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Nats announce launch release consider rural doctors bonding scheme.

Here’s the link, but honestly, don’t bother.

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  1. alex 1

    AYB, can you clarify… is the point of your post that national have yet again not released official policy, or that the doctor bonding scheme is not a good proposal?


  2. Speaking for myself, not a_y_b, I would say both:

    Again, National is backing away from policy statements it made, because you’ve had Key saying what he thinks and then getting advice that the policy is bad.

    Labour looked at bonding and they found it wouldn’t deliver the desired outcomes, so, they dropped it.

    I see both English and Kate Wilkinson have also made statements on policy today and yesterday that come from the Right and are now trying to back away from them to maintain the moderate facade.

  3. Lampie 3

    If it was official, why not Teachers as well?

    Talk about half-arse if it was.

  4. all_your_base 4

    alex – All of the above. It’s a poorly thought out, but catchy-sounding policy. The Nats appear to be trying to have their cake and eat it too – by releasing “discussion documents” and “considering” policies rather than making any firm commitments. This is even wishy-washier than saying nothing at all.

  5. Tamaki resident 5

    AYB – but it then gives Curia a chance to do a quick poll and then work out which why to jump, or which ones to shut-up about!

  6. randal 6

    fundamentally their only plank is to get back in and try and dismantle the government like they did the last time and for which one way or another we are all still paying for.

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