National is united

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National is united.

Bill English will remain as leader for as long as he wants the job.

Paula Bennet’s position as deputy is secure, even if she made the caucus engage in charades and even if Winston did not go with National because he was certain that someone associated with the Government possibly Bennett had slimed him.  After all it is not as if she had done this sort of thing before.

Judith Collins does not want the job.

Nor does Simon Bridges.

Nor does Mark Mitchell.

Nor does Jonathan Coleman.

Nor does Amy Adams.

Nor does Nikki Kaye.

None of them are ambitious.  They just want what is best for the party and the country.

Everything is fine.  There is nothing for National to worry about.

75 comments on “National is united”


    Yeah right

    • paul andersen 1.1

      may have a ring of truth. with jacinda taking all the oxygen, no new nat leader stands much chance. for a party of ambition and personal power, its hilarious to watch their senior m.p.s “after you. ” “no,you first” classic! playing the long game will be to be the leader AFTER the next leader…

  2. mary_a 2

    Which says lying Natz is anything but together. The knives are out and sharpened for battle.

    Leadership challenge/change coming up folks.

  3. Kat 3

    On this side of the beach who really cares. I for one are looking forward to the next nine years, or more, of the nasty Nats being “united” in opposition.

  4. Carolyn_Nth 4

    So happy for them.

    And there is no depression in New Zealand /sarc

  5. Enough is Enough 5

    At 44% I don’t think anyone will be challenging Bill.

    • BM 5.1

      End of the year would be the earliest.

      • cleangreen 5.1.1


        Gone by the weekend of this month folks, like the stock exchange is.

        Shit Mickey that picture made me throw up just seeing the woman grin at me.

        Sent a shiver down my spine as i reached and was sick.

        You should place a warning sign that the image may make some people feel sick.

    • Stephen Doyle 5.2

      So, when the party drops to consistently below 40%, and preferred PM continues to slide, Bill’s in trouble. What about Paula?

      • Barfly 5.2.1

        Paula is toast

      • Matthew Whitehead 5.2.2

        Paula is already in trouble. Apparently the barbeques at Simon Bridges’ place are aimed at her, not English- for the moment. We’ll see if that changes if media latches on to his doing a literal Andrew Little and admitting he offered to resign. If they do, he’s gone.

      • Enough is Enough 5.2.3

        Not necessarily below 40%, but when they fall behind Labour on a consistent basis then I think they will be looking for a fresh face.

        That could be 44 v 40 scenario.

  6. patricia bremner 6

    That is their problem. No mates, no honesty, no real progress. Says it all.

  7. David Mac 7

    Gosh it was frustrating watching those strong Labour leaders struggle for popular traction, each one peaking lower than the last.

    I wonder if National are entering into a decade a bit like Labour recent history. I struggle to imagine any of the likely candidates attracting the broad sort of appeal winning an election requires. They could find themselves jettisoning their Sir John reminiscing and pining for the Halcyon Bill days instead, a trend is forming.

    • AB 7.1

      National’s residual/base support will always be higher than Labour’s due to the much higher levels of class consciousness among National’s supporters. These people will always vote National in defence of their economic interests and are not persuaded to go over to the other side due to silly fripperies like who the leader is. They simply knife any Nat leader who isn’t going to win elections for them.

      So imo very unlikely that National would ever go sub-33% for a prolonged period – whereas Labour was there for years. The high levels of class consciousness among National supporters is deeply ironic of course, as they are the ones who inveigh against the evils of “class war” whenever poverty and inequality are mentioned.

      • The high levels of class consciousness among National supporters is deeply ironic of course, as they are the ones who inveigh against the evils of “class war” whenever poverty and inequality are mentioned.

        That’s because they don’t want to admit, even to themselves, that that is what they’re doing.

      • David Mac 7.1.2

        Yes, I see your point, voting for the philosophy rather than the bloke. Seymour’s victory sort of proves your point. But those influences exist in all parties.

        I think National has prospered because of our aging population. As we grow older we accumulate stuff to conserve. We become conservatives, I don’t mean Tory, I mean we gather memories, friendships and stuff to conserve.

        The natural home of those with stuff to conserve has been the National party. I think this is where the winds of change are blowing. To be conservative of attitude and a paid up member of the Green Party was once odd.

        • Whispering Kate

          I do not agree with you entirely – on the contrary I know many boomers who have become anything but conservative – they are the people who witnessed the 1960’s with marches, banning the bomb and heaps of them have never left that philosophy behind – they had guts and stood up to the USA – we were a country which stood high in the world.

          We are still battling – now we have even greater concerns – climate change and the ready danger of inclement weather – the old guard I know are anything but conservative. We are an angry brigade which can’t believe that we still haven’t learned anything from our life experiences. Hell’s teeth all I can think of when one thinks of narrow minded conservatives is – didn’t they do anything with their lives, travel, read about history, do stupid things and have the rough edges polished off. Gain a little wisdom – your comments make me feel dismal if what you are saying is true.

          • David Mac

            I’m referring to the natural course of life. Like preferring a family get together Christmas to camping in a bog at a festival. A few fingers of Scotch as opposed to a doz Lion Red. I loved motorcycles as a youngster, these days they make me feel like I should be booking my funeral. The same things remain important to us our outlook changes.

            We grow into people that tune our kids up for doing the exact same things we did.

          • Chuck

            “Hell’s teeth all I can think of when one thinks of narrow minded conservatives is – didn’t they do anything with their lives, travel, read about history, do stupid things and have the rough edges polished off.”

            You are projecting your own “narrow-minded” views onto approx. 1.150 million kiwi’s who voted National in 2017.

            Peoples life experiences can’t be broken down into a progressive or conservative narrative…

        • greywarshark

          Well I hope those winds of change blow up National’s skirts and shorts as high as Marilyn Monroe’s skirt in that famous photo. They will then be able to float themselves out of the bog they want us to join them in.

    • paul andersen 7.2


  8. tc 8

    that’s exactly what comes out of sporting organisations right up to the point they sack their manager….we have full confidence etc etc.

    I find it amusing that folk still think those MP’s get to decide when the hollowmen will tell them when the time comes who they vote for.

    • David Mac 8.1

      Yeah and celebrity couples that might be splitting up… “We’ve never been happier.”

      It’s almost like saying “Oh everything is Hunky Dory” is a polite substitute for ‘Mind your own business.’

  9. Anne 9

    In the 1990s I used to take my retriever to Takapuna Beach early each morning for a walk and a swim.

    I would observe the locals (100% Nats) on their morning constitutionals. When they passed one another there would be hugs, kisses and squeals of delight…. oooh, we haven’t seen you for ages blah, blah sort of thing. Then once they were well past each other the mutterings would start and you knew they were dissing those whom they had just welcomed with open arms.

    Politics is an awful lot like that and the Nats. have it down to a fine art form.

    • alwyn 9.1

      “and you knew they were dissing those “.
      Please tell us. How did you KNOW this?
      Did you have one of those directional mikes that can pick up conversations at a great distance?
      Did you sneak up on them to pry on their conversation?
      Or is just the sort of thing you did and you are merely projecting your behaviour onto others?
      Which was it?

      • adam 9.1.1

        Poor, poor, alwyn struggling with the difference of a narrative spun for effect, and literalism. My guess you struggle with real relations, and being able to laugh. How do I know this? – I just read what you write alwyn. I’d suggest a good book and lie down, but you might just work yourself into more of a tiz.

        • alwyn

          If you say so Dr Freud.
          Did you say this to the idiots who are getting their knickers in a twist about what Bob Jones wrote for the NBR?
          You know. The ones who are demanding that his Knighthood be cancelled because he has hurt their so delicate feelings.
          Tell me. What is the advice you would give to Renae Maihi?

          Don’ be shy. I’m sure you want to tell her something.

          • Hornet

            It does seem rather strange that someone who so detests the article would draw so much attention to it. Some kind of derangement, I would suggest.

            • alwyn

              Yes. Poor Adam does seem to get a bit confused sometimes.

              • Hornet

                Perhaps, although to be fair I was referring to Renae Maihi. And in answer to your question to Adam, my advice to Renae would be to grow up.

                • alwyn

                  I wondered who you meant.
                  I am still curious about what Adam would say to her though.
                  I like to see some consistency in peoples expressed opinions.
                  As an aside I never could see what Bob Jones did to get a Knighthood in the first place.
                  I suppose that the Labour Party wanted to reward him for making their win in 1984 so much easier by starting The New Zealand Party.

                  The only thing I ever thought he did that was really worthwhile was paying his brother Lloyd to go to University. We got a pretty good novelist out of that.

                  • Hornet

                    I support titular honours, but I’d far rather see them go to those who have made a genuine difference in peoples lives outside of their own occupations, or not primarily for financial gain. I have a good laugh at much of what Bob Jones writes, but seriously the man is a property developer turned politician turned property developer who made pot loads of money and very little else.

          • patricia bremner

            I agreed with her Alwyn. I don’t think the Queen would invite the Jones boy anywhere!! His mouth and manners preclude that. Oh and he’s a racist too!! Or don’t you mind that?

      • North 9.1.2

        Alwyn you are so defensive…..and stupid. In a different life i’ve been at drinks parties listening to Mrs X being bagged for her whatever ways and then she walks through the door and suddenly it’s all “Darling…..air-kiss air-kiss.” It’s Absolutely Fabulous shit. It’s actually hilarious to watch while essentially fatuous. That’s all Anne was talking about Alwyn but you’re so defensive you run off in high dudgeon.

        • alwyn

          There, there.
          At least you tell us how you managed to hear the dissing.
          I was merely asking Anne how she managed it without, apparently, being anywhere them.

          I take it that you were at a “drinks party” for the local members of the Chardonnay Socialists. They are the only people I know who use that ridiculous phrase. So pretentious don’t you think?

          “Drinks party: people standing around small drink in hand, usually smartly attired, chit chatting, hobnobbing, mingling, maybe networking, often in the evening (but not exclusively so). Finger foods, nibbles, canapes and the like are also very often a feature.”

          Did you have your local Labour MP in attendance? Nobly drinking a non-alcoholic fresh fruit spritzer to show that booze is bad for you.

          Perhaps I could offer my own, equally ridiculous, anecdote. I was on Lambton Quay recently when I saw 2 of the Labour MPs animatedly discussing their plans to knife Kelvin Davis and assume the mantle of Deputy Leader. The problem is that they couldn’t agree on which of them should lead the charge.
          The things they were clearly accusing Kelvin of would have made you hair stand on end. The were on the other side of the road and the words were inaudible but I could clearly discern from the expressions on their faces the strength of their antipathy for the poor little man from Northland.
          There, isn’t that at least as believable as Anne’s tale?

  10. mac1 10

    Is the photo in the post one of Judith Collins offering her farewells to Bill and Paula with a raised coffee, as in “See you latté-r”?

  11. Mark 11

    I know this article is an attempt at sarcasm, but it is essentially factual. as I’ve previously stated, the snake and traitor Peters only chose hapless labour out of spite, the interests of the nation coming a distant 10th place. Dog.

    • Sacha 11.1

      Wasn’t there something about him wanting to be a midwife rather than an undertaker?

    • Matthew Whitehead 11.2

      Mate, you can’t be a traitor if your party kicked you out, and you learned from it. Traitors do the leaving themselves.

      He was very clear during the talks that he had learned the lessons of ’96, which in retrospect obviously refers to National not being willing to leave in place moderate leaders, and not being able to meaningfully share power with parties it doesn’t have under its thumb.

      I’m no fan of Peters, but at some stage National needs to stop blaming him for its own conduct.

      • tc 11.2.1

        taking responsibility for their actions isn’t in nationals DNA and whilst we have this MSM echo chamber repeating the spin it’ll continue.

        Imagine if we had a public broadcaster stating facts and asking relevant questions.

        • alwyn

          “public broadcaster stating facts and asking relevant questions”

          We had a reasonable facsimile of that when Guyon Espiner was talking to Willie Jackson on Morning Report yesterday.
          Willie didn’t even know about the Unemployment Statistics that the Stats Department.
          I see why Willie has been a failure at everything he has attempted. Did they really have to make him a Minister?

          • Pat

            Gerry Brownlee

            • alwyn

              Just because one Government had Ministers who were not really up to the highest level, or even a passable level, or frankly a barely acceptable level, doesn’t mean that their successor has to try and outdo them.
              Did they really promise Willie a Cabinet post if they got in?
              He really wasn’t worth it, was he?

              • Pat

                every Maori seat?…yes he was

              • patricia bremner

                Alwyn, I don’t often get rude, but you are a total waste of space. A real lemon!!

                • alwyn

                  “I don’t often get rude”.
                  No, you really are the nicest and most polite person.
                  This particular comment of yours, at 8:51pm is the first rude one you have made since 8:45pm on 9 February.
                  Well done. Your restraint is admirable.
                  You can’t really believe that Willie is up to the job of being a Minister can you? That really is too much to ask of anyone. Even James Shaw wouldn’t ask people to swallow a can of worms like that

                  • Roy Cartland

                    Well, Paula Bennett and Nick Smith were ministers, so the bar is set pretty low.

                    • alwyn

                      True. They aren’t really particularly great examples of what we should hope for. How Smith in particular has lasted as long as he has is remarkable.
                      On the other hand I really think that, when considering the height of the bar, Willie is possibly the best Limbo dancer we have. Ron Mark runs him pretty close of course.

    • cleangreen 11.3

      Gee Mark,

      As the global GFC approaches I think Winston will serve us well as he did warn that capitalism has failed and the global crash will come again, so his predictions are so very correct.

      We need Winston there to pick up the labour coalition when the crash comes calling as he will be the only one to steady the ship as he saw it all several times before.

      Maybe he will finally convince the labour party to finally change the Reserve bank act so we can borrow from our own bank at zero interest when the shit hits us as the GFC comes.

      NZ stocks tumble again today 4% said Radio NZ news at midday.

  12. Chris 12

    Maybe just maybe, Collin’s might actually just mean it.

    Unlike a certain PM we currently have who spent months saying she didn’t what the leaders job before forgetting about it when Little stood down/got told to stand down

  13. Jack Ramaka 13

    Great the longer the Big Double Dipper stays the longer we can have this constructive Coalition Government.

    Expecting some good outcomes from Labour/Greens/NZF.

  14. Sparky 14

    Probably no one wants the job until after 2020. Then it will be a different story I’m sure…..

  15. cleangreen 15

    “reminiscing and pining for the Halcyon Bill days instead, a trend is forming.”

    Gee David mac,

    I cant see us getting exited at a man like Bill English, as he is as dim as a lamp post, and as exiting as one.

    he is the real bastion of “a hollow man”

    I recall him in 2009 when Kiwirail was being hacked to bits by Steven Joyce as then Bill English flatly said then in respones to Joyce hacking rail;

    English said “we cant afford a rail and a road system in NZ”

    Christ we are in trouble with this dimwit aren’t we now?

    Expecially as labour recently discovered that that same man English when as Finance minister had hidden the new Rail report called “the value of rail in NZ” which proved that rail saved the nation over $1.5 Billion a year even as it was cut down to it’s minimum use now but would save much more if used widely said the report by the senior economist Ernst Young.

    Bill English then 18 months ago deliberately hid the truth about rail then as he is just a dishonest man.

  16. Cinny 16

    Seen last night that nick smith had no desire to step down, and is looking forward to next election, so am I nick, so am I.

    He’ll be voted out by the Nelson public next election, so looking forward to that, so please don’t step down nick, hang in there nick until then, I don’t want to miss such an epic moment, and it will happen, yes it will 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Pride and NORA will be the downfall of the nats, NZ is evolving and it’s a beautiful thing.

    • greywarshark 16.1

      Go for it Cinny, he is like Mae West; used to be white as snow (when he was a very young man), but he drifted.

  17. bwaghorn 17

    News hub are picking Nicola Willis . the bats are two slick to do the washing in public .
    On the ph so can’t link

  18. greywarshark 18

    Judith Collins an unfortunate photo to have been captured.
    Makes me think of this:

  19. Ms Fargo 19

    All the nice old ladies with pearls, thin lips and squeaking voices came out on telly tonight saying everything is smelling.
    Roses, sorry. .. blimmin keyboard!
    Where’s Joyce, Smiff etc?

  20. North 20

    The picture at the top of this post is spitting image of ‘Endora’ think her name was, on that sitcom late 60s maybe……the witch who could do spells on the deliberately cast as wanky but cute US Air Force son-in-law.

  21. Jackel 21

    United in defeat aye tory. There’s no jokers in this pack. Read em and weep, tory.

  22. Tanz 22

    They still lead in the polls, so of course they are stable, why would they change anything. In Opposition, but ahead in the polls. English was an adult PM, who never wore jeans and slippers for important meetings with important people. Gawd, she is embarrassing, a PM who wears jeans and slippers to meet Australia’s Julie Bishop.
    Bill English always always looks smart and dressed as a PM should. Still does. Course, National still have the backing of more voters, and MMP can’t change that.
    Arden needs more dress sense, she is supposed to be representing NZ, student days are over! This is frigging elementary, and Winston also, always looks the part. Talk about no idea, as a PM, on the world stage. Maybe she has set a first, turn up in jeans and casual shoes, and see what happens.

    • solkta 22.1

      Well I guess you don’t want to look like a stuffed shirt all your life. English always looks like he has borrowed his body.

    • gnomic 22.2

      Julie who? I’d wear my onesie if I had one plus crocs. Puhleaze try to get real.

    • Exkiwiforces 22.3

      Well love, I’ve seen Julie Bishop in jeans and boots on official visits, as for old Jandals turning up in called slippers sounds like crying sour grapes again and be bother looking up uncle google on Jandal footwear.

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