone like Bradbury running it.

    For the record – I think Key was wrong on this (it was indeed inappropriate) – but its nowhere as bad as a lot on here try to make out.

    • BM 10.1

      The left always over cook it #own worst enemies

    • dv 10.2

      “that it will be reported that the waitress indeed did have a massive political agenda.

      That would be the reason why she told him to stop several time then!!!!

    • marty mars 10.3

      I love your ‘for the records’ – so often you let your masters off with so much, with these wee wee words james

      • James 10.3.1

        Nope – it is just me saying what my thoughts are on a matter and happy to have them quoted back at me.

        In this case I do think Key was in the wrong. But I also think its not as bad of an issue as many on here think.

        • marty mars

          what was the last issue where key went too far and you were disappointed, perhaps even disgusted, and dismayed by his actions to the point where you didn’t qualify your criticism?

        • Joe Bloggs

          Thing is, James, you have no place deciding how big of an issue Key pulling Bailey’s hair is. That’s Bailey’s call. And if it’s an issue for her, then all you need do is suck it up, and accept that someone else feels deeply violated by Key’s inappropriate advances.

          • Anne

            Nice one Joe Bloggs.

            Any woman who has ever been on the receiving end of sexual harassment knows how demeaning and indeed embarrassing it can be – especially if there has been witnesses. It doesn’t have to be all out rape to be distressing for the victim. This is something many men are too ignorant and masochistic to understand. So it was with John Key. What to him was an ever present joke – albeit a puerile one – was deeply embarrassing and demeaning for Amanda Bailey.

            How would JK and his ilk feel if someone came along and whacked them in the balls – just for a joke of course – and in front of their colleagues? They would feel angry, demeaned and embarrassed especially if some of those colleagues included women. Yep. I actually saw it happen once.

            • Whispering Kate

              And continued to do it – like he did the hair pulling.

            • Herb

              Anne you seem very concerned about sexual harassment but don’t see the irony in calling a women a slut.
              A lot of people have a different union to you , after all only one in four support your Labour team , but you don’t get the the level of vitriol aimed at you as you and your fellow travellers aim at the. Majority

              [lprent: Could you take more care in writing your comments to express your opinion so others can understand it. That one appeared to me to be quite incoherent to the point that I couldn’t see what your point was apart from your basic sexual perversion of being a misogynist. Even taking the time to read the context of the comment didn’t help, as most of your comment appeared to have nothing to do with the post or the comment you replied to. I very nearly decided you were a simple troll. But I gave you the benefit of the doubt – this time. ]

        • Johan

          Another Tory Troll trying to apply a little spin. I’m certain that you would like ponytail gate to go away….dream on.

        • Ffloyd

          Why not? (last sentence)

    • One Anonymous Bloke 10.4

      That may or may not be true – personally I expect it made Amanda Bailey feel quite uncomfortable, judging by Bronagh Key’s reported reaction.

      The ratfucking treatment by Glucina amplifies it. As does the Prime Minister’s dubious attempt at apology.

      The munted apology is relatively trivial. The ratfucking conforms to a pattern which is anything but.

    • Sabine 10.5

      i take it that no one ever has pulled your hair, and no one has ever pulled your hair tot he point were you would be reduced to tears during your work shift.

      But yes, it was very inappropriate, so inappropriate that we are teaching toddlers not to do it.

      • One Anonymous Bloke 10.5.1

        What do we teach adults to do when someone repeatedly assaults them that way?

        Call the cops, oh, no, wait, the cops were already in the room.

        If the diplomatic protection squad (or whatever they call themselves) can’t protect their employers from “diplomats” what good are they?

      • Sacha 10.5.2

        Cmon. Pulling the hair of a young libertarian who lives in his mum’s basement is hardly the same thing.

    • North 10.6

      Great attempt to minimise it all James, your ‘panda’ being – “…… I think Key was wrong on this (it was indeed inappropriate) – ”

      Are you talking about the repeated assaults, or the attempt to conceal, or this weirdness reflected in John Key’s coterie of immature, modestly talented, ever-so-eager, political attack dogs. It’s a bit creepy eckshully.

      Why did our PM have this ‘understanding’ with callow young mediocrities like Glucina. There really is a character question here.

    • jltg 10.7

      Have you ever been sexually harassed by someone in a powerful position? And it doesn’t get much more powerful than the PM. It’s more than inappropriate.

    • Korero Pono 10.8

      “For the record – I think Key was wrong on this (it was indeed inappropriate) – but its nowhere as bad as a lot on here try to make out”

      Yes it was wrong and quite sickening when watching the ‘news’ last night and I realised just how bad it is. I was reminded that Key’s bizarre hair fondling behaviour extends to little girls It is repulsive seeing shots of him fondling little girls’ hair with what appears to be a look of pleasure on his disgusting face (trichophilia). John Key will always be known as that pervert who likes to fondle hair and he is just lucky that he wasn’t charged with sexual harassment. Sadly the victim in this case, Amanda Bailey has all kinds of assertions thrown at her, while an unrepentant Prime Minister has his PR people, so-called journalists and RWNJ’s participate in victim assassination. It may not seem bad to you, but I bet like hell that Amanda Bailey is feeling the pinch every time some arsehole dismisses Key’s actions and behaviour as ‘not that bad’.

  11. weka 11

    Where did the idea come from that there was a single text?

    In May last year the MSM were reporting ‘conversations’ between Key and Glucina.

  12. AB 12

    It all points to Glucina being a Key confidante who got the interview with Bailey under false pretences in order to smear Bailey and frame the story in a way that exonerated Key. So no reputable media outlet should ever employ Glucina again because she is a dirty politics operative masquerading as a journalist
    And it just confirms Key’s dishonesty and corruption.
    An no-one should ever buy the NZH again – make that piece of junk go under.

    • Rob 12.1

      I think the name is informant!

      • AB 12.1.1

        Yes – although that may make it sound too much like a conspiracy theory.
        There is no conspiracy here because there is no need for one. This is just the elite defending itself through a web of connections that is as natural to it as breathing

  13. maui 13

    Putting the ponytail incident aside for a moment. I would have thought the Prime Minister having a favourable/dodgy relationship with someone from the media is a sackable offence for the PM. I guess not in corrupt New Zealand, which used to be the benchmark for lack of corruption. Hope we get a Government some day that has some integrity in everything it does.

    • Anne 13.1

      Hope we get a Government some day that has some integrity in everything it does.

      Despite individual misgivings of one or another, I think if we get a Labour/Greens/NZ First coalition government we’ll be going in the right direction.

    • One Anonymous Bloke 13.2

      The worst possible system apart from all the other ones…or is it? The NZ model of democracy provides few defences against National Party values – dealmaking, Cabinet Club, character assassination, denial, to name the most obvious.

      • North 13.2.1

        Eloquent comment there OAB. Of course rotten always shows……eventually. It’s getting like he’s a caricature of himself. Which means more weird stuff from a man moronically now believing his own shit.

    • Sacha 13.3

      takes more than ‘hope’.

      we must work together to make it happen. demand integrity at every level. some NGOs and the Green party at least seem to have that sussed now. need more.

      • weka 13.3.1

        We’re definitely not in Kansas any more. What the Rogernomes did to economics, the Keyites have done to politics. It’s a long road back to something ethical, but I agree we must work together.

    • ropata 13.4

      No kidding. Australia got rid of their budgie-smuggling, shirt-fronting, dickhead PM, but we Kiwis still love our horrible little man-child FJK

      • weka 13.4.1

        I was about to say at least we have been spared the sight of Key in a speedo, but then I realised we still have 18 months left.

  14. Maggie Wilkinson 14

    So a young woman working as a waitress is not allowed an opinion? And then the opinion is weighed and judged by a young woman in her attempt to ingratiate herself to the man who she believes (in her opinion) has the power?

  15. Papa tuanuku 15

    If I texted you and said ‘i spoke to her and she says this’ as the writer of course there is prior discussion. The lack of enquiry from media reinforces how compliant they all are. In other nations media would hound him until he resigned

  16. ropata 16

    It’s a pattern of abuse, not an isolated case. The Dirty Politics machine is designed to smear the powerless and crush those who expose Dear Leader. In this case the workplace assault and harassment turned into betrayal of trust by the employer, false representation from Glucina, and a complete lack of remorse from the PM.

    Abuse of power and laughing about it. A culture of impunity from our so-called “representatives”.

    Sick and repulsive behaviour, and unworthy of the office of PM

  17. adam 17

    Funny how Key and Putin seem to be engaged in a similar style of politics.

    Anti democratic, and very much like Berlusconi

  18. Dale 18

    All this proves that it was a political hit job. Just look where she released the information. The silly little waitress is now an untrustworthy employee. Maybe the Greens will give her a job.
    Any flack she gets she deserves. She was too stupid to handle the situation in an intelligent way.
    Yep a job with the Greens or Labour. She absolutely qualifies.

    • mickysavage 18.1

      Wow mind if I make your comment into a blogpost on the complete inability of RWNJs to understand how appalling Key’s behaviour was?

      BTW if it was your daughter who had been terrorised how would you feel?

    • Macro 18.2


      Dale all your comment proves, is that like your hero – you are completely devoid of any common decency.

  19. miravox 19

    Did the Prime Minister’s Office have any influence on the timing of the release of this information?

    • Macro 19.1

      Friday evening dump! – now what do you think? 🙂
      They most likely vetted it and sanitized it as well.

    • BLiP 19.2

      You mean like on a Friday afternoon while John Key is overseas?

      • miravox 19.2.1

        Yup. Like that.

        Friday afternoon while the hair-tugging Prime Minister is overseas tying up a deal with a mate, which enables him to present a good news (for some – don’t look at the detail) story that over-rides the news about his collusion in denigrating Amanda Bailey.

        And a single text? I guess that’s the vetted and sanitised bit.

    • Incognito 19.3

      Interesting question. Key has got 21 days to release the text and he cannot ‘delegate’ this to Mediaworks or anybody else. I think the pre-emptive strike by Mediaworks is to take the sting out of it for Key. He must have good friends high up at Mediaworks 😉

  20. invisiphilia 20

    “One unsolicited text” sounds very much to me like “yeah but I only slept with him/her once”. A bunch of lies I reckon…still JK is so caught up in his own spin cycle that he just can’t get out. The sooner he’s hung out to dry the better.

    • emergency mike 20.1

      Why does Key’s ‘unsolicited and I never replied’ line feel so familiar? I feel like he’s used it before. Anyone?

      And it is of course possible to claim that any text is ‘unsolicited’, just like it’s possible to claim you have ‘consulted maori’ even if it’s after the deal has been signed.

  21. Muttonbird 21

    Sweaty, oily, ugly Trevett cuts and pastes a whole article (while calling it her own) and dresses up the Ombudsman’s decision as having a chilling effect on journalistic freedom.

    I’m sorry but where is it ok for journalists to be conversing with ministers in private in the first place? Journalists should be conversing with ministers’ appointed state servant employees for information on ministerial opinion. That’s called transparency.

    It’s not hard to see why oily Trevett feels a chill down her misshapen spine on this issue – it’s because she also has a direct text line to the prime minister’s latest burn phone of the day!

    • hoom 21.1

      The Dirty Columnists who are pieces of work with massive political agendas should rightly be feeling a chill.

      Journalists who are doing proper journalism will have nothing to fear since on a case by case basis their contacts with politicians would have no public interest: the public interest here is clearly the implication of collusion with the PM to smear.

  22. peterlepaysan 22

    Replace “the waitress” with “myself” and it becomes wonderfully illuminating.
    I just LOVE the ignorant irony displayed by rg.

  23. Nathan 23

    Who gives a s**t. Kiwi ex-pats across the ditch now have an easier path to Australian citizenship. Woot!

    • Muttonbird 23.1

      Half of them do.

      The poorest half are excluded.

      This “deal” between the two money men of Oceania politics is worse than if nothing was done at all.

      That they have once again split peoples’ rights by dint of how much they earn is an appalling proof of their anti-family and anti-community position.

  24. Muttonbird 24

    I had the misfortune several years ago of having to photograph Rachael Glucina and her mother in their then shitty Gladstone Road apartment.

    They wanted to be NZ’s answer to Hello magazine back then.

    Since then Rachael’s morals have not improved one bit, but her weight certainly has.

  25. Dale 25

    I’m not defending Key in anyway. I personally would like to grab him by the scruff of the neck if it was my daughter.
    But let’s be honest here,she did herself no favours.
    Just look at all the attention,wanted or not.
    It was totally up to the waitress how she handeld the situation.
    It wouldn’t matter what side of politics the result is the same.
    She chose to make it public and political.
    So suck it up baby.

    • RedLogix 25.1

      Dale … I regularly get into trouble round here because my feminist credentials aren’t up to scratch. But geeze even I can tell that’s some god-awful victim-blaming there mate.

      • miravox 25.1.1

        🙂 but yeah 😉

        Good comment, RL.

        If you recall, Dale, she tried to handle it in house. The message didn’t get through.

        (and she’s not your baby)

      • North 25.1.2

        You’re right RL. Dale’s victim blaming. Which makes “I’m not defending Key in anyway” utter nonsense.

        Note how none of it matters until it’s me or mine – ” I personally would like to grab him by the scruff of the neck if it was my daughter.”

        Piss off mindlessly selfish troll.

  26. Dale 26

    Red,I’m not blaming the victim.
    I have no idea what was going through Keys head. What a complete idiot he can be.
    I certainly don’t think it was sexual or even creepy. Immature and unbecoming of a PM yes.
    But when you go to the likes of TDB we’ll you’ve got to expect the consequences.
    This situation is not a vote winner for either side. Perhaps we should let it go and give the victim a chance to move on.

    • Gangnam Style 26.1

      “But when you go to the likes of TDB we’ll you’ve got to expect the consequences.” That’s blaming the victim you egg. If she went to Mediaworks she would have got utterly stomped on. Use your head & maybe look at how the story unfolded. The PM is a creep.

    • linda 26.2

      let it go no way our ridiculous pm is a pervert and is not fit for office perv keys serial follicle abuses are the tip of a corrupt criminal government .

    • One Anonymous Bloke 26.3

      “a vote winner”

      Screw the votes: sexual assault is a crime. Cuddling up to the Crime Minister much?

  27. ropata 27

    Important comments from David Fisher on Facebook, emphasis added

    WHY I CAN’T TEXT JOHN KEY (and other musings on the Glucina text)

    Three times I’ve had the Prime Minister’s number, and thrice he’s – as they say of the drug dealers in The Wire – changed up.

    I was thinking of it today after the text of Rachel Glucina’s message over the Ponytail Incident was made public.
    “Just interviewed the waitress. Piece of work! Massive political agenda,” she apparently texted. That was to Prime Ministerial mobile phone #4.

    [SNIPPED: stories of 3 prior Key phones]

    The oddity of the latest flap over Key’s texting is that there was ever any confusion over the status of his texts or their public release. Key has been ordered to make public his text message with Glucina about the Ponytail Incident. The form of the communication is irrelevant. Whether it be text messages or a folded note slipped from one palm to another, it’s still communications with the Prime Minister. This has been publicly accessible “official information” for more than three decades.

    It’s bizarre there should have been consideration of keeping it secret at all. New Zealand should never be a country in which it is considered okay for media and its most senior (or any) politician to carry out secret discussions without any public oversight. The content of the message is telling – it suggests an obeisance which shouldn’t exist between politicians and media and certainly never in secret.

    But put this latest finding in the context of other recent findings. It is my opinion it raises questions about the advice the Prime Minister is getting on important democratic principles.

    Last year, the Chief Archivist released a review of Key’s practice of deleting text messages, saying the PM wasn’t fully aware of his obligations in handling public records. Then, Key’s comments about delaying the release of information for political reasons were found by the Chief Ombudsman to have the “potential to erode public trust and confidence in the effective operation of the OIA”. Now, the Chief Ombudsman has said Key was wrong to consider communications with journalists to have some sort of obligation of confidence.

    It seems it might not hurt for the PM’s office to invest in someone who has read the Official Information Act and the Public Records Act. I’ve read both.

    Next time I get Key’s number, I’ll text helpful suggestions.

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  • Further sanctions against Russia
    Foreign Minister Winston Peters today announced further sanctions on 28 individuals and 14 entities providing military and strategic support for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.  “Russia is directly supported by its military-industrial complex in its illegal aggression against Ukraine, attacking its sovereignty and territorial integrity. New Zealand condemns all entities and ...
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  • One year on from Loafers Lodge
    A year on from the tragedy at Loafers Lodge, the Government is working hard to improve building fire safety, Building and Construction Minister Chris Penk says. “I want to share my sincere condolences with the families and friends of the victims on the anniversary of the tragic fire at Loafers ...
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  • Pre-Budget speech to Auckland Business Chamber
    Ka nui te mihi kia koutou. Kia ora and good afternoon, everyone. Thank you so much for having me here in the lead up to my Government’s first Budget. Before I get started can I acknowledge: Simon Bridges – Auckland Business Chamber CEO. Steve Jurkovich – Kiwibank CEO. Kids born ...
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  • New Zealand and Vanuatu to deepen collaboration
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