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16 comments on “Open mike 01/06/2010”

  1. Tigger 1

    Like many today I am shocked and grief-stricken by the news that John Key has had a vasectomy.

    The thought that he will no longer be able to father children is truly a sad one.

    My thoughts go out to his sperm…

  2. Anthony Karinski 2

    I can’t believe the standard is now running alcohol advertisement on their site. Thats really in line with looking after the weak and vulnerable. Yeah right!

  3. Bored 3

    Again the world is held hostage by the nuclear armed pirate / terrorist state of Israel. Disgust at their Nazi gangster actions is all I have. And disgust for the USA who have fostered and allowed this criminal state to flourish.

  4. Pascal's bookie 4

    Michael Kinsley’s definition of a ‘gaffe’ in politics as ‘Accidently telling the truth’, is pretty useful.

    Anyway, it’s usually fatal. Here’s the stupid (former) German President accidently saying why Germany has troops in Afghanistan.

    “”A country of our size,’ he said, “with its focus on exports and thus reliance on foreign trade, must be aware that military deployments are necessary in an emergency to protect our interests, for example, when it comes to trade routes, for example, when it comes to preventing regional instabilities that could negatively influence our trade, jobs and incomes.’ ”

    Silly man.

  5. ianmac 5

    Amazing intensity of the kids at the Primary Schools Kapa Haka festival 6:30 on Maori TV. Cooperation? Confidence? Coordination? Committment? Amazing!

    • uke 5.1

      Right on.

      Live, it is even more intense and beautiful. A full adult ropu (40 people) will blow you away.

  6. ianmac 6

    And on MTV Native Affairs Repeat Sat @ 5:30 commentary is scathing on National Standards, and there is rumbling about the continued support of Maori Party for National long term. I suspect that the Seabed and Foreshore will be crucial.

  7. Will the oil stop flowing into the gulf? – ummmm check out this graphic showing the 4000 active oil and gas platforms – they are drilling for oil where the oil is.

    will the oil stop flowing into the gulf – nope.

  8. Armchair Critic 8

    Question 11 looks interesting today.

    • ianmac 8.1

      Yes Armchair. Pete is asking carefully worded polite questions. I imagine that the PMs hugely enlarged office will be planning a great come-back for Key like, “No one thinks Goff is as sexy as me! Heh heh, speshully since I’ve had me vasectomy, heh heh.”

      Anyone know who decides the order of the questions? Pete’s questions seem to be near the end of Question Time.

      • gingercrush 8.1.1

        I believe the opposition can decide their order of questions themselves. Minor parties generally get one question only which gets aligned into the order. Most cases the major opposition party gets their question first.

        Labour having the question so far down is probably a tactic to force John Key to stay in the house.

  9. BLiP 9

    After being asked to answer the question three times Blinglish finally admits that the on-line calculator for assessing the impact of the budget on your finances does NOT take into account the projected inflation rate . . .

  10. prism 10

    Numbers on comments – Looking at the Expel Israeli diplomat comments, the depth of grey seems to vanish after about number 3, after which I can only see the shape of the square.

    • prism 10.1

      The number should be about 2. Comes right at numbers further down.

      • wtl 10.1.1

        There is a … instead of the full comment number – the comment depth must be too great so the number can’t fit in the box. I thought the limit on comment depth was around 4? Seems to be greater than that in the post in question.

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