Hide on the Collins challenge

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Rodney Hide also reckons that Collins is positioned to challenge Key:

Crusher throwing her hat in the ring

The tom-toms are beating and, as incredible as it may sound, around National Party campfires the leadership of New Zealand’s most popular Prime Minister is being questioned.

Key is keen on running up a new flag. Collins wants to stick with our old one. Key is keen on polling. Collins is dismissive. “Sometimes I think you have just got to stand for something,” she wrote in a column contemptuous of present-day vanilla politics.

National members naturally wonder why they are winning elections only to implement Labour Party policy, especially when it involves dumping the flag under which Kiwis have fought and died and that has united our country for generations. It is fertile ground on which to sow discontent, especially among diehard supporters.

Collins is setting herself apart. She is the only National MP to have a political brand distinct from the present Key-led party. That’s no mean achievement. …

26 comments on “Hide on the Collins challenge”

  1. BM 1

    Wouldn’t surprise me, she’s become a bit delusional.

  2. b waghorn 2

    Might explain why hooton is upping the attacks on key.

  3. les 3

    Collins is just positioning herself in the event (likely imo)that Key will not lead the Natz into the next election.His wealth should have at least doubled by then and his rolladex of coveted contacts should be fill by then!Who else is there?

  4. Ovid 4

    She may have caught wind that she might not even be selected as a candidate in 2017 or receive a high enough list ranking. If she’s burned that many bridges, then she may think she has to act sooner rather than later.

    • dukeofurl 4.1

      Impossible, she has her electorate all sewn up.

      The other thing going for is the large donors in her South Auckland area.

  5. Tracey 5

    “National members naturally wonder why they are winning elections only to implement Labour Party policy”

    And Collins would fit nicely in a US Republican party. Collins is one who would be quite at home within ACT Party policies

  6. Once was Tim 6

    NO SURPRISES THERE …. the ‘right’ are starting to eat each other, just as the neo-liberal ‘left’ have been doing for the past decade or so.
    It’s as well I don’t really like popcorn, or bubbles (including the Thorndon one).
    Please Jude – just get the fuck on with it – there’ll be an upside: You won’t have to keep calling the matronly Annette a ‘stirrer’, and she can then justify appearing on that ‘Paul Henry Show sham with it being one of the necessities of appearing with ‘a bit of a wag’ in today’s media landscape (oops I mean ‘space’). “Going forward” of course.
    Pass me the smartphone Tiffany, I need to check me twitter! Am I ‘trending’?

  7. Antony Cotton 7

    Here are Collins backs in Caucus Adams Bridges McClay Lee Ross Williamson Borrows Lee Goldsmith Wang Foster Bell Foss Singh are all keen on getting rid of Key there just few it my mind in that Caucus room other will emerge soon

    • Bearded Git 7.1

      @anthony cotton you could probably add Tolley Mitchell Barclay to that list. Others with badly hidden far-right agendas, such as Joyce, are not loyal to Key’s incremental rightist brand and would be easily swayed with the offer of a prime post in the new cabinet.

      Key’s 3rd term has been a non-event; almost as though he is no longer interested. Fiasco after fiasco with no real legislation happening. He never did get the vision thing.

  8. cogito 8

    I hope it gets messy, really messy.

  9. Cricklewood 9

    I think the second to last paragraph is pertainant to the post.

    “Hers is an excellent plan on paper. To effect it Collins needs the support of her colleagues. But here’s where she falls short. She hasn’t any.”

    • leftie 9.1

      One would have to be very naive indeed to think Judith Collins has no support by at least some of her colleagues. I think Antony Cotton and Bearded Git have it about right.

  10. Henry Filth 10

    Anyone else remember what happened to National last time a stripy woman rolled the incumbent?

    • leftie 10.1

      @Henry Filth.

      Yes, and wasn’t M. Williamson extremely helpful in enabling Shipley to roll Bolger? Looks like history is set to repeat.

  11. Vaughan Little 11

    would a corrupt party leader be electable?

  12. Tracey 12

    No comment mr hooton?

  13. Puckish Rogue 13

    I’d be surprised if she didn’t harbour leadership aspirations

  14. Antony Cotton 14

    Add Jonathan Coleman to Key dislikes and would be happy for Collins to be Leader

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