Weasel words from no-balls McCully

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This from McCully –

It is not up to the Minister of Sport to investigate allegations of racial team selection, Murray McCully says. He said if that was the case then he would have his staff monitoring talkback radio.

McCully’s trying to tell us his staff aren’t monitoring talkback radio? The great strategist and spin-meister extraordinaire?? The Minister of Politics??? That’s got to be bullshit.

Why has Haden got him by the nose? Must be nothing else to grab. A story there somewhere – we don’t need a wimp for Minister of Sport.

11 comments on “Weasel words from no-balls McCully”

  1. snip 1

    wonderfully ironic title..

  2. gobsmacked 2

    It gets worse. From that Herald link above:

    What is the allegation? The allegation is that some franchises have their own views about how they are going to select their players,” Mr McCully told a press conference.

    No, Murray, the allegation is that there has been a pattern of deliberate racial discrimination in employment. Which is against the law, Murray.

    Note: I’m not saying the allegations are true, and no evidence has been produced to substantiate Haden’s claim. But that’s the whole point: if it’s true, Crusaders management should be fired, and if it’s not true, Andy Haden should be. McCully just thinks it doesn’t matter and he doesn’t want to know.

    • Tigger 2.1

      Look, that nice Mr Key has said that Haden’s words were factually incorrect so clearly there’s nothing more to see here. I mean, honest John would not have said something was ‘factually incorrect’ unless he had actual proof, real evidence that Haden’s words were wrong. Right?

  3. if it’s true, Crusaders management should be fired, and if it’s not true, Andy Haden should be

    Exactly. Sooner or later McCully will be forced to act, and either way he’ll lynched by rednecks.

  4. moa 5

    McCully lurks in Haden’s handbag.

  5. jnd 6

    The sooner Haden is purged the better. The international press are having a field day over the fact he hasn’t been fired yet.

  6. Jim Nald 7

    What is Haden’s relationship with McCully? Stinks of something party political.

  7. PK 8

    ***But that’s the whole point: if it’s true, Crusaders management should be fired, and if it’s not true, Andy Haden should be.***

    Why should Haden be fired if it’s not true? He’s repeating what he’s apparently been told. Similar to Bernie Fraser.

    • because that is grossly inappropriate for anyone acting as an Ambassador of NZ to be spouting unsubstantiated shit like that in a publicly broadcasted forum just for effect.

      clear enough for you?

      • PK 8.1.1

        Was he saying it just for effect? I haven’t seen the interview but understand it was in the context of a discussion about changing demographics in rugby. He was suggesting that wasn’t the case in Christchurch and understood there was a policy in place relevant to that. He’s since clarified that it obviously isn’t formalised, but unspoken. And Bernie Fraser has since said he’s heard the same thing.

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