It’s not ok. It’s racist

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McCully, Key, listen up. The real problem with Haden’s comment isn’t the term ‘darkie’.  The problem is he thinks limiting the number of Polynesians in their team is a key to the Crusaders success. Something the Blues should imitate. Haden apologised to the ‘darkie’ line. Hasn’t apologised for the real racism. How much is he being paid by the government? Do we want a racist representative?

33 comments on “It’s not ok. It’s racist”

  1. Bill 1

    Have I missed something?

    As I understood it, this guy Haden claimed that a rugby franchise was covertly racist in how it made it’s selections…which may or may not be a pile of shite. Whatever. But, how does that become him being racist?

  2. Gooner 2

    No Bill, you have not missed anything.

  3. infused 3

    Ah Zetetic… He’s damm right.

  4. burt 4


    I think vto on Open Mike 29/05/2010 nailed the big point on this one.

    I wonder what Bill Bush will be doing during the RWC. Perhaps he has the right perspective and he would be a better ambassador for NZ?

    • Precisely burt.
      And how many of the ambassadors will be Tangata Whenua or (gasp) Pacific Islanders?

      I always preferred Bryan Williams to Hayden. Williams had style and Hayden was a cheat.

      Edit Jonah Lomu is an Ambassador. Well deserved but TW?

      • burt 4.1.1

        And how many of the ambassadors will be Tangata Whenua or (gasp) Pacific Islanders?

        Actually I hadn’t thought about that. I don’t see it as a set ratio thing; do you?

  5. burt 5

    Perhaps Haden is feeling aggrieved at being on the sharp end of racism by not being allowed to play for the Maori All Blacks with all his mates all them years ago.

  6. D14 6

    See that two wrongs NOW make a right.

    • burt 6.1


      Two wrongs never make a right. I was just biffing the idea out there, it kind of had a place in vto’s context of racism only being called in one direction.

      • Zetetic 6.1.1

        Burt. This post is about Haden. Not about whoever you’re talking about.

        You say two wrongs don’t make a right. So your reference to this other guy is just an attempt to threadjack. You can’t bear to condemn Haden and those protecting him. So you’re trying to close down the conversation. Do it again and I’ll ban you.

        • burt

          Wrong, I think he’s an idiot, and he is wrong. He’s calling to control the racial mix of the team and that irks me. It also irked me Bill Bush said we should have a Maori quota in the All Blacks. Bill Bush was motivated by a desire to keep other Pacific Island people (Samoan’s, Tongan’s, Fijians etc) out to preserve places for NZ Maori players. Different motivation but same aim, have his people on the team.

          vto was right though, Bill Bush hardly ruffled a feather, many people agreed that we should have a set number of places to ensure the right number of Maori players take the field in the All Black squad.

      • D14 6.1.2

        Sorry not referring to your comment, but that Holmes did it and now Hadden did so it s OK

  7. IrishBill 7

    I really don’t know why anyone is surprised. Haden was a racist with a nasty streak back in the day and he still is. Just like McCully is still an unreconstructed bigot. Leopards, spots, not changing, etc.

  8. gingercrush 8

    Hayden is an ass and should never have been made an ambassador and frankly should be sacked. I\’m in full agreement with Sprout.

    ack Zetetic. Though I agree with much of the the post Sprout made as well.

  9. RedLogix 9

    So why no Asian’s in the Crusaders then?

  10. the sprout 10

    If Haden is right then someone at Crusaders needs to go, if he is just making shit up like Key does, then Haden must go.
    Simple as that.

    There needs to be an inquiry to clear this up.

    It’s a massive and very serious allegation from Haden that he has not retracted. It can’t just be swept under the carpet – it’s causing our international reputration even more damage in the wake of Key’s cannibal comments.

    Also makes me wonder why are there no Maori rugby ambassadors… Is Haden the best we can come up with?

  11. Key says…if it was OK for Holmes to call out ‘darkies’ then it’s OK for Haden and that when Holmes apologised, the public accepted it.

    well nah sorry John…but i think if you polled the public, they’d still think Holmes is a jumped up arrogant and smarmy little racist prick and now he’s got company in some big ballhead cracka ass ex rugby playing cheat.

    So can we expect that pretty soon you’ll be calling out Tuhoe as a bunch of greedy darkies, then laugh it off with a disingenuous apology and the public will accept it ?

    Get a grip man, that shit is NOT OK . It gets foisted upon us and we deal with it but we, the public, do not accept it…not now, not ever !

    • the sprout 11.1

      what’s more, Holmes’ outburst absolutely precipitated the end of his broadcasting career. it immediately resulted in Mitsubishi withdrawing sponsorship for the show, which then lead TVNZ management to realise just what a self-serving out of control liability he really was. They started tightening the screws from then, eventually leaving Holmes with little option but to stage a walk out in a huff – like leaving was his idea.

      And Holmes was only acting as a self serving media-whore on his own populist show – to try and drive up his ZB ratings during ratings week.

      Haden is supposed to be an ambassador of NZ. Very different roles, and I’m damned sure Haden is no ambassador of mine.

  12. vto 12

    “The problem is he thinks limiting the number of Polynesians in their team is a key to the Crusaders success.”

    maybe he is right…. Have you wondered zet (putting aside politics and racism etc and instead considering, you know, the facts for a change) whether there are in fact physiological differences between the different races running around on the planet which may suit various pursuits more than others?

  13. RedLogix 13

    Which was my point above. Obviously we aren’t going to see an All Black team with an Asian front row anytime soon. Is this the result of a racist policy? Of course not. No more than the absence of anyone over the age of 40 is ageist, or the lack of women is sexist.

    Or the fact that almost all the 100m sprinters these days are black.

    Teams get selected on the basis of which players have the attributes the selectors are looking for….anything else is a self-selecting recipe for failure. Tapu Misa makes the same case very eloquently as usual.

    Hayden’s mistake was to clumsily attribute this reality in a way that looked racist… but I do doubt that he intended it that way.

  14. vto 14

    vive la difference !

  15. Maggie 15

    My understanding is that the Crusaders limit the number of Polynesian players for very practical reasons.

    Unlike the Blues, the Crusaders don’t have a pool of Polynesian players to pick from, they have to import players either from the North Island or the Pacific. These imported players need close mentoring, they frequently come from very insulated, religious backgrounds and a large city and its culture are very foreign to them.

    This takes manpower and the Crusaders are limited in the number of officials they have who can keep a close eye on their Polynesian imports.

    The Crusaders man management has been a major force in ensuring the franchise’s success in the Super rugby competitions This is just one example of how seriously they take this particular responsibility..

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