I bet he does

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27 comments on “I bet he does”

  1. CnrJoe 1

    Been wondering. JK Pinot – how many yanks or tugs a bottle? Wanna get a bottle for my ‘collection’.
    Lange – ‘cup of tea’ or ‘uranium on yr breath’
    Muldoon- ‘doesn’t give my opponent much time either..’
    Bolger- picking up the accent of whoever he’s talking with
    ‘Honest’ John Key – ponytails. Ponytails. Or as John Oliver puts it ‘….creepy individual who pulls womens hair”

  2. Rolf 3

    It really illustrates the basic problem New Zeeland has, bad attitude. New Zealand got thrown out of Australia, and it is getting phased out of China. It is the cocky supremacist attitude that is the real reason.

  3. Skinny 4

    I certainly hope as he is sunning himself in Hawaii (while we freeze back here) that the one trick pony has booked in to be sitting down with a shrink and getting some therapy for his odd fetish.

    I suspect not and it’s more likely he has been ducking out at night frequenting the red light district where he can continue his creepy habit, as an unknown. Oh maybe not, that’s right his mug has been splashed all around the globe as the ponytail pulling Prime Minister.

  4. Sable 5

    Why not just resign and take up a new career as a hairdresser? After all he already knows how to cut things; health care, social welfare, etc……

    • NZJester 5.1

      Are you kidding? If he took up hairdressing to many people will be walking out of his salon with hair far to short or with giant bald patches all over. Key does not know when he has gone to far with the cutting. With the way he is so over zealous with cutting things they will walk out of his salon having been scalped to the bone on occasion.

  5. Sabine 6


    crikey, seriously, what an embarrassment this guy is.

  6. Charles 7

    “… Mr McCready laid a complaint with the Human Rights Tribunal. He says the law allows him to lay the complaint.”

    The law may say he can do it, but is there a better way to do it so that A.Bailey doesn’t come out worse-off? She’s the only one with a stake in the game. I bet she’s wishing she’d punched the guy out when she had the chance. Then again, you never know… or if you’re a man, you do know, you just never expect it: Hell has no fury like a… etc etc.

    • Sabine 7.1

      McGready is an old man with little too loose. Ms. Bailey is a young women who has been bullied and sexually harassed by what is supposed to be a Prime Minister, she then has been bullied and harassed by what is supposed to be a Journalist for a prominent Newspaper in NZ.

      I can understand why Ms. Bailey might not want to get any more bullying and harassment coming her way. Mr. McCready on the other hand can lay a complaint and seems to have no issues with doing so, maybe because he is older, with a bit of money on the side and in his own dwelling. Its funny the difference a bit of financial stability does. Good on him.

      And quite frankly if Ms. Bailey would have punched the life out of the Ponytail Puller she would be sitting in prison now for assault of a very serous and important person, and you would probably ask why did she not just lay a complaint.

      • Charles 7.1.1

        “And quite frankly if Ms. Bailey would have punched the life out of the Ponytail Puller she would be sitting in prison now for assault of a very serous and important person, and you would probably ask why did she not just lay a complaint.”

        Since the whole issue has run on what those in power will allow, or define as “socially acceptable” I very much doubt it. Had she pushed his nose back into his face without thinking twice, they would’ve laughed like drunks at a Rugby Club whose mate just got slapped for ordering two jugs. The law has been absent from this case from the beginning. It shows no sign of ever making an entrance.

      • travellerev 7.1.2

        Mr McCready has no money, has disabilities and has had some very hard turns in his life. He is doing this because it should be done and nobody else is doing it. This is his way of speaking truth to power. He is a full time law student at the Waikato university and he knows what he is doing and that it makes him unpopular. He doesn’t give a fuck. I admire him for his courage. In all of his old curmudgeonlyness! It is time I invite him for lunch again!

  7. North 8

    Charles there’s something veiled in your use of “…..etc etc.” in the last line of your comment. Care to complete with real words what looks like your attempt at an aphorism ?

    I dunno…….maybe you have a new swing(e) on the whole business. Must say the cliche you hint at would require a painting of John Key as victim and “A.Bailey” as assailant.
    Let’s have it then……

    • Charles 8.1

      North, you have a bad faith hangover. It’s tempting to confuse you, for sport, but why bother.

      There is nothing veiled anywhere. Amanda Bailey was assaulted and harrassed by John Key. I fail to see how any of it could hint at Key being the victim, at any time. That’s the last gentle explanation I’ll make to you, or anyone. Bad faith you offer, bad faith you’ll get.

    • Thom Pietersen 8.2

      Let’s just face facts – he likes the feel of silky hair – one of those childhood development ‘quirks’ that left a ingrained tactile satisfaction response.

      Would have thought he would have been aware that he should tone it down once in the public eye – but, hey, he gets away with anything. It his joking it away attitude that sucked. He is just a plain douche.

      Oh, but he’s good with the numbers.

  8. Stuart Munro 9

    I’m not sure why he doesn’t just come out of the closet https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bronies-of-New-Zealand/301177903261601

  9. keyman 10

    john key is lieing fuckin pervert and should treated as one

    • Thom Pietersen 10.1

      Mmmmm… I reckon liar with mummy comfort issues – glad he was able to be bought up in a safe social housing network.

      Easy to forget why you are where you are – when it works out well.

  10. rob 11

    [r0b: We have a policy of not involving politicians’ family members] but beware of creepy rich folk!

  11. Mike the Savage One 12

    I dare say it, I bet he does know (by now), he is a DICK, a total dick, and needs to get out of his job soon, the sooner the better, as he needs to cover his backside and reputation, to get another job, like Clinton, Bush and others in the US, like Shipley and Bolger of NZ stock. He knows it now, the whole shit hitting the fan, the “honeymoon” was good, the third win, that is turning into a curse now, nobody gives him any much credit now, it is all turning into custard, that is being friendly about it.

    Maybe just try pulling your pubic one by one, even grey ones, in future, off your own skin.

    Good bye John, some will miss you, but they get smaller in numbers by the day, good luck, mate, you need it.

  12. Coaster 13

    Everytime this is mentioned the first image that comes to mind is the villian from the charlies angles movie with the hair festish.

    Having a hair fetish seems to be a standard go to for villians and serial killers in tv and movies.

  13. Smilin 14

    If Key was a mature responsible adult who had been sorted out in his adolescence about what is acceptable behaviour in public he might now not be known as
    Herr Key or the Heir Key or any others you can think of as a result of his behaviour
    Could you imagine Jacka Holyoake doin such a thing Key really is not in the same league of those he aspires to be equal to
    I N REALITY he’s about on a par with Sid Holland and he was a total arsehole

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