Help Te Puea Marae help the homeless

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I have written on Te Puea Marae before. They are providing practical support to the homeless in Auckland. But they need help:

Solutions offered for homeless as marae reaches capacity

The South Auckland marae opened its doors to the homeless but has reached full capacity and is calling on the public to help their community.

Offers of rooms, Kai and clothing have been offered tonight, as well as new initiatives like an email system to create a network of emergency hosting options. …

You can donate at the Givealittle page here.

It is shameful that this is needed in NZ, but there it is, this is what the Brighter Future looks like.


19 comments on “Help Te Puea Marae help the homeless”

  1. leftie 1

    My kuia said to me that ALL Marae, particularly throughout Auckland, should follow suit and open all their doors as they have the facilities needed to assist in this crisis. They would require donations of extra food though. So please, calling on other marae, please open your doors, Te Puea can’t do it all on their own.

    • Yes I would imagine marae around the country would and do do this. The issue is focused tightly in Auckland, as it should be. But there are people sleeping rough in every corner of this country and they need help. Where I live, the community workers have never had to have so many emergency food parcels ready and used – this is rural with a winter population of 4.5k – so small and struggling for so many.

      • leftie 1.1.1

        Very true Marty, help is needed throughout the country, not just in Auckland. I didn’t mean Auckland exclusively, apologies for giving that impression.

  2. Kelly-Ned 2

    Kia kaha to marae. Thanks for stepping in and using what is in your hand.
    It makes sense that homeless will turn down WINZ etc help if it comes with debt strings attached. How could homeless ever repay such debts?
    KIa kaha. May you surely receive the flow of food needed.

  3. mauī 3

    True leadership.

    I’m sure lots of volunteers are sharing the costs of this, but the effective cost is $0 per night. Meanwhile WINZ is charging desperate people $190 per night.

  4. Bill 4

    Fuck this. If a government department can throw $200 a night at private motel owners, then a government department can throw an amount of money, our money – public money – to the marae based on the numbers being sheltered and fed.

    That’s not be taken as an argument against private donations btw.

    • Words 4.1

      The National government would rather spend a million bucks on a Golf tournament in Wellington Bill..

    • they want the problem to be acute so that when they finally decide to do SOMETHING they will be seen as heroes and win votes. It is as simple and disgusting as that I’m afraid.

      • weka 4.2.1

        I think you are too generous marty. I’m imagining their brains freaking out because they’ve finally realised that there is an inherent and unsurmountable contradiction between their world view and people’s wellbeing and now everyone is pointing at the Emperor in shock and horror. And they don’t know what to do (although I am sure you are right and that CT is planning a way to finesse the whole situation).

      • Bill 4.2.2

        I disagree. I think it’s out of hand…beyond their control. And sadly, what with all the banging on about home ownership (it seems to be where the discussion begins and ends for the bloody ‘chattering classes’), I don’t think any section of the political class has a handle on it.

        Overhaul rental legislation (life long leases, with provisions for leases to transfer to a family’s next generation).
        Set rent limits.
        Open up ‘speculative’ properties via squatting legislation.

        That would be a start.

        Who originally pointed out that only sleeping people dream? Wake them up. Kill the ‘Kiwi Dream’ of home ownership. If we’re going to be honest about it, then many otherwise good people have helped to create this situation by, quite literally, buying into that nonsense.

  5. Redelusion 5

    Less talk more action, went down the other day and donated a stack load of kids clothes Good on the Marae, great people

  6. save nz 6


  7. Jack Ramaka 7

    Maori should come to the rescue of impoverished New Zealanders after all they are the only people in this country who really care about the well being of the country and its people?

  8. The New Student 8

    Most people just want a fair go. In other words, fair access to the same opportunities as everyone else. Not a handout.

  9. venezia 9

    When greed and selfishness and apathy have become the dominant values in NZ, which group step up to show some real decency, some non judgemental compassion and kindness? The Maori community. In the process they have shown up what a failure of leadership we have in our government.

  10. AsleepWhileWalking 10

    Would a letter written and signed by a large contingent of people influence the government to provide money for this marae?

  11. Instauration 11

    Kia Kaha – Te Puea Marae
    There is plenty of TLC available at the tip of Whangaparoa (has been used by NZ Red Cross previously) and Bruce Pullman Park is like adjacent / IS – Ardmore ?
    Just needs political / NZDF leadership to comprehend and facilitate.

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