Last night in Auckland…

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65 comments on “Last night in Auckland…”

  1. CnrJoe 1

    So…cold….so… quiet in here…..

  2. JeevesPOnzi 2

    “I’m beached bro….beached as….”

  3. Decade of Drat?

    The funniest thing was the ‘live’ blog, which the award winning team at WO appear to have forgotten they were supposed to be running at the time. Not that there would have been much to say. I guess that’s one of the problems with running a site that is entirely dependent on click bait for it’s status as NZ’s No1 blog; when they want to roll out real readers, it turns out that there aren’t any.

  4. TheContrarian 4

    I would have gone out of morbid curiosity if it wouldn’t have cost me $150.00

  5. repateet 5

    Thats the rosiest roadkill I’ve seen in a while.

  6. Richard Christie 6

    That’s not particularly informative, does anybody know how many did attend?

  7. BigKev 7

    Just read on the latest news [r0b: agree with comment below] the Whale Oil Dead on Delivery show from last nite

    • James 7.1

      BigKev – Thats pretty poor taste.

      Someone has lost a loved one. Regardless of ones views – not everything has to be made a political “score”.

      • parc 7.1.1

        ‘Someone has lost a loved one’.

        Who? Can you post the Link please

      • tracey 7.1.2

        Agreed. We need to be better than this

        “”… some feral tried to evade the police, they wound up dead by smacking into some innocent homeowner’s house.””

        otherwise any criticism of that is hypocritical.

        • James

          Or this:

          “Wouldn’t it be great if we could keep harassing Jason Ede, a man who no longer works in politics, until he did something like that Brenda Leyland lady.

          That would teach him.”

          Brenda Leyland had just killed herself.

          Edit – What Im trying to show is that all Blogs say some terrible things on occasion (Including this one) – Would be great if we all could raise our game.

          [To clarify, the quote is from a comment posted here on TS by a trollish right winger, not a TS author. (Thanks, Tracey) TRP]

          • McFlock

            So tory comes to left wing blog to claim that all blogs are bad by providing an example of another tory (in this case King Kong) being a dickhead on the same blog.

            You tories need to raise your game. this blog didn’t say that terrible thing (not that blogs can), a tory made a terrible comment upon which they were immediately challenged.

            • Tracey

              yes, so far

              1 from Slater;
              1 from King Kong

              is not evidence that all blog Authors behave this way

          • Molly

            To my mind, there is a difference between the writing of a post, and the occasional toxic comment that misses moderation.

            Cameron Slater seemed to take very little editorial concern over his posts, unlike those on the Standard. And moderation on comments, such as the one above, is often timely – and flagged by more active commenters, and as McFlock points out – those comments are usually made by trolls, or intermittent RW commenters.

          • Tracey

            was your quote intended to suggest it was made here on The Standard? If not, please immediately clarify that or risk the wrath of a moderator.

            By all means use an example of an Author here who has written something of that ilk but to my recall that was not written by an Author here.

            • James

              Sorry – Not at all – I was referring to a commenter. Same as I was a few comments up where they were referring to someone who had just died and had their body found a couple of hours prior.

              So to clarify – I started about a person making poor taste comments (of which a Mod agreed with me and edited).

              This was never about Blog authors – (apart from when Tracey made it so).

              My comment was “Someone has lost a loved one. Regardless of ones views – not everything has to be made a political “score”, and to this end it remains a fair comment I believe.

              Feel free to read thru my comments I have made on here – I dont think (and I hope I havnt) been particularly insulting of people just because of their views (which prob clash with my own).

              Example – See the comment below this (if I have threaded it right).

              “Did the shit’s best mates, JKey, JCollins, MWilliamson, DFarrar, JEde, JBanks and COdgers attend? Openly or in disguise? Perhaps were too embarrassed or fearful to be openly associated with shit?”

              Its not classy – and it’s not that much different than the type of comment many on here scorn (quite rightly IMHO) on other blogs.

              I just think that putting together arguments without the obvious “hate” (as opposed to passion) would go a long way to improving ALL the political blogs.

              • tracey


                Someone else took your post the same way I did. Thanks for you clarification, that was all I was asking for.

              • McFlock


                Ok, so if we ignore the commenter/author distinction, your stylistic criticism comes down to the fact that some people use rude words?

                Personally, I spent years working in an environment where people would call me all names under the sun, generally while drunk and frequently “not in a bad way”. The much larger insults were when they tried to treat me like a moron or a vassal.

                So I don’t care about the patois of the street. I certainly care when some tory tries to tell us that making homes fit for human habitation will cost too much money, or that the buck stops with the parents when babies are killed by obviously systemic issues. That seriously pisses me off. Whether they use rude words or not, their comments are still the lowest form of obscenity.

                Someone calls slater a shit? Would you prefer that he is merely called “a grossly repulsive individual, a moral pestilence, warped by inadequacy and entitlement into a form more silage than man, twisted and evil”?

                • peterlepaysan

                  What is wrong about silage, sauerkraut or other pickles?

                  • McFlock

                    Gosh darn, I just learned something new.

                    I always thought a silage pit was some sort of waste or cesspit, not anaerobic fermentation of animal fodder.

                    lol pick the city boy 😉

  8. parc 8

    Did the shit’s best mates, JKey, JCollins, MWilliamson, DFarrar, JEde, JBanks and COdgers attend? Openly or in disguise? Perhaps were too embarrassed or fearful to be openly associated with shit?

  9. James 9

    Well MWilliamson was the MC – so yes at least one of them were there.

    • Capn Insano 9.1

      Williamson was there for certain? Arsehole, if so I have another reason I want him to be kicked out of this fucking electorate, he keeps getting voted in by idiots and reprobates though. 🙁

      • freedom 9.1.1
        Williamson was the MC & here are a few photos from the event.

        note: “LIVE BLOG entries are selected by an editor – they are not directly filed by our own Ground Crew reporters, ” Which means they made an editorial decision to publish the following caption –

        “overlooking the poor people”

      • Halcyon 9.1.2

        That unfortunately is the price of democracy. The majority of the people obviously do not agree with you even if I do.

  10. sabine 10

    what are you guys takling about?

    • freedom 10.1

      WO’s tenth anniversary party.
      He was selling tickets for $150 a head through Ticketmaster .

      • tracey 10.1.1

        |Tickets are available for $150. According to Whaleoil, “Certain MPs, media and B and C-list celebs will be having their spot in the sun that evening”, with a suggestion that John Banks and Maurice Williamson will be in attendance ” Bryce Edwards Herald

        Seems like some people owe Slater so much they will do this kind of stuff for gratis

  11. SHG 11

    For those of us not cool enough to live in or care about Auckland, can someone explain…?

    • Molly 11.1

      As Tracey mentions above.

      (BTW. Born and brought up in Auckland, and there are many Aucklands in this city. The one occupied by those in the media is as far away from the “other” Auckland’s as Invercargill. There are many here who are as appalled and disconcerted by those who live in very narrow focus of media’s attention deficit disorder.)

    • Tracey 11.2

      it’s beyond explanation and sits in trivial slater self indulgence category… except that some politician/s were there, still supporting said Slater at his $150 a head party. One on our collective payroll.

      • Hayden 11.2.1

        I imagine Maurice was there on a comp… From BigKev’s comment above it sounds like he sold bugger-all tickets, if indeed any.

        • Tracey

          That’s my point, Williamson most likely attended and MC-ed for no charge.

          He must feel he owes Slater something, yes?

          • Hayden

            Sorry, I thought you meant he bought a ticket out of the salary we pay him, which is fairness is probably fine since it’s his money at that point.

            He may have MC-ed for his own profile-raising purposes, though.

          • Anne

            I suspect its not that he – or others – owe Slater something, but rather they know Slater knows something.

        • McFlock

          indeed – 30 paople, most on comps… probably didn’t even cover the cost of the venue.

          Were those Spark phones for attendees (1 in 15 good odds) or ticket purchasers only (did both of them even get goven out lol)?

          • Hayden

            You need to spend a minimum of $2000 to get the function room – they don’t charge for the hire, per se, as they’re selling food and drink. However, the tickets were advertised as being “all food and drinks included”, so if he sold 20 tickets then he needs to feed and water 30 people for $3000, which isn’t impossible, unless some of them are heavy drinkers (or have expensive tastes).

            The phones were to be drawn from the list of people who had 2 or more posts accepted to the live blog, but given that the live blog apparently had 6 entries in total…

            • tracey

              and if Slater wrote a couple of them himself he could have won both phones 😉 Watch for them on trademe (joke)

        • BigKev

          I didnt pay for the ticket, i was gifted it from a freelance journalist who had got it for free from work. And to be very clear, i didnt go to see WhaleOil Dead on Delivery, i only went for the food and drinks, i wouldnt dare waste my precious time listening to some toe rag . The food was great, the alcohol tasted like real alcohol , drunk a bit so i didnt have to talk to all the other toe rags and was far better than any other objects there. Didnt see john banks or dotcom there , just a few people, nothing special. mw was there and id say out of the 30 maybe 10 had paid for tickets , other bloggers would have got tickets free or donated so yes it was an awful terrible nite but the alcohol and food made it the worthwhile. as for the phones , well sounds like a bit of dodgy whale oil might have kept for himself and no one won them . they are in draw to be won by his so called mates

  12. BigKev 12

    Forgot to addd, im sure i saw david farrier, never met the guy so dont know if it is him and dermot “laude finem “nottingham. if im right hes the overweight agro unsophisicated dude . sounds like mates with cam

  13. Dale 13

    Tracey,could you please stop using my cousins death for your childish point scoring. I have spoken to Slater about what he published and was satisfied with his explanation. It would serve no point trying to explain to you as you only want to throw muck. Please for the sake of our family stop.

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