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The Sunday Star Times will probably have an article out tomorrow about the possible nomination of Helen Clark to the position of head of the UN Development Programme. David P Farrar over at Kiwiblog leaked the story this afternoon. The position came up at short notice. As Helen put it in a txt (I asked) – she is unsure what’s happening and there will be a lot of top candidates for the role. It is the number 3 position at the UN after all. It is a position that I think Helen should do well in. It will have considerable impact over the next decades as the world population increases and resource extraction hits limits.

What is more interesting is where and how this leaked out. DPF (maybe) got it from some loose diplomatic lips. He asserts that it did not come via the government in  NZ.  So the logical conclusion is that the information came out of international politics.  I’m not sure if that is a good place for a blogger to be.

One theory that springs to mind is that DPF was given the information in order to nobble a nomination. Looking at the usual sewer of Kiwiblog comments is always hard and the comment stream on this post is predictably very vile.  It would be a great place to point people to if you wanted to raise concerns about Helen. After all Kiwiblog is the concentrating point for the people who are banned from any other blog with any standards.

The alternative theory whould have to be the usual obfuscation techniques that this government loves.  The Sunday paper route is the traditional way of getting a dogwhistle story into the media. Get a report in the Sunday papers, and it virtually forces the rest of the MSM to follow up on Monday. The story then becomes an interesting distraction from whatever else is happening.  What’s the bet that next week it’s something the NACT’s don’t want anyone to get a good look at? The linkages between DPF and the Nat’s PR systems are pretty well established. So you’d have to assume a degree of muppetisation going on.

But this is simply speculation, like DPF’s post. For instance I’m unsure exactly how having Helen Clark in New York would cause Angelina Jolie to come to NZ. Perhaps because DPF wants an interview with “la Jolie” ? That reason seems a bit trivial even for him.

As for the job… Well if Helen has been put up for it, and gets it, then I’m sure that she will be the best person that NZ could put up for it. I’m also sure that the world will be a better place for her doing it. Personally I hope that it is all speculation. I’d prefer to keep Helen in NZ to keep helping to train the new MPs.

It’d help in making sure that NACT has the humilitating defeat in 2011 that they are currently heading towards. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a useless government. It is almost as if they think that PR has something to do with reality. That seems to be what Fran O’Sullivan is also picking up on in her forthright way. A do-nothing-of-substance government is probably good for the re-election of Labour. I’m just not sure that it is good for NZ. It’d be nice if they just made an effort as it just looks embarrassing having stunts like this weekend’s Waitangi PR exercise.

24 comments on “Interesting speculations”

  1. DPF writes a half-decent post on Clark’s potential nomination at the UNDP then gets shot down by all his wee mates. Classic; well worth the read.

    My favourite one was along the lines of if anything’s going to bring about an end to the UN, it’s Clark’s appointment.

  2. mike 2

    She should do well…. going from one impotent, irrelevent organisation full of control freaks to another, seamless!

  3. higherstandard 3

    Gosh Lynn have you had a bad weekend or something ?

    If the story has any legs it should be Clark who decides what she wants to do – if she wishes to go she’ll clearly get the support of the current government to do so.

  4. yukity 4

    You sanctimonious schmuck lyn.

  5. lprent 5

    hs: Helen will decide what she wants to do – always does. The Nats are anxious to get her out of the country. She will always over-shadow Key otherwise. My main interest is in a possible by-election in my electorate…

    I was more interested in the roles that people are playing. DPF and the NACT spin machine seem to be leaking, which is pretty normal. If it came from the diplomats, who was it? What nations from the South Pacific have embassies? Perhaps they should look at their staff?

  6. yukity 6

    who cares lyn. helen is old news and the public have moved on, you should try too.

  7. Chris G 7

    Ah! how refreshing. A clever post from some righty called yukity.

    captcha: gracious paid – I sure am gracious that you stopped in to comment.. paid? perhaps you are. by DPF?

  8. Felix 8

    Oh look – yukity (who I’ve never seen before) has just put more or less the same comment on all of the currently active threads.

  9. felixthehousecat 9

    Really Felix? Which ones are you gibbering about matey potatey.

    ChrisG, wow that was a maaaaassively cleva rebutal bro.

    Face it, NZ’rs have already jettisoned Helen as yesterdays news, you should too eh fullas.

  10. Felix 10

    Oh look it’s troll day. Is kiwiblog offline?

  11. rjs131 11

    “hs: Helen will decide what she wants to do – always does”

    So she was the driving force behind Mike William’s trip to Melbourne and running defence for Winston ?

  12. felixthehousecat 12

    Cant back up your gibbering eh Felix?

    IrishBill: you’re new. You’re handle is an attack on another poster. You seem intent on starting a flame war. Add to that the fact I suspect you are dad and you get a first and final warning. Continue to stir shit without contributing arguments of value and you will be banned.

  13. Peter Burns 13

    Irish Bill – FFS IT IS NOT ME !!!! GOT THAT ????????????????????
    I am fucking sick of these lies. Infact I ban myself until you apologize to me.
    You are all CRAZY!!! Lies,lies, lies welcome to the SUB Standard. Twisted sickos and I HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO BE BLOODY ANGRY. STOP the crap because I have had IT!!!.

    Irish tell Clinton that I will not do that guest post . Shove your bullshit up you know where.

    GOODBYE NUTBARS, do try and get a LIFE !!!!!

    IrishBill: my apologies, Peter.

  14. Fair enough Peter.

  15. You Twisted LIARS are the PITS. I come home and read your rot. YOU ARE ALL UNWELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Clint 16

    What a cesspit of intrigue.

  17. Daveski 17

    There is a beat up but it’s not DPF in this case.

    DPF admits his bias and comments as many others did that HC’s last three years weren’t he best. Even so, he comes out in support of her nomination. The only beat up is the Standard – I know, it’s not a machine but two different posters have come to the same erroneous beat up.

    I’m also confused. One day we have people here accuses the MSM of failing to break the real stories of interest (as of course this is) yet when DPF does this, there’s a problem?

    The only embarassment that would have come out of Waitangi is Labour’s for the ongoing failure to build effective relationships with Maori.

    Strangely, the comments and posts here seem to show a level of desperation amid Labour that is both surprising and unexpected – perhaps some think the only chance Labour has is if HC’s shadow is still cast over her colleagues.

    Let it go!

  18. Lynn. That fat son of John Slater’s is having a heart attack seeing as you’ve referred to having Clark’s cell number.

    Of course, like you I would suppose, I have a bunch of MPs and journos’ numbers on my phone, doesn’t mean they tell me what to write but I doubt Whale has many numbers at all on his, so one can understand his excitement.

  19. Jimbo 19


    This line is descending in self-parody: “Well if Helen has been put up for it, and gets it, then I’m sure that she will be the best person that NZ could put up for it. I’m also sure that the world will be a better place for her doing it.”

    Based on what?

  20. Adders 20

    “Based on what?”


    Greatest living NZer.

    Two less Skyhawk bomber squadrons out there.

  21. lprent 21

    Jimbo: Having her as my usual electorate MP for most of my voting life. Working for her and the party in Mt Albert. Having a number of degrees and a long time career in business. She looks pretty impressive to me and I’m not easily impressed.

    SP: Yeah I noticed that the troubled man-child was obsessing again. I’ve never made any secret that I work in Mt Albert for Labour. Of course it is likely that he has a reading deficiency…

  22. CH 22

    So Lyn thinks Helen is the best candidate NZ has cause he’s dropped a few pamphlets AND he has a NUMBER of Degrees! Whooooooooo.

    *pisses pants laughing*

  23. lprent 23

    Clint: I’ve worked with her on campaigns. Probably more work than you do ever… Tell me what basis would you have for having an opinion. “I heard it in a pub”? “it was an opinion that I picked out of my nose”? The numerology of cricket scores?

    Are you capable of having a opinion that you could argue or defend? Face it you’re just another pathetic blowhard of very little importance to anyone else apart from the irritation of listening to your ego. I do wish that you’d follow your own advice and avoid this site. You don’t add anything to it. But i guess that is your point of existence really isn’t it.. Choosing a career of being an boring irritant must be really rewarding – at least to you..

    BTW: Why aren’t you linking back to your own site?

  24. CH 24


    You are a big girls blouse and a border line narcissist. Still on the pills?


    IrishBill: and you’re banned for a month.

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